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It was my great honor to be interviewed by Dr. Damon Ernst on his podcast Ditch The Quick Fix.

We talked about 11 steps to recover from chronic illness.  

From the show notes:

There is no doubt that chronic illness is complex and challenging to deal with. Just ask somebody who has suffered through chronic illness to paint a picture of their health journey. 

Imagine seeing 45 different medical practitioners, going through numerous tests, receiving different diagnoses, and being told to go see a psychiatrist because it is all in your head….yet you are suffering debilitating symptoms that completely paralyze your life.   

This is what my guest today had to go through and the reality of many people suffering from chronic illness.

Our healthcare system is excellent in dealing with acute/emergency conditions but woefully inadequate in dealing with chronic illness. 

Luckily, we have people like Scott Forsgren who are at the forefront of helping people understand that there is HOPE. There are tools, strategies, and resources to help us achieve optimum health.

Scott has developed an 11-step process through trial and error and consultation with top integrative medicine experts on rebuilding health.

Listen to this two-part series as we dive deep into his 11-step process to give you hope, tools, and resources to deal with chronic illness.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Coming soon....

One of the most common questions I am asked is whether or not I can help find a practitioner in a specific area.  There are a number of excellent online resources that can provide resources near you.

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Note: ACAC is not a medical organization.  Confirm that your resource is knowledgeable about mold illness/CIRS.

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American Council for Accredited Certification (ACAC)

Note: ACAC is not a medical organization.  Confirm that your resource is knowledgeable about mold illness/CIRS.

It was my great honor to be invited as a guest on Thrivality Podcast with Eric Shadd, FDN-P.  We talked about "Rethinking Lyme & Mold Recovery with Better Health Guy Scott Forsgren".  

I hope you enjoy our talk.  To listen, click the image below, listen via the embedded player below, check out  the video, or go here.

I had the pleasure of attending the "Advanced Workshop in Chronic Inflammatory Illness" on April 23, 2022.  The event was taught by Neil Nathan, MD, Jill Crista, ND, and Lyn Patrick, ND. 

This was a superb event with a focus on heavy metals, PANS/PANDAS, and Cell Danger Response taught by some of the leaders in the field.  

Disclaimer: Nothing in this text is intended to serve as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made only with the guidance of your own personal licensed medical authority.

Disclaimer: This information was taken as notes during the training course and may not represent the exact statements of the speakers. Errors and/or omissions may be present.

Note: As this information may be updated as any errors are found, I kindly request that you link to this single source of information rather than copying the content below. If any updates or corrections are made, this will help to ensure that anyone reading this is getting the most current and accurate information available.

Lyn Patrick, ND spoke on "The Role of Toxic Metals in Immune Dysregulation and Disease: Assessment and Treatment" and shared:

  • Metals damage innate immunity; never more relevant than with COVID
  • Metals damage the gut; the seed of the immune system; the lining of the intestines can be damaged
  • Metals and mycotoxins deplete glutathione and other co-factors needed for glutathione recycling
  • Oral glutathione can be problematic if you cannot reduce it
  • Zinc, selenium, C, E, NADPH, CoQ10, ALA are co-factors
  • Toxicant metals impact T helper cells; upregulate Th2 and increase allergies, asthma; alter Th17 to increase autoimmunity
  • All toxicant metals increase production of reactive oxygen species and damage DNA
  • Metals compete with thyroid hormones; cadmium is a common endocrine-disrupting metal
  • Metals impact HPA-axis; lead specifically alters production of cortisol in either direction
  • MCAS is common with mold, but also with metals; mercury, gold, and silver impact mast cells; including from dental materials
  • Gold is not an inert metal and can be allergenic
  • Inside of a dental crown has many different types of metals
  • Can perform a MELISA test to look for immunoreactivity to metals; no longer available in the US
  • Titanium sensitivity is an increasing problem; 30% of titanium implants eventually fail due to reactivity; leads to bone loss and the implant falling out
  • Metals lead to autoimmunity, decrease glutathione, increase lipid peroxidation, alter Th1/Th2 balance; can lead to auto-antibodies and even cancer
  • Metals deplete glutathione, D, magnesium, selenium, and zinc
  • Has never seen an environmentally-ill patient with adequate levels of magnesium
  • Tsunami of nutrient deficiencies that metals aggravate or cause; potassium, D, choline, E, K, magnesium, calcium, A, and C among the top (in that order)
  • Uranium can be found in water sources in some areas
  • Cesium has been found in increased levels since Fukushima
  • Most clinically relevant: arsenic, lead, mercury, cadmium, hexavalent chromium, and new toxicants: gadolinium, cobalt, thallium, cesium (in that order)
  • Gadolinium from tracer scans particularly impact the brain; metal sensitivity to gadolinium occurs
  • Thallium can be from water and green leafy vegetables
  • Many metals can be found in dental materials, vaccines, antacids, and dental implants
  • Can have low amounts of a specific metal but high immune reactivity/sensitivity; nickel, gold, silver, aluminum, titanium, chromium, cobalt, and palladium
  • 1 surface of a tooth is enough to cause higher than safe levels of mercury; does not take a lot of amalgams; amalgams are more of a problem than fish exposure
  • 1 in 6 women have mercury levels high enough that can create a neurologic risk for their children; fish and amalgam sources
  • Inorganic mercury = amalgams and air pollution; leads to higher levels of fasting glucose
  • High fructose corn syrup is a source of mercury exposure
  • With unprovoked metal testing, patients with levels at 95% or greater are more relevant; or greater than the reference value from the laboratory
  • Lab reference ranges are often highly irrelevant to clinical presentation
  • Best to avoid fish for 5 days prior to urine collection for metals
  • Cobalt implants can lead to systemic metal toxicity
  • Blood levels of lead over 2 are problematic
  • Mercury is the hardest metal to diagnose; blood levels over 5 may be observed in fish eaters; patients can be sick in the 75th percentile or above; levels of 1.8 or above can be associated with autoimmunity and neurological problems
  • Mycotoxins are severely immunotoxic and inhibit DNA and RNA production; metals are immunotoxic and autoimmunogenic through their capacity to "tank glutathione"
  • Metal hypersensitivity adds to the immunotoxic burden of patients
  • Metals increase production of autoantibodies against myelin basic protein 
  • Lead and arsenic are involved in many types of cancers
  • Every adult human born before 1990 will have a body burden of lead
  • Low levels of blood lead to 1/2 a million adults a year dying from cardiovascular disease
  • 400,000 deaths per year in the US are attributed to lead exposure
  • For lead, filter water with RO/charcoal and consider DMSA/EDTA chelation
  • High levels of miscarriage from lead exposures in Flint, Michigan
  • Lead exposure leads to lowering of IQ
  • Anything over 1 mcg/dL is correlated with ADHD
  • Anything over 2.5 mcg/dL is correlated with death from MI and stroke
  • Do not use urine lead levels; there is no science behind it; standard of care is whole blood lead level
  • There is no safe level of lead period
  • Arsenic can contribute to gout, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, diabetes, and bladder cancer; non-provoked urine testing can show high levels; water, rice, chicken; serious carcinogen, diabetogen  and obesogen
  • 35% of the population has a risk level of arsenic that is related to disease
  • Can be benign arsenic from urine testing if still eating fish; best to stop for 5 days prior to collection

Dr. Patrick continued with "The Role of Other Toxicants in Mold Patients: Assessment and Treatment" and shared"

  • Mycotoxins and other chemicals are found in adipose tissue, muscle, brain, organs, ovaries, and testes; continue to do damage
  • Organochlorine pesticides such a DDT and others increase as we age; body burden of DDT goes up due to toxin accumulation; DDT increased risk of obesity in granddaughters of grandmother exposed to DDT
  • Chlordane has been used in millions of homes as a pesticide for termites; mostly in 1950s-70s; air levels in homes were higher than safe; increases risk for diabetes by 8 times; 50 years later had high levels from foundation
  • Brain and liver have a lot of fat and toxins are often stored in fat
  • There are no lab tests currently for organochlorine pesticide testing
  • PCBs are persistent organic pollutants; used in commerce in the 1930x-40s; later found to be significant carcinogens; children born after they were removed from commerce still high; eggs, butter, farmed salmon, or other animal products may contain PCBs as these are persistent pollutants; diabetogens, carcinogens, immunotoxins, respiratory toxins; found in those that eat a lot of butter
  • Butter is not a good food; significant amounts of PCBs
  • Immune burden: PCBs, organochlorine pesticides, solvents, plastics/bisphenols, Per/Polyfluorinated compounds; deplete glutathione, increase inflammation
  • EMFs are immunotoxic via nitric oxide; potent cause of MCAS!; exposure to EMFs lead to a document increase in histamine levels; MCAS patients must reduce EMFs; antioxidants such as CoQ10 and vitamin E can be helpful
  • Need to keep cell phones 6 feet away from the body
  • We are breathing hazardous air; acrylamide comes from air pollution much more than toast and other sources; need air filtration
  • Water filtration is necessary to optimize health; can no longer survive without air and water filtration 
  • Conventional almonds are a source of propylene oxide
  • Need an all organic diet; not just the Dirty Dozen
  • Pesticides are endocrine disruptors extraordinaire; alter estrogen, thyroid receptors, progesterone, prolactin, androgen receptors
  • Toxicants upregulate inflammation throughout the entire body; improve diet, water, and air
  • Film "Dark Waters" is a true story of Per/Polyfluorinates; these compounds are now in the air everywhere
  • "Forever Chemicals" are in drinking water of 200 million Americans; these were created to be permanent; they do not breakdown over time
  • Menstruating women have half-life of PFAS of 2-3 years as compared to men and post-menopausal women where it is 27-35 years
  • Vista Analytical is a lab that tests for PFAS; test for 24 analytes
  • PFAS cause high cholesterol, colitis, cancer, preeclampsia, liver damage, thyroid disease, decreased vaccine response, asthma, decrease fertility, low birth weight
  • One study found higher levels of PFAS (specifically PFBA) in the lungs, liver, and brain of those that died from COVID
  • Cholestyramine has been shown to decrease blood levels of PFAs over time
  • Therapeutic phlebotomy can be helpful for reducing PFAS
  • Phthalates and BPA from air, food, and water; immunotoxicants, reproductive toxicants, obesogens, diabetogens, and renal toxicants
  • Canned coconut milk is the highest food source of BPA

Some of the items discussed during the Q&A included:

