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In this episode, you will learn about "Harmonic Healing" and strategies for regaining optimal health.

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About My Guest

My guest for this episode is Dr. Linda Lancaster.  Linda Lancaster, ND, PhD is an Energy Medicine physician. In 1987, she founded Light Harmonics Institute, an Energy Medicine Clinic and Educational Center based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  Her training includes Ayurveda, Yoga, medical radiesthesia, radionics, subtle energy healing, counseling, nutrition, herbal medicine, and detoxification methods.  After guiding thousands of patients on their journeys back to health, Dr. Linda Lancaster has discovered that it is the interplay of invisible forces such as chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, and opportunistic parasites — the “Five Culprits” — worms, fungus, bacteria, micro-parasites, and viruses, that are the cause of many of the health struggles we experience today.  Her life-changing health and cleansing programs have been offered to her patients and their families for nearly 40 years.  Her recent book "Harmonic Healing: Restore Your Vital Force for Lifelong Wellness" has been endorsed by Mark Hyman, MD, Ann Louise Gittleman, PhD, CNS, Robert Redford, Judith Light, Amanda Seyfried, and more.

Key Takeaways

  • What is etheric energy?
  • What are some energy medicine tools for evaluating health?
  • What are the common blockages to health in patients?
  • What are the "5 Principles of Harmonic Healing"?
  • What is the role of the terrain in regaining health?
  • How can one protect themselves from electrosmog?
  • What role does Lyme disease play in chronic illness?
  • What are the "5 Parasites"?
  • What are rope worms?
  • What tools are used to cleanse the liver?
  • Why is eating with the seasons and food combining important?
  • What is the role of mold exposure in chronic illness?
  • What are detox baths?
  • How important is proper breathing?

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Interview Date

September 4, 2020 


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[00:00:01.02] Welcome to BetterHealthGuy Blogcasts, empowering your better health. And now, here's Scott, your Better Health Guy.

[00:00:13.27] The content of this show is for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose treat or cure any illness or medical condition. Nothing in today's discussion is meant to serve as medical advice, or as information to facilitate self-treatment. As always, please discuss any potential health-related decisions with your own personal medical authority.

[00:00:34.29] Scott: Hello everyone, and welcome to episode number 126 of the BetterHealthGuy Blogcasts series. Today's guest is Dr. Linda Lancaster, and the topic of the show is Harmonic Healing. Dr. Linda Lancaster is an energy medicine physician. In 1987, she founded Light Harmonics Institute, an energy medicine clinic and educational center based in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Her training includes ayurveda, yoga, medical radiesthesia, radionics, subtle energy, healing, counseling, nutrition, herbal medicine, and detoxification methods. After guiding thousands of patients on their journeys back to health, Dr. Linda has discovered that it is the interplay of invisible forces such as chemicals, heavy metals, radiation, and opportunistic parasites – “The 5 Culprits” - worms, fungus, bacteria, micro-parasites, and viruses that are the cause of many of the health struggles we experience today.

Her life-changing health and cleansing programs have been offered to her patients and their families for nearly 40 years. Her recent book ''Harmonic Healing: Restore Your Vital Force for Lifelong Wellness'' has been endorsed by Dr. Mark Hyman, Dr. Ann Louise Gittleman, Robert Redford, Judith Light, Amanda Seyfried, and more.  And now my interview with Dr. Linda Lancaster.

I originally came across the work of Dr. Linda Lancaster many years ago in my mentoring with Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, when I was working on recovering my own health from Lyme disease and mold illness. I just finished reading her new book ''Harmonic Healing: Restore Your Vital Force for Lifelong Wellness'', and I’m really excited today to have her on the show, and have her share with us. Thanks so much for being here Dr. Linda. 

[00:02:26.20] Dr. Linda: Thank you, it's my pleasure.

[00:02:28.18] Scott: What was your personal journey that led you to doing the work you're doing today and working with patients with complex chronic illnesses?

[00:02:37.24] Dr. Linda: Well, whether it's complex or simple, we listen to the body. And I have a general way of looking at everyone, and that is, I realize we're in a pollution, a world of pollution. I realize that changes the electromagnetic frequency of our body. And that electromagnetic frequency makes us susceptible to disease processes.

And in the process of disease, I always find a parasite. And it's worked all these years. I’ve been practicing for 40 years, and I’m pretty much doing what I used to do all these years. Maybe some of the herbal mixtures are a little more refined, but at the at the end of the day, it's how do we stimulate the body's vital force to heal itself.

[00:03:34.03] Scott: Beautiful. One of our mutual friends, Ann Louise Gittleman, shared a mentor with you that being Dr. Hazel Parcells. How did you come to know Dr. Parcells? And what were some of the most important ways that she shaped your understanding of health and “dis-ease”?

[00:03:50.28] Dr. Linda: Well, I was already in practice before I met Dr. Parcells as a homeopath. And also on a road of understanding that there were parasites and heavy metals and chemicals, I had already realized that by just doing electro-acupuncture, EAV testing. So that to be said, when I met Dr. Parcells, I found a very easy system to analyze what's going on at the cell level, the electromagnetic energy of the cell.

So the most profound thing that I learned from Dr. Parcells is how to contact the blood crystal to see what is the electromagnetic balance. Because in that electromagnetic balance is where we see health or “dis-ease”.

[00:04:53.04] Scott: Beautiful. Much of the discussion that we're going to have today and what you talk about in the book is referencing etheric energy or light energy, and I’m going to read this little paragraph from the book.

“Etheric energy vitalizes the body cells, tissues, fluids organs and glands in their many efforts.  Generating and then using or storing metabolic energy from oxygen and food.  Communicating via the electrical activity of the neurons and the chemical signaling of hormones. Maintaining homeostasis or the balance of bodily systems in immeasurable ways every second, and meeting higher intensity needs like healing, reproduction and growth.”

So since we're going to talk about things that are lessening or increasing this etheric energy, let's set the stage by talking about what is etheric energy? Are there ways to measure it? And what are some of the primary sources of it? How can we get etheric energy from food or can we possibly even get it from supplements, for example?

[00:05:52.12] Dr. Linda: Okay. Let's just say, first of all, etheric energy is the life force. If there isn't any etheric energy, it is dead. This etheric energy is everywhere. It is the space; it is the primordial sound. That ether which is one of the five elements of Ayurveda, that ether comes into us when we're born and enlivens us so that we are alive.

When we leave the planet, we no longer have an etheric field. So this in the esoteric texts, they talk about this physical body which is our bones and our organs and systems, these are all our physical matter. However, the etheric part is actually the life force. So when we talk ether, we talk life force. It's where things came from, how things became alive. So when we understand that ether or our physical body and esoteric text, they talk about the physical and the etheric body combined.

So we don't just have a physical body, but we have a physical-etheric body. If there's no ether, there's no life. And this ether comes in through the chakras, through the endocrine system. Each of the chakras has an endocrine gland that it controls and communicates with the other glands. So our chakras or our endocrine system are our spark plugs, but they spark because of the etheric energy that comes in.

[00:07:54.10] Scott: And so, are there ways and that we can measure our level of this etheric energy?

[00:08:00.27] Dr. Linda: Yes, there are. Well, we can look at it, I mean seers can see this etheric force field that emanates from our body. Imagine this etheric force fields emanating from our body as interpenetrating threads of light.

This is what they call the luminous body; this is what they call the light body. So how do we measure it, that was your question, how do we measure it? Seers can see it. In anthroposophical medicine, Rudolph Steiner taught the physicians how to defocus and actually see the etheric field.

[00:08:46.07] Scott: Is this field different from what people call the aura? 

[00:08:52.13] Dr. Linda: Yes. I don't like calling it the aura; I prefer to say it is part of the physical-etheric being. Because the aura is a little different because other things can come in, it's not just the etheric fields. But understand that you can feel the etheric field, if you put your hands closer to your body, you can feel it. There's an energy field that comes around us.

But in Parcells’ work, in Dr. Hazel Parcells’ work, was the most brilliant way of measuring. And I've talked about it in my book, I use a pendulum and in a closed field. So I'm not talking hey pendulum, what do you think? I'm not doing that at all. I take a blood crystal or a spot of blood; the blood is the crystalline structure of you; it has an etheric energy.

If you're alive, that blood sample that blood spot will emanate a field. We can see it in a high powered microscope as well. But you can actually pick the frequency by just holding the pendulum over the blood. If that person is not alive, there is no frequency. So now we can ask a lot of questions about that because this is remotely testing within a closed field. We use a determination board, which is copper wire connected to a measuring tool. But it's all very simple. It's so simple that it's profound. To be able to measure the energy of our blood.

