I am so excited and honored to be able to share the information here from Dr. Ann Corson, MD.  She has been a mentor and hero of mine for years.  She is someone I respect immensely and appreciate her passion for helping her patients to find answers and recover their lives.  

I have heard her speak many times over the years and always learn so many new things.  It says the world to me that Dr. Corson is willing to share her deep experience and many years of work freely through these presentations.  Thank you, Dr. Corson!


I have had the opportunity to interview Dr. Corson twice on my podcasts.  To learn more about each of these talks and how you can listen to them, simply click the images below.


Note: The presentations below are in PDF format and are shared on BetterHealthGuy.com with permission from Dr. Corson.  To view the presentation slides, simply click the images below.  If you don't already have Adobe PDF Reader, you can get it for free by clicking on the "Get Adobe Reader" image below.

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