In February 2013, I had the opportunity to go to the "Conquering Incurable Diseases" conference which was hosted by The Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine (ACIM). When I first saw the line-up of speakers, I knew I had to go.

The event was a rare opportunity to have several of my mentors in one room including Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Lee Cowden, Dr. Amy Derksen, Dr. Garry Gordon, and more. As if this were not enough to reel me in, there was even more to look forward with speakers such as Dr. David Steenblock, Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy, Dr. Shiu Yin Lo, Dr. Toby Watkinson, Dr. Damon Miller, and several other greats in the field of "Conquering Incurable Diseases".

For those that did not have the opportunity to attend this superb event, this health professional conference was video recorded and will be available to be viewed soon on the ACIM Connect web site as either an entire 12-hour conference or as 12 individual one-hour presentations.

The Academy will be hosting a health professional conference "Integrative Lyme Solutions" on June 21-22, 2013 and a public seminar from 7-10pm on June 22nd called "Overcoming the Lyme Diagnosis". This event will be held in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area. Information on this event is available here.

The overall tone of the event was hopeful and empowering. While many of us have found that conventional medicine has little to offer, the options presented at this event were seemingly endless. The energy in the room was one of progress and of possibility. It is a rare opportunity to share in the energy of a room full of healers of this caliber.

Dr. David Steenblock was the first speaker and he spoke on regeneration and stem cell growth factors. As further research is done, it appears to be the stem cell growth factors that are the real miracle and not the stem cells themselves. Ideally, we want to attain the healthy stem cell levels of a newborn, the growth factor levels of a newborn, and the thymus factor levels of a newborn. The growth factors are what affect repair.

With his treatment approach, people with cold hands and cold feet often improve in about three weeks due to endothelial and vessel repair. Very small embryonic-like stem cells (VSELs) may be helpful in cases of ALS.

It is the growth factors in the stem cells that are the lead to the real healing. When the growth factors are removed and only stem cells given, there is little or no improvement observed. The stem cells are the factories for the growth factors so it is important to keep them alive after introduction.

PEMF and magnets can be used to revitalize stem cells in otherwise unhealthy bone marrow. After a procedure, the treatment can fail if the patient gets a cold or flu from traveling or as a result of head trauma. A lack of growth hormone or thyroid hormone can negatively impact the outcome. Vibration such as in long driving, severe stress, and toxins such as alcohol can be problematic.

HBOT mobilizes stem cells and enhances growth factors. You have to pretend that you are pregnant after having had a stem cell procedure. You should avoid fish due to the potential for heavy metal exposure as metals negatively impact healing.

Patients should be treated for heavy metals, gastrointestinal dysbiosis, and all known infections prior to stem cell treatment.

Conditions that are treatable with stem cell therapy include: osteoarthritis, heart disease, Cerebral Palsy, spinal disc disorders, kidney disorders, GI disorders, Diabetes I and II, eye disorders, autoimmune diseases, MS, ALS, Parkinson's, dementia, Huntington's disease, and others.

The thymus involutes at around age 50 and endotoxin absorption in the gut also increases around this time. Endotoxin poisoning is a cause of many things in the body and is important to consider in ALS and other chronic neurodegenerative conditions. Lupron injections in men will increase the thymus functions by blocking androgens, and this helps with stem cell outcome.

EPO and Neupogen in low doses could be helpful if people cannot access stem cell therapies. The combination will often stimulate the bone marrow stem cells to encourage repair. Neupogen can be used for several days prior to a bone marrow procedure to enhance the outcome. Hormones, growth factors, and additional therapies also enhance outcomes. Nocturnal oximetry testing may be important as this can be a cause of treatment failures with stem cells. A combination of stem cells with PEMF therapy may be beneficial.

In ALS, one causal theory is that it is a spinal nerve problem secreting TNF andIFN-gamma combined with Clostridia and gut dysbiosis.

When I asked if there are any supplements that may be useful in this arena, Dr. Steenblock mentioned a product he formulated called Stemgevity which may help the body to mobilize stem cells. He has also studied a product called TA-65 which stimulates stem cells to grow, proliferate, and increases the length of the telomeres.

More information about Dr. Steenblock's work is available at

Dr Garry Gordon spoke about nitric oxide and energy medicine in his talk titled "NO Sex, NO Life, NO Fun". He started by stating that if a 40 year old needs Viagra, endothelial dysfunction is present and this may be predictive of who may die from a heart attack. The endothelium is the third brain and is an organ of its own.

A major growth factor is estrogen. Dr. Gordon himself takes a product called Beyond HRT which is Pueraria Mirifica from Thailand and is beneficial for both men and women.

As the "Father of Chelation", Dr. Gordon made the point that everyone in the room has lead poisoning. The levels of lead in our bodies correlate to eventual blindness and death. Calcium Disodium EDTA is often used as a way to reduce the heavy metal burden in the body. IV chelation does not move the lead out of the bones. It may help the kidney, brain, and soft tissue stores, but it does not solve the problem. EDTA used rectally is nonsense. DMSA mobilizes mercury which can then be reabsorbed; it is not adequate. We all require lifetime detoxification.

