An exciting new recipe book with a focus on people with Lyme disease is now available. The book is an extension of the Lyme Inflammation Diet (LID) that Dr. Kenneth Singleton, MD, MPH first outlined in his 2008 book The Lyme Disease Solution.

Recipes for Repair was written by mother and daughter team Gail and Laura Piazza.

The first thing I noticed is how nicely the book has been published. It is full of glossy, color photos and it made me hungry in my first few minutes of reading it.

I'm already queueing up the list of recipes that I want to try first and the Carrot Almond Pancakes! I was amazed at how many good dishes they were able to create even with the limitations of the earlier phases of the diet.

The book is information-rich and tags each recipe as to whether or not it is:

- Gluten-free
- Dairy-free
- Egg-free
- Vegetarian
- Low-sugar

Now if I could just learn how to cook! Or hire a chef!

Additional information on Recipes for Repair is available here.

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