Advanced Autonomic Response Testing
with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD
Notes by Scott Forsgren
New York, New York
June 2012

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  In June 2012, the Klinghardt Academy hosted “Advanced Autonomic Response Testing” with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt MD, PhD in New York. Autonomic Response Testing is an advanced form of muscle testing that Dr. Klinghardt created and uses in his clinical practice. While the focus of the seminar was on Autonomic Response Testing, many other highly useful pieces of information where shared by Dr. Klinghardt that are more generally applicable.

The intent of this document is to share some of the information covered at the event, but it is not meant to provide specific details on the technique of Autonomic Response Testing. For more information on Autonomic Response Testing, consider purchasing the DVDs or attending future conferences available from the Klinghardt Academy at


Dr. Klinghardt started the weekend by asking whether or not there was a reason for human suffering. He asked if it made us better people or helped us to grow faster? He noted that he has not found a single, positive side to it. He suggested that growth does not require suffering as a fuel to get is going and that “suffering is an outdated condition”. There is no real place on the planet for suffering. He went on to note that Jesus did a lot of healing work with a focus on relieving human suffering and that he did not only heal those people that understood the next lesson in their personal growth. He pointed out that they did not have to deserve the healing in order to have it given to them. The focus was on the relief of suffering.

Dr. Klinghardt postulated that this gives us permission to relieve human suffering without the need to push people to learn and grow. While some healers believe it is dangerous to relieve human suffering, Dr. Klinghardt feels that the kind of suffering they observe in their office prevents people from moving forward. In these cases, the removal of suffering allows people to grow and move forward.

Autonomic Response Testing is a method that was designed to relieve human suffering. Any growth that may come from suffering is a by-product, but not a condition for healing.

 5 Levels of Healing

 For years, Dr. Klinghardt has used the “5 Levels of Healing” as a model for his work. The concept of the 5 Levels comes from Sanskrit writings approximately 12,000 years old. These writings were later picked up by the Indian scientist Patañjali, the father of Yoga, approximately 2,000 years ago. Patañjali rewrote the 5 Levels which Dr. Klinghardt has adapted to use as a model for his own work.

Psychiatric illnesses are generally a dysfunction in the physical brain. All of the symptomatic descriptions of psychiatric illnesses suggest an illness of the physical brain. Conversely, the origin of physical illness is often on the higher levels which have a downward effect resulting in the physical manifestations (the lowest level) of illness. One major difference in Dr. Klinghardt’s work is that he looks for ways to address the issues on the higher levels rather the focusing solely on biochemistry.

The 1st level is the physical body where things like lab medicine, imaging, and the physical exam exist.

The 2nd level is the energetic body and is where the phenomenon of physics play themselves out.

A heart rate of 60 was normal in 1880 when the definition of time was established in France. A second is the distance in a normal healthy person between two heartbeats. Today, it is accelerated. The heart creates a magnetic pulse that can be measured 8-10 feet away. The energy and thoughts of others around us have significant impact. Applied Kinesiology and muscle testing work on the 2nd level.

We are looking at the electric being and whether or not it is balanced, stressed, or in a healing state. We attempt to identify stressors and balancers. The most elegant technique on this level is “Tap and Tone”. This downregulates the sympathetic (fight or flight) response, and activates the parasympathetic (healing) response. Tapping and toning is the key treatment in the 2nd level. Autonomic Response Testing also is a 2nd level tool.

In Germany, 90% of the treatment is tapping and 10% is supplements. In the US, it is the opposite. After 20 years of Dr. Klinghardt observing patients, he consistently finds that those that tap and tone do far better.

The 3rd level is the mental body and is where common psychology and background thinking habits live. Self-dialog is on this level and has a huge impact. Classical homeopathy is a 3rd level treatment intervention; while it has a delayed effect, it will trickle down to the lower levels. The mental field is a collective database from the moment we are conceived until the present. The hippocampus has a very small number of neurons while the memory bank has meticulous, high-pixel detail of every event we have ever experienced. The mental field and memory storage may live outside the body and the brain is used to access the information.

The 4th level is the intuitive body or transpersonal level. It is where we exist as a group. Encounters with angels and past life memories are 4th level events. Curses, spirit possessions, and encounters with evil are also at this level.

The 5th level is the presence of the Divine in all of us.

There is downward causation within the 5 Levels of Healing. Any insult or any healing on a higher level has a rapid and profound effect on the lower levels. The lower levels have no or very limited effect on the higher levels. Addressing the physical level is not enough. One has to look for the cause of the illness and treat on each level where a contributing factor becomes visible.

