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In this episode, you will learn how a PhD from MIT in science and engineering used her engineering mind, energetic medicine, and muscle testing to recover her family's health from Lyme disease and autism. Enjoy!

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About My Guest

My guest for this episode is Susan Luschas. Susan is an MIT trained PhD, scientist, and engineer. Why would a PhD from MIT start debugging her own family’s health, and why in the world would she create DebugYourHealth.com? Susan's family was a normal family of four - or as she says as normal as can be with two engineering PhD parents can get. Her oldest daughter started showing concerning behaviors around age 2. She was skipping meals, had a distended belly, was vomiting, had nausea, and weight loss. They did the doctor parade and had diagnoses from dysbiosis to allergies to failure to thrive. Her health continued to spiral downward and at age 4, she had such pain that she could not walk and had full-blown autism. She was rocking back and forth in a dark corner and lost her ability to speak. As if that wasn't enough for a family to contend with, Susan, her younger daughter, and her husband all later became ill. We'll let her tell us how that happened. What drew me to Susan's story was how she applied her engineering mind and problem solving skills to essentially become her family's doctor and to debug their health. As I personally am a big fan of various forms of energetic testing, I loved the part of the story where Susan, an MIT PhD, used muscle testing and other forms of energetic testing to help guide her family out of the darkness. And even cooler, she did it.

Key Takeaways

  • How did Susan's daughter become ill and then how did this lead to her entire family becoming ill?
  • How did she use muscle testing and other forms of energetic medicine to guide her family's path?
  • How did she explore and address parasites?
  • What was her own journey with dental cavitations?
  • What did she find helpful for detoxification and drainage?
  • What is important to explore when autism is a factor?
  • How did PANDAS/PANS impact her family?
  • How is her family doing today?

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Interview Date

February 9, 2017 


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