He shared that light deficiency can be a source of both physical and emotional problems. He is using lasers to raise the intracellular ATP production to increase the ability of the cell to take in nutrients and push out toxins. We cannot push toxins out of cells without a process known as autophagy. Cells live longer than their internal structures and use autophagy as a housekeeping mechanism. It is the only way for cells to get rid of their damaged parts without the entire cell dying. Autophagy can be induced with PEMF therapy in what he calls "MICE" or magnetically-induced cellular exercise.

He discussed how cell phones will be able to do thousands of dollars of tests for pennies in just a few years. Dr. Gordon suggested that we can raise our cell's ability to regenerate using lasers. We need to exercise, detoxify, and lower stress to support optimal health.

While there have been debates about the benefits of fish oils in recent years, Dr. Gordon feels the fish oil story is very powerful and that fish oil is safe.

Dr. Gordon swishes silver in his mouth at bed time to reduce dental pathogens. He uses zeolite for endotoxins, EDTA for detoxification, and 8 grams of vitamin C daily. He confirmed that there is less stress on the body when we consume an organic diet. We need methylation support in the form of methyl-B12 and the methyl form of folic acid. Zeolite is often used on farms and the smell of ammonia is absent when it is used. You cannot have high levels of health in our society without supplementation.

Mercury becomes 100 times more toxic when mixed with lead. The level of lead in our bones today is 1000 times more than it was just 700 years ago.

Dr. Gordon is excited about PEMF, laser, and microcurrent therapies. Today, the magnetic field of the earth is 0.5 gauss where it was at one time 20 gauss. Photobiomodulation with lasers or LED can accelerate healing. With PEMF, Dr. Gordon says, "We are a cell phone looking for a charger." He is using the RadiantLife intranasal infrared light therapy device. The device shines light in the area of the HPA axis. He also talked about the B-CURE laser which may support the body's healing process and reduce pain and inflammation. Dr. Gordon was very excited about the potential for both of these devices in providing our body with improved quality of life.

Dr. Gordon suggests that everyone check their urine levels of Vitamin C with test strips to ensure that we have enough vitamin C in our bodies. Vitamin C is a chelator and he suggests 1 teaspoon twice daily of the product called BioEn'R-G'y C. He also suggests checking levels of nitric oxide (NO) with Neogenis test strips which show that most people have almost undetectable levels. Patients feel better, warmer, and can often think more clearly with increasing levels of nitric oxide.

Dr. Shui Yin Lo lectured on stable water clusters and their effects on health. He is the creator of a product called Double Helix Water. I first learned about this product at a THRiiiVE summit last year. At other recent events, I heard practitioners sharing how useful it had been used as an eye drop and practitioners have begun to use it in a nebulized form.

Double Helix Water works with the meridian system. They do a before and after thermogram to show places in the body where the water causes a shift in the energy flow. In some cases, a cooling effect is seen in the after images whereas in others, an area may light up. The water can be taken orally, nebulized, or applied topically as a cream.

The stable water clusters may help the immune system, thyroid, brain, hands, heart, lungs, eyes, skin, muscles, stem cells, blood cells, DNA, and more. It may be useful in detoxifying the body of mercury and other heavy metals. The water improves the body's self-healing mechanisms. Thus far, there has been about an 80% success rate using the water in children with autism. It has also shown helpful in rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes, immune diseases, and cancers. It helps to lessen inflammation. The six main meridians that seem to be a factor in autism are ST (stomach), GB (gallbladder), SI (small intestine), LI (large intestine), SJ (triple warmer), BL (bladder).

It can be taken orally, rubbed on, or nebulized. In Lyme, 20-30 drops per day is about the right dose. The maintenance dose for most people is about 2 glasses of the diluted drops per day. When nebulizing, no dilution is used and it is done for no more than 3-5 minutes at a time.

Dr. Cowden has found that the product allows the cells to take in more nutrients and to release toxins. One can get a detox reaction if starting too quickly. Dr. Cowden suggested adding a few drops into 6 ounces of water, drinking 2 ounces, waiting 10 minutes, drinking 2 ounces, waiting 10 minutes, and then drinking the last 2 ounces. He suggested this might be done a couple of times per day.

It generally takes about three months to observe benefits though some notice more immediate effects.

Dr. Simona Pop from Vienna spoke on "Cancer, Dental Heavy Metals & Lasers". Dental alloys contain mercury, nickel, silver, tin, copper, chromium, zinc, palladium, and others. Patients are often allergic to nickel. Wires often used in dental work contain nickel to make them more flexible. Implants were at one time stainless steel but now are titanium; it is generally best to consider zirconium. Metals cause allergies and autoimmunity. Mercury is a very potent allergen. Metals have both toxic effects and negative immunologic effects. Toxic effects may occur from higher doses or a single exposure where immunologic effects occur from lower doses with chronic exposure. Psoriasis is often related to heavy metals. Cancer, MS, CFS, RA, Crohn's, Fibromyalgia, ALS, MCS, Lupus, autism, Sjogren's, and other conditions may have metal reactivity as a factor.

