Mold Illness

Mold Illness Made Simple 2 Are You Missing Mold Illness In Your Patients?
Instructor: Sandeep Gupta, MD Instructor: Jill Crista, ND
Audience: Patients and Practitioners Audience: Practitioners
Special: 10% off with code BETTERHEALTH Special: 10% off with code BHG10
MC360 Precision Mold Master Class  Mold Masterclass
Instructor: Beth O'Hara, FND  Instructor: Brian Karr, CMI, CIE, WELL AP™
Audience: Patients and Practitioners  Audience: Patients and Practitioners
Special: 10% off with code BETTERHEALTH  
Conquering CIRS Mold In Kids Course for Parents
Instructor: Amber Walker, PT, DPT  Instructor: Jill Crista, ND
Audience: Patients and Practitioners  Audience: Parents
Special: 10% off with code BETTERHEALTH  Special: 10% off with code BHG10

Lyme Disease

Lyme-Ed for Patients Lyme-Ed for Practitioners
Instructor: Nicola Ducharme, ND Instructor: Nicola Ducharme, ND
Audience: Patients Audience: Practitioners


Electro-Pollution Fix  
Instructor: Nick Pineault / Brian Hoyer  
Audience: Patients and Practitioners  

Limbic System Retraining and Nervous System Reboot

DNRS The Gupta Program
Instructor: Annie Hopper  Instructor: Ashok Gupta, MA(Cantab), MSc
Audience: Patients and Practitioners Audience: Patients and Practitioners
  Special: $50 off with code BETTERHEALTH
Mast Cell Nervous System Reboot  
Instructor: Beth O'Hara, FND  
Audience: Patients and Practitioners  
Special: 10% off with code BETTERHEALTH  

Mental / Emotional Courses


Emotional Detox Program

Free Webinar     Course

Instructor: Wendy Myers, FDN-P, NC, CHHC  
Audience: Patients and Practitioners  

Related Courses

The Candida Solution  
Instructor: Nicola Ducharme, ND  
Audience: Patients and Practitioners  



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