[00:10:48.22] Scott: When we talk about the etheric energy, what are the primary sources of it? How do we get more of it? Is it something that we're able to take in from food or from supplements? How do we get this etheric energy?

[00:11:05.01] Dr. Linda: Well, we have that etheric energy. We get it from breathing; we get it from eating properly. We get it from consciousness. The awareness of this ability of our body to have energy. However, you said food, absolutely. If food has a strong etheric field that means it's emanating etheric energy because it still has a life force.

Food needs to have a life force. If it's bombarded with pesticides, GMO, processed foods, it has a weak energy field. So in order to raise our vitality or our etheric energy, we're talking about eating food that has etheric energy, which is organic, even better biodynamic. So organic food that has an emanation, and we can measure that food with our methods as well. And so there's that, then supplementation depends.

Some supplements are very good, and as we know, some are not. Some has a low frequency because maybe there is a pesticide on one of the herbs that has been used, I don't know. I just know that energetically, we're looking for a full potential etheric energy of the food that we're eating. So if we have an apple that is a remedy.

If it has full energy of what an apple emanates, which is the potential of even healing a liver. So whole foods, local foods, not old foods. Foods that are fresh and cooked at, you've read my books, so slow cooking, I prefer slow cooking, not real fast get it done with. Low heat, and well, there's a whole list of suggestions I would say.

[00:13:23.19] Scott: So we know that food should be our medicine, but for those people that are interested in doing some supplementing, because maybe their food quality is not always ideal. Are there any specific types of supplements or supplement lines that you've consistently seen that have a higher level of this etheric energy that can potentially help to raise our vibration so to speak?

[00:13:47.29] Dr. Linda: Well, I don't recommend any specific brand. What I recommend is learning how to identify what's good and not good. Vibrationally, you can test that. That's why I tell people learn to use a pendulum so that you test it for yourself. But herbs, for instance, I love Dietrich Klinghardt’s herbs. We also have our local herbs that we use and our own products.

And we also, I mean Ann Louise Gilman is doing a great job of her supplementation. During these times, we want to make sure we have enough vitamin C with being inside all the time vitamin D, and keeping that liver going. And using herbs that are oxygenated, it's real important to get that oxygenation going between the radiation that we have, and also to protect our immune system.

[00:14:56.18] Scott: You've mentioned some of these ways that you can explore or evaluate the etheric field. In the book, you talk about electro-acupuncture, radiesthesia, the pendulum.

You've mentioned the determination board you've mentioned, are these all essentially ways that are considered energetic testing? And can you then utilize these same tools to identify what stressors are affecting a specific person? For example, you mentioned parasites, can we take these tools into that realm as well?

[00:15:26.21] Dr. Linda: Absolutely, and yes. If the electro-acupuncture devices can be used to measure the systems, and then you're able to put formulas on top. Suddenly oh my god, the parasite formula is testing, must be parasites. In the Parcells’ system, we go through lists of, I don't have a parasite list, but go through lists to see if there is a resonance of that particular.

So yes, it is absolutely an energetic tool. And I don't mind that they go in and get tested western-wise, because it comes out in the same way. I do a blood chemistry and know whether the person has low blood sugar. Why are those adrenal glands so low? What are the stressors? We'll go down the heavy metals list.

Oh my gosh, Aluminum, Aluminum is a nightmare, and I’m sure you'll know that these days, so much in the air, nanoparticles of Aluminum. There's so much radiation that we're being affected by. And I’m not saying to run away and hide; I give tools to learn how to live in the environment that we are in.

[00:16:57.16] Scott: Yes. And I very much resonate with the energetic testing. Most people listening probably know my story; I had been pretty disabled for about eight years. And after 45 doctors, it was a medical doctor that sent me to an acupuncturist that was doing electro acupuncture at the time. And she was the first person that ever mentioned Borrelia, Bartonella, Babesia, or Ehrlichia and kind of sent me down a very different life path.

And so, I find energetic testing to be a phenomenal and my preferred tool of exploration as well. You have found things like heavy metals and chemicals, you've mentioned radiation, parasites these can all be common blockages to our optimal health. And you've defined parasites very broadly to include things like worms, fungus, bacteria, micro-parasites and viruses.

So we're not talking just about worms, but we're talking about any organism that potentially is surviving because we're the host. And so which of these roadblocks do you see most commonly in patients that are having complex chronic, maybe neurodegenerative type conditions?

[00:18:08.00] Dr. Linda: Well, across the board, I see fungus or mold, across the board. Because that fungus, mold is actually, especially fungus is actually doing a job. So the idea on any parasite is to get it under control, so they're not in an overgrowth situation. So we have worms, we have, as you say, we have fungus. We have bacteria; we have microscopic parasites which I want to go back to and viruses which we're involved in now.

So these five categories of parasites, because now we have a lot of grouping of all of those five parasites that I put together according to the elements, the five elements. So worms, for instance, very common for children to have worms, very common. And worms is not; we are also still an animal, we need to be dewormed periodically. And we'll get into that with the parasite cleanse. We have fungus; it's connected, so the worms are connected to the earth element.

That's why herbs work so well for worms because that's part of the earth element. Fungus is the water element. One of the main things with fungus and molds is it really upsets the emotional body because that's that water element trying to find its balance.

So I’m sure people can become aware of when they have high levels of fungus, they want, want, want. I want sugar, I want bread, it's almost like another being in themselves wanting this, and it's very difficult to overcome. But in that overcoming, we will overcome the fungus; we will overcome the mold.

The bacteria is the fire element, and that bacteria is causing like just Helicobacteria. Any time we're having an infection it's red, it's fire, and that fire I treat homeopathically because that's my medicine for fire is homeopathy. And then we have the microscopic parasites which are connected to the air element. Now those microscopic parasites act like worms, but you can see them. So the spirochete is a microscopic parasite to me. I know everyone says it's a bacteria.

I believe from my research that the spirochete is living in the blood, and creating the bacteria. So we still have to first go back and clear out the spirochete, which is really a worm. Then we can begin to clear out the bacteria because otherwise, it's just a revolving door, it just keeps coming back and back. And then we give antibiotics because that infection is so high and then we get Candida, so it's layer upon layer upon layer.

And then we have viruses, and viruses is connected to the etheric element, or the ether, which is what we're talking about. I believe viruses bring us information from the ethers. I think it's a learning process. Viruses are not alive until they come in connection with us, at least that has been my experience. The idea that it's going to jump on us does not happen.

[00:22:13.21] Scott: The key components of your work and you've mentioned several of these are homeopathy, herbs, organic whole foods, cleansing programs. So, for example, the liver, which we're going to talk about more.

I love that you incorporate these detoxifying baths, so a lot of the things that you talk about are things that we can just include into our routine and become part of our life and don't have to always feel like we still have an illness so to speak, it just becomes part of our daily routine. You talk about breathing, meditation. So are these the tools that make the foundation of your Harmonic Healing system?

[00:22:49.18] Dr. Linda: Yes, for sure. It is a lifestyle. Okay, it's not a book you open just to clean the liver, it's a book you open that you want to stay well and this is how you stay well. You can go back and do that cleansing, that liver cleansing at any time, and incorporate it with any program. So neutralizing heavy metals, neutralizing radiation, dealing with carbons - these are the baths.

It's a fact that we are exposed. So yes, meditation, why meditation? Because you're connecting to the etheric force field. Your connection to the oneness of our divine nature. And so we have this physical- etheric body which is where disease process is, and it starts in the etheric body by the way. It doesn't first go into the physical. And these unseen pollutions such as aluminum and so forth, that's what's creating an environment at the cellular level, that creates an opportunity for these culprits to exist.

[00:24:05.21] Scott: So the connection then between this energy and what happens physically in the body. I love in the book; you share the five principles of harmonic healing.

And so the first one that we do have this innate ability to heal, that comes from our vital force. Second, that we can strengthen or weaken our subtle energy fields depending on the electromagnetic environment of the cells.

Third, that when the cellular environment is weakened, that's when parasites take over and lead to disease, exactly what you were just talking about. Fourth, that when parasites and environmental stressors are neutralized, our digestive power can repair, our vital force can flow. And then fifth, that when the vital force becomes strong, the disease process begins to resolve. And I love this because so many people that I’ve encountered, and this was years ago my idea of treating Lyme disease, for example, was kill, kill, kill.