  • Prefers liposomal glutathione; has been published as effective in human studies; has not seen data on S-Acetyl Glutathione
  • Bismuth is not absorbed through the gut
  • Titanium implants; dental implants fail 1/3 of the time; not the same for other titanium implants; titanium is a sensitizing metal
  • Chronic Fatigue can be related to metal sensitivity
  • Cannot treat titanium, sensitivity; must be removed
  • Uses Doctor's Data Urine Toxic Metals and QuickSilver Tri-Test and Doctor's Data Whole Blood Metals; RBC chromium for metal testing 
  • Dr. Nathan has found provocation testing important; DMPS and EDTA IV  or oral DMSA
  • Provocation testing is helpful only for what is stored in the kidneys; not for body burden; cannot use for diagnosis; should also have unprovoked levels
  • IV DMPS has been approved as a compounding agent; not for oral DMPS which can be a good intervention
  • Titanium dioxide is added as a whitening agent; processed food is "food we shouldn't eat"; overwhelming addition of metals and allergens added to processed foods; is a gut irritant
  • Only saw a copper deficiency in one patient
  • Dr. Nathan suggests the zinc/copper ratio is very important; excess copper can play a role in anxiety; measure serum zinc and copper levels; giving zinc can deplete the high copper level if present; 25mg zinc
  • KPU is common in mold and Lyme disease and may need to add B6 and magnesium in addition to higher doses of zinc; caution with long-term use of over 100mg/day of zinc
  • Lab testing can be done for sensitivity to materials prior to orthopedic surgery
  • Difficult to filter water being used for bathing and showering; hot water also vaporizes chlorine
  • Benefits of Epsom salt baths outweigh the toxicity concerns if you use a bath ball filter; not ideal to use tap water
  • Whole house water filtration would be provided to everyone if Dr. Patrick ruled the world
  • Domestic water is only safe for washing clothes
  • Prioritize filtering of water for drinking and cooking and then bathing/showering
  • Recommendation for gadolinium is EDTA chelation after a scan; continued until the gadolinium is gone; another source https://www.richardsemelka.com prefers zinc and calcium DPTA; also uses sauna, supplements, and botanicals
  • Hexavalent chromium is entirely different from nutrient chromium
  • Metals ranges are based on a spot urine
  • Inorganic arsenic is the toxic arsenic
  • Flu vaccine still contains mercury
  • Aluminum in vaccines is delivered directly to the CNS
  • Dr. Nathan mentioned Ledum 30C, Hypericum 30C, and Thuja 200C for vaccine reactions
  • Used to say that arsenic was the number 1 cause of gout; now believes it is lead
  • Dr. Nathan mentioned Candida feeds on sulfur; can lead to reactions to DMSA and other sulfur-containing materials
  • QuickSilver IMD can be helpful for mercury; not sulfur-based
  • Clifford Labs was acquired by Russell Jaffe, MD at ELISA ACT Labs and can do metal sensitivity testing
  • The most mercury toxic patients she has are those in Hollywood eating regular sushi 

Jill Crista, ND spoke on "PANS, PANDAS & Autoimmunity" and shared:

  • "Homeopathic Drug Pictures" book by Dr. Margaret Tyler
  • Conventional perspective is that these conditions are related to Strep; it is much more; including environmental toxicants
  • Top 4: glyphosate, mold, EMF, mercury
  • PANDAS and PANS are autoimmune encephalopathies
  • Autoimmune triggers are infection, toxin, and microbiome disruption
  • Immune deficiency is an antecedent state; it is not always "acute onset" as commonly suggested if you look closely
  • Brain stem (including limbic system), GI, possibly kidneys are involved
  • Symptoms: relapsing/remitting pattern averaging 3 months; relapsing could be a flare or new exposure; remitting could be effect of treatment or a typical pattern
  • Separation anxiety, concentration issues, urinary frequency/urgency, handwriting deterioration, sleep issues, behavioral regression, hyper-alert/enlarged pupils, hyperactive, inattentive, tics, learning difficulties, short-term memory issues, aggression, sensory alterations, disordered eating, hallucinations
  • Vocalizing through humming can increase nitric oxide on mucosal surfaces which is antimicrobial; can use as a nasal spray for tics
  • Clinical diagnosis; no labs required
  • High rate of seronegativity in PANS/PANDAS patients due to immune deficiency
  • Need to match the PANDAS criteria (with the exception of the suddenness)
    • Presence of OCD and/or tics
    • 3 y/o to puberty
    • Acute onset or episodic
    • Group A Strep association
    • Neurological abnormalities
  • Comorbidities: anorexia, urinary frequency, dilated pupils, insomnia, abdominal pain
  • Spinning tic or arm circles may be associated with Borrelia; a spiral-shaped bacteria
  • Has seen first onset of PANS at 21 years old
  • Strep is often perianal 
  • PANS Diagnosis Criteria
    • Category 1: Abrupt, acute OCD or severely restricted food intake
    • Category 2: Concurrent presence of additional neuropsych symptoms
    • Category 3: Symptoms not better explained by a known neuro or medical condition
    • Category 4: no age requirement
  • High risk of suicide in this patient population
  • Compulsion to take back control of thoughts
  • Listening to the compulsions can provide insights to where the body needs support
  • Kids get extremely adrenally burned out
  • Pets do not carry Strep but can lick someone and lick someone else and transmit Strep on the skin
  • Often very sick children with very inflamed brains
  • 2/3 of brain immune system is glial and 1/3 neurons
  • Microglia, astrocytes, oligodendrocytes
  • Microglia get rid of debris; astrocytes involved with glutamate and GABA as well as BBB integrity; oligodendrocytes are myelinators and provide axonal metabolic support
  • Innate immune system activation: pathogens, vagal pathways (bottom up), inflammatory cytokines, heat-shock proteins
  • Obese mice become skinny with microbial transplants from skinny mice
  • Antibiotics, mold, infections, neurotransmitters, vagal fibers, cytokines, and essential metabolites convey information about intestinal state to the CNS
  • Microbes outnumber human cells in both cell count and total DNA
  • Th17 is associated with increased risk of autoimmunity
  • Naïve CD4 T cells differentiate into TReg or Th17 cells
  • Group A Strep triggers a Th17 response
  • Mycotoxins do not have a scent; can ride directly into the olfactory bulb
  • Olfactory targets include the limbic system as well as other parts of the brain
  • Still should consider Strep in PANS even though it may not be the initial trigger
  • Immunity to one type of Strep does not confer immunity to others
  • Mechanisms
    • Pre-existing immune deficiency
    • T-cell mediated damage to brain triggered by infection/toxin
    • Microglial activation
    • CNS alterations
    • Damage to dopamine receptors and cholinergic interneurons
    • Alters dopamine pathways
    • Excitatory neurotransmitter state
    • Chronic or primed neuroinflammation
    • Possible chronic glomerulonephritis
    • "GALT"itis in the gut
  • Increased IgA deficiency in those with OCD, alterations on GI microbiome, association between antibiotic treatment for Strep and later risk for mental disorders, possible genetic predispositions
  • Antibiotics may not be the best tools for these conditions
  • T-cell mediated damage to the CNS from infections; can have autoimmune attack on basal ganglia
  • Microglial activation get stuck in inflammatory M1 state; remain more sensitive to systemic inflammation for the rest of the microglial cell's life
  • Chronic neuroinflammation in those with OCD from controls; generalized brain inflammation
  • Glyphosate leads to GI dysbiosis and impacts the CNS
  • Conventional Treatment Approach
    • Control inflammation with NSAIDs or steroids; Ibuprofen, Dexamethasone; Stanford PANS Clinic uses IV steroids
    • Prevent infection with antibiotics; Augmentin; Stanford PANS Clinic uses IM Penicillin
    • Remove reservoirs of infection; tonsils (the toilet of the sinuses)
    • Correct neurotransmitters; SSRIs/SNRIs, EMDR
    • Manage behaviors; CBT; modified-CBT; EMDR, EFT, limbic system retraining much more effective
    • Modulate immunity; IVIG, Rituximab (for IVIG failures), Plasmapheresis (Ochratoxin is a persister bound to albumin; sees in tests that control for creatinine; bioflavonoids/astaxanthin denature Ochratoxin from albumin)
  • "Core 4"
    • Guard the Gates
    • Anti-Bug       
    • Anti-Flame
    • Core Immune
  • Upcoming Book - "A Light in the Dark For PANDAS & PANS"

 Some of the items discussed during the Q&A included:

  • Adults with PANS and PANDAS follow the same approaches
  • If IgG subclass deficiencies, can use IgG oral such as SBI Protect
  • Bed wetting is definitely seen; associated with the mechanism and actual regression; ADH deficiency with mold can play a role as well; homeopathic Vasopressin can be helpful
  • Secretory IgA testing in stool is not a validated marker
  • If Ochratoxin is bound to albumin in the blood, binders may not be effective until it is dislodged with bioflavonoids; primary detoxification via kidneys, then gut, then liver
  • Spore-based probiotics can help rebalance the gut milieu and assist with production of butyrate 
  • Melatonin, CoQ10, and globe artichoke, parietaria for kidney support
  • Mold-affected PANS patients are more likely to have autism
  • Regular use of homeopathic flu nosodes during flu season have been helpful for her patients
  • 3 days in a row was shown to be optimal for IonCleanse; every 1-2 weeks; trace minerals on days off
  • Likes DHA Junior by Nordic Naturals along with SPMs
  • Often need to get patients out of mold exposure before one can address SIBO/SIFO
  • Uses Herbal Vitality brand for many herbs

Neil Nathan, MD spoke on "The Role of Mitochondrial Dysregulation in Chronic Disease: The Cell Danger Response Model" and shared:

  • Vast majority of people he is working with are profoundly out of balance and far away from any semblance of health; putting the ship back on course may not suffice
  • Most profound model of rebooting is "The Cell Danger Response Model" from Dr. Robert Naviaux
  • Before a cell is broken, mitochondria in an infected or toxic cell sense the presence of an intruder via voltage drop; not only energy factories but also a monitoring and signaling system
  • Mitochondria decrease their oxygen consumption and dissolved oxygen concentration in the cell begins to rise making cellular redox chemistry more oxidizing to help shield the cell from further injury
    1. Cells shift from polymer to monomer synthesis
    2. Cell membranes stiffen
    3. Antiviral and antimicrobial chemicals are released
    4. Mitochondrial fission and autophagy are increased
    5. DNA methylation is changed
    6. Endogenous retroviruses are mobilized
    7. Neighboring cells are warned
    8. Host behavior is altered
  • Methylation is often less than optimal but this is a protective mechanism
  • There is a seasonal shift in metabolism from mTOR and protein synthesis in summer to AMPK and recycling or autophagy in winter
  • Recent popularity of intermittent fasting to improve metabolism is soundly based
  • Cell Danger Response
    • ATP is released from cells under stress
    • Sulfur metabolism shifts so that glutathione is consumed and cysteine diverted; interfering with methylation
    • Vitamin D metabolism is altered; low vitamin D is intentional by the system
    • Histidine decarboxylase enzyme yields histamine; predictable that MCAS will occur
    • Mitochondrial heme centers are released from damaged cells; KPU is common
    • You cannot turn off the CDR until you convince the cell that toxins and infections are gone and stress is lessened
    • The body may not respond or respond badly to mitochondrial support when it is in survival mode
    • Tryptophan can be metabolized to serotonin or melatonin or to kynurenic acid and quinolinic acid which are inflammatory compounds
    • Antiviral component is regulated by lysine; dietary lysine opposes the CDR; may be an important part of treatment
    • CDR produces low plasma levels of P5P which increases kynurenine/tryptophan ration and keeps CDR going
    • Heavy metals accumulate and sequester with an activated CDR
    • Most or all patients in CDR will have heavy metal toxicity; fixing CDR recovers normal mechanisms to improve improvement in detoxification efficiency
    • Getting rid of heavy metals may not be the first thing you want to do
    • With a sick host, there is a sick biome; can't fix the biome until you address what is making the biome sick - toxins, infections, or stress
    • Will have trouble getting patients to respond to traditional approaches until you first deal with toxins, infections, and stress
    • Working on methylation, viruses, mitochondria, heavy metals and gut may lead to getting nowhere until you look for and find the root cause
    • CDR is adaptive but can become maladaptive once the danger is gone
  • For decades, ROS have been viewed as causative; they may not be the cause but a protective mechanism to be honored
  • The metabolome is the collection of all metabolites in cells, tissues, or organisms which are the end products of cellular processes
  • Metabolomics studies the chemical fingerprints that are left behind
  • Mice with autism normalized their CDR with the use of Suramin
  • Studies have shown distinct chemical signatures in males and females with CFS; but the males and females had different metabolites
  • Proves without any doubt that CFS is not a psychological illness; there are metabolic differences
  • 80% of metabolites where decreased consistent with hypometabolism
  • CFS is a metabolic illness, not a psychological illness
  • Triggering events are biological, chemical, physical, psychological trauma
  • Biological triggers are common, but there is no one agent that was more prevalent; there are multiple causative factors
  • Studies done in men do not apply to women
  • Decreases in sphingolipids and glycosphingolipids observed in both; critical in membrane physiology
  • May represent a response to oppose the spread of viral and intracellular bacterial infections by stiffening the membranes
  • Altering of sphingolipid structure impacts cell membranes
  • Bacteria and viruses use sphingolipids to affect their relationship to the host; can facilitate entry and exit of viruses into/from cells
  • Have to reverse the biochemical issues set off by the triggering agents
  • Dr. Naviaux currently studying Lyme disease
  • The metabolomic pattern is different in each condition; a unique fingerprint
  • These profiles may be available commercially in the next 5 years
  • 19 purinergic receptors; ATP, ADP, and other purines
  • Only herb studied for purinergic receptor blocking is Chinese Skullcap; can be useful in turning off purinergic signaling to address CDR
  • Suramin blocks all 19 purinergic receptors
  • Vitamin D, lysine, methylation support, P5P, treatment of metals, toxins, infections, and KPU could be helpful tools once out of the CDR or coupled with Suramin; cannot use these when in survival mode
  • Treatment of acute illness is not the same as the treatment of chronic illness; treating an injury vs, unblocking the healing cycle
  • High viral titers are commonly seen, but stress, toxin, or other infection may be the root issue keeping them going
  • The original trigger may no longer be present, but the biological reaction leads to persistence of the condition
  • Every chronic disease is a systems problem that cannot be resolved with the old paradigm
  • Cells that cannot communicate are lost to the tissue and leads to more damage and disease
  • You are well, get an exposure, and the CDR kicks in; what is called CDR1 which is the stuck phase
  • When the body senses it is "safer", then it can move to CDR2 which uses more effective energy production and begins a healing phase
  • Full differentiation and development occurs in CDR3 and there is a move back to complete healing
  • Mitochondria have 3 forms
    • M0 - uncommitted
    • M1 - proinflammatory (defense)
    • M2 - anti-inflammatory
  • Healing cycle has a beginning, middle, and end
  • extracellular ATP or eATP is the key signaling molecule; "danger, danger"
  • All stressed cells leak ATP
  • eATP is critical in all stages of the healing cycle
  • In CDR1, mitochondria are M1; stuck in primitive glycolysis for energy production; initiate oxidative shielding and inflammasome activation which keeps the cycle going
  • Cells that are in CDR1 must disconnect communication with neighboring cells; cells, tissue, and organs are "lost"
  • In CDR2, less oxidizing; lost cells from CDR1 must be replaced; M0 mitochondria; damaged cells apoptose
  • In CDR3, cellular differentiation, detox, tissue remodeling, adaptive immunity, metabolic memory, sensory/pain modulation, and sleep architecture; new cells must be "educated" by the "old pros"; eATP must decrease to move to the health cycle 
  • Exercise is medicine and reminds the body how to heal
  • Sleep is medicine; disruptions are a risk factor for illness
  • End organ resistance to hormone signaling is part of the CDR; reestablishment of hormone sensitivity begins in CDR3
  • When CDR is activated, coordination between the two limbs of the vagus nerve is disrupted; sympathetic nervous system predominates; POTS/PANS/PANDAS observed
  • Virtually every chronically ill patient has mitochondrial dysfunction, but when will supporting it be helpful?
  • Treatments directed at any one checkpoint may backfire
  • 200mcg of 5MTHF and 2000mcg HB12 lead to normalization of glutathione in an earlier study
  • Cells may resist healing as it may be perceived as a threat
  • The material they may need and benefit from may lead to a reaction that is not truly a Herx but the system doesn't know what to do with the material; in those cases, continuing the treatment may be the right path forward
  • Triggers of CDR may be: infections, fever, MCAS, cytokines, pesticides, flame retardants, air pollution, genes
  • The longer he treats patients, the more he questions that other factors could be responding; same antibiotics for Bartonella may work for other infections as well
  • Mold toxicity looks like it responds to binders.  Could it be reducing other toxins that are the reason for the improvement?
  • Mold and Lyme disease are two of the major triggers of CDR; other environmental toxicants such as heavy metals play a role
  • Some will respond to treatment with binders alone, but some may need to treat colonization of mold and Candida in the sinuses and gut
  • Failure to look for Lyme associated infections will leave patients stuck in CDR1 with no path forward without causal resolution
  • Future is exposomics to look for pesticides, flame retardants, phthalates/plasticizers, POPs, personal care products, RX and veterinary drugs 

  Some of the items discussed during the Q&A included:

  • Tends to avoid mitochondrial supplements early in treatment
  • IV NAD, peptides, ozone, stem cells, fecal transplants are all popular; doing them in early CDR will often backfire or do nothing
  • HBOT and oxygen therapies are not logical tools early in the CDR; would work better at end of CDR
  • When Suramin becomes available, it could be a game changer if used properly
  • There is no test yet to know which stage of the CDR a patient is in
  • When there is observed improvement and are 50% better, may then do a trial of CoQ10, L-Carnitine, D-Ribose and observe the response; if no response or a negative response, may still be "stuck"
  • For patients that tolerate glutathione, it can be very helpful; he has an equal or larger group of patients that feel horrible when they mobilize toxin faster than they can process it; double-edged sword
  • Glutathione is the end product of methylation; sends the message that the body can stop methylating; use caution in sensitive patients
  • Long COVID follows the CDR model and is identical to what is seen in Lyme, mold, and similar conditions
  • If still living in mold, you won't be able to get out of the "stuck" phase of the CDR
  • You cannot get well from mold toxicity if you are living in a moldy environment; can improve to a limited extent with treatment while still exposed
  • Vast majority of his patients are stuck in CDR1; Chinese Skullcap may work better in CDR2 or CDR3
  • Can use DNRS and limbic system retraining in CDR1; limbic, vagal, and MCAS tools need to be addressed in that order
  • Limbic system retraining can help the body and the cell to feel "safer"
  • Initially thought that patients with mold and Lyme could be significantly impacted by COVID; that did not happen; people that got really sick from acute COVID had a cytokine storm that they were unfamiliar with where those that already have inflammation did not have the same rise; long COVID is a factor in keeping patients sick longer; mold and Lyme could perpetuate long COVID
  • Mushrooms as food are a signal to shift from mTOR to AMPK; we no longer honor the natural shift of the seasons
  • Different areas of the body can be in different stages of the CDR at the same time
  • Dr. Crista agrees mold has to be addressed first; difficult to get the body to calm down when it knows there is still a problem
  • Most people want to start with what they know; often, that is Lyme, but experience suggests that mold should be addressed before Lyme; symptoms are so similar that what you think is Lyme/Bartonella could be mold; if you address mold, you may not need to address Lyme; treating mold is easier and less harsh than treating Lyme
  • Sensitive patients often cannot treat mold and Lyme at the same time
  • Mold toxin interferes with the body's ability to absorb and utilize thiamine; ideally taken with magnesium
  • Rare for people to get well sooner than a year; often 2-3+ years
  • In his sickest patients that do not respond to limbic system, vagal, or MCAS work, there is often an energetic or psychological component to explore

Some of the items discussed during the case studies included:

  • Fusarium mycotoxins can be a contributor to PCOS and estrogen dominance
  • Zearalenone may not appear on urine mycotoxin testing when supporting glucuronidation
  • Bioclinic Naturals EstroVantage EM can be helpful for Zearalenone
  • Cinnamon, clove, oregano, and thyme can be helpful for Fusarium
  • Metformin binds thiamine and potentially leads to thiamine deficiency
  • Trichothecenes intensify iodine deficiency
  • Depleted uranium is high in the jet stream and bumps out iodine
  • T3 has a protective effect against damage from mold; high normal T3 range
  • Dr. Crista likes QuickSilver EDTA which contains Alpha Lipoic Acid
  • High copper can be from water source if not being filtered
  • Where there is mycophenolic acid, there is actively living, growing mold
  • Cryptolepis can help for Borrelia and Bartonella and also help with ear ringing which can be triggered by Bartonella
  • Dr. Crista sees Saccharomyces boulardii flare neurological symptoms in her patient population
  • Low MSH can benefit from GTex Green Tea and vitamin E (for protection) and then followed by the use of tanning bed
  • Integrative Therapeutics Y-Formula contains oregano and thyme
  • Once MCAS has been triggered, supplements alone may not be enough; may need to work on limbic and vagal systems
  • When mold is treated and inflammation goes down, Bartonella may become activated; can lead to increases in MMP9
  • Topical DHEA is not well-absorbed; oral often works better
  • Elevated liver function tests are not always a concern; unless they are more than 3 times the upper limit of normal; should be closely monitored

Disclaimer: While I attempted to accurately represent the statements of the various speakers, it is possible that the above contains errors or inaccuracies. If you have any corrections to the content listed above, please Contact Me.   

I had the opportunity to attend ECO 2021 held online on October 28-30, 2021.   ECO stands for Exponential Clinical Outcomes.  This is one of the most forward-thinking events I have attended.

The event is the brainchild of Dr. Todd Watts and Dr. Jay Davidson who also created CellCore Biosciences and Microbe Formulas.  I'm grateful for their products, and I take several of them daily.  

CellCore Biosciences is their practitioner line while Microbe Formulas is their consumer line. While many of the products are available from both companies, there are some differences in some products in terms of formulation or availability in the Microbe Formulas product line.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this text is intended to serve as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made only with the guidance of your own personal licensed medical authority.

Disclaimer: This information was taken as notes during the training course and may not represent the exact statements of the speakers. Errors and/or omissions may be present.

Note: As this information may be updated as any errors are found, I kindly request that you link to this single source of information rather than copying the content below. If any updates or corrections are made, this will help to ensure that anyone reading this is getting the most current and accurate information available.