MELISA testing is a way to test for allergy to various metals. The most commonly positive are mercury, gold, platinum, palladium, silver, copper, titanium, nickel, chromium, cobalt, cadmium, manganese, and thimerosal. If one is allergic to any of the metals they have in their mouth, a replacement option should be considered.

In her research, she worked with patients with ovarian and prostate cancer. The two groups were given substances such as DMSA, vitamin C, glutathione, sodium selenite, minerals, and vitamins. One group also received laser therapy and the other did not. The laser-treated group received 22 exposures of the laser at 4 sessions per week. Some participants did a second 22-session round which did improve efficacy. The majority of patients in the laser-treated group had a resolution of their disease. The control group showed minimal improvement.

The laser improves the energy supply of the cells by affecting ATP production. Cell regeneration is enhanced. More information is available at

Dr. Lee Cowden

Dr. Lee Cowden spoke on "Answers for the 'Incurable' - What the Evidence Shows". Dr. Cowden defined "incurables" as those diagnosed with a disease considered incurable such as ALS or stage 4 cancers or those with a mystery illness such as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome or having various symptoms that may not yet be labeled as a syndrome. Conventional doctors give drugs to suppress symptoms; whereas integrative practitioners look for causes. Thus, there are no "incurable" diseases. He said that there are no incurable diseases, only incurable patients if they believe they cannot get well.

To increase production of ATP, D-Ribose, CoQ10, L-Carnitine, and magnesium are often helpful. 50% of our metabolic enzymes are impacted by magnesium. Dr. Cowden prefers magnesium malate; not aspartate. Zeolite HP may be helpful in dealing with radioactive substances.

EVOX is a system to help release emotional traumas that impact health. It shakes loose the cellular memory of a trauma from the cells.

Oxidized cholesterol does impact heart disease, but cholesterol itself does not. This is one reason that antioxidants are useful to minimize the oxidized cholesterol.

Pasteur believed that it was the microbes within us that causes disease, but recanted on his deathbed and agreed with Bechamp when he said, "The terrain is everything." It is the terrain that serves as the tissue environment that grows microbes and supports disease. Where we have toxins is where we will grow "critters" that release cytokines and result in the formation of fibrin. Fibrin buildup changes the oxygen transport time from 5 seconds to 5 minutes.

Body acidity is an important consideration in evaluating the terrain. Primary conbtributors to a disease supporting terrain include under-oxygenation of the tissues, pH imbalance, depleted nutrient status, disturbed electromagnetic charge of the cells, and the body's toxic load. The toxic load includes both external toxins, biotoxins, EMFs, and emotional toxicity. When the factors impacting abnormal terrain are resolved, microbes no longer thrive, inflammation resolves, the disease cycle is broken. The immediate cause of disease is the body's inflammatory response to the microbes and the toxins.

We should drink approximately 2 ounces of water every 15 minutes throughout the day; not large amounts a few times only. Eating food based on the blood-type diet helps to avoid clumping of the red blood cells. He suggested the book "Blood Types, Body Types, and You" by Joseph Christiano as it has a summary page of the foods that each blood type should avoid.

To improve tissue oxygenation, deep breathing is helpful. A very useful visualization, breathing, and relaxation exercise that he shared was to wrap your right hand around the thumb and index finger of your left hand and place your hands in your lab. Breathe and visualize your favorite place, but go there alone so that you don't bring the emotional baggage related to another person with you. Fibrinolytic enzymes such as Serrapeptase, Lumbrokinase, or Nattokinase taken 30 minutes before a meal is beneficial. Anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial herbs are useful. A technique called "masking" for 40-60 seconds every 6 minutes increases oxygenation. Anemia should be considered. HBOT or EWOT (Exercise With Oxygen Therapy) may be useful.

To improve acid-base balance (pH), addressing causes of tissue hypoxia, stress reduction, avoidance of food allergens, blood-type diet, supplying needed calories (ketosis) and metabolic nutrients, lymphatic exercise to move out toxins, and binding of heavy metals are helpful.

Dr. Cowden suggested measuring the 4th spit after waking by using saliva pH paper and evaluating the color chart. Ideal is 6.8-7.2. He suggested that if one were doing an educational session with the lay public to share information that may improve health, the ideal tests that could be done at that moment would be Vitamin C, blood sugar, nitric oxide, and pH.

To address depleted nutrient status, consume raw, organic, non-GMO, sprouted, and fermented foods. No fluids, especially cold, should be consumed with food. Processing, cooking, and preserving foods reduces their health-giving potential. Reducing stress reduces loss of nutrients which are utilized when the body is under stress. A toxic body uses nutrients faster than a non-toxic body. Water is the most common nutrient deficiency.

