CIRS - Cutting Edge in Diagnosis and Treatment Conference

The "CIRS - Cutting Edge In Diagnosis and Treatment" event was held October 14-16, 2016 in Irvine, CA.  It was based on the work of Dr. Ritchie Shoemaker, MD.  Dr. Shoemaker has changed many lives by bringing attention to the problems that water-damaged buildings create for health in those that are genetically-susceptible.  Over time, it has become clear to me that Lyme was a relatively small issue as compared to mold illness in my own personal journey.  It has also become clear to me that if one has both of these issues in play, addressing the mold exposure should be a top priority.  Without doing so, it is unlikely that one will make significant progress with their overall treatment. 

While this event should have been ten times the size given the magnitude of the problem, it is great to see so many practitioners taking up the torch and incorporating mold treatment into their patient work.  The certified practitioner list is still smaller than what can meet the need, but I am very pleased to see the caliber of the people that are becoming experts in this work.

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Biotoxin Pathway 2.0

One of the practitioners that I have met over the years and really enjoyed the opportunity is Keith Berndston, MD.  We first met through the ILADS conference and re-connected recently at the CIRS - Cutting Edge In Diagnosis and Treatment hosted by  

He is a Shoemaker-certified CIRS doctor in addition to his work with Lyme disease.  This combination is a rare find and often critical to unlayering the issues that must be explored to recover health.

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The Tick Factor - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I had the great privilege to attend "The Tick Factor" in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on September 17-18, 2016.  Not only did I get to attend, but I was truly honored to be the moderator of the event.  An informative and fun time was had by all.  There were over 150 people attending the event and helping to educate practitioners in Europe about how to approach the treatment of Lyme disease.  It was a powerful event hosted by Helen Blok and her husband Andre from Invintro, and what a job they did!  It was so well-organized and beautifully executed. Kudos to Helen and Andre!

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DNA Connexions Lyme Panel

I had heard about a lab called Dental DNA some years ago.  Dental DNA was originally the result of hero Dr. Hal Huggins DDS's work and had a test to evaluate different microbes in root canals.  Several years ago at a conference, I learned that they also had a test for Lyme.  Dental DNA evolved into what is now DNA Connexions.  They are a CLIA-licensed laboratory.  

DNA Connexions offers a Lyme panel that looks for Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, and Anaplasma in a single urine sample.  An advantage of this test over some others is that it is looking for antigen DNA and not reliant on an immune system response which often leads to false negative results.  

DNA Connexions Lyme Panel has recently been discussed by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD as a test that he has found very helpful in working with his own patients at Sophia Health Institute as discussed in a recent Townsend Letter article.  Dr. Klinghardt has found that the test results are more sensitive if someone does the urine collection after a deep-tissue massage, rolfing session, or similar.  My understanding is that very few people suspected of having Lyme come back entirely negative on this panel.  

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ParaWellness Research: Parasite Testing

Parasite testing is generally a difficult proposition.  Very few tests seem to yield positive results and many suspect that the majority of people have some form of parasite.  I have found that the ParaWellness Research Program led by Dr. Raphael D'Angelo offers parasite testing on both stool and urine that seems to very commonly identify parasites.  They then recommend options that can be considered for treatment as well. 

I had mine done late last year and identified a couple of protozoa that I have since treated.  Whether they are gone or not, I'm not yet clear as I need to do some follow-up testing.  I am happy to see that there were not additional parasites detected and have worked to address what was identified.  

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Dr. Klinghardt: 2016 Conference Notes

In June, 2016, I spent three days at a conference in Seattle that was taught by Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD and hosted by the Klinghardt Academy.  

Most of the event was geared to practitioners that were interested in learning Dr. Klinghardt's Autonomic Response Testing (ART) energetic testing.  This was the Advanced Level 3 course which I have taken in the past, but there are always new things to be learned from Dr. Klinghardt.  My intent is to share some of the key takeaways from the event, but I am not attempting to share details specific to his system of testing as that cannot be learned from reading a blog post.  If you have an interest in ART, I urge you to sign up for a course on it.  It is a fun, empowering, and wonderfully insightful testing system that I highly recommend.

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Dr. Amy Derksen ND: Naturopathic Insights to Help Manage Complicated Cases

I first met Amy Derksen ND in January 2006.  She has been one of my primary doctors since that time, and I have learned a great deal from my work with her over the past almost 11 years!  In fact, she and a friend named Bruce that I met at my first Klinghardt conference in 2006 were the first two to do Autonomic Response Testing (ART) with me; a system that has significantly changed my life since.

At AutismOne 2016, Dr. Amy presented "Naturopathic Insights to Help Manage Complicated Cases".  This talk is so rich with the wisdom of her years of treating complex illness.  Even though it was part of an autism event, it applies to Lyme and many other chronic conditions as many of the underlying factors are the same.

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My Experience: Urinary Mycotoxin Testing

One of my biggest challenges with recovering my health has been mold.  It is no secret that I struggled with mold illness that led me to once leaving my home in order to create an environment that was more conducive to healing.  Then in 2015, I was exposed to mold again on a regular basis.  I felt my overall health on less stable ground and felt my inflammation levels increasing.

I had done RealTime Laboratories urine mycotoxin testing in 2013 and it was very good.  At the suggestion of one of my practitioners, it was suggested that I repeat the test in late 2015.  To my surprise, I was HIGHLY positive on both Ochratoxin and Gliotoxin.  Aflatoxin was not far from being considered positive and similar for trichothecenes.  These results as compared to my results from 2013 were a major red flag.  

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Guest Blogger: A Patient’s Mother Interviews Ty R. Vincent, MD about LDI for Autism, Pediatric Lyme and PANDAS

Dr. Ty Vincent MDI’m going to start out this interview by disclosing to readers my own story. I’m both the mother of your patient and your interviewer. You have been treating my own eight year old son, who has autism and Lyme and PANDAS (Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorder Associated with Strep), for over a year now. I had been doing autism biomed interventions with him for five years, before learning he had chronic Lyme disease. During that time I tried many supplements that helped, but he would eventually peter out.

For example, when he was a toddler diagnosed with mitochondrial dysfunction, the mito cocktail increased his energy, responsiveness and activity level for a few months. But he became lethargic again; and although he still did better with the mito cocktail than without it, it no longer helped to the same extent it did at first.

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The Forum for Integrative Medicine: Managing Chronic Complex Illness

The Forum for Integrative Medicine hosted a "beyond superb" event March 3-5, 2016 in San Diego, CA.  The event had some of the best prractitioners in the field of Lyme, mold, and chronic illness.  With speakers like Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Patricia Kane, Dr. Ann Corson, Dr. Kristine Gedroic, Dr. Raj Patel, and many more of the greats, this was a "not-to-be-missed" event.  Unfortunately, the event was not recorded.  I'll do my best to share some of my key takeaways here, but the below is only a very small sampling of all that was discussed at this conference.  

Special thanks to Susan McCamish and her team for coordinating this excellent event.  It was originally Susan's idea to have an integrative conference, and it proved a huge success.  

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