That is no longer my idea, my idea is what you said earlier we may need to do some work to manage microbial overgrowths, but they're there for other reasons, and we need to look at what are those other reasons. The terrain, the vital force and so on. So if disease is correlated to vital force, or maybe I should say now that we know disease is correlated to our vital force or our etheric energy. What are the factors that take down or build up this vital force?

[00:25:35.20] Dr. Linda: Well, righteous thinking, right action. Understanding that we are one in the world, that all of us dealing with the same thing. You know I believe that health is a process, and if you change the environment of the cell, and you change your environment, the condition no longer exists. So the job, the work really is how do we get the electromagnetic balance to create health within us. I say eliminate, clear that, do simple things.

You can take Harmonic Healing, the book Harmonic Healing and give it to any neighbor that doesn't know all that you know. They will get results from just eliminating processed food, eating organic, eating foods that are combined properly. Food that resonates with our body, I said having good thoughts, breathing, doing a little breathing practice every day, yes.

A simple, alternate nostril breathing can open up your mind and find; we're looking to find peace, isn't this about finding peace? Finding peace within ourselves. Finding peace in our emotional field, finding peace in our mental field. So that takes work, but we know that it's within, it's our inner work that really matters.

[00:27:14.29] Scott: I love that you highlighted peace because I feel like so often recovering from a chronic condition is viewed as a battle or a war, which is exactly the opposite of what you're talking about here in terms of finding peace.

And I think when we approach health recovery as a battle or a war; we're already kind of coming from maybe the wrong perspective in many ways. You've said that pollution and parasites coexist together in layers and that those may be in play until some triggering event leads to the parasites eventually taking over.

So this sometimes can be a long process. And I’m wondering if that is similar to saying the idea of the terrain being so critical or key and that microbes thrive when we have a toxic terrain. I love the phrase used in the book; you say parasites are drawn to metals and chemicals like birds to breadcrumbs, which is just a great phrase. So talk to us about the terrain in terms of our microbial burden.

[00:28:16.28] Dr. Linda: Okay. So let's look at this terrain, we're looking more, the way I look at it, is more than just what's there physically, I’m looking at it energetically. If there is a normal flow of electromagnetic energy, there won't be overgrowth. Because Candida grows in a very low frequency, and that's why it's so hard to climb out of it, it's very low. Okay, I might as well show you. I work on a determination board, Scott.

[00:28:55.20] Scott: I believe I’ve seen one of these at our mutual friends.

[00:29:00.11] Dr. Linda: And you know it's time for it to come out because Dr. Parcells lived to be 106 years old and she had all these amazing discoveries. By understanding how she could measure energy. And so within the 360-degree circle of the determination board, is a copper wire that is a circle. Now she figured out that 360 degrees, each one of those little degrees was a unit of energy, an energetic unit. It's in within quantum physics that we are looking at this in a 360-degree energy field.

So if we say if all of our supplements say have 360 degrees, I say that's a good supplement. If they're down at 20, I say there's a heavy metal in that. If I check a blood spot, and your blood spot is reading at 30 or 20 I say you're loaded with heavy metals. If I put an apple here, and it swings to the negative down to almost, if it's down to 20, 0 is dead, okay.

So 20 is the resonance of arsenic. You put the same looking apple on the board, and don't tell me which is organic or not because I can figure it out. And so measure the apple that's organically grown and proper, it goes all the way 360. Guess what? We have a remedy; we have a healing potential. Otherwise, we have a disease potential.

And so these are simple understandings, but not so simple, because we take into consideration that we're measuring energy according to quantum physics on a copper wire that's connected to where I’m measuring these foods or the blood, or whatever I’m measuring. Or I’m trying to find out what's going on in the person, and the microwave radiation is over the chart.

So what do we do? We use simple methods; healing is simple, nature heals. But we're not dealing totally with nature here; we're talking about man-made pollution. And so now we're using techniques or tools to neutralize it, not make a big stink about it, we're neutralizing it. In the long run, this will all get turned around. I have hope for the world.

[00:31:42.27] Scott: So talking about then vibration or energy, heavy metals and chemicals, they have a very low, slow vibration, low energy as you just mentioned relative to the determination board. They can pull down our cellular energy. While electromagnetic fields from the environment are higher speed, they're agitating vibrations that really aggravate us at a cellular level.

So the question is, does that mean that the more we detoxify our body, the more we get rid of these low vibrations that we will then have more cellular energy available for healing? And the more we reduce our exposure to these electromagnetic fields or electrosmog, the more calm, the more peace that we then will experience within the cell?

[00:32:29.18] Dr. Linda: Yes and no, because we're not going to get rid of it. We're going to keep it under control just like we keep the biome under control, by creating this electromagnetic energy that's balanced. My patients know, it's time for a heavy metals bath, they know I’ve been exposed to radiation, you could almost feel like a slight neuropathy in your feet.

Or some swelling, it's inflammation. So it's not that it's a high vibration for radiation, but it creates agitation and inflammation on top of the inflammation we already have from so many different categories. We know inflammation is a big deal in disease. But that's our body's response to what's going on.

I prefer to look what's causing the inflammation, instead of just give anti-inflammatory, anti-inflammatories. That's like climbing up a hill that we're never going to get to. If we can create an environment within ourselves, that's not over the top on heavy metals, within a within a range that our body can tolerate it. And keeping the radiation down is an ongoing.

[00:33:49.15] Scott: And when you say radiation, are we talking about the electrosmog? Are we also talking about environmental radiation such as exposure from Fukushima as an example?

[00:34:01.06] Dr. Linda: All of it.

[00:34:02.11] Scott: Okay.

[00:34:03.00] Dr. Linda: All of it. And EMF of course, but just all of the radiations that are coming, including people radiations. We didn't get into the emotional part of all of this, and the mental or how we're thinking about all of this and it's pretty scary. And it does not have to be because this is our training, earth is a training ground, we're learning.

[00:34:29.12] Scott: We are learning.

[00:34:31.11] Dr. Linda: So make the process fun.

[00:34:34.15] Scott: You talk about assaults on the energy body from pollution, the electrosmog, EMFs. From the technology that bombards us every day now in this modern world. So what are, you mentioned the baths, what are some of the things we can do to reduce or minimize the effect on the electrosmog in our external environment?

[00:34:54.25] Dr. Linda: Oh, well got to talk to my friend Dietrich about all that, because I prefer to energize my own body, instead of creating a safe space. I do hardwire my computer; we are hardwired. So we don't have that going on, because I recommend that a lot to please hardwire your computer go straight to Ethernet. 

[00:35:24.23] Scott: But you have a bath in this realm?

[00:35:27.04] Dr. Linda: Pound of sea salt and a pound of baking soda neutralize the detrimental effects of radiation. So if we see that in a high acid field, in our work it's either acid or alkaline, not acid and alkaline according to food at all. But acid in alkaline according to a battery, like our cells or batteries. So there's the acid part of the battery, and there is an alkaline part of the battery. If our cells get too alkaline, disease process enters. If we get too acidic, because of all the radiation coming in, then we get inflammation, we can feel it in our nerves, we can feel it.

We know electro-sensitive people have experienced that, so the idea is to balance that electromagnetic energy of our cells so that we have good integrity of our cells and it stays in balance. It's the long time effects of radiation that causes the problem because then we have radiation breakdown.

And I do mean underground radiation, earth radiation, electromagnetic radiation, cell phones, in front of your computer, all of that is affecting our subtle energy. We are not just a physical body, we are an electrical body, and these are the kinds of things that affect us electrically.

[00:36:57.21] Scott: Probably almost, more importantly, an energy body than a physical body, even though we don't really pay a lot of attention in most of the modern world. Have you seen the sea salt baking soda bath, have you seen people that were electromagnetically hypersensitive, does that have the potential to help reduce some of those symptoms in those people?

[00:37:19.23] Dr. Linda: Without a doubt.

[00:37:20.28] Scott: Beautiful, that's a fantastic tool.

[00:37:22.13] Dr. Linda: Without a doubt. The salt and soda baths do work for radiation but depend on your exposure, and how long you've been exposed to, how much you need to do it until you see the results. One bath is not going to fix the problem, ongoing baths will and sometimes, in the beginning, a little more, you'll feel it. When you first take a salt and soda bath, I can remember it so. Clearly, my long bones in my legs were really aching.

And I said Dr. Parcells, I said my legs really hurt after the salt and soda bath, she said keep doing them because you're taking the radiation out of the bones. And radiation goes down into the bone marrow, that's how deep it goes. And that bone marrow is what we call in yoga, the Ojas, or that creative force. So you're breaking down at the core of our being the bone marrow.