To address the body’s disturbed electromagnetic charge, reduce exposure to harmful EMFs. Consider supplementing with health-promoting fields such as PEMF or Rife-like devices.

In looking for the potential causes of illness, Dr. Cowden uses Evaluative Kinesiology or Electro-Dermal Screening such as the ZYTO. Devices like the ZYTO emerged from the work of Dr. Voll in the 1950s. These devices pass a current through the body to measure the resistance and act as a quantum lie detector. While they are not perfect, they improve the accuracy of what might otherwise be simply a guess. In one study comparing the ZYTO with 200 Chinese patients in a hospital, the correlation was 87%. Testing for many toxins, microbes, and other substances can be done in a very short time.

Health is like a bathtub; we must turn off the dirty water faucets, turn up the clean water faucets and open the drains (colon, liver, kidneys, lymphatics). The dirty water comes from poor foods, EMFs, toxic relationships, toxic emotions, heavy metals, polluted air and water, pesticides, antibiotics, biotoxins, low oxygen, and similar health-stressing factors The clean water comes from healthy food, purpose and will to live, good relationships, restful sleep, pure water, clean air, and a good attitude.

In talking about toxins, Dr. Cowden shared the analogy of an ill person’s body being like New York City with the garbage collectors on strike. People put the garbage on the curb which eventually fills the yard and street and backs up into the houses (cells) making them sick. When detoxing, garbage is gradually cleared from the street (lymphatics) and the yard (ground matrix) which promotes the ability for the cells to clear the toxins and then heal.

To help open the detox drains, herbs like Burbur can be helpful in supporting the bowel, liver, kidneys, and lymphatics. Water with homeopathic drainage remedies can be very helpful. FIR sauna, clay packs, fasting, enzymes, fiber, enemas, and colonics are often beneficial. Liver/gallbladder flushes may be done with ortho-phosphoric acid, olive oil and lemon. Oil pulling or “swish and spit” with a healthy oil can reduce toxic load. Supporting lymphatic drainage with instruments like the Light Beam Generator, Chi Machine, dry skin brushing, or simply rebounding can be profoundly beneficial. Earthing or grounding, while best to start slowly, can support the body’s ability to detoxify. Laser Energetic Detox may be used to promote detoxification. LED appears to remove toxins from the body up to 20 times faster than the next best option. It can be done on toxins, allergens, microbes, and other substances.

Mercury is one of the worst toxins. It prevents detoxification from other toxins. Zeolite HP can be very useful. Many symptoms are caused by mercury toxicity. Avoid toothpastes with aluminum (bauxite) as aluminum makes mercury even more toxic. Filtering water is needed to reduce aluminum exposure. Dental amalgams, fish, thimerosal from vaccines, coal burning, and fluorescent light bulbs are common sources of mercury exposure. Generally, amalgams must be removed before successful mercury detoxification is possible. Removal should include a supportive protocol both before, during, and after the removal.

Lyme, its coinfections, fungi, and other organisms produce biotoxins with contribute to a worsening of the terrain. Microbes may include Borrelia, Treponema, Leptospira, Bartonella, Babesia, Ehrlichia, Coxiella, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, Microfilaria, worms, Herpes, CMV, Coxsachie, Rubeola, Candida, Aspergillus, and more.

The best lab testing available includes the Advance Labs Borrelia culture test and the Spirostat ultrasensitive PCR. Lyme can be transmitted by mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, sex, kissing, and transplacentally.

In one study by Dr. Horowitz, the Cowden Protocol using NutraMedix products showed improvement in 70% of patients. The protocol addresses the terrain and not just the microbes. When addressing mercury, biotoxins, EMFs, dehydration, food allergies, and weak adrenals, the success rate of the protocol rose to over 80%. When customized with energetic testing, the results are often even better.

Studies at the University of New Haven showed that Samento and Banderol were as effective against Borrelia spirochetes as doxycycline. They also eliminated biofilm.

EMFs are a major stressor. Cell phones have been shown to create inflammation and necrosis in rat brains. Reducing EMF is a critical part of recovering health. A sleep sanctuary using a canopy and fuses off at night is important. The bed should not contain any metal. Earthing is often very helpful. Cordless phones, microwaves, fluorescent lights, mobile phones, WiFi, and smart meters should be avoided.

Emotions play a key role in disease and in regaining wellness. EVOX technology from ZYTO is one way to address the emotional factors involved in illness. NutraMedix EZOV is often helpful in allowing the body to process unresolved emotions through the dream state. A release of emotions can lead to a release of toxins as toxins, infections, and emotions are interconnected.

Lymphatic drainage can be a very useful tool in supporting the body's ability to detoxify. This can be either with a device like the LymphStar Pro or through manual lymphatic drainage masses. A Chi Machine is another useful tool for supporting the body's ability to detoxify through the lymphatic system.