Treatments on Different Levels

On the physical (1st) level, toxicity must be addressed. The strongest items we have for detoxification are DMPS, DMSA, EDTA, and d-penicillamine (DPEN). These are the 4 strongest agents to bind and eliminate toxins. Other highly useful agents include MicroSilica, chlorella, chlorella growth factor (CGF), cilantro, Vitamin C, methionine, and NAC. In Autonomic Response Testing, it is often best to test the detox agents rather than the toxins as there are so many different toxins including over 120 forms of mercury. Chlorella and cilantro cover 90% of the toxins in the world.

In looking at structure, 60% of structure problems are related to the bite/occlusions.

On the energetic (2nd) level, this is where blocked regulation and switching are found. Energetic testing is on this level. Autonomic Response Testing primarily addresses the 2nd level.

On the mental (3rd) level, eye movements are used. When you touch the liver and it tests and the test reverses with an eye movement, the problem is a 3rd level problem and is generally a psychological issue.

On the intuitive (4th) level, this is where color is often used such as colored glasses. These also serve as an excellent diagnostic tool. If the liver tests as an issue but eye movements, infections, toxins, etc. do not change the test, you can put on the colored glasses. If these change the test, the core issue may be related to trouble in the family system. The American College of Syntonic Optometry uses color therapy to treat psychological illnesses. Color can impact the amygdala which is the center of the limbic system. Steven Vazquez ( in Dallas, Texas is the leading healer in color therapy.

There is no point in trying to diagnose the 5th level.

Dr. Klinghardt cautioned to be aware of healing tools that require batteries or being plugged in as they are automatically 2nd level tools. Non-electric tools can operate on higher levels.

Autonomic Response Testing

 Autonomic Response Testing is an extension of the physical exam. It is a form of muscle biofeedback testing.

In terms of how the body recognizes a substance placed into the field, consider shark science. The shark knows that you are behind a rock 30 feet away. There are fibers in the autonomic nervous system. Allergy sufferers can react to an allergen that is concealed and in an airtight container 30 feet away. This supports the idea that allergies are often on an energetic level.

The thalamus is the radar center of the brain. When you touch the liver in Autonomic Response Testing, the thalamus focuses its attention on the neurons related to the liver. The thalamus sends a stress signal to the hypothalamus. When you touch the liver, you are touching the internal circuitry of the brain.

Tap and Tone

There is a difference between “toning” and “humming”. Toning is with open lips; humming is closed. Toning releases excess energy while humming draws energy towards an organ. When tapping, 9 times out of 10, toning is the correct thing to do. Colored glasses increase the impact. Add an eye movement all while holding the organ or toning through the organ can be profound. You can test emotions related to the organ. Then tap, tone, do the eye movements, and consider the emotion. This brings several higher levels into the treatment.

Chronic illness is a bad habit of the brain”, said Dr. Klinghardt. Illness happens and then the brain thinks that is how it should run that organ or body part. Old habits die hard. To change the bad habit of the brain running an illness pattern, it has to be unlearned through repetition. Tapping is done 4 times a day for 6 weeks. Each point is tapped six times at a frequency of 2 Hz.


For EMF reduction, switch off the fuses at night. You can test which ones to turn off using a body voltage meter but that can get expensive. You can use the Water Bottle Test with Autonomic Response Testing to look for high frequency EMF created by the earth (geopathic stress). There is no antidote from what comes from the earth except to move the sleeping location. If the person starts detoxing after moving sleeping locations, they may feel worse, but this is a sign that they are no longer blocked by their sleeping location. Geopathic stress lines are found in straight lines through a room but diverge the higher you are from the earth. It is best to sleep on the bottom floor as compared to being in a skyscraper.

EMFs are the number one illness-causing factor of our time; surpassing even mercury. There are some new options with a chip that you wear created by a building biologist in Switzerland that helps to cancel out the negative energy and piggyback something good onto the bad frequency pattern. There is also a USB stick to help antidote EMFs from computers. These are available from Discovery Health Solutions by contacting Debbie Floyd.

Reducing EMFs and geopathic stress in the sleeping location is critical in recovering health. EMF stress changes are passed on from generation to generation and only increase in their damaging power.