[00:38:29.20] Scott: Wow, excellent. Such great tools in this book, I mean really we're not going to even touch on so many of the things that are in here, it's a fantastic collection of resources, and I hope that listeners will go and get it and implement some of these into their routine.

Some of the frequencies that we've talked about like electrosmog can interfere with our system, create disharmony. But there are also frequencies maybe that can harmonize us. What are some examples of frequencies that we can utilize or apply in our life that are not creating disharmony, but are actually creating harmony?

[00:39:06.22] Dr. Linda: Well, the whole work of magnet therapy is very valuable. But you need to know what you're doing; you really do need. And the same thing with a lot of the electrical tools like lasers and so forth. You need a person who knows how to administer that. As far as electromagnetic tools, I’m so sensitive, and I always have been.

So for me, using those kinds of tools I don't, I really don't. I use simple bath techniques; I use the electromagnetic energy of food. I understand the body and how to detox it and support the body in that way.  And my meditative practices, because you actually strengthen your etheric web when you meditate, that changes frequency.

And also you know Scott; if we have food in front of us and we know this is not organic food, so what am I going to, turn my nose up. No, I understand that if I bless it, it will not be toxic to me. It may not have the 360-degree potential as a healing, but it's not going to be a detriment. We can get it to the point where it's out of the disease process because of the love that we have within us, and our ability to know ourselves that we're able to do so. So say a prayer before you eat.

[00:40:45.25] Scott: Beautiful. Many of the people listening today are dealing with conditions like chronic Lyme disease, you do mention Lyme disease in the book, and you touched on it already in this conversation, that the most pervasive heavy metal of our time is aluminum. You have said, and Dr. Klinghardt has said, that aluminum strengthens the powerful hold of the Lyme spirochete. So talk to us about how you view Lyme disease, recovery from Lyme disease and how important is the focus on detoxification versus killing the spirochete.

[00:41:19.04] Dr. Linda: Okay, I never would say killing the spirochete. Number one, I would say okay, it's your friend, that spirochete is your friend because it keeps you in line. I’ve gotten bit twice, in 1987 and again in like five years ago, so I know it very intimately, I know the spirochete, and I know the nature of it, which is the nature of air. That's why ozone is very effective. Lyme disease, from my perspective needs two important things to be done.

One, clear or neutralize, I like the word neutralize rather than killing. Neutralize the activity of Lyme or the Lyme spirochete. Because how I view it, is the Lyme spirochete is living in your blood and creating havoc by creating bacteria. So the Borrelias, all of the bacterias that are causing all the inflammation in the joints and causing a lot of problems neurologically, I mean I've seen so many different kinds of symptoms with Lyme.

And my way of dealing with it is the milk cleanses to neutralize the spirochete, and after checking in my way of whether or not the spirochete has neutralized or not active, we never say it's gone, we just don't. It's like telling somebody, oh your herpes is gone, I’m sorry you're going to live with herpes for the rest of your life, and that's the bottom line. It's your job to keep it under control; it's our job to keep the spirochete under control as well.

And that spirochete is connected to the syphilitic part of ourselves. Yes, syphilis, yes spirochete is in the same category of syphilis, a lot of the homeopaths know this. Probably, your audience know about that too, Syphilinum remedies are used very well.

[00:43:40.21] Scott: Or from a miasm perspective.

[00:43:42.07] Dr. Linda: Miasm perspective, yes. It is a Syphilitic miasm. And it's especially difficult if someone already has Syphilitic miasm tendencies, which is obsessive and compulsive. So here we are, we're dealing with that also. Okay, so we do a milk cleanse, spirochete. 99.9% of the time has neutralized to the next level of where now we need to deal with the bacteria that's left behind, and still causing the pain in the joints, still causing the neurological symptoms. Still causing all the symptoms that are there, but not all. The Candida, if that person has been treated for Lyme, the normal way of treating is with your antibiotics.

And so now we have another layer on top of the bacteria, which is what the antibiotic was supposed to do. But really, I believe it just pushes it in deeper and then creates this other culprit in our biome. And so we go on, simple, I put them on a liver cleansing diet with Candida protocol, which means nothing fermented basically. And along with some good antifungals, and there's no special formula that's going to be better than anything else.

From my perspective, I get work done with oregano oil; I get work done with olive leaf for caprylic acid. It depends on what the person individually tests for and keep it simple. I think a lot of the problems with these kind of chronic diseases is they try everything and everything and keep taking lots and lots of supplements. Well, this is good for Lyme I’m going to take that, this is good for Lyme I’m going to take that, keep it simple.

[00:45:50.04] Scott: Guilty as charged.

[00:45:53.12] Dr. Linda: No, keep it simple, because trust that these things work, actually they work. And so I love Andrographis as an herb, to follow the milk cleanse, because of its oxygenating ability, it's the most bitter herb that we have.

[00:46:14.08] Scott: The king of the bitters.

[00:46:16.07] Dr. Linda: Yes, Dr. Dietrich talks a lot about it, and I love that he does. And so we work for a while on dealing with whatever is there. And you know lots of times you'll see worms as well because it's been sitting in their system forever and that's what we can then feel, to begin with. So it's identifying what kind of parasite, and it's not just worms, it's a fungus, it's bacteria and viruses.

We know that EBV comes up with Lyme very often because our immune systems are down. So again, once we know what's going on, I've never needed to use any kind of western drugs to reverse the chronic Lyme disease actually as well.

[00:47:05.28] Scott: And then kind of tying it back to what we were talking about with aluminum, and the need for detoxification, that there is that synergy between aluminum and Lyme.

And so that's why you're always doing these things as part of your protocol to continue to detoxify, to neutralize to use your word the aluminum in the body, so that also is helping to move things forward from a perspective of chronic Lyme disease. How do others let's say glyphosate for example, how does glyphosate?

[00:47:37.01] Dr. Linda: Can I go back for a minute?

[00:47:38.11] Scott: You bet.

[00:47:38.18] Dr. Linda: Because this is very important, and I don't usually share this. But I know the viewers are going to kind of understand it. In measuring energy, I work on it on a 360 degree, okay.

Aluminum resonates at a 30, are you ready for this? Syphilis spirochetes resonate at 30, is that enough to understand why? So you can do all you want of trying to clear that out unless we change the environment and change that cell to a normal electromagnetic field because it's just pulling down.

[00:48:28.19] Scott: So is that also then to say that the Borrelia spirochete resonates at a similar energetic value or no?

[00:48:36.24] Dr. Linda: No. If Borrelia is active, it usually has a very high frequency, and at a low grade, it's at 20. And this is observation Scott; this is years, this 40 years keep coming back to the same thing, the same thing. Say well, even if I’m only 95% correct, no.

[00:48:59.28] Scott: So we talked about the metals like aluminum, for example, but how do let's say pesticides like glyphosate, which is something that's talked a lot about. Currently, lots of labs starting to test for it, various detoxification protocols. Does glyphosate exposure synergistically make the aluminum problem worse?

[00:49:20.03] Dr. Linda: You know they're all in the same field of low frequency, low energy, pulling down from the magnetic side of things. It's hard to find things without glyphosate in it, that's how bad it is. That's why I like to clear my food; make sure it's organic. That's why I use local, and I know my farms, but those that can't, they can use the cleansing food bath.

[00:49:54.21] Scott: And all those recipes are in the books as well.

[00:49:57.27] Dr. Linda: You know Ann Louise, and I have both been using these techniques for many years, and they work.

[00:50:07.14] Scott: Where does exposure to mold and mycotoxins, we've talked about fungus, but that was also in the Candida realm. But if we're looking at molds and mycotoxins from water-damaged buildings, where does that fit in in terms of things that bring down our health or our etheric energy in your model?

And it's interesting in the book; you say that mold toxins block the detoxification of heavy metals and amplify the effects of metals in the body so that to me was really an interesting connection and we know the metals amplify Lyme. So talk to us how you view mold and mycotoxin illness from environmental water damage building exposure. 

[00:50:49.28] Dr. Linda: The hard part about mold and it creating the mycotoxins and so forth, is that it comes through the air, it comes right through into our lungs. The lungs are one of the most difficult organs to detoxify.

So you still have to go back and change the electromagnetic frequency. We use different herbal preparations, but really breathing is one of the most important parts; is breathing. Doing your breathing exercises, to get it moving. And oxygen-wise is; how we deal with it is oxygen.