Dr. Dan Behlin presented on "Hidden Disease Causes Revealed thru Dynamic Regulation Thermography". I, unfortunately, missed this talk, but I have heard it at other events and the technology is compelling and seems to be very well-liked by practitioners that are using it. His company is Alfa Thermodiagnostics and more information is available at I had a session done with this technology a few months prior and it can be very insightful in terms of revealing issues that practitioners may not have considered prior to doing the thermography.

Dr. Amy Derksen provided insights on "Crucial Support for any Integrative Protocol". We are bombarded with toxins in the form of heavy metals, EMFs, neurotoxins from infections, emotions, environmental toxins, microbes, food allergies, GMO foods, and medication overload. Gluten and dairy are huge triggers. There is only so much that our bodies can process and digest; often we take too many supplements.

We need to learn to clean up our diets, reduce stress levels at home, reduce EMF exposure, get adequate omega-3s, vitamin D, minerals, and probiotics, and ensure adequate fluid intake. Energetic tools like ART, ZYTO, Asyra, thermography and others can help to point us in the right direction. When we are inflamed, 3-4 grams of fish oil daily may be helpful. Many adults need 20,000 IU of Vitamin D for a couple of months and then 10,000 IU daily while children may need 2,000-5,000 IU of Vitamin D. Minerals are extremely important for detoxification of heavy metals.

In terms of diet, gluten and dairy are the biggest issues for most people. GMO foods may contribute to leaky gut. Gluten can trigger autoimmunity to the thyroid and systemic inflammation. Cow dairy can increase folate receptor blocking and binding antibodies. An anti-inflammatory diet including gluten and dairy avoidance is a good starting point. 80% of neurotransmitters are made in the gut. When psychological symptoms are present, we have to think more about the gut than the brain. We should drink 1/3 our body weight in ounces of water per day; often with electrolytes.

To reduce EMFs, use only battery-operated clocks near the bed. Turn off the electrical outlets in the bedroom. Use beds without metal. Get rid of cordless phones. Open the windows daily. Avoid fluorescent lights and turn of WiFi; at least at night.

Grounding or earthing is often helpful for inflammation. Inflammation is excess positive charges in the body. The earth offers negative charges or electrons which negate these positive charges. Making direct contact with the earth is ideal; earthing patches can be helpful on the palms, soles of feet, or on areas of pain.

To reduce toxins at home, avoid fragrance, avoid cooking in plastics, filter bath or shower water, use healthier cleaning options, vacuum daily or remove carpets, use a high-quality HEPA filter such as Nikken, IQAir, or Austin Air. We get exposed to more toxins from shower and bath water than from drinking water. Use zero-VOC paints. Consider hidden molds in porous materials or stuffed toys. Humidity should be less than 50% to minimize the possibility of mold overgrowth. Young Living Thieves Oil can be helpful in a diffuser to minimize mold growth.

Supporting organs of elimination is critical; kidneys, liver, lymphatics, GI system, and skin. Never kill more than what the body can eliminate/process. Kidneys may benefit from Renelix, Unda 243, electrolytes, Solidago, tapping K27 (kidney 27 point), topical rubbing of cilantro over the kidneys. Supporting the kidney is particularly important when doing any heavy metal detox. Liver may benefit from Ultrathistle, castor oil over the liver, coffee enemas, colonics, Thorne Liver Cleanse, phosphatidyl choline, glutathione, taurine, Biotics Beta Plus or Beta TCP, BioRay LiverLife, and Designs for Health Amino D-Tox. Liver support should be considered when the bowels are sluggish or one is generally overly sensitive to treatments. Constipation must be addressed; useful options include vitamin C, water, magnesium citrate or oxide, New Sun JLB, aloe, addressing infections (often fungal), castor oil packs over the abdomen, colonics, probiotics, removing food allergies, and adding digestive enzymes. Colonics help to retrain the bowels. Taurine is very calming and supports bile flow. Castor oil roll-ons at bed time with an old shirt can be helpful.

As for probiotics, VSL#3 is a great option as is Klaire Detox Support. Need up to 200 billion organisms per day. Avoid those with strep strains if PANS/PANDAS is an issue. Enzymes with DPP-IV are often useful digestive enzymes.

Mold should be considered when a person has allergic shiners, if chemically sensitive, or if they smell musty odors. If impacted by rain, churches, or libraries, think of the possibility of mold. Snoring or sinus issues can have a mold component. Sensitivity to odors and foods can be mold. Dr. Shoemaker's site is In some cases, there is a sensitivity to the mold which may be helped by stabilizing the mast cells with quercentin, hydroxyzine, ketotifen, Benadryl, or Vitamin C. Useful binders include cholestyramine, Cholestepure, bentonite, charcoal, and high dose EPA/DHA. Mycometrics ERMI is a very useful monitoring tool for the home environment. Cyrex Labs can be used for checking mycotoxins in the patient. TGFb1 and C4a levels are often useful.