The sleeping location should be as close to the earth as possible. There are three sources of EMFs:

1) Geopathic or EMFs from the earth – these come in straight lines across the house; rarely curved. Width is about a razor blade at the ground and grows/diverges as it goes up. Living in a tall building is not good. There is no way to shield the EMF stress that comes from the earth. People have tried various ways of blocking with copper or geometries but people die at the same rate.

2) Electrical wiring in the walls or ceiling throughout the entire house. Consider plugs on the other side of walls. The harmful fields piggyback on circuits that are turned off via induction from neighboring currents. Get a Body Voltage meter to test. The higher the voltage, the more devastating.

3) Microwave from cell phones and cell towers use the same frequencies as microwave ovens. If you have reception in your house, you are getting beamed at.

Far worse are the Smart Meters. These scan every six seconds and send microwave through the house that destroys health of millions of people. Smart Meters are a devastating technology that is absolutely not safe. There are only a few ways to protect yourself from a Smart Meter.

  • Place aluminum foil around the smart meter on the side of the house
  • Writing a letter to the electric company citing medical reasons for removal
  • If not already installed, put a Smart Meter Lock where the smart meter would go if the electric company came to install it

Baby monitors are dangerous for babies. Alarm systems in the house are all microwave-based. EMFs alter the proteins in the same manner as what happens with nuclear bombs.

Buy a meter and ensure that your environment is safe for your recovery. Dr. Klinghardt is working with a company to produce their own meter in the near future for evaluating EMFs.

The treatment room should be protected from incoming microwave with YShield ( paint. You would generally use two coats of YShield and then your normal paint on top. The curtains have to be made of silver cloth. Custom made curtains and blankets can be obtained from Need to also paint floor and ceiling as well. Once this is done, you can use no wireless internet, cell phones, or cordless phones in this room. You must ground YShield paint. Essentially, the bedroom and treatment room should be done the same way. Paint, fabric, testing meters and remediation suggestions can be obtained by contacting the academy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Earthing is highly recommended but only with the fuses off and being certain that you are protected from incoming electromagnetic fields. The body can become a conduit for the EMFs in the house to reach the earth. This can be mutagenic / cancer-inducing.

If you are not energetically sensitive and work in the energetic realm, you will become sensitive.

When storing homeopathics in the office, they are best stored in a metal container. A tin can could work.

The average life expectancy of affluent men in the US is 83 years. Apartment dwellers that are lower income have an average life expectancy of 63 years. Mold and EMFs are often more of an issue in lower income people.

Shitake, Maitake Gold, and similar products may help to reduce EMF stress. They are generally OK to use with mold people – similar concept to homeopathic law of similars. Healthy fungi push out unhealthy ones.

Other recent developments to help mitigate the effects of EMFs are the k.Dwell sticks and k.Dwell chips. The k.Dwell stick plugs directly into any USB port on your computer and helps to harmonize the stressing fields that the device may emit. The k.Dwell chip is intended for use on cell phones. Those most EMF sensitive report feeling the calming effects immediately. Further details are available from the Klinghardt Academy.


If you give zinc and the body has a poor response to it, this could be related to MMP9 elevation if zinc tests poorly on the second visit. Some KPU conditions are an intelligent adaptation and protective mechanism of the body.

Testing for KPU in the US is highly unreliable. Urine is sent to Europe which takes 3 days. The half-life of the compound that is being looked for is 8 hours and it takes 5-7 days for testing from time urine is collected. There are many false negatives.

Structural/Bite Issues

Consider the product from to increase the vertical dimension. are like pacifiers that normalize the cranial sacral system. 5 minutes 3 times a day. These products are huge in Japan and China.

Clinical Pearls

With the parathyroid, serum calcium can be too low or too high. Suspect and test for PTH. When calcium is too high, one can have a cardiac arrest. The most common cause of death in Lyme is an unrecognized PTH issue.

Standard Process CalMa Plus has real PTH in it. The most common is hyper PTH which makes Calcium go too high. Vitamin D and K can help. If PTH is too high, one may need surgery in Florida. Dr. Norman at

Pancreas and Diabetes

The pancreas is the most vulnerable to toxicity. For chronic pancreatic problems, live cell therapy from sheep may be worth a look. High dose pancreatic enzymes are generally not well-tolerated as they can cause ulcers.

For diabetes, food allergens should all be removed, toxins should be addressed, infections should be addressed, and dairy should be removed. People should be desensitized to their own insulin.

Heart Rate Variability

Heart Rate Variability (HRV) – each line on the graph is the time between two heartbeats. Longer lines represent slower heartbeats. When you stand, the parasympathetic system should withdraw and the sympathetic should increase.