[00:51:34.05] Scott: When we look at worms, for example, Dr. Klinghardt's talked about how they concentrate metals potentially as a protective mechanism. And so I'm wondering if you think that parasites like worms are always bad, or is there a scenario where maybe there is a beneficial or at least a synergistic relationship, where they are doing something for us that we need at that point in time.

[00:52:00.21] Dr. Linda: Well, they think that the worms think that, that they're supposed to be doing that. But really, any overgrowth of any culprit should be dealt with. I have not seen a roundworm or a tapeworm that's been beneficial as far as I’m concerned, and it is especially difficult when you see these asthma cases look for the Ascaris lumbricoides, which is a roundworm.

So are we really just dealing with mold, or are we dealing with parasites in the lungs and heavy metals. So what we need to do is to find out. And I love muscle testing, that's a very good way energetically testing like Dr. Klinghardt does. And you can unravel this so that you can use, but it's not kill this, kill that; no, it's using our human body the way it's supposed to be used by doing breathing to cleanse the lungs, by keeping our mind connected, by meditating, by gratefulness.

By giving prayer to our food, and the hands that prepared the food also. So neutralize, neutralize, neutralize negative thinking, negative food, processed manipulated food. I know there's this big push for this Beyond Meat stuff. I won't tell you what my testing has shown.

[00:53:38.18] Scott: I was guessing you've already put it there on the determination board.

[00:53:43.18] Dr. Linda: Yes.

[00:53:44.21] Scott: When we look at parasites like the worms, you also mentioned using a milk cleanse for the spirochetes in some cases as well. So the goat milk cleanse, in the book you mentioned LabElymental’s milk cleanse which is a newer product that's emerged recently, and that's a combination of three different herbal formulas that are used with the milk cleanse.

So just tell us a little about the concept why milk, is it kind of acting like bait to pull things out of the system? And then if you have any insights about the LabElymental cleanse, I think listeners would be interested in that as well.

[00:54:22.18] Dr. Linda: Well, I’ve been using milk cleanses for almost 40 years. And the idea of a milk cleanse, I prefer goat milk because goat milk is closer to mother's milk. And it seems to be tolerated better, especially on our Tubercular cases. You know our Tubercular miasm cases. Which by the way those Tubercular misam, I'm going off track here for a minute, but those Tubercular miasm and cases are one of the most difficult to clear with Lyme.

Because Tuberculosis connected to bacteria and now we're producing bacteria, so they have the toughest time with the bacterias, Tubercular types who are also the allergic types. So the allergic types best to use goat milk, if you're yeah, so we'll put that there. But the concept came from Dr. Parcells; she had been using the milk cleanse for 30 years before me. And it came out of the teachings of the Essenes, of the Essenes, wherein those days there were worm problems, trust me there were worm problems.

And the healer would put the person in a tub of milk until the worms would crawl out to drink it, that was the process. And so when we give the milk, the worms come out to drink the milk within the gut. And we give a very simple formula which is anti-parasitic, but herbals not drugs, but herbals and we kind of lure them out.

And after eight days, it seems like that is the best timing for the re-hatching and so forth. And I get a neutral on most of the clearing of parasites that we do. Parasites meaning, the milk cleanse for worms such as tapeworm or Ascaris lumbricoides and microscopic worms, microscopic parasites. You know that little screwy looking spirochete, it looks like a worm it doesn't look like a bacteria, it looks like a worm. And so we treat it, they come out, and they come out into the lymph system also. So we're clearing it from the lymph and the gut because we do a two-week follow-up after to clear the lymph system. So I’ve been doing this for years and years, and I had two of my patients approach me from different directions and say listen, we are completely healed from Lyme disease.

I’ve never felt better in my life; can't we get it out to at least our Lyme population? And I wasn't sure; I thought it really needed to be monitored by a practitioner. And then I realized, this is a really simple cleanse and it can be stopped at any time, there's nothing toxic in the cleanse. So LabElymental was created, and I joined my two partners, and we created the milk cleanse.

[00:57:58.18] Scott: Awesome.

[00:57:59.18] Dr. Linda: And you can go to it TheMilkCleanse.com and get lots of information about the milk cleanse. So yes it's new, and we're very excited about it because now they don't have to wait for me or anybody else, they can just try it themselves. I find that the Lyme community is the most educated of all because they have had to be.

Most of you guys are your own doctors, and I love that, but we need to analyze what's really going on. You do the milk cleanse, and you feel great during the milk cleanse, but you start eating and then what's going on, you're getting some of the symptoms back well. It's not that they're back, those are the symptoms of Candida.

Those are the symptoms of leftover inflammation that needs to be dealt with now. That's why we need to clean the liver, that's why we're doing detox to clear the inflammation, change the electromagnetic field. We've gotten rid one of the culprits, and we're headed to deal with the rest of them.

[00:59:07.22] Dr. Linda: The milk idea first entered my awareness several years ago in the context of the rope worm discussion, and some of the Gubarev protocols from Russia use milk as well. And so I’m interested in your thoughts on rope worms, there's so much debate on what a rope worm is. Is it a worm? Is it a parasite? Is it a biofilm colony? Is it some lymphatic dumping that the body's doing or lymphatic sludge? What are your thoughts on rope worms?

[00:59:42.14] Dr. Linda: Yes, I mean I think it's a colony, it's biofilm colony. So that's when you start using your biofilm cleansers. Yes, because those rope worms keep coming and coming and coming and it's not a tapeworm, it's not a roundworm, it is that. But it looks like a worm well enough we'll call it that, because at the end of the day it is a parasite.

[01:00:15.17] Scott: Yes. And in in the words of Shrek, I believe, and Dr. Klinghardt better out than in, right? So even if it's not an exact parasite, people do feel better as those rope worms are being eliminated.

Is there a purpose in all of these parasites? Is there some reason that we experience them? You mentioned that being here is a learning process. What's the purpose of the parasites?

[01:00:47.21] Dr. Linda: Parasites are an opportunity to learn about ourselves. We are susceptible according to our elements as well. And as we balance our own elements, our own five elements, we actually become more aware, and our consciousness raises. You know why are we here? Why are we here? We're here to understand who we are. So the mistake is really by focusing only on parasites. Parasites, the five elements it's all part of us.

So it tells us that we are out of balance. Now okay, let's be honest here, you get a little kid, and they get bit by a tick, and they have spirochetes. What's that about? What are we learning about that? I think that that's just being in the wrong environment at the wrong time. And so I feel as we're learning about, as we are clearing the parasites, we are also learning how to overcome these weaknesses that our will is most important. I talk a lot about the will, and the will has to do with our liver because that's connect connected to our mental body, the way we think.

So I’m going to go back here again to subtle energy. So we have this physical-etheric that now we know are together, because if they're separate, then we're not alive. So we have this physical-etheric double, but then we have an emotional field of how we feel about who we are and how we connect, our personality and what we're feeling about the world, what we're feeling about ourselves, our family. And what are those challenges, how do we create a peaceful environment in our emotional world. Then we have a mental, that mental is not just our brain thinking; that's not what it is. Our mental is actually our connection to the divine; it's the closest connection because that is how we connect, is through the tendencies of our mind, mind-body.

So how do we do that, by reigning it in? Like Arjuna and Krishna, you have to reign in your mind. You have to know that you're in command of your body, know that you're in command of who you. And not in the egotistical way, but an understanding that there is higher than us. We're the same here, Scott; we're connected on a soul connection. But there's another show going on upstairs. And we want to keep that divine connection so that we can create our own peace.

[01:04:07.10] Scott: The liver is so key to your protocol, and unlocking our healing potential. It's critical for how we assimilate foods that we consume. The bile that it creates is critical for our utilization of fats, for our ability to detoxify.

Many people don't realize that the liver creates lymphatic fluid as well. So what are some of the key things in the Harmonic Healing approach that we might consider for supporting the liver, the liver cleansing program? 

[01:04:39.08] Dr. Linda: Okay. Well, it's a six-week liver cleansing that I talk about, but in this day and age, you almost have to stay on it. And go just to the, you'll see at the end of the chapter. There's a maintenance, because of the environment that we're living in and affecting. But let's go to the liver for a minute, so our liver processes protein, carbohydrates, and fats, okay.

And so it's a factory, it's processing. What's interfering with that very often it's parasites, very often it's heavy metals. So we need to clean that up and then clean the liver. But besides just processing all of that, the liver processes our thoughts and our emotions. And these are toxins that come through the blood that the liver needs to process. So that's why it's so important to keep our liver clean so that we have a good strong connection to our mental fields so that we know our will. What makes us tick? Why are we here? It's back to why are we here.

