I first shared the predecessor "waveforce ONE" device in 2017 here.  Since that time, the product has evolved into the WAVE 1.  

In 2017, I was facilitating a local support group when Stephen Davis and Stuart Gross offered to come do a presentation and share their frequency device with our group.  After having heard promising comments from others and having been drawn to light, frequency, sound, and vibrational therapies for years, I jumped at the opportunity.  They came to our group 4-5 times over the next year.  

In November 2017, Stephen Davis asked me if I would like to be an adviser for the product and be involved in its continued evolution.  I jumped once again, and have been in regular communication with the team since that time.

The WAVE 1 is a frequency-delivery tool that is intended to help users "live well with Lyme".  It is not a panacea, and does not solve every problem one may experience with a chronic illness.  Factors such as nutrition, mold exposure, EMF exposure, etc. all still need to be considered, but for many, the device has been a welcomed addition to their health improvement program.  That said, it does not help everyone.

There is no magic solution in the realm of Lyme disease; nothing works for everyone.  I have observed that some do very well with the WAVE 1; while others have unfortunately not observed clear benefit (my thought is that these people may be living in a water-damaged building in some cases). Fortunately, the company has been generous in limiting financial risk and is currently offering a 30 day money back guarantee which speaks volumes to me personally.  I know of very few companies that are willing to offer a guarantee like FREmedica does.

People ask if I have personally used the device.  I have.  I used it for several months in 2018 when my naturopath found it muscle testing very well.  At the time, energetic testing was showing Bartonella and Babesia-related stress.  Those have not shown up again recently which I am very pleased with, but to be transparent, I'm never doing just one thing.  

I'm very excited about the WAVE 1's continued development and potential for the future as I do believe that frequency-based interventions is where the ultimate solutions will continue to emerge; and the WAVE 1 is a leading tool in this space.  FREmedica has some very exciting future development plans underway, and I'm looking forward to seeing the product evolve even further.

Update November 2023: The WAVE 1 is no longer available and has been replaced with the NIKKI +Lyme which now also provides the Lyme frequency set which was previously available on the WAVE 1.  Same frequency set; different device.

To learn more about NIKKI +Lyme, visit WeAreNIKKI.com.  Use discount code BETTERHEALTH for 10% off.

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