HRV started about 60 years ago. The parasympathetic and sympathetic are both down in degenerative diseases.

When a baby is born, they are in the upper left quadrant (high sympathetic and no parasympathetic yet). At the last point of life, both the parasympathetic and sympathetic are both negative. When you are in the upper right quadrant, there are generally no issues. This is the activated sympathetic and parasympathetic. Issues are only on the left side where there is a negative parasympathetic.

You test while supine vs. upright. You test with normal breathing, the valsalva maneuver, and deep breathing.

When standing and the sympathetic goes down, this could be an indication of a switching. A stressor causes sympathetics to go down if switched. The ANS regulates in the wrong way which represents a neurogenic switching.

A-fib is often related to electrogalvanism. People are often put on Coumadin, defibrillator, or have an ablation (when higher heart rates are present). Dr. Klingahrdt feels this is often related to metals in the mouth even if there is no electrogalvanism.

Metals serve as antennae for EMFs. Mixed metals make better antennae. Being metal free includes being free of implants; one titanium implant can cause A-fib. Microbes thrive in an environment that is compromised by electric currents.

To address A-fib, Lumbrokinase may be used instead of Coumadin. Fish oil can help to stop A-fib. Cleanup the mouth and EMFs.

Methylation disorders pave the way for one to accumulate metals and you are then more of an antenna.

When the sympathetics do not go up upon standing, that may represent POTS.

Mindful Medicine – Friday Public Lecture with Dr. Klinghardt

There was a Sardinian man in the Swiss Alps that was found to have Borrelia after 5300 years had passed. This destroys the theory that Borrelia is the new kid on the block; it isn’t. Borrelia is a recombination of a bacteria with viruses attached to it. Some believe that it may have been purposefully altered to be disabling, albeit slowly in some cases.

Spiders, lice, stinging flies, fleas, etc. all carry these bugs. It is not just a tick-borne disease. As to sexual transmission, practitioners have seen in numerous cases. Moms can transmit to children during pregnancy. It even seems to be airborne in many cases – coughing, sneezing, eating with the same dishes, etc. may someday be shown to also be factors in transmission.

You have to look away from the illness and look at the patient.

Who is the person? What is their relationship to others– ancestors, parents, family, friends, etc.? Relationships are either a loss of energy or a gain of energy.

One must also consider their relationship to oneself; there are sub-personalities which must relate to each other. Mother, housewife, angel, devil. May be an angel to the outside and behind the doors present a different personality.

We have a relationship to nature and the material world. We have a relationship to the Divine. What happens when I die? When people believe it is finished, it impacts how they live differently than when they believe our existence goes on. If you believe that you are finished when you die, you may be a better “liver” but live recklessly and leave dead bodies behind.

Self-talk expresses itself in physical symptoms. Fear around the illness and “illness thinking” perpetuates the illness. You have to change your thinking before the illness gets better.

In outcome studies, people in alternative medicine do far better, but these studies are not accepted by conventional medicine.

The same bugs have different physical expressions in Muslim, Christian, and Jewish people. It has to do with one’s beliefs about death.

Where and how long does the person live? Alone or with partner, family, or friends? In a water-damaged home? Is mold a factor?

When mold is a potential factor, consider the ERMI from Mycometrics, the VCS test (blood flow indicator), C3a/C4a, TGFb1, mycotoxin urine testing, and serum mold panels. Mold on the outside eventually grows on the inside.

You cannot make a diagnosis of Lyme based on symptoms. The symptoms of Lyme are the same as those of mercury toxicity and mold toxicity.

EMFs are a major factor in our state of health. Body voltage testing should be considered; fuses should be turned off at night. Microwaves such as in wireless internet, cordless phones, baby monitors, and alarm systems should be avoided. Measure with instruments. Consider a sleep sanctuary and YShield wall paint. Are there VOCs in the living environment? Carpets should be removed. Make the home a sanctuary for healing. Use electronics only when you need them. Don’t bathe in EMFs. The CES unit is a good option for resetting the brain when used 20 minutes mid-AM and PM. CES helps to undo what EMFs are doing to the brain. 1/3 of homes are not livable. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for instrument sources.

Autism is the end result of abnormal EMFs in the sleeping location when the mother was pregnant with the child; now 1 out of 5 children has a government-recognized disability. In 10 years 1 in 1.2 children will have a problem. EMFs are likely a major factor in this growth curve. is a good site to see how many cell phone towers are in your area.