Jay Davidson, DC spoke on "Glyphosate Raining in the Sky" and shared:

  • There has been a recent focus on the danger of bugs; we are made of bugs
  • Over 200 infectious viruses; 1 with 31 zeroes after it total number of viruses that exist
  • Are we supposed to be afraid of 200 of them?
  • The focus needs to be the roadmap to health
  • When we are healthy, there is no need for any fear
  • 86,557 chemicals registered with the EPA; 41,864 still active
  • Many become persistent organic pollutants 
  • One study found 55 never before reported chemicals in people; with unknown sources and uses
  • Toxicity from wildfires give off solvents, harmful gasses, and respiratory irritants; as well as heavy metals and carcinogens
  • Glyphosate is sprayed on forests as part of reforestation programs; it is not just crops
  • Can be "organic" after only 3 years of no use or prohibited substance 
  • The half-life of glyphosate in soil is said by some to be between 7 and 60 days but can be as long as 1 year; some studies suggest it can be 22-30 years
  • Toxicity creates deficiency; correcting the toxin will eliminate the need for nutrient support 95% of the time
  • Identify the toxin before identifying the deficiency 
  • It is not "if" you are being exposed but "how much"
  • Organic does not mean no chemicals; it means less chemicals
  • Detoxification is not a recommendation; it is a requirement
  • Their carbons are protected from modern-day environmental toxins
  • They use extracts sourced in the USA and 3rd party tested before and after extraction
  • They do not use open bogs
  • They are working on a new "BC95" brain carbon to help with focus; brain waves change in those with ADD/ADHD
  • beyondpesticides.org

Jay Davidson, DC and Todd Watts, DC spoke on "The Protocol Approach" and shared:

  • They have a 5 phase roadmap to health with a very intentional order; order matters
  • Phase 1 - mitochondrial energy and drainage support; get the body ready; minimize detox reactions
  • The core of the cell is the mitochondria; mitochondrial dysfunction is why the body is not 100% well
  • Mitochondria are the main thing; every disease starts with lack of energy at the cellular level
  • What is damaging the mitochondria?
  • Mycotoxins, parasites, bacteria, Lyme/co, chemicals, radiation, metals, and negative emotions impact the mitochondria
  • Drainage refers to the pathways that remove fluid and debris from the body; you have to have a place for microbial toxins and other toxicants to go or you will feel worse
  • Blocked drainage pathways lead to inflammation
  • Drainage funnel: colon, liver/bile ducts, lymph, organs/tissues, cells (support in this order; each item depends on those before it)
  • Want the colon moving 2-3 times a day without diarrhea in those with health issues; can help to reduce reactions
  • When the sink isn't draining, it overflows from the liver back into the blood; blood-bile barrier
  • Skin issues often suggest an issue with the drainage pathways not being open
  • Drainage and mitochondrial support are continuous in a protocol
  • Phase 2 - Gut and Immune Support; focus on the digestive tract; move and cleans; parasites often impact the gut
  • Worms hold toxins; trying to detox chemicals but leaving the worms that contain the chemicals means you can't clear all the chemicals
  • Parasites harbor Lyme, bacteria, mold, viruses; produce exosomes; they are sponges for heavy metals
  • Phase 3 - Whole Body Immune Support; not just the microbes in the GI tract but systemic sites
  • Phase 4 - Systemic Detox; one of the most critical phases; many of the issues and microbes people have resolve with detoxification 
  • Phase 5 - Deeper Immune Support; addressing Lyme/co-infections
  • Lingering ochratoxin on Great Plains may be supported with beneficial bacteria degrading toxins; CT-Biotic
  • Testing the waters with a single product might be with PARA 1, MitoATP, Advanced TUDCA; these can make a noticeable difference
  • They have a Foundational and a Comprehensive protocol; there is also an Expedited Comprehensive protocol
  • Dr. Todd does not believe in "maintenance"; prefers "optimize" so that the goal is always to improve
  • Detoxification is a key part to clearing out infections
  • If people are sensitive, consider the Dr. Jaban Moore Pulse Method; starting with the full dose and then taking a specified number of days off; decreasing the number of days off between each pulse.  1 day on/5 off; 1 day on/4 off; 1 day on/3 off, etc. until there are no days off.

 Jay Davidson, DC and Todd Watts, DC spoke on "Mastering Mitochondria" and shared:

  • MitoATP was based on the work of Dr. Watts and Dr. Linsdley 
  • Mitochondria powers the entire roadmap to health
  • The dot in the original CellCore logo represented the mitochondria
  • Need energy to execute metabolic processes such as detoxification and addressing microbial overgrowths
  • Mycotoxins have massive impact on mitochondria; parasites impact the Krebs cycle; Lyme and cos produce bi-products that impact mitochondria; toxicants impact mitochondria
  • Nothing is worse to the cells than radioactive materials
  • Mitochondria impact neurological function, memory/thoughts, energy, enzyme activations, detox, regeneration, hormones, immune system, and drainage 
  • 10,000 mitochondria on average per cell
  • Support mitochondria and remove those items that lead to mitochondrial dysfunction; this is the simple view of CellCore's approach to wellness
  • What is the core of the cell?  CellCore - mitochondria
  • Mitochondria produce pure water
  • DNA helix is held together by structured water
  • DNA is a responsive material; we are not a victim to our genetics
  • Mitochondria important for immune function, regeneration, heat production, apoptosis to reduce potential of cancer, upregulates detoxification, produce steroid hormones, repair DNA
  • Poor mitochondrial function may contribute to cancer
  • 10 times more bacteria than human cells is not accurate; closer to 1:1; after you poop. you may be more human than bacteria; if you are constipated, you may be more bacteria than human
  • Most cells have 1,000-10,000 mitochondria with a range of 0 to 2 million per cell
  • Eyes and brain have 10,000+ per cell; heart 5,000; liver 2,000; RBCs zero
  • Free floating mitochondria have been found in the bloodstream
  • Substantia nigra in brain has 2 million per cell
  • Female egg 100,000
  • 30 trillion human cells; 39 trillion bacterial cells; 10.2 quadrillion mitochondria
  • Brain uses 20% of oxygen and 20% of energy created by the body
  • Mitochondrial dysfunction will affect the brain first; brain fog, concentration, ADD/ADHD, memory, word loss
  • There is no test for mitochondrial function; OAT is looking at metabolites
  • ATP Synthase nanomotors; 320,000 nanomotors per mitochondria
  • We have the potential energy of a lightning bolt stored in each human body
  • Mitochondria can transform/transmute elements
  • Melatonin is highest in cell membrane; second highest in mitochondria
  • Cell Danger Response - cell communication is blocked; alarm signals sent between cells and tissues; cells unable to communicate and lost to the tissue
  • Two CDR outcomes
    • Child - changes normal development
    • Adult - organ performance degrades over time; deterioration, senescence, or cancer
  • Mitochondria are either calm inside the cell or in battleship mode scrambling out of the cell to signal the immune system
  • Extracellular ATP or eATP is a threat signal
  • People that are stuck with health issues are stuck in the healing cycle; stuck in CDR1, CDR2. or CDR3
  • Each stage has a checkpoint that has to be passed through to move forward; you can't move backwards
  • CDR1 - damage control, innate immunity, inflammation; triggers microbes and toxicants 
  • CDR2 - proliferation for biomass replacement and regeneration
  • CDR3 - cells take on organ specific functions
  • Ventral vagal tone is key to health
  • Hormones may be low in CDR; better to support the foundation before adding hormones
  • Literature does not support adrenal fatigue; more likely mitochondrial dysfunction 
  • Mitochondria produce pregnenolone and ultimately hormone production
  • Conversion of cholesterol to pregnenolone happens in the mitochondria
  • Last conversion to make cortisol also happens in the mitochondria
  • In polyvagal theory, there is two-way communication between mitochondria and nervous system
  • If stuck in sympathetic, you can move to the dorsal parasympathetic response which is when the body has gone "dormant" or hibernating.  Want the ventral vagal response supported for healing
  • Mitochondria coordinate over 500 chemical reactions
  • Chronic fatigue is a hypometabolic hibernation state
  • Organs shutdown in terms of priority: skin, muscles, liver, gut, brain, heart, lungs, and kidneys; starting with least important first
  • When not sweating, this is a mitochondrial dysfunction

Darren Schmidt, DC spoke on "The Easy Button to Understanding the Krebs Cycle" and shared:

  • Sir Hans Krebs got the Nobel prize for discovering the citric acid cycle; had already discovered urea cycle
  • Krebs Cycle produces 38 ATP when mitochondria are fully functioning
  • Many microbes, toxicants, medications can impair the Krebs cycle 
  • Plants can cause mitochondrial dysfunction; meat does not
  • Lyme and mold illness both create mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Mitochondria are like your pets; feed them properly, exercise them, take care of them; don't abuse them; or they will pee on your floor, poop on your bed, and tear up your slippers
  • powernutritionpractice.com

Brennan Rooks spoke on "The CellCore Facelift" and shared:

  • They have revised their logo and bottle labels and have a new website launching soon; including an improved mobile experience, communication tools to facilitate more community, and a new resource center

Tim "The Atomic Man" Griswold, Todd Watts DC, and Jay Davidson DC spoke on "Optimizing Mitochondrial Function" and shared:

  • The movement of charged particles is energy; without charged particles, you have no energy
  • ATP-producing capacity decreases by 8% per decade 
  • Complex IV activity will often decrease; electron transport chain 
  • Complex IV creates water; Complex V creates ATP
  • If we lose 8% of our water capacity, we become dehydrated as we age
  • Muscle loss can be related to mitochondria
  • Charged particles include protons/hydrogen, electrons, and oxygen
  • Protons and oxygen create water
  • Complex IV needs oxygen to bind electrons and convert to water
  • HydrOxygen, MitoATP, CT-Minerals support these processes; provide energy and a carbon backbone; key for repair/building
  • Carbon is a storage vessel for protons and oxygens to create needed sugars for the mitochondria
  • Traditional mitochondrial supplements are looking at one portion of the picture, but not the whole picture; they are all moving charged particles
  • Glutathione can help in the gut; it never gets into the body in any sufficient amount; it is converting hydrogen peroxide to water; taking hydrogen is more efficient
  • Hydrogen, electrons, and oxygen are key in fixing the oxidative stress pathways
  • Their carbon technologies have been show to help pets, trees, wheat, alfalfa, sugar beets, and humans
  • Polyelectrolytes, polysaccharides, humic acid, and fulvic acid are all in their carbon technology
  • Being acidic is not from eating acidic foods; the more acid, the more energy
  • We need mitochondrial function; without it, we convert to lactic acid
  • Lack of mitochondrial function creates lactic acidosis; over time, may lead to cancer
  • Eating alkaline is a myth; the focus should be on eating for mitochondrial function 
  • Fuel to have less lactic acid: ketogenic diet; some may not feel well if they have bile flow issues and fat digestion issues or lymphatic stagnation
  • Chronic Lyme and mold patients have poor lymphatic flow and may do poorly with a Ketogenic diet; often feel better on carbs but may increase lactic acid; short-term benefits but need to focus on toxins, infections, mitochondria long-term
  • Biotoxin Binder 4.634, HM-ET 6.97, CT Minerals 3.302, MitoATP 3.352, HydrOxygen 1.765, Advanced TUDCA 2.769 pH; all have different capabilities to insight reactions
  • The lower the pH, the better tolerance for heavy metals
  • Lower pH -> higher energy potential and increased tolerance to things we are exposed to
  • The more alkaline, the more difficult it will be to extract metals from our cells
  • Want higher conductivity and lower pH
  • pH of 3 to 12 has energy potential loss of about a billion times at pH of 12; pH matters
  • "Firing on all cylinders" is when charged particles are optimally supporting communication
  • HydrOxygen can be helpful with skin issues such as burns
  • 21% oxygen in atmosphere; was 31% in the past
  • More oxygen = less lactic acid
  • Lack of oxygen in tumors promotes metastasis of cancer; higher oxygen -> localization of the cancer; cells leave the tumor when they do not get enough oxygen
  • Glucose is the source of biomass and water is the real source of energy
  • Sunscreen keeps melanin from getting what we need; may be better not to wear sunglasses; blocking the sunshine into the eyes that leads to melanin doing its job; a tan is an energy storage mechanism for the body
  • Sungazing in first 15 minutes of the day or sunset; also helps to reduce depletion of deuterium
  • Most melanin in the brain is the same location with the most mitochondria; substantia nigra
  • Neuromelanin is a protector that can chelate iron; no longer protective in the presence of toxins
  • Red and NIR light can help Complex IV
  • MitoATP has carbons that hold on to light energy/photons
  • Carbons store energy
  • TUDCA may support mitochondrial function, reduced protein misfolding, restoration of ATP
  • Mitochondrial function strategies: focus on charged particles, remove toxins/infections, drink distilled water, get sunshine, consider MitoATP, CT-Minerals, HydrOxygen, TUDCA