It's difficult when we don't have our tools working for us. So in the Harmonic Healing liver cleansing program. So it has to do with eliminating certain foods for a while so that we have a stress-free diet. So if you give your liver a stress-free diet, and give some very easy herbs. You could just even only use milk thistle, and you're going to clean it up by giving a stress-free diet. Now I have the most problems with me saying to people well; I think you should eliminate nuts for the next six weeks, they go why?

Nuts are so good for you. I’m not saying nuts aren't good for you, and they don't have the seed for growth, which is why they're so valuable. Because then we have growth forces. But at this time, the nuts are filled with oils and difficult to digest because most people are eating nuts like it's popcorn. Big jar of nuts on their table and they're working, that is going to clog up the liver.

So I just say no nuts now. But I say later on the maintenance; you can have a handful of almonds and some raisins and go on your hike, yes. I’m not anti-nuts, but I do say to give the liver a chance to recover, give fresh fruits and vegetables and simple proteins. If you're a vegetarian, so you're with whole grains and some legume, don't use cheese as your protein. Whereas on the just straight liver cleansing diet, the paleo diet with extra vegetables is a good diet and less of the bacon, please.

[01:07:55.10] Scott: Yes, you mentioned avoiding things like the bad oils, which I think is such a common thing we do. Particularly, when we eat out and we don't realize how much canola oil and other things are being used in restaurants, for example.

Eliminating some of the sugars like fructose that can certainly stress the liver. And then you incorporate the idea of this liver cleansing drink, and the recipe is in the book but things like grapefruit and lemon and olive oil garlic, flaxseed, ginger. How is that helping to support us moving in the direction of a harmonic healing lifestyle?

[01:08:33.21] Dr. Linda: Okay, that's very good. The liver cleansing drink was originally; I learned originally when I was studying polarity therapy at Randolph Stone. I adjusted it a little bit, but I realized okay, and I thought it was genius. You know this Ayurvedic way of cleansing the liver. And so imagine the whole night you're fasting, no food in your body all night. You wake up in the morning, or whenever you wake up, you wake up, and you put this grapefruit or this orange and this lemon and this garlic and this olive oil, raw extra virgin organic olive oil. So now, the body has not eaten anything.

All of a sudden, there's citrus with olive oil comes in, and the gallbladder just goes and says oh my gosh, fats are coming in, oh my gosh citrus, boom. It's a mini liver cleanse every morning. Now some people so we know all about liver cleansers, gallbladder cleanses, and this is a simple way without a practitioner having to tell you okay, now it's the time for a gallbladder cleanse, and you do this apple juice for a week and Epsom salts and all of that.

What we're doing is stress-free diet, which is basically fresh fruits and vegetables organic or we hope. Some protein or legumes and grains and that's it, no baked goods, no nuts. No high heated oils, because get me back to that because that high heated oil is really important in this process. We're putting raw olive oil, that gallbladder just says oh, I’ve got to do my job and it starts to move.

The only problem I find with the liver cleansing drink which I’ve written about in the book is that if you know you've had acid reflux. If you know you're very acidic, or if you're a histamine person, a person who has to be on a histamine free diet, then we use celery, parsley, a green apple, and we use that as a drink, and we use that as a drink without the lemon. And that apple, that green apple just flushes it as well. As we know, we can do apple flushes; I often do one day only eat apples. And yes, that's it.

[01:11:27.08] Scott: Where does the liver cleansing drink fall on the determination board?

[01:11:32.13] Dr. Linda: Well, if it's organic, 360 degrees.

[01:11:36.11] Scott: Awesome. So we talked about the liver gallbladder flushes in that conversation. Do you think that there's a place for coffee enemas in terms of bile flow and unburdening the body from these environmental pollutants?

[01:11:52.00] Dr. Linda: In the coffee enema world, there's a whole following of that. I think it can be utilized if there is there's some real stuckness there, however, I don't think it should be a lifestyle. Nor do I think a colonic once a week for the whole year be a lifestyle. I think we utilize these as tools when it's necessary, but for me, that's not a lifestyle. But I don't have any difficulty with it.

[01:12:23.13] Scott: You mentioned if we can't get fully organic fruits and vegetables, that there are some strategies outlined in the book where we can neutralize the potential downsides of conventionally grown produce. And this isn't an everyday thing; I mean we should still strive for the organic fruits and vegetables. But how might we approach neutralizing when we are eating conventionally grown foods?

[01:12:49.28] Dr. Linda: Well, if you're eating conventionally grown foods, you're more than, the energy of the food is more likely in the very low frequency. And we want to get electromagnetic energy into our system. So yes, we need good etheric energy. If we use the Clorox bath for cleansing fruits and vegetables, instructions are in the book. It won't bring it up to 360, because the vitality was never there in the first place.

Because to get that high frequencies that organic food has, you have to have the soil that has the potential to grow that food at that level of vitality. However, you can get it out of the chemicals and bring it up to maintenance. The same way we can do that with our hands and prayer. I want to get back to the oil, though because it is an important part. In the liver cleansing diet, people always want to know what do you mean no heated oil, everybody cooks with oil, and may cook with olive oil no less. Olive oil has a very low heat tolerance.

And so here we have this nice round molecular structure of olive oil, olive oil has a smooth molecular structure. And when we take it in, it actually cleanses, a good olive oil cleanses the liver. That's why we put in the liver cleansing drink. That's why we put it steam our vegetables and then pour the olive oil on it after because it helps the liver cleansing. I use olive oil as part of the cleansing. But once we heat it, that nice round, smooth molecular structure becomes ragged and sharp edges.

So now what do we have, we have an irritant, we have an inflammatory process because it is no longer a healer, it is actually an aggravator. So my recommendation is while you're doing the liver cleansing, try to avoid heating olive oil, okay. If you have to heat something, use a grape seed oil or Ghee, they can tolerate the oil better. Because there are times you want to make a stir fry or you want to take those black mustard seeds and pop them for your dal and for your lentils, and so I’m a cook.

[01:15:28.07] Scott: I want to come eat at your house.

[01:15:31.04] Dr. Linda: Yes, Dr. Linda’s kitchen. But on a day-to-day basis, I want the olive oil in your system. I want it on your salads; I want it on your steamed vegetables. And I also do a wonderful soup, it's in the recipe book I call Passato di Verdure, and it's a green soup.

But I put olive oil in it and cook it slow, but not direct heat because all of the vegetables and the water are in the pot, and then you just put a little bit of olive oil, and you put it on slow heat. So what I was going to say is that after you do your liver cleansing, and you want to sauté that garlic to make that wonderful fresh tomato sauce. I just put it on low until I smell it, and then it's okay.

[01:16:23.08] Scott: You say to eat a locally grown, vegetable-forward diet; doesn't have to be vegetarian. You say we should eat with the seasons, to stay with the rhythm of life. That we should consider food combinations, use slower, lower heat preparation and honor the act of eating.

So all of those things are really talked about in great detail in the book, the food combinations, the eating with the seasons and so on. And I would refer people to the book to really understand that more.

I want to talk a little bit about the importance of mineral salts, and over time we've talked about, or people have talked about minerals no longer really being in the soil and that being part of why food has maybe lost some of its vitality.

So is it important to consider supplementing with minerals or adding some sea salt or trace minerals to our water? How important are the minerals?

[01:17:21.09] Dr. Linda: Extremely important. And of course, I use a good sea salt. I have a little salt container, and it's at the table, and you just sprinkle, it's almost like a blessing with the food. Salt balances sugar, so we always need to understand that. But when you talk in regards to minerals, the vegetables are the minerals, and you're saying that yes, the soil is not giving the vegetables back.

Well, I would say that's an old story, and the new story is yes, all the movement of organic now the soils are getting regenerated. We are getting our good organic food which has good minerals. It may still not be enough, and you know why? Because of stress. And what do those minerals do? Those minerals are the actual, more so than the vitamins, it's the minerals in the vegetables that's why I’m so vegetable-forward. It's the minerals in the fresh fruits and vegetables that actually energizes our electromagnetic fields, because of the electrical current of the minerals. They're actually electrifying. I recommend seaweed; I recommend good sea salt.

I like homeopathic cell salts so that you can activate the constituents that are necessary for our body. For instance, if the person is very nervous because of what's going on, Kali Phos. You need Potassium phosphate because you need to re-charge that part of your cellular makeup. So it depends on our lifestyle of why we use more salts or minerals than others.