25% of the population has a genetic defect involved in the processing of folic acid. 5-MTHF is often better than folinic acid. Hydoxy-B12 may combined well with 5-MTHF. B12 is best not taken orally as it can feed pathogenic microbes in the gut. It is important not to over-methylate which may present as agitation. Methyl-B12 and 5-MTHF can be too much when combined. Methyl-B12 with folinic acid is helpful in some. When methylation starts to occur, people start to release metals very heavily so it is important to consider binders as mop up agents. It is not uncommon to be deficient in folate event when the blood levels look normal. Thorne has a good 5-MTHF product; Key Pharmacy has an injectable. Perque Activated B12 is a good hydroxy-B12 or Scientific Botanicals. With 5-MTHF, it is beginning to appear that this has been drastically under-dosed in the past and that higher doses are working better.

Folate receptor auto-antibody testing is moving from a university lab to a commercial lab. The higher the antibodies, the lower the 5-MTHF in the CSF. With auto-antibodies, it is best to avoid cow milk, camel milk, and colostrum. Sheep and goat milk do not appear to be a problem. Folic acid foods or supplements are often best avoided; especially when doing 5-MTHF. A homozygous C677T is a significant finding. Elevated MCV is often related to methylation. Elevated serum B12 doesn't really tell you very much; methylmalonic acid is a much better indicator.

In regards to the immune system, the tonsils are often an area that should be investigated as they can be a site of ongoing infection. To support natural killer cells, mushroom extracts are often very helpful. To support the immune system and white blood cells, a product called ImmuneXL from the Pacific Yew tree may be beneficial. Vitamin D to a level of 60-80 on blood tests is a good target.

Immusist Natural is a surfactant and fantastic product that often makes other treatments work better. It appears to be antimicrobial, decreases inflammation, and increases cellular hydration.

With PANDAS/PANS, strep does not get into the brain but the immune complexes do. Even when the strep is addressed, it can take months to see improvement.

Dr. Damon Miller spoke on the "Role of Epigenetics & Adult Stem Cell Support in Reversing Retinal Diseases". His web site is He has a program using microcurrent that works to reverse macular degeneration. You can regenerate the retina and there are ways to guide circulating stem cells to the area to repair the tissue. Embryonic stem cells can results in cancers; whereas adult stem cells can rebuild without the risk of tumors. Methylation is a process that helps to keep the bad genes suppressed. We can choose how to live and this has a profound effect on genetic diseases; choose right. Microcurrent stimulation appears to act as a signal for stem cells to migrate to the eyes. Floaters can be the result of damage or debris in the visual field. More about his eye programs is available at

Dr. Janet Hranicky spoke on "The Power of the Mind in Getting Well: What The Evidence Shows". There has to be a coherence between the person receiving the treatment and the person delivering the treatment. Dr. Valerie Hunt says that the word incurable just means that we do not know the answer right now. Serious, incurable diseases always represent an emotional conflict of the soul. Primary emotions are patterned in our bioenergy field to protect us. There are three basic emotions: anger, fear, and love. A life or death diagnosis is always a conflict of the soul. Family Constellation work is an essential part of any therapy for serious disease. We get entangled in the fates of our family or our ancestors.

People that survived cancer maintained the belief that no matter how sick they were, they would get better. Visualization is a powerful tool. You visualize your cancer or your Lyme disease as weak and your body strong. Repressing emotions is like freezing them. It is a survival mechanism, but in the long-term you become stuck in a frozen position. It is not acute stress that is a precursor to emotional disease but the chronic stress that is unconscious or repressed that set the stage.

Pleasure stimulates the pituitary gland which is involved in growth hormone production and self-renewal. Make a conscious decision to get well. For serious diseases, we need to value the role of the emotional and stress-related components. Often, we need time to integrate therapies and be away from the family system to integrate changes.

Evaluates the bioenergy field with tools such as CyberScan, Ondamed, ZYTO, and EVOX and work to strengthen the coherence of the field. 15 seconds of focus on breathing can upregulate the immune system. Happiness is devalued in our culture and we need to highly value it. For more information, visit

Dr.  Klinghardt received ACIM's Lifetime Achievement Award

Over lunch, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt was awarded the ACIM Lifetime Achievement Awards. Given that he has been one of my biggest mentors and a major reason I am doing well today, it was very touching to see Dr. Klinghardt get the recognition that he deserves at this event. Dr. Cowden read, "Dietrich, you are courageous in your resolve to bring your discoveries to the world and share your innovations. Your contribution is immeasurable because you have figuratively planted many seeds, each with the potential of an entire orchard. So has been your contribution to medicine and your fellow man. You are an amazingly humble man and caring practitioner. Your skill as a teacher is immense. You are the doctor's doctor. Dietrich, you continue to boldly change the medical paradigm as you have done for your entire career. We salute you, Dietrich, for who you are and for your accomplishments in the field of Integrative Medicine."

