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Dr. Omar Amin is the leading expert in parasitology in the United States. His vast knowledge in this realm is impressive. Parasites are a topic that most people choose to ignore because they are thought to be "dirty" and certainly could not exist in the United States. Well, I think that point of view is rather dangerous to the health of many. It is my opinion that many people, especially those with chronic Lyme disease, have an underlying parasite issue as part of their overall health challenge.

Dr. Amin spoke at the Physician's Round Table in Tampa Florida which was held January 24-27, 2013. Not only did he speak, but he was given a special award of recognition for all of his hard work in the diagnosis and treatment of parasitic conditions. His lab is one of the best in the country for parasite testing. Recently, he formulated a 3-part product called Freedom, Cleanse, and Restore to help rid the body of parasites and other organisms based on his many years of research.

While RX anti-parasitics are often very useful as well, his all-natural product represents one of the best options for the treatment of parasites formulated by one of the leading experts in the world in this area of medicine.

I share here his presentation from the event with his permission. It was an excellent summary of the many different issues in dealing with parasites. A special thank you to Dr. Amin for allowing me to post his presentation here. Also a warning that some of the photographs in the presentation are difficult to look at so be prepared if you decide to review the slides.

If you are interested in trying Freedom, Cleanse, and Restore, you can find out more information here. Additionally, for some of the best parasite testing in the world, you may want to ask your doctor to consider ordering from the Parasitology Center in Arizona where Dr. Amin has his lab.

Note: I have no financial connection to Dr. Amin nor do I benefit from the sale of his products.

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