The worst thing to do is to stop having salt. But we don't overindulge in salt and know that our vegetables are the mineral salts that help us to digest our food. I consider vegetables and fruits the digestive process because of minerals; it's the mineral source of that.

[01:19:43.06] Scott: And we know also that minerals, particularly trace minerals are also important for detoxifying the heavy metals, and probably the absence or lack of trace minerals one reason that we then bio-accumulate heavy metals. So the minerals I agree critical, I have trace minerals and sometimes minerals water all the time.

[01:20:03.24] Dr. Linda: Yes, which is what I was going to tell the, sorry the sea is our answer, really the sea.

[01:20:10.13] Scott: Yes. I love like the Quinton isotonic minerals, for example, great.

[01:20:15.09] Dr. Linda: I don't usually mention names, but that one is good, and I use it.

[01:20:20.27] Scott: One of the things that you say in the book is that we need to look at bile, and maximizing the release of bile; that that occurs at about three o'clock in the afternoon. And so for those of us, it kind of got me thinking, for those of us that maybe take some chlorella or occasionally use something like activated charcoal to minimize enterohepatic recirculation of toxins. It sounds like it may be wise to time the use of those binders around 2 or 2:30 in the afternoon so that you have them on board when this larger release of bile occurs. Is that a reasonable way to think about it?

[01:20:59.17] Dr. Linda: You know Scott, you're a genius, yes, it is the best time, yes. I usually do, like I tell people to take those mid-afternoons. But I don't say why; you picked up on it.

[01:21:15.28] Scott: I did, and I hadn't put it together before. I mean I’ve always kind of done it in the afternoon just because it was away from lunch and dinner, but when I read that, I’m like that's a really good reason to focus on the binders in the afternoon.

And then when we look more at bile, you point out in the book that a lack of bile or a problem with bile flow is a key reason people have constipation, which goes against detoxification.

My understanding is that bile flow issues also can play a role in SIBO because we don't have that detergent-like effect from the bile that we end up having issues with the peristalsis or migrating motor complex. And so how often is it that you see the flow of bile as a reason people experience constipation, and any thoughts you might have on how to optimize that?

[01:22:08.18] Dr. Linda: Well, the gallbladder and the flow of bile are lost in everyone, is not a very good flow, almost everyone. It's not always the constipation; it's other things too. When you see people come up in anger a lot of times, it's a congested gallbladder, because that's our bitterness is there. That's where we process our thoughts, is through that bile.

Shakespeare wrote “the gall of him”, so it is necessary to continue to flush the gallbladder, put good thoughts in there. And understand that yes, we need that bitterness in ourselves, but it cannot stay in one spot it has to flow. And you're correct with SIBO, one of the ways of clearing SIBO is clearing the liver gallbladder.

[01:23:10.24] Scott: It's interesting to me that you use the word bitterness there because that brings me back to a phrase I’ve heard Ann Louise Gittleman say often which is “bitters or better”, right? That we want to incorporate bitters as part of our meals, whether it's bitter greens or bitter tincture or something along those lines to help kind of optimize the bile flow as well. So do you find that bitters, that incorporating bitters around mealtime is another strategy for optimizing that whole bile flow?

[01:23:42.15] Dr. Linda: Yes. Well, the bile is bitter, just if anybody can remember throwing up, you know when you're throwing a bile, what that tastes like, that's the bitter bile. And it's so necessary as you say as the detergent of cleaning the system, but it gets stuck when our thoughts get stuck also. Now it's an ongoing process of cleaning up the gallbladder, and bitters are necessary. Bitters in the form of like you said bitter greens.

We always have bitter greens, especially in the springtime, when they're coming up from that. There are very few things in our diet that's bitter, and you know what's interesting, and the reason I both agree on is that coffee is one of our most bitter.

So I drink my coffee black with no sugar because it's bitter. And that is part of the milk cleanse actually, to drink a cup of coffee in the morning to get things stimulated. There are people who can't tolerate coffee, so we just say don't do it. There are very few things that are bitter in our diet. Actually chocolate is bitter, it's all the sugar that's put in it. You may have a hundred percent cacao; I have no problem with that.

[01:25:13.09] Scott: Let's talk a little about hydration and drinking water, and so this is where I learned something from the book as well. I always had the idea, and I, unfortunately, did drink a lot of water with meals. I thought that that was potentially bad because I might be then diluting the acidity or increasing the pH of the gut and maybe negatively affecting digestion. But I learned from the book that it's really more important to not drink water after we eat. So help us understand that a little bit.

[01:25:47.03] Dr. Linda: Okay. Well, think of your stomach as a pot cooking on the stove. So we drink water before we're going to have our meal, because we have this pot cooking on the stove, so you add the water. Then you add the rice, well, and you add the rice or the food and the drink. And then when you're done eating, you stop. Trust your body to digest what you've just given it. So in the regards of how to drink water, I usually drink one or two glasses of water when I wake up in the morning, and then up right up until breakfast, and if I’m having breakfast, I don't always have breakfast.

But I’m drinking water. When I eat, I can drink water if I’m thirsty while I’m eating, but then I stop. You need to wait two to three hours before you drink water again so that the food has time to digest. I mean otherwise, you just, imagine having pot cooking on the stove with rice, and then you lift the pot oh let me add a little water, it just sits on top.

It's not processing the right way. This is not my way of drinking water; this is the Ayurvedic way. Now you say well; I’m going to go work out, well you don't work out till you shouldn't work out till at least two hours after you eat anyway. So you can bring your hopefully not plastic bottled water, and go and do your workout. But it should be in enough time that you've already digested or before you eat; you should do your workout.

[01:27:32.02] Scott: It seems that so many people are cellularly dehydrated, particularly in Lyme disease and mold people drink a lot, we pee a lot. There's this low antidiuretic hormone. Are there some other tools, and can we maybe even use the cell salts in this realm for kind of optimizing hydration?

[01:27:50.05] Dr. Linda: Surely. You can take a pinch of good sea salt and put it in your water, that's number one. That is actually structuring the water. Yes, so you just put a pinch of salt, so that the body absorbs it. Otherwise, it goes through like the desert. Now if this is still a problem, you can start yourself on Nat mur, the cell salt either at 6x or even 30c.

Nat mur is one of the most valuable homeopathics; it works on so many things. But many of us are actually sodium deprived; I'm saying natural sodium. Not just the salt shaker, because if you're in a restaurant do not use the salt shaker. If you're in a restaurant, if they don't have a grinding black pepper, do not use the grounded pepper that becomes toxic. And regular sodium chloride is also toxic. We're talking about using a pinch of sea salt, and all those trace minerals.

[01:29:00.00] Scott: Like a Himalayan or Celtic or something along those lines.

[01:29:03.03] Dr. Linda: Yes.

[01:29:03.21] Scott: Yes, beautiful. I wanted to touch just quickly on the celery juice thing. You mentioned in some cases if people have histamine issues, that we might use a celery as an ingredient into the liver cleansing drink.

Any issues from your perspective with, there is this idea now of just doing celery juice every morning. It's kind of become a big craze. On the flip side, celery is high in oxalates potentially. And so I’m interested in your thoughts, do you think that having a morning celery juice every day has any potential downsides or is that a good thing?

[01:29:38.09] Dr. Linda: I don't think anything every single day is a good idea, okay. And celery juice, I can only say that my celery cleanser is for three weeks and it's only like two stalks of celery. You've got to have a lot of celery to make a big glass.

And I don't think that's something that should be done every day. Maybe you do a celery juice for a week and see how you feel. But using it as that's what I do every day, I mean I don't even tell people to drink the liver cleansing drink every single day. We're using it for a purpose, and I know there's a lot of purpose to why that celery juice has been talked about, I just don't believe it should be forever.

[01:30:35.26] Scott: Another pearl that I got from the book was this idea that when we have a mid-afternoon slump, many people think immediately that there must be an adrenal issue. But coming back to our conversation on minerals, you talk about the importance of minerals to avoid this alkaline slide as you term it in the book.

So I think that that's something I’ll leave there and let people read about in the book. But that was another very interesting for me as I was reading the book.

I want to touch a little bit on the detox bath. So you have various recipes in the book using things like sea salt and baking soda, and apple cider, vinegar and even Clorox. And so I’m sure people listening are going to say what the heck are we doing putting Clorox in a bath. So talk to us about the rationale for Clorox in a bath, and is the idea that it then is oxygenating the water, is that how we're getting the benefit?