Dr. Klinghardt went on to share information about "Chronic Illness 2013: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatments". The medicine that we are approaching is a holistic, integrative system that looks at every aspect of what makes us ill and considers every possible option for getting well. As a physician, he feels that he has the responsibility to relieve human suffering.

Most cancers have been fairly stable, but neurological illness is increasing exponentially. It takes 800 generations to change one gene; the idea that modern illnesses are related to genes is simply insane.

Lack of zest is the most important complaint in his chronic illness patients. Colors are less vivid; tastes are less profound. Sleep issues, body aches, memory loss, sinus problems, sore throats, light sensitivity, floaters, weakness after exertion, difficulty regulating body temperature, increased thirst, headaches, blurred vision, vibrations, tingling, and other symptoms represent the 2013 patient with chronic illness.

At current trajectory, by 2018, there will be no more healthy children born. 1 in 34 children in England with 1 in 6 boys are somewhere on the spectrum. In the US, the number was 1 in 54 children in 2007, but these numbers are likely much worse in reality than what is being reported. The number of fire retardants in Swedish women has gone up exponentially. In the US, mattresses by law must have flame retardants sprayed on them whereas this is not the case in Sweden.

There are four basic principles for recovering health. These include correcting basic physiology, decreasing toxic burden, modulating the immune system, and decreasing microbial burden.

Correcting basic physiology looks at things like pH, diet, hormones, vitamins, osteopathic work, and protection from EMFs. Hormones are overdone. Most people need minerals but not vitamins.

Decreasing toxic body burden looks at removing metals, chemicals, and biotoxins from the extra and intracellular matrix.

Modulating the immune system upregulates blocked or underactive immune function and downregulates hyperactive responses. The response of the host makes the disease.

Decreasing microbial burden addresses parasites, molds, herpes and other viruses, Borrelia, Bartonella, protozoa (Babesia, toxoplasmosis, etc.) organisms.

Most immune systems are not downregulated but upregulated. Giving natural antimicrobial options in the long-term often result in the same astonishing results as antibiotics without the downsides. Many kitchen herbs contain highly antimicrobial compounds; we need to bring the kitchen stuff back into our lives as the main form of treatment. Garlic, parsley, thyme, basil, oregano, and other kitchen items can be profoundly healing. With homeopathics, we are often not killing the microbes, but instead modulating the immune system.

Mercury, lead, mold, viruses, EMF, chemicals, insecticides, and Lyme all have the same symptoms of fatigue, insomnia, and brain fog. Autism is a symptom of intrauterine acquired infection.

Dr. Klinghardt shared 10 causal but often overlooked issues in chronic illness. These are:

1) Toxicity - heavy metals and chemicals must be detoxified with life-long detox protocols.

2) Unresolved psycho-emotional trauma, intrauterine events, and transgenerational issues lead to methylation blocks. These often need to be treated with B12, folate, Zinc, B6, Magnesium. Treatment to address the psychological trauma is often useful. The main reason that methylation does not work is psychological trauma from the womb, our parents, or transgenerational issues.

3) EMF/EMR. We need to shield ourselves from as much EMF as possible.

4) Infection, parasitic infestations, and biotoxins. We need antimicrobial protocols to address these stressors.

5) PANDAS/ PANS. Need to consider tonsils and sinus (MARCoNS) as potential areas of focal infection. Ozone injections, tonsil cryotherapy, neural therapy, intranasal beneficial flora, and neti pot.

6) HPU/KPU. Can be addressed with BioPure Core, trauma treatment.

7) CCSVI. This is a stenosing of the neck veins that leads to back up pressure of blood attempting to leave the brain. Balloon procedure, antimicrobial cocktail, and localized injections are used.

8) Dental factors. Root canals, amalgams, cavitations, and electro-galvanism must be considered. Specific attention must be given to the dental materials used to ensure they are not allergens or acting as antennae for EMFs.

9) Desynchronized brain waves. This can be addressed with the CES unit from

10) Decreased neuroregulatory peptides. MSH, VIP, ADH, oxytocin, melatonin. Oxytocin is probably the most important one needed for cellular communication. When used as a nasal spray, it can cause cells to reduce their oxytocin receptors and lead to dependency.

People often give lip service to emotional issues. Nobody diagnoses parasites and either energetic testing or empiric treatment is often needed. In the US, doctors believe that removing the tonsils is not a treatment for PANDAS. It does help, but takes about 4 months after the removal to see the benefits.

Mercury toxicity leads to inflammation. Those countries with the highest vaccine rates have the shortest healthspans. Children with autism have less ability to excrete mercury. Hair mercury is a measure of exposure and the ability to excrete the mercury. There is a link between mercury and fungal infections.

PBDEs are found in many mother's breast milk at toxic levels. Chlorella often blocks the toxins. It pulls them out of the blood and into the gut. Chlorella babies are bigger, more intelligent, have the best degrees, etc. Chlorella contains amino acids, minerals, and methylation factors.