 Jay Davidson, DC spoke on "Virology Exposed" and shared:

  • Focusing in the virus is the wrong focus
  • Microorganisms come from within, not from outside
  • Poisons cause pleomorphisms
  • We all have bugs in us; they were already there
  • We get exposed to a poison which then activates organisms that are intended to biodegrade poisons
  • A stressor or poison is what leads to organisms inside of us becoming an "infection"
  • So many holes in virology that it is Swiss cheese
  • The pandemic virus has not been isolated and purified 
  • Germ theory is a fraud 

 Jay Davidson, DC spoke on "The Secrets Your Face is Telling Us" and shared:

  • Have to consider that someone may have had an injury or a surgical procedure
  • Vertical wrinkle between the eyebrows may be related to an enlarged and hardened liver
  • Yellow skin can be liver/jaundice
  • Pale skin can be anemia
  • Dark purple bags under the eyes can be allergies caused by parasites
  • Thick eyebrows is a strong Ayurvedic constitution and strong bones
  • Diminished eyebrows can be blood sugar dysregulation
  • Thin outer third of eyebrow can be thyroid dysfunction 
  • Female facial hair can be a hormonal imbalance
  • Kidneys control hair; lungs control sheen of hair; spleen controls dandruff
  • Facial asymmetry can be stroke, Bell's Palsy, or triggered by toxins, vaccine damage, viruses such as HSV-1, EBV, Zoster
  • If one eye is open and one squinted when smiling, the open side has more damage
  • Horizontal lines under eyelids can be mitochondrial dysfunction
  • Vertical wrinkles above lips can be smoker or parasites; white spots on nails can be zinc deficiency from parasites
  • Malabsorption face lines are vertical lines between the mouth and nose; can be GI issues
  • Horizontal wrinkles across the nose can be pancreatic stress or SIBO/Candida or prostate/cervical problems
  • Candida is a bi-product of another underlying issues
  • Bulging veins around temples can be high blood pressure
  • Under eye bags and puffiness; bags can be kidneys/liver/lymph; puffiness can be hypothyroid
  • Sunken or hollow temples can be dehydration or malnutrition 
  • Larger low lip can be chronic constipation, underactive thyroid, phlegm
  • Bigger ears can be hearty constitution
  • Hairy ear canal can be heart risk; same with crease in line of earlobe
  • Increase nose size and swelling can be alcohol; same with red nose
  • Loss of smell can be zinc or early sign of dementia
  • Parasites impact liver and absorption of zinc
  • Swollen lymph nodes can be infection including Bartonella; can be cavitation in jaw
  • Acne can be parasites, hormonal imbalances; liver, gallbladder, and spleen 
  • Large pores on face can be high body toxicity
  • Oily forehead can be poor liver function 
  • Dry skin and lack of sweating can be iodine deficiency or mitochondrial dysfunction 
  • When you cannot sweat, the body will reduce core body temperature
  • Butterfly face rash can be Lupus, Lyme, rosacea, or sun
  • Small chin and jaw with thicker neck can be sleep apnea
  • Loose skin under chin can be underactive thyroid
  • Goiter or swelling can be iodine deficiency
  • Black mark on gums can be amalgam tattoos or sign of cancer
  • Bad breath and frequent burping can be digestion or sinuses
  • Dry mouth or low saliva can be iodine deficiency
  • Grinding teeth can be parasites
  • Pale lips can be anemia
  • Cold sores and warts can be celiac, chemicals, ulcerative colitis, deficiency in B/iron/zinc
  • Cracked corners of mouth can be low B12
  • Red face in heat and not sweating can be skin pathway clogged and mitochondrial dysfunction; low temperature infrared sauna can help support mitochondria
  • Red bumps in patches can be celiac
  • Conjunctivitis can be viral or bacterial infection or allergy 
  • Yellow sclera of the eye can be jaundice 
  • Decreased eye blinking can be brain degeneration and mitochondrial issues
  • Bulging eyeballs can be hyperactive thyroid
  • Pale inner lower eyelid can be anemia
  • Unibrow associated with liver

 Jay Davidson, DC and Todd Watts, DC shared "Is Your Water Keeping You Sick" and shared:

  • Most important thing about water is that it is chemical free
  • Water quality is more important than food quality
  • Filtering water does not mean it is pure
  • If you are not drinking distilled water, you are missing a big piece in your health
  • Dr. Jay's wife had ear stuffiness that ended up being chemicals in water; filtering was not enough; resolved with a water distiller
  • MyPureWater.com
  • Wife's ears improved; daughter's GI issues improved
  • In 18 months of drinking distilled water, they continue to see health improvements
  • Almost every person they test energetically is intolerant of their water unless they distill it
  • Synthetic fluoride in water comes with other toxicants
  • Microplastic pollution is a big issue
  • Radioactive elements can be found in water; these can also drive Candida; radium can be found in water
  • Best to store in stainless steel or glass and not plastic
  • Had a patient with high lead, 180 IV chelations, no change in lead level
  • Lead is a shield for radium which is deposited in the bone and leads to lead storage
  • Energy may improve when people remove radium and mitochondria recover
  • Radium found in all 50 states; excessive amounts in 27 states
  • 170 million Americans have levels in the water than is high enough to increase risk of cancer; 80% in Texas 
  • Mitochondrial impact of radium also reduces immunity and may increase incidence of Lyme disease
  • Uranium is high on the West Coast
  • Doctor's Data Comprehensive Water Testing is not comprehensive
  • MyTapScore.com has 97 measurements
  • USWaterSystems.com has 108 contaminants
  • These are looking at less than 1% of contaminants in the water
  • Distilled water has a pH of 7.0 and drops to 5.5-6.0 over time
  • Biofilms form in RO filters and may have Sphingomonas bacteria
  • Minerals should come from food as they are plant derived and accepted by the body
  • Minerals from water are inorganic and lead to observable build-up; drinking rock
  • Lower TDS is better; zero or near zero
  • Distillation gets everything except VOCs
  • Sending distilled water through a carbon will pick up any VOCs
  • Boiling water does not remove it; boiling point for radium is 1500C, for uranium is 4131C, and for glyphosate is 187C
  • Distillation separates water from contaminants; filters attempt to pull contaminants from water
  • Efficiency of distillation will always be the same; filtration efficiency deteriorates over time
  • Drink half body weight in ounces plus 5 ounces for every 15 minutes of strenuous exercise, and increase when on a detox or elimination protocol
  • He adds CT Minerals and MitoATP; 1 drop per 16 ounces; to stabilize the pH
  • Distilled water is the purest for drinking; consistent purification; avoids plastic
  • Filters deteriorate; inorganic minerals in water are not healthy 
  • Biotoxin Binder may be helpful for microplastic exposures
  • When people start on distilled water, some symptoms can flare as the body starts to detoxify after it is no longer being assaulted by chemicals

Todd Watts, DC and Jay Davidson, DC spoke on "Solutions For the Parasite Epidemic" and shared:

  • Cestodes = tapeworms; attach to intestines via the scolex
  • Fish tapeworm common in Asian countries; many different types of tapeworms from meat
  • Trematode = flukes; many different types of flukes including liver and blood flukes
  • Schistosoma can play a role in bladder issues
  • Nematodes = Roundworms; roundworms often in the large intestine
  • Transmission through flies, ticks, mosquitoes, fleas, walking in dirt, from pets, and other sources
  • They DO exist in the United States
  • Protozoans are microscopic; cannot see them with the eye; 70% of parasites cannot be seen with the naked eye
  • Sporozoa = Babesia; coinfection of Lyme; a sub-section of protozoa; malaria, Toxo, cryptosporidium 
  • Toxo is very common in pork and from cat litter
  • We are made of microbes that change forms when there is a stressor; pleomorphism
  • Babesia often flares in Fall; spring Bartonella 
  • Some parasites can shutdown the conversion to GABA which impacts sleep 
  • Men with Toxo tend to be more aggressive; women tend to cheat
  • Ropeworm; mimosa pudica seed has been life-changing for many with this issue
  • Learned that the body needs to be prepared before starting the microbial support; energy production and drainage are necessary
  • Parasites impact the Th1/Th2 balance of the immune system; Th1 is for viruses/protozoa/bacteria; Th2 is for parasite infections; Th2 elevates and Th1 is suppressed
  • If overactive on Th2, those with Lyme and protozoa will have everything
  • It may not be an infection problem, but an immune dysregulation issue
  • Mitochondrial issues and parasite issues play a major role in immune dysregulation 
  • Th2 dominance presents with more food, environmental, and supplement allergies, MCAS/histamine 
  • Lowering IgG reactions is done by lowering Th2
  • Addressing parasites and bringing down Th2 will allow the body to stop cycling with Lyme and coinfections
  • Toxins must also be addressed
  • Mycotoxins can reduce BOTH Th1 and Th2 responses
  • Parasites upregulate IL-4, IL-5, and IL-13
  • Helminth infections activate latent Herpesviruses
  • Patient with severe Herpes infections in lips and sinuses; addressed parasites which resolved the issue in one month after 10 years of struggling
  • Parasites make exosomes which are used for communication and signaling 
  • Parasites are skilled at evading our immune system
  • In someone with chronic viral infections, parasite infections are likely as they produces viruses/exosomes
  • Parasites act like a trojan horse which hold bacteria, parasites, toxins, and yeast in the human
  • Acanthamoeba may harbor bacteria, protozoa, yeast
  • You cannot bring down microbial load in the body without addressing the parasites that hide these organisms 
  • Looked at brain tissue from people that passed away from MS; found Lyme bacteria and nematodes; Lyme hides insides nematodes
  • Metal concentrations are several thousand times higher in acanthocephalans than most host tissue
  • Parasites are playing a buffering role in the body to protect us from our toxic environment
  • Detoxification is critical in treating parasites long-term
  • Long-term parasites infections likely have a metal toxicity component; sponges for toxins
  • If the parasites do not resolve, what purpose are they serving that needs to be addressed?
  • Concentrations of lead and cadmium have been 2,700 times higher in the parasite than in the host
  • Parasites steal healthy minerals like zinc
  • Cortisol levels can be elevated with parasites
  • One study showed higher levels of lead in ducks after killing parasites
  • Taking a foreign parasite distracts the immune system and may reduce symptoms but is not getting to the source; the reason for the condition is not a deficiency in parasites
  • Lyme, bacteria, mold, viruses are stored in parasites
  • Parasites are most active during the full moon; replication time and increased toxin release -> more symptoms
  • Hospital admissions correlate with full moon cycle
  • Can explore potential for parasites with symptom questionnaires or muscle testing
  • Common areas for parasites: brain, sinuses, lymph, kidneys, stomach, intestines, liver, gallbladder, lungs, pancreas, muscles; can be everywhere
  • White spots on the nails can be zinc deficiency from parasites
  • Toxicity creates deficiency; toxicity creates an environment for parasites
  • Always identify and correct the toxin before addressing a deficiency 
  • Parasite testing via stool is not highly accurate
  • Lab markers: increase/normal monocytes/basophils/eosinophils, anemia (iron), low alk phos/low GGT (low zinc), IgE food and environmental sensitivities, histamine/MCAS, low vitamin C
  • Most successful lab for parasites has been Vibrant America
  • Dr. Todd's Inexpensive Parasite Test: do you have a pulse?
  • Solutions Para 1, Para 2, Para 3
  • Have seen parasites coming out of the sinuses after doing a sinus rinse with Para 3; Navage has been the best tool for sinus rinses; 6 ounces of water without salt and 1 drop of Para 3
  • Have to be persistent and consistent with parasite cleansing; some parasites produce 200K eggs per day
  • A worm was brought back to life after 42,000 years of being frozen
  • CellCore has a new product coming; Para 4; capsules; may help with Lyme related issues as well; well-tolerated; can make a tea out of it; mix of microbial support, inflammatory support, and immune support
  • Binders interfere with the stickiness of the Mimosa pudica seed; should be separated
  • Doing a pulsed strategy could be helpful to improve tolerance of protocols; though in some cases
  • Higher dosing can get faster results but is not the place to start
  • Drainage Support, regular bowel movements, coffee/water enemas, and castor oil packs over the liver can be very supportive to minimize parasite die-off