Once EMFs impact you, it impacts your children even more via epigenetic influences.

A Sleep Sanctuary is one of the best treatments for autism.

How does the person live? Exercise? 30 minutes of walking is ideal. Meditation and prayer are beneficial. The human organism is a walking machine; walking activates many genetic pathways, hormones, and neurotransmitters. There is very little extra benefit from jogging, lifting weights, and other forms of exercise.

Different phases of life require different types of diet. Children need protein, fish oil, and less vegetarian diet. Older people need fewer calories (if parasites are treated) and a more vegetarian diet. Blood group and metabolic typing diets can be helpful. Look at for information on nutrigenomics and diet. Always suspect and rule out gluten sensitivity.

The worst children are the vegetarians. The best consume diets higher in protein. Most adults don’t need fish oil. Flax, walnut, and other seed oils are often better. Nobody in the world should eat gluten; 80% are gluten sensitive. Only 5% know it. Only 1% of those 5% avoid it.

How much time is spent on joy? Has the person given in to the illness? Does life revolve around taking vitamins? When did you stop dancing and singing?

There are 23,688 genes in humans. We know about very few of these. There must be backup genes. Genetics is in its infancy. It is a field that has been hyped up. It continues to looks less and less like a solution.

What is the patient’s toxic history? Where did they grow up? On a farm? Near a garbage incinerator? In New Jersey? Near pesticides? Did they have a toxic job with contaminated clothes? Work at a gas station? Blacktop roads? Dental assistant? Anything at all in the airline industry? Exposure to computers? Laptops (worse) or stationary computers (better)? What is the dental history? Root canals? Infections? Amalgams? How much can you take before the system cracks? Is Lyme the primary issue or just the straw that breaks the camel’s back?

Flight attendants have more miscarriages, shorter lifespan, and higher rate of neurological illness; it is a lethal job. The air in a flight often comes from the engine and may have benzene residues.

Beryllium is a toxic metal that impacts the thyroid, causes hair loss and vision problems and comes from laptops. Use external keyboards only. Light from a computer monitor is diagonally polarized and you can observe this with a linear polarization filter. A 45 degree polarization angle forces the brain to adapt. Over time, the only time you feel normal is when you sit in front of a computer. This tweaks the entire body system. The iPad polarizes the light correctly but still has an EMF field. The Kindle does not polarize the light at all.

Commonly Overlooked Issues in Chronic Illness States

Some of the most commonly overlooked issues in chronic illness include:

1) An overactive or confused immune system. This is evidence by elevated TGFb1, C4a, C4a, low CD57, low WBC, higher LDL. Treatment is to downregulate the immune response. Useful options may include K-HARMONY at 10 drops twice daily. The CES unit can help reset the brain. Chlorella at 15-20 tablets three times a day before meals is used along with high dose fish oil. MFT “Tap and Tone” can be powerful.

2) Unprocessed biotoxins. Detoxification is critical:

  1. High doses of zinc such as 4-8 capsules of The Core
  2. Biological toxin binding agents such as MicroSilica, clay, and chlorella
  3. Biological toxin mobilizers such as K-MERC, cilantro, Matrix Metals.
  4. Do not attempt Lyme treatment before addressing detoxification. Colonics, enemas, lymphatic drainage, rebounding, EECP, and body vibration can all assist in mobilizing toxins from their hiding places. Zinc and manganese are huge in helping to remove biotoxins. You have to get the toxins down before doing more killing. A killing focused approach is naïve. The more bugs you kill the more toxins you have. Many of the symptoms are from the toxins; not the microbes.

3) Dental issues – Root canal, the bite, and amalgams create an electronic signal that runs to every corner of the body with the mercury signal. The body habituates to the presence of mercury and no longer recognizes it as an enemy. We become living bioaccumulators with only one filling.

4) Parasites – Treatment may consist of water with garlic or artemisnin taken rectally.

  1. Rectal use of garlic then adding artemisinin.
  2. BioPure has a suppository with garlic and artemisinin, but dissolving works better in many cases. It may make sense to start with the suppository and then graduate to the rectal liquid infusion.
  3. Every dog and horse gets dewormed but we don’t give the same benefits to people.
  4. Excellent article Nuclear Weapons and Neglected Diseases: The “Ten-Thousand-to-One Gap” at
  5. A 6 week parasite protocol leads to more progress than 3 years of antibiotics in many people.
  6. Brain parasites may be to blame for seizures and brain symptoms.
  7. Functional MRI test in Mexico City can look for parasites.