Curcumin has an incredible effect for detoxifying mercury. Barker's Hypothesis suggests that most illnesses that are linked to age or lifestyle are not diet-related but that the wheel was set into motion via epigenetics during pregnancy. With psychotherapy, one has to go back to the time in the womb to reset most of the causes of the disease process. Family Constellation work changes methylation in the living person. EMFs destroy the epigenetic regulation of the genome. You can bridge the genetics with nutrients or go back into the womb and fix it.

Lyme spirochetes have vitamin D receptors and vitamin D stimulates the propogation of the Lyme spirochetes. This is not a problem if one is on antimicrobial therapies. Best to take vitamin D with vitamin K2 (MK7).

Dr. Toby Watkinson talked on "Body Electric: A Gateway to Healing". He shared that disease may be an abnormal expression of bioelectric organization; the collectivity of our cellular mass in disarray. With our bioelectrical defenses down, we are left to fight pathological organisms on a cellular battlefield resulting in chronic incurable illness. The recipe to support a proper functioning body electric includes: infrared radiation (from the sun), minerals, water, and Schumann resonance. We are electrical first and chemical second.

Our body's average about 60-70% water. Minerals are the spark plug. Electrolytes are both the switch and the battery. Together, they cause the body to function like an organic battery.

Factors that support health include: blocking EMFs, earthing, mineralization, hydration, Schumann resonance, color, positive entrainment, sound, acupuncture, mediation, infrared radiation, and polarity therapy. Factors that take away health include: EMF, radio frequencies, microwave radiation, cellular radiation, negative entrainment, electric cars, high power lines, stress, distilled water, dehydration, transformers, head injury, and electrical ground fault.

EMFs pull us away from 7.83hz (Schumann or earth resonance). In an experiment where people were removed from the Schumann resonance, they developed all the symptoms of chronic illness. He suggested the film "Resonance: Beings of Frequency". Biological disease is preceded by disarray in the body which prevents it from fixing itself.

Symptoms of chronic illness include: immune dysregulation, Th1/Th2/Th3 imbalance, memory loss, scattered thinking, dysautonomia, sleep problems, inflammation, joint pain, heart palpitations, food sensitivities, light sensitivity, fatigue, Candida, cognitive issues, EMF-sensitivity, muscle pain, dehydration, allergies, head pain, and ringing in the ears.

Tools used for evaluation include HRV (tests the nervous system), BIA (tests cellular hydration), ZYTO (identifies potential stressors), and lab testing (cortisol, electrolytes, and autoimmune markers). Treatment options include: environmental clearing, hydration of intracellular space, polarity therapy, sauna, Schumann resonance, EVOX, sun exposure. Treat energetically first. Remove dietary stressors, treat the terrain. Resist treatment for specific diseases. To prevent disease, reduce EMFs in home or office, incorporate earthing, test any potential location before moving, sauna, light therapy from 6am-9am, Schumann resonance, mineralization, and hydration.

In his office, he has a special setup for delivery of the Schumann resonance. Mentioned cell phone covers from Pong. Safe Living Technologies and are sources for EMF-reducing options.

Body Electric = Body Wholeness = Body Health

Dr. Leigh Erin Connealy lectured on "Last-Resort Cases: A Review of Clinical Studies". Your adversity becomes your passion or your mess becomes your message. You have to connect with your patient and develop a relationship with them. 50% of her patients are cancer patients. She utilizes many different tools including sauna, Ondamed, PEMF, ZYTO, EVOX, Biomeridian, HBOT, IV Vitamin C, Light Beam Generator, UVBI and many others. There is very little that they do not treat. Quantitative hCG can be useful as a cancer screening tool as hCG is the hormone of malignancy. Low CoQ10 is very common and many people need to take it. They do look at nagalase and consider GcMAF treatment in some patients.

She mentioned a product called BioAnue Liver Mender as being helpful for supporting the liver. They look at both biochemical and energetic pathways. The key to results is to work in partnership. She can only be as good as the patient is willing to be compliant. "You become what you think about most of the time." Dairy, wheat, sugar, and corn are dietary no's for most people. Generally, patients do not get well when they are on prednisone. If the adrenals are not good and supported, no one can get well in any form or fashion.

Diagnosis is the act or process of determining the cause or nature of an illness. Conventional medicine often gives labels that do not represent the true cause of the illness. There are many layers. There is an emotional component for every illness.

Final Note: Unfortunately, I had to leave before the final evening session which was patients and doctors sharing their recovery journeys. As I understand, this will be available on the ACIM site for viewing. One person that did attend shared with me, "It was an empowering evening where patients shared their triumphs over illness and their journey to recovery. Each one giving their unique perspective and healing experiences, bringing hope to others."

Note: Another EXCELLENT summary of this event was put together by Dr. Kristen T. Honey, PhD. I thank her and Dr. Cowden for making these notes available to us all. You can find them here. Enjoy!!

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