[01:31:28.03] Dr. Linda: Well, it's a little bit more than that. First, let's start with Clorox. Clorox is an oxygenating salt, Clorox that's why it bleaches because it's oxygenating by the way. So they take Sodium chloride, and the companies that make bleach, we can say bleach in general not use the Clorox name. And this sodium chloride, which is salt, is put in I imagine vats, and electrical charges are put into these vats of salt and water.

And so that actually brings oxygen, it actually oxygenates and makes that bleach. Okay, now we have the Clorox, it reads at 360 degrees, not like a chemical. Now we have a remedy if used appropriately. So we take a half a cup of Clorox, and we put it in the tub of water, and now we have an oxygenating salt bath. We've measured on our SpO2 readings, take your reading, go into the bath, take your reading again. Your oxygenation will go up.

[01:32:53.26] Scott: So that's with like a pulse oximeter?

[01:32:56.03] Dr. Linda: Yes.

[01:32:56.16] Scott: Okay.

[01:32:57.17] Dr. Linda: Yes, an SpO2, yes. And so we have oxygen, but it's caustic. I mean no one's going to, we're not going to drink the Clorox. The Mayo Clinic actually uses Clorox, a cup of Clorox in a tub of water, I’m careful.

So they use a cup of Clorox to a tub of water for eczema and psoriasis. So it heals the eczema and psoriasis, because of the oxygenation factor. Now with all this talk about viruses and so forth, I recommend it as part of my protocol. Okay, so here we have, I’m going to show you kitchen chemistry.

[01:33:51.01] Scott: I love that after 40 years, this still excites you. I can sense your passion coming through.

[01:33:55.29] Dr. Linda: Okay. So we have this substance Clorox, it's 360 degrees. Now we have this metal, heavy metal, aluminum that's 30 degrees. When we understand how energy works, the stronger will neutralize the weaker. So that aluminum down at the 30 is going to now change because the electromagnetic field that you're sitting in the bathtub is going to begin to neutralize the aluminum. This is energetics; this is an osmosis effect of what it does in the lymph system, okay.

So it'll start cleaning out the lymph system which by the way is why I tell people to dry brush, to get that lymph moving before you go into the bathtub. That's all written there, but understand that we are really working energetically to neutralize heavy metals.

Now, other people have other methods; there's foot bath, there are homeopathic remedies. I mean we can give Alumina 30X three times a day, but it's still going to come in. I think it's easier to do a Clorox bath once a week because it's a time for being with yourself.

[01:35:16.10] Scott: Yes. I love these ideas, and how we can just adopt that Harmonic Healing lifestyle. You mentioned earlier the kind of emotional realm; we didn't touch as much on that. So as we start wrapping up, talk a little bit about the role of shock in chronic health challenges. And how can we potentially use homeopathy, for example, to help mitigate the impact of shock on our health?

[01:35:41.22] Dr. Linda: Well, shock comes in many ways. It could be birth shock; it could be a death. It could be abuse of any kind. It can be an accident; it could be an injury or any kind of trauma. Now what happens with shock is the physical body, and the etheric body which we know are together, right? Start to separate, okay. So now we have the physical body, and this poor etheric body is trailing behind, okay. It's just trailing behind because there's been a shock in the field. And so you hear it very often when a person says I haven't been the same since that accident. Since that accident, things are not right. I’ll give them a homeopathic remedy; I have a shock combination that I use which includes Arnica, which includes Aconite, which actually includes Camphor.

I mean it's a combination remedy, but you can use any of the shock remedies. Shock remedy for grief, Ignatia, Nat mur. Natrum muriaticum the 1M potency will clear shock. There's of course; then the radionic world is a whole nother world of using different rates to clear shock. Shock has to be cleared in order for that physical-etheric to come together.

But then it also seeps out into the emotional field, because if it's been an emotional shock, there's no flow between the emotional and the physical. Like I can't think about that, I don't want to, no. You can't let it in, and you can't let it out, that's shock. And then mental, mentally, my god all the bad news that's coming to us, I mean it's shocking.

[01:37:46.06] Scott: Can developing a serious chronic illness itself be a shock that then perpetuates the condition?

[01:37:55.20] Dr. Linda: Definitely.

[01:37:57.07] Scott: The shock remedy that you mentioned is that something that is available through Light Harmonics? Or is there something maybe that people can like Rescue Remedy or something that people can explore in that realm?

[01:38:10.29] Dr. Linda: You can use the individual homeopathic that I’ve mentioned. You can see a homeopath. If they mention your name Scott, they can call Light Harmonics and order a shock remedy.

[01:38:27.01] Scott: Okay, beautiful.

[01:38:28.07] Dr. Linda: Okay. And so a Star of Bethlehem, the Bach flower, Star of Bethlehem very useful. I tell people, especially mothers, please use Rescue Remedy, even when your kid falls. Give them a squirt of Rescue Remedy; so that they can, because I had this little 18-month-old who got her finger caught in the door, the brother closed the finger and the thumb.

And it's like; I mean she just can't stop crying. You know she couldn't stop crying, we gave arnica, we gave aconite, and then we did a shock clearing, and then it heals, then it heals.

[01:39:12.00] Scott: Beautiful. You founded the Global Foundation for Integrative Medicine. Tell the listeners a little bit about the work that your foundation is doing.

[01:39:22.18] Dr. Linda: Well, we've been pretty quiet this year. We've had to cancel our conference; Dr. Klinghardt is on our board amongst other people. What we do is we share information. And we share information that includes subtle energy, understanding that we are really looking for peace. GFFIM was founded on the idea that it is through healing we unite in peace.

First things get the doctors to unite together. We're all in it for the same reason, but really acknowledge like in my first principle of harmonic healing, that body has an innate knowledge to heal. So how do we stimulate that innate knowledge? Don't go against nature. So our conferences have been going on every year, and we've had it in New York, in Santa Fe in Mexico.

And it really is a platform to share knowledge. And share knowledge not only healing the person but also environmentally. Like the head of my environmental part of it is Terry Tempest Williams she's one of the greatest environmentalists. And so whenever we have a conference she comes, she gives her earth talk. Whenever Dietrich comes, he gives his talk about what I’m talking about and plus, plus and Louise.

[01:40:57.00] Scott: My last question is the same for every guest, and I think for you it'll probably be hard to pick because I suspect there's a lot of them. But what are some of the key things that you do on a daily basis in support of your own health?

[01:41:08.13] Dr. Linda: Every morning, I drink water. Every morning, when I get out of bed, I wake up my body by doing a series of stretches, stretching the body. I do a few things at once, so I get a lot of the job done in five minutes because I don't have a lot of time. Then I make a cup of tea, and I sit down, and I meditate. And I usually say my prayers, sorry, I shower. I say my prayers in the shower. I do, I have to.

[01:41:45.02] Scott: Multitasker.

[01:41:46.05] Dr. Linda: I'm Gemini, I have to multitask. And so then I sit on the ground, and I find the peace that exists. And then I pray that I can help the people that I serve, and share that knowledge of peace. And I work best in during crises because it just gets me stronger and stronger. And I believe even more and more and more.

So I do all those things every day. I go to work every day, and when I’m done with work, I cook my food for me and my family. Not oh my god, so late, I go chop, chop, chop I try to be conscious while I’m preparing the food. That's why people like eating in Dr. Linda’s Kitchen, yes. So I love chopping vegetables. No job is less than another job; whether you're cleaning toilets or preparing food or figuring out if someone has a parasite, we're all working, no one's less, no one's higher, no one's lower.

[01:43:04.07] Scott: That is such an important message, particularly right now that the world needs in a big way. This has been such a fun conversation. I was expecting that when I woke up this morning, that it was going to be fun. But it was even more fun for some reason than I expected. I learned some new things, just love the information that you've put together.

How we can incorporate these things into our routine, and over time make some very significant improvements in our health and our state of being in the world. You were very generous with your time today and sharing with us, I just want to honor you and thank you so much for all that you do. And it was a great privilege to have you on the show, Dr. Linda.

[01:43:44.24] Dr. Linda: I’m so pleased that I know you now, Scott. You are a really great interviewer, and yes, I know we don't like to say things you don't know how to take that do you, but really you've done your homework. You've really understood my book, which I am so impressed.

[01:44:05.28] Scott: Yes. I mean, I have it all highlighted here. I had to get the physical copy because I wanted to go through and highlight it all. But yes, it was a fantastic book. And I do urge people to get it, Harmonic Healing. A lot of the recipes that we talked about for not only some of the food options, the liver cleansing drink, the detox baths it's all in there, it's such a great reference, and I just want to thank you again, Dr. Linda, be well.

[01:44:32.29] Dr. Linda: Yes, thank you so much.

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