5) Microcirculation

  1. Salmon oil – 2 capsules 1-3 times a day can help to lower triglycerides, increase cell membrane fluidity, and increase micro-circulation.
  2. CES unit opens blood flow.
  3. Ecklonia cava heals the inner-lining of the blood vessels.
  4. Freeze-dried garlic 2-3 capsules three times a day
  5. VascuFlow (coming from BioPure) – has MK7 K2 extract and a subfaction of nattokinase.
  6. K-FLOW – 6 drops twice daily
  7. Bee venom ointment – increases collateral circulation when applied to the anterior neck.
  8. Cistus tea – 6-8 cups a day
  9. BEMER - first electronic equipment to increase circulation - fantastic results with Lyme. Increases detoxification.
  10. Can never have more blood coming into the brain than going out.
  11. Synergy ( and Centennial ( are best options for CCSVI intervention.

6) Mitochondrial health – galactose – 2-3 teaspoons a day, BioPure Deep Purple (2 fruits), Klinghardt Lyme Cocktail to reduce bugs that impact mitochondrial function like Ehrlichia.

7) Biofilm – Cistus tea. Can brew the same pot 3 times. Each brew contains different adaptogens and biofilm breakers. 6-8 cups a day. McDougall diet for 3 months. 1000x the amount of an antibiotic is needed to get to the bugs when they are protected by biofilms. This amount would long kill you before it killed the bugs. Can never get microbes in biofilms with antibiotics. This essentially ends the antibiotic discussion.

8) Collagen breakdown – teeth, joints, hair, nail. Hyaluronic Acid - 2 pipettes sublingual twice daily away from food. 98% absorbed in 30 seconds. Excellent as bait to bring out spirochetes. Good for beauty applied to face, back of hands at night. Homeo K-SPRING is an excellent partner. The new Deep Purple contains plum as well. HA is high in disks, brain, joints – bugs go there. Can stop “Bartonella” striae with HA as these are often an indicator of tissue breakdown and may not be related to Bartonella. Can attain a higher kill rate with HA and antimicrobials together.

9) Sleep - Ecklonia Cava at 4-6 capsules 30 minutes before bed. Homeo K-MELA 10 drops – often works better than oral melatonin. May add 5-HTP, Lithium Orotate, and L-Tryptophan. K-MELA crosses Blood Brain Barrier. CES unit is a must. Homeopathic Arsenicum album 30C (restless agitation; do not get in lactose; get from Germany as a tincture) or Belladonna 10X (encephalitis, meningitis) before bedtime. Homeo K-SPRING at bedtime. Home K-ADH stops Lyme patients from having to urinate at night and improves sleep. Fuses, sanctuary, etc. as discussed earlier related to EMFs.

10) Lyme Cocktail - 1/3 in AM, lunch, and PM.

Don’t accept your suffering – change it! Within all your limits, find the joy again of being here, the celebration, the learning, the wonder, and the madness. Accept your fate – your parents, your financial restrictions, and your ability level. Focus on being healthy, not the illness. Find good help. Be well.

Radiation from Japan – 1 lb baking soda / 1 lb sea salt in hot bath. 3-4 in a row then 1x/week. Ideal after every long flight. If you live on the West Coast, do 2x/week. Chlorella. Gamma and Delta forms of Vitamin E. Cilantro. Ecklonia Cava.

Reversed sleep cycle – brain wave patterns. Sleep before midnight is critical for immune system. Sleep after midnight is far less valuable. Sync with day/night rhythms of the earth. Homeo K-MELA. EMFs mitigation. Earthing pads are available from the Klinghardt Academy.

For reactions with Homeo-K remedies, you can dilute even further. These are low potency homeopathics and are very strong.

Question and Answer

Acetyl Glutathione is a new and powerful form of glutathione. Glutathione antidotes many of the killing agents so you must give it at a different time of day than the killing agents. Microbes use glutathione as well. 1 a day is generally enough.

Detox foot pads are helpful. Have a strong signaling effect which is purely energetic. Nothing comes out through the feet. Foot pads are a good idea.

The rizols (now known as O3 Oils) are not good for pregnant women except for Alpha.

What about airport scanners? TSA is being lied to by their trainers. The scanners are more dangerous than we are led to believe.

The French grow wheat only for croissants and found no reactions with gluten to French croissants. Not allowed for export.