 Todd Watts, DC and Jay Davidson, DC spoke on "The #1 Stealth Infection You Are Missing" and shared:

  • Dr. Todd had brain fog, issue recovering from workouts, fatigue, food sensitivities, joint pain, allergies/itchy eyes, word recall problems; anemic, blood sugar issues, could not fast, low blood pressure, positive Lyme test
  • A million parasite deaths per year; malaria being the top one
  • Strongyloides; threadworm; hide/suppress the immune system to live for years
  • 30-100 million people infected worldwide
  • Affects every organ in the body
  • Females larger than males; females produce 40 eggs per day; 1-2mm in size
  • Can be in the sinuses
  • Can live in the body 40-50+ years
  • Difficult to eradicate 
  • Symptoms can go up and down
  • Contact with contaminated soil is the most common risk
  • Can be transmitted from animals and humans to other humans
  • Can cause stomach symptoms, heart symptoms, brain symptoms, skin symptoms, lung symptoms, musculoskeletal symptoms
  • May be B, C, zinc deficient; zinc support can be very important
  • High eosinophils or histamine levels
  • Can require a biopsy to find these
  • Immune compromise increases risk; including mold/mycotoxin exposure
  • Testing is difficult
  • Have to explore case history, symptoms, muscle testing, and labs
  • WHO is using Albendazole in school age children to address this issue; RX options can help but don't eradicate the issue due to the eggs
  • Para 1 and Para 2 were helpful; as was CT-Biotic, but Para 3 was needed to get to the hiding places; can also help with liver flukes
  • With Navage, best to use distilled water 
  • Can do TUDCA enemas to help clear die-off; different than oral use; after bowel movement or water enema
  • PureLifeEnema.com
  • One of the top stealth infections; tough cases
  • Stomach and small intestinal parasite but must also address lungs and sinuses
  • Was key to Dr. Todd's and Dr. Jay's wife Heather's own health recovery
  • Hives may be a cestode or tapeworm
  • Chronic hives have resolved immediately

Allan Lindsley, DC spoke on "The Gut, The Brain and Autism" and shared"

  • What is causing autism, ALS, MS, Parkinson's. and Alzheimer's?
  • Disruption of the gut is disruption of the brain; the gut is the first brain
  • 30 trillion cells in the body; 100 trillion bacterial and fungal cells
  • 23,000 human genes
  • Should have over 1,000 different bacteria in a healthy microbiome; up to 1,600 have been found in some
  • Human microbiome genes count is over 1 million
  • 1% human
  • What comes out of us reflects what is wrong inside of us
  • When you eat Carnivore, you change your biome
  • When you eat plant-based, you have a different biome
  • Long-term carnivores have a decrease in the lining of your intestines; have to be cautious
  • Microbes secrete metabolites that are used in the brain for repair, signaling, and immune regulation
  • Heart and brain are the biggest users of what we make in our gut system
  • Metabolites include amino acids, carbs, co-factors, enzymes, lipids, nucleotides, peptides, xenobiotics
  • P5P is huge in autism and they may not have the bacteria to activate B6 to P5P
  • 80% C-sections in some part of our world; negative influence on microbiome
  • Glyphosate and environmental toxicants have negative impact on the microbiome
  • Imbalanced microbiome may lead to autoimmunity, inflammatory bowel disease, metabolic syndrome, obesity, and non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Microbe-associated conditions: anxiety, depression, autism, cancer, cardiovascular, cognition and memory, diabetes, obesity, IBS, ulcerative colitis, RA
  • The biome is largely set by age 3
  • Sanitizing removes beneficial microbes from our environment 
  • 12% of the US has asthma; ties back to missing microbes
  • Everything in the brain is some sort of inflammation that then becomes many different labels
  • Lactobacillus helps to break down cow dairy
  • 32% of births in the US are C-section; 3% in 1970s
  • 94% with C Diff have recovery in 3 days with FMT
  • "Missing Microbes" book discusses connections to modern diseases
  • 17 courses of antibiotics on average before age 20; 30 courses before age 40
  • Antibiotics in animal feed are used to grow the animal faster/fatter
  • Impossible not to find glyphosate in humans today; destroy our biome and soil biome
  • Over 50% of human microbiome impacted by glyphosate; decreases amino acids that are building blocs for neurotransmitters
  • Correlation between autism incidence and glyphosate
  • 1 in 15 boys now with autism
  • Every other child by 2040 with some label
  • High levels of prescribed psychiatric medications
  • Poop from an autistic child given to a mouse and developed characteristics of autism
  • In autistic children, gave antibiotics to get rid of pathogens and then gave FMT; 40% improved; 60% may have had chronic toxicity that also needed to be addressed
  • You cannot respond to the inflammatory cascade if you don't have the right biome
  • If a child does not come through the birth canal, you may double the chance of autism
  • Oligodendrocytes maintain myelin
  • Microglial cells are the local immune system of the brain
  • Astrocytes maintain normal blood flow, repair the brain, and regulate neuronal growth
  • Inflammatory cascade focuses on hippocampus 
  • Neurons in the brain sense toxins
  • Microglial cells activate into an aggressive M1 form -> astrocyte A1 form
  • LPS make the microglial cells more aggressive
  • Toxins are perceived as microbes but cannot be addressed and the cycle persists and becomes autoimmune
  • Lose 10% of NAD function per decade
  • Brain does not detoxify as fast as we age
  • Astrocytes in an aggressive A1 form really hammer on the brain as you age
  • Sees neurological disease signs in 20 year olds; not 60 year olds
  • 95% of ALS is non-genetic; chemical toxins are driving the system
  • Astrocytes become less helpful and more harmful over time; over 60 is often a tipping point; control it before 60
  • Neurological diseases have high levels of M1 and A1 processes
  • Genes may be the influencer of which condition you develop but the underlying causes are the same
  • If you don't find the line, this process will not shutoff and will lead to a label disorder
  • Clinical Findings
    • Inability to covert ADP to ATP in brain
    • Glyphosate in the brain
    • LPS from gram-negative bacteria (Borrelia/Bartonella)
    • Heavy metals, mycotoxins, parasites in brain
    • Complement 3 high in brain tissue
    • High levels of activated microglial M1
    • High levels of cytokines
    • High levels of activated A1 astrocytes
  • Correcting M1/A1 Overreaction
    • Find the toxin
    • Shutdown the inflammation
    • Gett the right organisms in the biome can help to shutdown the reaction
  • Autism is a genetic-susceptibility to being poisoned
  • In children, the brain freezes or gets stuck at the time of the inciting injury
  • Full cognition is at age 25
  • Synaptic pruning may be impaired
  • There are "eat me" and "don't eat me" signals
  • Toxins in the brain and loss of gut metabolites leads to not being able to shut off the M1/A1 cascade -> neuron destruction faster than repair
  • Toxins: ammonia, glyphosate, metals, mycotoxins, Strongyloides, vaccinations
  • IFC and Advanced TUDCA may support neutralizing the M1 signal
  • HM-ET, Biotoxin Binder, Carboxy support negating the chemical toxins
  • IS-BAB, IS-BART, IS-BORR, IS-BOOST may help to lower LPS
  • MitoATP with surfactant may help to support the A1 shutdown
  • Increase brain energy with CT-Minerals, MitoATP, and HydrOxygen
  • Turn the mitochondria back on
  • Treatment
    • Binding and removing toxins
    • Removing pathogens secreting toxins
    • Mitochondrial support
    • Address inflammatory response
  • In terms of stem cell therapies, throwing 2x4s into a burning house won't work.

