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One of the many things I've learned throughout my journey is how important it is to work on the emotional level as much as the physical level; possibly more.  Whether emotional conflicts or traumas set the stage for illness or the emotional issues were the results of struggling through something as difficult as Lyme and all that comes with it, addressing the emotional body is critical for wellness.  One has to feel connected to clan and feel that they deserve and are worthy of wellness.  If you do not resonate with deserving wellness, it is unlikely that it will ever be attained.

I've used numerous systems, techniques, and healers throughout my own journey to improve my emotional and mental health as well as my physical health, and I do think that doing so was very important.  Recently, I asked some of my Facebook followers for resources that they have found helpful in working through the emotional aspect of Lyme disease.  I was excited by the responses that I received and decided to make a blog post out of it so that the information wasn't eventually lost or buried in Mark Zuckerberg's supercomputers.

Here's a list of some resources that you may find helpful in exploring emotional health:

Amy B. Scher has recovered from Lyme as fully and completely as anyone I have observed over the years.  The emotional work was a key part of her own recovery.  Fortunately for us, she is now a gifted practitioner that works by phone. Amy focuses on helping clients release emotional blocks and patterns so they can move forward in their healing.  I have worked with her many times and find her work very helpful. 

Tami Duncan at Epiphany Healing Arts is a gifted healer.  I have had sessions with her personally that I found very helpful.  She and her family have experienced Lyme and her son has recovered from autism.  She is a great resource with a kind and loving heart.

Johanna Hedge does medical Qigong and intutive energy healing. She assists people to move into their highest levels of being, their most powerful expressions of their heart, mind and souls.

Amy Farnsworth is a Celtic Shaman that works to bring transformation to our human experience.

Dr. Sarah Carnes ND does APN (applied psycho-neurobiology) and worked for years with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt. She comes highly recommended.

Angela Segal, PhD is a practitioner that comes highly recommended for work in the the emotional realm. She has trained with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt.  She's very well-versed on various healing methods. 

Jennifer Sierzant is a Certified Naturopath and Chronic Illness Recovery Therapist that specializes in working with people with Lyme disease.

Kris Ferraro is a writer, speaker, coach, affirmative prayer practitioner, and certified Advanced EFT practitioner.  She comes highly recommended.

Laura Bruno is an intuitive that comes recommended for her work in helping people move forward in their healing path.

Gail Sparlin CMS-CHt is a certified medical support clinical hypnotherapist and Spiritual Energy Dynamics® energy practitioner.

Melinda Lippert is an energy therapy practitioner with a focus on Lyme disease, autoimmune conditions, and chronic illness. She can also be found on Facebook

Shoshana Michel comes highly recommended as a "healing facilitator" and works with Emotion Code, EFT, and several other modalities.

Doreen Virtue created the Angel Therapy system and there are practitioners that you can find through her site. 

Body Talk is a system that has come highly recommended. Practitioners can be found on the web site and many can work in person or remotely. I have heard very good things about Laura Stuve, Laurie Schmiesing, and Sandra Wong.

Beverly Montgomery at Loving Realities.  Dana Walsh from Under Our Skin shared that Beverly has been a "center-point of my recovery".  She went on to say "I am sharing my secret weapon because I love all of you. She is my most precious gem."  Someone else shared "...tip top.  I have had very amazing sessions with her and continue to consider her a huge help and great price."

Adriana Popescu PhD works with her clients to bring "mind, body, heart and spirit into harmony".  She attributes this work to healing her from our own Lyme disease.  

Mark Wolynn does Family Constellation work.  This is a powerful system that Dr. Klinghardt uses in his own work with patients.

Zoe Walton is an expert in Emotional Freedom Technique and works to address traumas that help us return to balance.

Susy J. Nayak PhD does hypnotherapy and EFT and has had her own journey with chronic Lyme disease. 

Laura Williams at Awareness Energetics works to help us to "release what no longer serves you, realign with infinite potential, and remember who you really are."

Gisella Carrick is an Energy Healing Practitioner who used energy healing in her own chronic illness journey.  She came to me highly recommended.

Depth Hypnosis was recommended and a practitioner can be found at the Foundation of the Sacred Stream.

Steve DeSanto works with clients using EFT and helps people to deal with traumas and fears.

Kathleen Steele LCSW - Kathleen is a psychotherapist specializing in Lyme disease.  Her practice is in Redwood City, CA and she can be reached at (650) 595-4005.

Tely Toumani MS, LMFT, LPCC - integrates a number of modalities to created an individualized approach for each person's unique needs.  She is a licensed psychotherapist who works with Lyme and other chronic illnesses.  She is located in Santa Monica, CA and can be reached at (310) 572-2700.   She does in-person, phone, and Skype sessions.

Note: I want to provide information that is as helpful as possible for people.  If you work with any of these resources and find that they were not helpful in some way, please let me know.  The feedback, good or bad, would be very much appreciated.  I am also very open to additional resources that may be worth adding to the list here.  So, please feel free to Contact me.

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