Ozone is generally fine for people with Babesia, but HBOT may be a problem – double-edged sword. Dr. Schallenberger has a device to see who will do well with oxygen or not with Lyme.

What % of people with Lyme can be resolved without antibiotics? The right question is has anyone resolved Lyme WITH antibiotics? We cannot get rid of all of the bugs. It is not possible to ever get rid of them completely. The goal is to balance the immune system to manage the bugs. It may be ok to use antibiotics for up to 3 months but not longer. In their practice, they use some antibiotics in about 1 in 10 patients that they see. Dr. Klinghardt is not against them but wants what works best.

One may take 20 vitamins and 3-4 herbs to keep you healthy for the rest of your life. You hold the Lyme so far down that it becomes a non-issue in the patient’s life. Dr. Klinghardt felt that in a couple of years, he doesn’t believe that he will be using any antibiotics.

Alex Panahpour DDS –

  • Dentists are working on the brain, but the danger is that many dentists don’t know they are working on the brain.
  • The ADA web site now has a link for systemic dentistry. This is exciting.
  • Chronic inflammation is the common denominator.
  • 80% of adults have some sort of gum disease.
  • Enamel of tooth is second hardest substance behind diamonds.
  • Every tooth acts as a single organ with lymphatics, blood supply, etc.
  • Removal of a tooth is an “amputation”. Extraction is popping a pimple.
  • Two metals create a battery or galvanic response that impacts the ganglion.
  • Nun study – 90% died from dementia or cancer. Found that the nuns had an area on the brain that correlated to disease. Found mercury, biofilm, lead, viruses, etc.
  • Mercury, viruses, parasites, and biofilms use the dendrites as a freeway system.
  • Organs have a connection to vertebrae. Teeth are related to organs as well.
  • Tooth decay is related to a shortage of trace and major minerals.
  • When we are toxic or acidic, this robs minerals from your own body.
  • Biofilm is an anaerobic entity. In a study at USC of 100 root canal teeth, they scraped the dental ligaments and found same pathology in the teeth as the pathology the patient had in their cancer cells.
  • Biofilm spreads further to the energy organs like heart, liver, kidney.
  • Cavitations are holes in the jawbone. Uses term osteonecrosis, osteomyelitis, focal infections, etc.
  • Cavitation is like gangrene of the bone.
  • There are no nerve endings in the soft bone which is why we can have raging dental infection and not have any pain.
  • Root canals – 6 miles of tunnel where biofilms embed themselves. Will be an ongoing and expensive treatment to try and save a root canal tooth.
  • Traditional mentality is “Drill it, fill it, and bill it.”
  • Chirodontics is the area of study of the lack of synergy between the bite area and the rest of body.
  • The TMJ joint has more hormonal receptors than any other part of body.
  • Mercury is the second most toxic substance in the world.

Day 2 - Dr. Klinghardt

Often times, the origin of physical illness is in the psychological realm; while the original of psychological illness is in the physical realm.

There is the time from conception to birth and from birth today. The events in the womb are by far the most important. Your personal biography is conception->birth->today. Then you have the family biography as in the Constellation work. You then have the soul biography if you believe in the effect of past lives. There are carryovers from other existences that come into the person at conception.

In CCSVI, dental problems are often a factor. Veins opening improves dental problems and can make cavitations go away. Shows reversal on Cavitat device. Vasculex ( huge winner for CCSVI – increases healing of the blood vessels. Homeo K-OXY may be helpful.

Dermaroller ( is a gadget in cosmetics that has little needles and rolling CCSVI area seems to help. Opens arteries and veins. CES Unit and bee venom (symptomatic treatment but does not heal and may open up more collaterals so not a good long-term solution) can be useful for CCSVI. Boluoke has been disappointing for CCSVI.

Comments from a Patient Demo

  • Ovarian cysts are insulin resistance.
  • Insomnia may be from a dysrhythmic brain. Using the CES unit can help. Earthing with the fuses off, wireless off, and the mosquito net can be helpful.
  • Warm back of neck reflects core temperature and hands cold represents microcirculation. This is Lyme unless proven otherwise.
  • Bacopa has emerged as a main support for adrenals.
  • Tonsil cleanup – gargle with Rechts Regulat. 1200 enzymes and acts as a biofilm breaker. Biolfilms sustain the bugs in the tonsils. Bypasses Neti-pot, MARCoNS ointments, etc. 2-3 times a day for a few months.
  • Tonsils sit on both stomach and gallbladder meridians. Ovaries sit on gallbladder and kidney meridians.
  • Suggested considering an ALF from Jerry Smith in Langhorn PA to address issues with dental/bite.
  • Many people that have cat scratch in womb are allergic to cats.