 Jess Peatross, MD spoke on "The Wrecking Ball of Estrogen Dominance" and shared:

  • Need to understand bile before understanding estrogen metabolism
  • Many hormonal problems are resolved with a focus on bile
  • Bile is alkaline and neutralizes stomach acid
  • 97-98% water; 0.78% bile salts; 0.2% bilirubin; 0.51% fats
  • Adults make 400-600 ml of bile per day
  • Need flow and synthesis of bile optimized for digestion and absorption 
  • Most significant promoter of bile formation and flow is the passage of conjugated bile salts into the biliary canaliculus 
  • Bile acids are called bile salts once they have a taurine or glycine added to them
  • Bile can be reabsorbed in the digestive tract
  • If you don't have efficient mitochondrial function, you will often have hormonal problems; pumps require energy
  • Glutathione and bicarb can promote bile flow
  • With a meal, the gallbladder contracts and the Sphincter of Oddi relaxes under the control of the vagus nerve and bile enters the small intestines
  • Body wants to conserve energy; the body conserves the bile acids by absorbing/recycling; this also means toxins and hormones can be reabsorbed  
  • Bile is important for absorption of A, D, E, K
  • Bile salts clean up microbes in our food and GI tract
  • With bile acid deficiency, fats are not absorbed
  • Vagus nerve is highly involved in flow and secretion
  • With mold, VIP is low; when VIP is low, bile flow is inhibited 
  • E1 estrone; E2 estradiol (most potent during reproductive years); E3 estriol (least potent)
  • Xenoestrogens are in household products and can fool the body
  • High estrogen and low progesterone are both considered estrogen dominance
  • Bile helps to release estrogen out of the bowels or can be reabsorbed  
  • Healthy gut = healthy hormones
  • After phase 1 and 2 estrogen metabolism in the liver, bile and microbiome make up Phase 3
  • Beta glucuronidase is made by an unhealthy estrobolome; you need glucuronidation which is blocked by beta-glucuronidase 
  • 60 bacterial genera encode beta-glucuronidase
  • Melatonin supports ideal movement away from deconjugation of estrogen
  • Sleep is one of the most important things for the production of estrogen and testosterone
  • Elevated circulating estrogens and inflammation drive endometriosis; may have a larger number of beta-glucuronidase-producing bacteria
  • What do antibiotics do to the mitochondrial DNA?  They damage them.
  • Fiber acts likes a broom; low fiber -> increased estrogen 
  • High fat in the body produces more estrogen
  • Dietary Solutions
    • Fermented foods (if no histamine issues)
    • Probiotics (often temporary) 
    • Prebiotics such as artichoke, asparagus, chicory, garlic
    • Fiber (beans, legumes, nuts/seeds, vegetables; avocado and grapefruit were standouts)
    • Cruciferous vegetables; fiber, Sulforaphane  
  • Mold and mycotoxins are estrogenic 
  • Herbicides and pesticides are endocrine disrupters 
  • Phthalates and parabens are xenoestrogens; minimize plastics and eating microplastics
  • Xenoestrogens: dioxins, PCBs, flame retardants, BPA, phthalates , perchlorate, PFCs, organophosphate pesticides and atrazine, arsenic, mercury, lead
  • A war on bacteria and viruses is a war on humans
  • Exercise helps with estrogen metabolism
  • Best thing you can do is open your drainage pathways
  • Has seen vaginal parasites in patients with PCOS
  • TUDCA - all hormone imbalances come from liver stagnation or improper processing/reabsorption 
  • Helpful tools to bring the body into balance: get rid of xenoestrogens, IR sauna, Epsom salt baths, enemas/colonics, binders like HM-ET/ViRadChem, distilling water including filtering shower, no plastic bottles, Carboxy for mold, get to the root cause
  • Cyperus rotundus is her favorite herb for estrogen dominance
  • Has seen Carboxy help her POTS patients 
  • Distilled water enemas -> chamomile tea enemas (anxiety) -> coffee enemas
  • Often sees nickel and aluminum as black marks on towels with ozone sauna

Tim Griswold spoke on "The Science of Radioactive Elements" and shared:

  • Frequency in hertz is number of waves per time period
  • Radiation is energy that emits from a source; has to have a magnetic and electric field; can transmit as a particle or wave
  • There are many phases or depths of radiation 
  • Everything radiates, but not everything is radioactive
  • Marie Curie discovered radium in 1898
  • Elements are functions of oscillation
  • Radiation can destroy intestinal barrier, causing bacterial infection, electrolyte imbalance, intestinal leakage, and poor water absorption 
  • 27 yeasts excrete carboxylic acids that survive gamma radiation
  • Oxygen is the essential element for radioactive materials; can absorb neutrons without becoming radioactive
  • ViRadChem, CT Iodine, MitoATP, CT-Minerals 
  • Iodine only prevents radioactive iodine from binding to thyroid hormones; not from any other radioactive elements

 Tim Griswold spoke on "Show Me The Data!" and shared:

  • With their carbon technology, can increase yield of crops with less water
  • Science of plants, animals, and humans is similar; movement of charged particles
  • New product development process includes design, literature search, and formulation 
  • Carbon technology is usually the base with other nutrients/herbs then added
  • They look at cell cultures, PCR, and other techniques along with clinical trials
  • Scaling up for manufacturing has been difficult during the pandemic
  • They then document information for practitioners with details about the products, explore marketing and naming, and eventually release and ship product
  • Most carbon products on the market have pH above 7; their products are all below 7
  • Other products are often also missing the polyelectrolytes and polysaccharides
  • Carbons are not the same as their carbon technology
  • Humics and fulvics are classes of molecules; just like people, difficult to compare one to another
  • Six tests can be used to test humic and fulvic materials; the results can vary by up to 46% based on the test type used
  • Fulvics are hydrophilic, humics are hydrophobic
  • Only four sources on the content where you can get humic and fulvic materials
  • The ash or burnt/spent energy is removed
  • Light mist of carbon technology improves bees and honey yield
  • In one study, saw an increase in phase angle with their 4-4-4 protocol
  • Pre-scan and post-scan with CT Minerals showed normalization of electrical signals
  • Similar test in another person with MitoATP showed vasoconstriction was reduced
  • Using qEEG and HydrOxygen, they were able to show a return to normal cerebral function and were able to affect change

Rachaele Carver-Morin, DMD spoke on "Chemicals and Biotoxins in Dentistry" and shared:

  • First-born often gets the highest amount of toxicity from the mother
  • She had her own health journey and had red bumps on her skin that led to a dermatologist prescribing an immune modulator used for cancer
  • Took her health into her own hands; stopping wheat improved things tremendously
  • Would improve but remission would only last for a short time
  • Did a health coaching program, took an ozone course, started mentoring with experts like Phil Molica and Gerry Curatola
  • Was still having problems with her hands after many other treatments including liver/gallbladder flushes
  • Started Para 1 and Para 2 and two months later, her eczema was gone and has not returned
  • Mouth is a mirror of health or diseases and affects other systems and organs
  • Dental issues can impact cardiovascular disease, diabetes cancer, adverse pregnancy outcomes; common denominator is Porphyromonas gingivalis
  • All disease begins in the gut; the mouth is the start of the gut
  • Gum disease and cavities are not an infectious disease; germ theory is incorrect; it is all about the terrain
  • Toxicity causes deficiency 
  • Dental disease is a toxicity issue
  • Cancer is an adaptation of the body to an oxygen-deprived environment
  • Cytokines and inflammation cause destruction in the bone
  • Gum disease is an autoimmune condition 
  • Treat the gut and treat the toxicity
  • Cavities should not be filled and forgotten; need to look at why they are happening
  • In mid-90s, saw increase in autism, autoimmunity, and cavities; fat had become demonized and people ate more carbs loaded with molds and glyphosate
  • If cavities were infectious and in the same environment, why is there more decay on one tooth than another?
  • Look towards the tooth/meridian chart
  • White coated tongue may be related to Candida
  • Cracks down the middle of the tongue may be digestive weakness; spleen and stomach meridians
  • Enlarged tongue could be hypothyroid or sleep apnea; same with scallops on the side; liver/gallbladder area
  • Every tooth has its own blood supply, nerve, and lymph drainage 
  • 9 out of 10 children have swollen tonsils to the point they are almost touching; may be from mask wearing
  • Enamel is not stagnant; teeth are living and mineralizing/demineralizing every single day
  • Infected nerves like the vagus can impact digestive system
  • Dentistry is one of the most toxic professions out there
  • Her office uses only ozonated water or distilled water for rinses
  • 45% of amalgams are mercury; why do we call them silver?
  • Radiation, plastics, resins, anesthetics, mouth rinses with colorings, metals are all toxins 
  • Fluoride is not a nutrient, not a natural component of teeth, no biological function in the body
  • Fluorosis of a tooth makes bonding difficult and leads towards crowns
  • Topical sodium fluoride poisons bacteria which may help with cavities
  • Glyphosate pulls mercury deeper into pineal which disrupts circadian rhythms
  • Mercury binds to selenium and sulfur which leads to less glutathione and more systemic toxicity 
  • Strep mutans which may cause cavities can methylate mercury and eventually cross blood-brain barrier
  • Most implants are titanium alloys; alloys contain nickel
  • Two dissimilar metals create a current; galvanism; pulls the metals into the tissue
  • RANTES/CCL5 has been found in root canal teeth and in breast cancer
  • Lidocaine causes mitochondrial dysfunction; ask for carbocaine 
  • Never learned about cavitations in dental school
  • Lower wisdom tooth is most common for cavitations; less blood flow
  • Lower cavitation may present as upper trigeminal pain
  • Fungus, parasites, and viruses are found in cavitations; as are bacteria like Lyme and others
  • Cavitations are often undiagnosed as they may not lead to any pain
  • Root canal taken from person with heart attack and placed in 100 rabbits; all rabbits died from heart attack
  • No way to 100% sterilize a tooth
  • Microbes love root canal teeth; there is no blood supply
  • 100% of root canal teeth are infected and toxic
  • Jerry Tennant says every root canal tooth is a flipped circuit breaker; decreases energy in the associated circuit
  • Chronic fatigue patients often have numerous root canals leading to low energy 
  • Has seen connections between teeth, the associated organs and meridians, and cancers
  • Biological dentists treat the person, not the tooth
  • Child with many cavities or adult with periodontal disease are not detoxing well
  • Uses essential oils, EFT, herbs, homeopathy, ozone, PRF, supplements, red light
  • Uses 3D X-rays, EAV, NES, muscle testing 
  • Focuses on the terrain and not the germ
  • Zirconia is the most biocompatible material
  • Ozone is antibacterial/fungal/parasitic/viral on contact
  • Ozone is selective and does not kill healthy cells due to antioxidants
  • Ozone regenerates cartilage
  • She has used CellCore in her practice for 8 months
  • Chlorhexidine kills bacteria that produce nitric oxide; causing heart disease
  • Likes Revitin toothpaste
  • Uses OralDNALabs
  • Likes swishing with Biotoxin Binder
  • DentalDetoxChecklist.com
  • Best to WaterPik with distilled water

 Emily Morrow, FNTP spoke on "Case Studies: Skin Changes" and shared:

  • Skin reactions such as eczema in children can be related to heavy metal burden
  • Skin conditions: allergens/irritants, genetics, GI imbalance, hormone imbalance, impaired immunity, pathogens, slow drainage/poor organ function
  • Skin is the largest detox organ; skin issues often related to impaired detoxification 
  • Want to cleanup the liver, KL Support, TUDCA, castor oil packs
  • Candida and estrogen have a connection which can lead to hormonal acne if liver is stressed
  • Parasites can lead to rashes around the mouth
  • Burning in the skin can be from mold/yeast/Candida
  • Mold and Bartonella are common creators of MCAS; if they have splotchy skin after sun exposure, these may be playing a role
  • Mold/Metals/Candida are a trifecta that impact nutrients that support detoxification 
  • Candida absorbs heavy metals and mold spores
  • 1-2 drops of HydrOxygen in a nasal rinse can help with sinuses
  • When in doubt, she goes back to the liver
  • She likes to use HydrOxygen, CT-Minerals, and MitoATP topically with her clients; she does 20-60 drops of each in rose water
  • Detox solutions for skin: low histamine/sugar diet, coffee enemas, water, enhance elimination organs, binders, remove root causes
  • Fungal skin conditions: IFC, MegaMycoBalance, Bee Propolis 
  • Likes topical Carboxy with water over liver; or HM-ET over the thyroid for metals
  • EOS above 3% with low ferritin can be a clue for parasites
  • Low alk phos < 70 can be related to mitochondrial dysfunction 
  • BUN < 12 or globulin < 2.5 may be digestive distress/imbalance
  • High cholesterol can be related to liver issues
  • King coffee with ghee in the morning is one of her favorites
  • Incorporates food, exercise, mindset/stress, detox therapies
  • Visualizing healing is a key to healing
  • Likes Trivbrance essential oils
  • Need to support drainage before using TUDCA which can be too strong for some initially
  • Lifting weights can turn on the mitochondria
  • Likes to use two different types of binders in her protocols
  • Likes DaVinci Labs Cortisol Benefits

