One of the first things I learned from my primary mentor, Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD, was the impact of harmful EMF frequencies on our health and the need to mitigate them in order to improve health.  In fact, when I started working with him as a patient, EMF mitigation was a pre-req for being a patient.

That was in 2006, and and that time most people didn't take his warnings seriously.  Today, many understand the implications of man-made frequencies in our environment.  With the exponential increase in many biologically incompatible frequencies in our world, it has become more and more important to reduce our exposures in order to maximize our health.

There are two primary approaches: 1) Mitigation (also called Reduction) and 2) Harmonization. The primary strategy should always be Mitigation.  You cannot wear a necklace or put a dot on your cell phone and expect to be protected in the face of a high EMF environment.  Those are icing on the cake and may or may not have a significant effect.


The ideal scenario is to get a professional to come test your environment and make mitigation recommendations.  There are often several meters needed to test the various types of EMF/RF, electric, and magnetic pollutants.  Most RF meters also don't yet test for 5G which is an increasing source of environmental pollution.

A great resource for finding a professional EMF inspector is Safe Living Technologies or Building Biology Institute.  Brian Hoyer's Shielded Healing team is an excellent resource and they schedule visits to different areas of the country to do inspections.

If you are drawn to do some exploration on your own, there are numerous meters available.  I commonly use the Cornet Electrosmog MeterSafe Living Technologies has their Safe and Sound meters, and may others.  I have had fancy meters like Gigahertz Solutions which can be great, but if you are not an expert, it is probably better to hire someone who is.


Mitigation, or reduction, should be the primary focus.  How do you remove as much of the EMF in your environment as possible?  

Turning off your Wi-Fi, or at least put it on a schedule to turn off when you are sleeping, is a top mitigation strategy.  Computers and devices should be hard-wired.  If you must have Wi-Fi, consider the JRS® Eco Wireless on Asus® router.

Not having your cell phone in your bedroom while you sleep is another; or at least have it on airplane mode and not near your head.  You'd be surprised how many people charge their cell phone on their nightstand.  And please, don't ever use your cell phone next to your head (speakerphone only and text when possible) or carry it on your body. 

Go through your home with a meter similar to the above and look to see where the hotspots are.  I was fooled by a printer that I thought had the Wi-Fi off but had another setting that needed to be configured to be fully off even though it was Ethernet connected.  

Another more common tool that uses Wi-Fi in most cases are smart doorbells where you can see who is at your door, get notified when someone passes by, etc. In an ideal world, these would be hard-wired and not use Wi-Fil all day.  It may not be easy to do that in an existing home, but there are options for Ethernet connected doorbells and cameras.

Since I met Dr. Klinghardt and became his patient in 2006, I slept in a sleep canopy or sleep sanctuary.  I only recently stopped doing that when I moved to an environment with lower EMF levels.  These are not cheap, but are a good investment.  

Sleep canopies can be purchased from a number of different places.  Dr. Klinghardt often recommends where they custom make your canopy to fit your needs.  They unfortunately don't have a current website, but can be reached at 425-743-4571.  They are a very small operation.

Then other options include Safe Living Technologies and  Dr. Klinghardt suggests that the canopies should be grounded and that the circuit breakers should be off to the room where they are being used.  Some companies provide different recommendations; so discuss with the company you are considering.  Also, if you don't live on the ground floor, you will likely want the shielding material beneath your bed as well.  The ideal situation is to have your professional building biologist do some testing of the various options in your living environment.  Many have the shielding material with them to test.

Another tool for those serious about reducing EMFs is the EMFSafeSwitch.  I had one of these for a few years until I moved and left it behind.  It's a nice way to have all of the unnecessary power switch off in the home at the push of a button.  Side note: Make sure that they don't configure it to turn off the power on your DVR if you go to bed at 9pm like I do. :)

In my experience, it's also very helpful to test your body voltage using a body voltage meter to see what your body voltage is in your sleep location.  You want it to be as low as possible, and testing different configurations of circuit breakers being off can make a huge difference.  EMFSafeSwitch also offers their BVK meter for testing body voltage.  I was surprised to find that my body voltage increased to highly concerning levels when I was using a cooling pad for improving sleep.  Yikes!

If you do need to use a device like a laptop or cell phone, consider the protective cases or laptop shields such as those from DefenderShield. There are several companies now offering EMF protective clothing as well that may be helpful such as BioPure, Lambs, and DefenderShield.

Another option is EMF-blocking paint such as YShield which can be very helpful.  Downsides are that you can't use devices in rooms that have the paint and if you ever move and someone doesn't want it, it isn't easy to remove.  For some people though, this can be an excellent option to create a safe space.


I can't stress enough that this comes AFTER mitigation.  I have bags of things I've tried in the harmonization realm.  Do some of them muscle test well?  Yes.  Might they be doing something?  Yes.   Can I prove it?  No.  So, please don't take these comments as an endorsement for any of these products, and don't use them to skip the most important step (that's right...mitigation and reduction).

I do have a Somavedic Green which I continue to use.  Some find it helps.  Do I?  It's unclear.  It looks nice.  It might be doing something.  Look for companies that offer a guarantee and provide a return option in the event you don't find it helpful.

Another option that does some research on their products and may be worth exploring is Airestech.  I know of one person that tested their HRV with their doctor with and without this product and found an improvement.

When I go out of the house, I wear my Lella Quantum H.E.A.L. Energy Capsule.  It's subtle, but some have found it to have a very clear benefit.

Mitigate/reduce first; harmonize second.  Mitigation has proven results; harmonization can be harder to quantify in my experience.


 In terms of supporting the body against any exposures that cannot be mitigated, my favorite options are: 

For those abroad, consider Ki Science Ray Wave or E Shield Cream.  Propolis-based products may also be helpful in supporting the body against the effects of EMF exposure according to Dr. Klinghardt.

Another consideration is that people are often more EMF-sensitive when they are more heavy metal toxic.  So, working a daily, life-long detoxification program can be very helpful with EMF-sensitivity.

Limbic System Retraining

For some that are EHS/EMF-sensitive, limbic system retraining can be very powerful.  Again, mitigate and then do the limbic work such as DNRS or Gupta.

Podcasts, Courses, and Books

Nick Pineault and Brian Hoyer were guests on Episode 150 of the podcast where they discussed their Electro-Pollution Fix course.  I highly recommend the course if you are exploring how to improve your EMF exposures.  Nick was also a guest in Episode 100.

An earlier book that I found to be excellent is The Non-Tinfoil Guide to EMFs: How to Fix Our Stupid Use of Technology by Nicholas Pineault.  A more recent book is EMF*D: 5G, Wi-Fi & Cell Phones: Hidden Harms and How to Protect Yourself by Joseph Mercola.

Final Notes

Dr. Klinghardt has said for years that there is a correlation between EMF levels and mold in an internal environment. So, if you are dealing with mold and not working on your EMF reduction program, you may be missing a real key.  He has also suggested that EMFs make the microbes within us more aggressive and defensive.  EMF reduction is key to improving health.

 I'd love to hear your thoughts and what tools you have found helpful.  What worked for you?  Feel free to Contact Me.

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