Zinc deficiency – when WBC zinc is depleted, put on Core for 3 months and zinc levels often become normal.

Core + 20-30 other things and check zinc levels and find that you are still depleted. 2 years later still depleted.

Many supplements compete with each other for absorption in small intestine or concentration is so abnormal that the small intestine creates its own barrier to the supplements. The more we give, the less you get.

Even in acupuncture, get an optimum dosage and then if you do more, you don’t get the same benefit.

Results with patients with 2 bags of supplements are slow and hard-earned. Is the patient chronically ill because they are taking so many supplements or do they take so many supplements because they are chronically ill?

Viruses are not very intelligent. They are pieces of floating DNA and RNA with no heartbeat to it. Other bugs are highly developed and manipulate our system. Always treat larger to smaller.

AIDS – Selenium and St John’s Wort can be helpful. A focus on antivirals should be a relatively small and late focus.


Dan Beilin – ALFA -

Thermogram looks at blocked areas, toxic areas, etc. It is a 2nd level tool and looks at how the ANS is regulating. Was amazingly close to the findings of the same patients done with Autonomic Response Testing.

Various Topics

Cats are forbidden. They carry toxoplasmosis, viruses, Bartonella, XMRV-like viruses, etc.

XMRV – Judy Mikovits – murine/mouse gets to people through cats. Former cat owners have higher prostate cancer. 86% of CFS have XMRV virus.

Cats are not safe for us. Dogs of Lyme disease owners have average lifespan of 8 years vs. 12-14. If there is a plague on the world right now, it is cats. Dogs carry Bartonella but attract bugs to them rather than to their owners. They have parasites. Dog owners need to be de-wormed twice a year.

Important diagnostic tools – HRV, thermography (better than EAV; more direct than testing that requires a healthy nervous system). Assumption in EAV is that you have a healthy brain and nervous system which is not always true in Lyme disease.

In love with the BEMER mat as it is good for CCSVI/circulation.

People with neurological disease do poorly with jewelry. Gold is usually ok. Silver is not. Metals act as an antennae for EMFs. All jewelry should be plastic. Metal on the body makes you an antennae.

Tonsil treatment – gargling with Rechts-Regulat

Dental Options:

Steve Evans in Tyler, TX for biological dentistry.

Phil Mollica in New Jersey – X-tip for ozone into the jaw.

Leslie Feinberg – NeuroModulation Technique – uses ANS to control cavitations.


Activity in the mind is downstepped in our system by translating mental field impulses in the biofield into the spacial folding and orientation of our over 100K intracellular proteins (metabolic enzymes) and proteins in the cell walls (receptors, channels). First measurable sign in the physical world are EEG, HRV, generation of action potential, changes of voltage on cell walls, changes in chakras and meridians. These structural changes happen simultaneously to the changes in electromagnetic activity. The first detectable change in the physical world of biochemistry is the increased and decreased production of our regulatory neuropeptides. They create management and order of most biochemical processes in the body. These changes precede changes in hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.

MSH – controls cytokine release and pituitary function. All of our illnesses are cytokine mediated. Master regulator is MSH. MSH regulates all hormones via pituitary.

VIP – muscle relaxation, important for blood pressure, insulin sensitivity, VIP resolves small intestine constipation, helps with sleep, microcirculation and inflammatory responses. Link between mind and physical body is VIP.


OXY – Do not use medical oxytocin. People that have had more than 2 significant relationships need oxytocin.

MAF – turns on WBC to fight infection. If nagalase > 0.8. K-MAF. Must use with an intracellular antimicrobial like Klinghardt Cocktail, Viressence, or other antiviral to avoid viral activation with MAF.

Remedies come in violet glass – EMFs strike gold and becomes healing remedy. Becomes stronger over time.

Chlamydia Pneumoniae shows up later in the treatment in Autonomic Response Testing. Laser works to address along with Freeze-Dried Garlic.

Anything you add to the treatment that is not necessary will dilute the treatment.

Resources sells CES Units and makes custom curtains and blankets to help mitigate the effects of EMF exposure.

The Klinghardt Academy/Discovery Health solutions offer equipment, earthing pads, tools, EMF meters, paints, and fabrics. For more information on these products, contact the Academy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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