 Randy Michaux, DC spoke on "Before and Afters From the Trenches" and shared:

  • You cannot fully heal if you won't allow yourself to feel
  • Childhood trauma can set the stage for disease in adulthood
  • Change from something happening "to" me to something happening "for" me
  • Are you prepared to hear what your patients are not saying?
  • What are morning habits and rituals?  How do you ground yourself?
  • How do you prepare your mind, body, and spirit every day?
  • Are you clearing your own self-limiting beliefs?
  • We are spiritual being first
  • The universe has intention
  • All things work for our good
  • You have a soul purpose and have the ability to fulfill that purpose

Jay Davidson, DC and Todd Watts DC spoke on "Intentional Disruptive Thoughts on Vitamin D" and shared:

  • The world says low vitamin D = health issues
  • 1,25 D is the more active form; 25 is inactive
  • Should have equal ratio 1,25 to 25 
  • When you stop D supplements, levels go back down
  • What is the real problem?
    • Gluten or Glyphosate?
    • Lead or Radium?
    • Virus or Poison?
    • Adrenal Fatigue or Mitochondrial Dysfunction?
    • MCAS or parasites?
    • D deficiency or ____?
  • Chronic toxicity leading to chronic infection, organ dysfunction, chronic mineral deficiency, high body fat
  • D is synthesized from the skin to lover, converted to 25 form, to kidneys, modified to 1,25 form which is active
  • Pathways run on oxygen, hydrogen, electrons
  • Liver and kidneys use CYP450 enzymes to modify D
  • 1,25 has a shorter half-life than 25 form
  • Vitamin D is found in foods; "fortified" foods are the D2/wrong form; same as the RX version most doctors prescribe
  • Genes can impact our metabolism of vitamin D
  • If you recommend a supplement based on a SNP, when do you stop the supplement?
  • Fat mass correlates to low vitamin D; the bigger you are, the more the fat cells take up the vitamin D and it is not bioavailable
  • Heavier people do not increase vitamin D with UVB sun exposure
  • Magnesium deficiency causes vitamin D deficiency 
  • Magnesium is the most deficient and most needed mineral in the body; required for building ATP
  • High dose vitamin D can lead to magnesium depletion
  • Low D 25 may be the consequence of chronic inflammation rather than the cause
  • High 1,25 and low 25 seen in bacterial, intracellular infections; addressing the infections can balance
  • Toxicity is the source of chronic infections
  • Liver is a big factor for vitamin D levels; as are kidneys
  • Glyphosate suppresses CYP450 which impacts vitamin D3 synthesis
  • D3 levels fell sharply around 2001 and correlates to glyphosate use 
  • D3 deficiency may interfere with zinc absorption
  • There is a decrease in UVBs with air pollution
  • Metabolic dysfunction is caused by: chronic infections, high body fat, mineral deficiency, medications, toxicity
  • Excessive vitamin D intake may have detrimental effects and enhance the absorption of toxic elements
  • Lots of vitamin D may negatively impact calcium and lead to more calcium in the kidneys; take D with K2
  • High dose D can lead to bones releasing calcium and negatively impacting bone mineral density
  • Supplementing vitamin D does not lead to sulfation that happens with vitamin D from sun exposure
  • Vitamin D supplementation does not equal sunshine
  • Cholesterol lowers with sunshine
  • Cholesterol sulfate is manufactured with sunshine; does not need LDL for transport
  • Sunscreen blocks the body's natural mechanism of sun protection; melanin
  • Glyphosate damages ENOS which makes us more sensitive to sunlight
  • Humans transform photons from the sun; photosynthesis 
  • Sulfate promotes exclusion zone water
  • Healthy sunshine = healthy cardiovascular health
  • Infrared light increases exclusion zone water
  • Instead of supplementing vitamin D, fix the metabolic pathways of the body
  • Expose yourself to sunshine
  • If you use D3, dose range 800-2000 IO per day
  • Protections seen in research may not be observed from vitamin D levels that are higher from supplementation; rather than from sun exposure
  • Look at the whole body
  • Low vitamin D can be a sign of phase 1 liver detox issues
  • Get sunshine, detox the body, work on the mitochondria
  • If sensitive to sun, need to detox; mold is a major issue with sensitivity to light and sunshine
  • Start with 10-15 minutes between 10am and 3pm and work up as tolerated
  • Avoid "nano" sunscreens that may lead to higher absorption of toxic particles
  • Most vitamins are synthetic isolates; we need the entire complex

Nicholas Carruthers, DC spoke on "Importance of Emotional Clearing to Detox" and shared:

  • Emotions are not bad; microbes are not bad; we bought into the lie that we need to fight these things
  • We are more of a virus than a human; to think we need to fight these things is ignorance
  • Energy flows where attention goes; need to focus on solutions, not problems
  • How aligned we are with our purpose and our mission is being connected to our highest values; leads to health
  • Our programming either strengthens or weakness us; health or disease
  • Foundation of our beliefs start during the last trimester in the womb
  • Foot and knee pain about moving forward
  • Hand pain about holding on to something
  • Spirit governs the mind which dictates the body
  • Optimal growth occurs with a balance of challenge and support
  • Impossible to have a healthy body with a sick mind
  • Impossible to have an unhealthy body with a healthy mind
  • Unhealthy Mindset #1 - Bad things happen to good people
    • Polarized mind creates sleep issues which dysregulate cortisol and melatonin 
    • Melatonin is designed to detox the brain
    • A virus is an effect not a cause
    • Polarized mind creates weight fluctuations
    • Polarized mind creates a state of worry and fear; "This is interesting" allows for an emotional pause and transfer from the limbic system to the forebrain; fear is disempowerment
    • Empowerment is the expression of authentic self; true identify 
  • Unhealthy Mindset #2 - Giving more than receiving; "I don't have time to take care of myself.  I am too busy taking care of everyone else."
    • Sickness is too much or too little of something
    • Need a win/win relationship with the organisms within is; it is not a fight
    • Bad relationship can impact blood flow, hypertension, inflammation, immunity, sleep
    • Don't want to tell your body that everyone else is more important that you are
    • Be your own authentic self and don't try to change someone else
  • Unhealthy Mindset #3 - I'll do this when.... I have more time, money, energy.
    • People trapped in have-do-be mindset are in a living nightmare
    • Pain and chaos ignored is pain and chaos multiplied
    • We can only control our perceptions, decisions, and actions
  • Acknowledge and connect the emotional aspects woven into our physical illnesses so we no longer hold the trauma, pain, guilt, grief to stop the cycle
  • Provide tools to allow people to use their minds better to serve their bodies
  • Demartini Method for conscious reprogramming of beliefs back into balance
  • Breathing, movement, meridian points therapy, sound and lights can repair energetic imprints impacting the body
  • ME Support has made is work easier; literally a product everyone needs; with his muscle testing, 97% of people test positively for this product; energetic detox from polarized, imbalanced perceptions that we hold
  • When an energetic imprint is released, if we have not done the work to release in the mind, we still have to work on the true causation
  • In 60% of cases where the mind is telling the body it was not really released, the dose needs to be increased; otherwise, he may continue the ME Support while then doing other mental/emotional work
  • He predicts ME Support will be a game changer for global consciousness

Jay Davidson, DC and Todd Watts DC spoke on "A Breakthrough Product to Clear Mental & Emotional Traumas" and shared:

  • Pathogens can create mental illness; Bartonella has been associated with mental disorders
  • Dr. Jay had a personal experience with attachments that led to physical symptoms
  • Had serious knee issues and surgery
  • There is stuff in the world that cannot be seen that was impacting him
  • He had read that general anesthesia can lead to attachments
  • When an attachment was cleared from his knee, it felt completely different
  • If you promote health, you don't have to prevent disease
  • Frequency will change the physical
  • Cardioprotection from stress comes from Schumann Resonance 
  • Dr. Todd envisions a field of light around the body that then does not allow attachments/emotions to penetrate; raises the frequency or vibration
  • Can be scary for those where their identity is their illness
  • Step into the true you
  • Introduced at the very beginning of their protocols 
  • This would be the one product to start on; especially for sensitive patients

Nichole Kuechle, HHP spoke on "Mental & Emotional Case Studies" and shared:

  • Has worked with ME Support for 8 months
  • Intended for clients that are stuck, in a swirl, or a "hot mess"
  • Trauma, PTSD
  • Energetically tested consistently well
  • Decreases the number of supplements the client is on 
  • Many clients felt a lift, decrease in inflammation, release in tension 
  • Observed increased bowel movements in most clients
  • Can be used topically or orally
  • Often feel a "zen" or lightness
  • Clients have called it "peace in a bottle"
  • ME Support could be a new personal rescue remedy

At the end of the event, I learned the following from the Q&A session

  • If stuck in CDR and need to support mitochondria, can start moving charged particles as long as drainage pathways are open; CT-Minerals, HydrOxygen, MitoATP and then binders such as Biotoxin Binder and HM-ET binder; also considering emotional work
  • TUDCA, CT-Minerals, KL Support, and Carboxy have been helpful to move sludge/stones through the gallbladder
  • Parasites cannot be avoided; need to consider spring/fall cleanses and increasing the diversity of our microbiome
  • Dr. Schmidt found tinnitus improved with patients doing keto diets; diluted Para 3 in the ears and on mastoid may help some; balancing the bite may resolve tinnitus
  • Dr. Lindsley said, "You never kill to fast; you bind too slowly"
  • Biotoxin Binder and KL Support can improve tolerance of microbial support products
  • Dr. Schmidt suggested that antioxidants are anti-oxygen
  • CT-Minerals, HydrOxygen, and MitoATP can give or take an electron
  • For body odor, Carboxy/CT-Minerals in a paste in a thin layer for 15-20 minutes
  • Those with no history of cavities likely do not need yearly x-rays
  • Dr. Schmidt mentioned Waterpik with hydrogen peroxide has been observed to improve gums; video on YouTube
  • Oral and nasal dysbiosis can be a major player in GI dysbiosis
  • Tim mentioned a virus has a protein envelope that needs to be unfolded; solubilize them by donating charged particles hydrogen, oxygen, electrons; can also bind the envelope so that its receptor sites cannot access cells
  • Surfactant lowers surface tension which leads to less force needed to force, bend, or twist surface interactions; all of physiology is based on surface interactions; surfactants can help to solubilize 
  • You create sickness from inside the body; you don't catch it
  • Dr. Schmidt mentioned Systemic Formulas VITD3 LQ has worked well
  • IFC, TUDCA, and new MitoATP may address M1/A1 issues
  • Dr. Jess suggested Babesia and Bartonella can cause POTS
  • Bartonella can impact the heartbeat and has led to heart attacks, palpitations; even in young people
  • CellCore's mission is to help restore health and hope

Disclaimer: While I attempted to accurately represent the statements of the various speakers, it is possible that the above contains errors or inaccuracies. If you have any corrections to the content listed above, please Contact Me.   

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