Over time, my focus has shifted more towards the BetterHealthGuy Blogcast podcast.  While I have left much of the older site content, please note that older content may no longer be relevant or even consistent with my current view on health and wellness.  As time permits, I will continue to adjust earlier content as able.  Thanks for your interest and support!

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General Feedback - Medical Professionals
General Feedback - Site Visitors
Newsletter Feedback

General Feedback - Medical Professionals

I wish that more people who have learned to undeify doctors and use their expertise as consultants without feeling intimidated by them would share their wisdom with all. It would benefit everyone - patients and doctors alike, even the ones who think they are "gods" will benefit from patients taking that discerning power and responsibility back into their own hands. It's great that you have learned to seek several opinions: from professionals, books, the Internet, and have taught yourself to evaluate and weigh these opinions to decide what feels like the best course of action for you. I hope that your sharing this hard won wisdom will teach others to follow your example. I do everything I can to encourage this kind of collegial relationship with patients so that they feel free to question my recommendations and bring in their second opinions to discuss. Bravo to you! Your approach to your medical care is the model for the future! Your site is such a rich resource!!!
Dr. Tedde Rinker, M.D. / Stress Medicine Consulting / Redwood City, CA

Your website is fabulous! Great presentation and content, very interesting. You are a wealth of information. Are you sure you don't want to go into medicine?
Anna Manyayan, J.D., Dipl.Ac., L.Ac. / Immune Matrix / San Jose, CA

I'm sorry to hear that you're still struggling with chronic-disease issues. I hope you're making some headway with the new doctor. I took a look at your new site -- very impressive! I think it's great to offer a forum like this for the exchange of information that is not always readily available from more conventional sources -- texts, journals, etc. You know better than anyone that healthcare is anything but an exact science.
Steven Natterstad, M.D. - Los Altos, CA

General Feedback - Site Visitors
I do not really have he right words to say but wanted to let you know that f I would not have discovered your site I think I would be on a path to nowhere.... - Site Visitor

I do think your website is brilliant and I guess it must be quite difficult not knowing how much impact it is having on others- I have spent years scouring the web for hope/information on Lyme/CFS and yours has definitely been the most useful.  Site Visitor, United Kingdom
Letter From Site Visitor

Thanks for a great year of coverage from the front lines, hey kind of like Dan Rather of the Lyme world.  Your proactivism has been enormously helpful and shaped my navigating through all this and I am sure many others are equally grateful.  Site Visitor
I wanted to tell you that i really really loooove your website and all the informations you spare here.  Site Visitor


I just wanted to say thank you for such a great website and for pulling all of this information together.  This is the best health website I've found, by a large margin.  As someone who has a similar struggle in terms of health, I really admire your drive to feel better and share the information with others.  Thank you so much.  Site Visitor

Just wanted to thank you for the incredible KPU article.    Site Visitor

Thank you for your website. It is most informative. I'm from another part of the world but I frequently use your page for information and good vibrations. =)   Site Visitor

Thanks so much for all that you are doing by sharing your knowledge. Your website is very good.  Site Visitor

I just received your very thoughtful and wonderful newsletter for the first time. I found it to be very helpful.  It gives me tremendous hope.  thanks for sharing your story and all of the various tidbits you have learned in your journey with this illness.  Site Visitor

You continue to amaze me every time I read your monthly newsletter.  I am convinced this is you calling and you have found a higher purpose.  I can't imagine how many people you help daily.  You are a role model of someone who has gone through such great adversity, but has found a way to educate yourself, take control of your life, and turn it into something positive for many people.  Your newsletters are well written and your website is beautiful.  You should have been a writer.
CJ, Site Visitor

First let me thank you tremendously for all of the info on your web site.  It is nice to know that there are people out there like you who are willing to take the time to help others.  After reading your story, I think we are living parallel lives - unfortunately :-).
C.R., Site Visitor

During this often times challenging healing journey, it is such a blessing to see how organized, thorough, giving, caring and helpful you are.  I'm so glad I came upon your web site.
Site Visitor

And thank you again for everything. I sooooooooooooooooo thank you for your sound advice and quick response, especially so late and on such short notice. You're a lifesaver. I seriously thank god for you and your advice. You must be an angel.
Site Visitor

What you are doing now (providing such good, unbiased information and links while maintaining an open mind to everything) is truly amazing! I really admire your work. You are not just giving, you are also receiving from others which creates a healthy balance. And most of all, you give people hope--which is the most noble work of all!
Y, Site Visitor

I was thinking of how you bravely took on this horrible thing head on, and transformed it into a positive and expanding experience, helping others at the same time you helped yourself. Not only you had to "grow " through physical and emotional pain, but you had to save your own life, keep believing in you, keep focused on your intuition and your beliefs, in spite of the authoritative academic "knowledge". That, Scott, shows a great deal of character and speaks volume about who you are.
Site Visitor

I rejoice with you in your joy of your better quality of life. You will surely continue to improve because of your persistence in research and informed experimenting. It's great the way you are blessed with the energy to be able to pursue your own healing, and also take the effort to share so much with others. Your caring attitude is much appreciated. You have a great website which is a "favorite" link of mine. I do go there to keep up with your news and the other cool stuff on there.
S.G. - Site Visitor

Thanks for all the *tremendous* information you've made available on you Web Site! It's truly great! You may feel your dignity "offended" if you wish, but I'll tell anyway you are quite likely extremely gifted.
Site Visitor

You just keep blowing me away with your excellent work and your website. You have learned so much in your short time in the Lyme community, and you are helping so many other patients by guiding them in the right direction.
Site Visitor

You are a bright light in a place that can get dark without hope.
Site Visitor

You are a generous and caring person. Thank you for your notes which you have freely shared with us all. I printed your notes from Klinghardt's conference and they helped me so very very much. You highlighted all the most important things. You are so skilled and especially so generous with the rest of the Lyme community. May God richly bless all your efforts and endevors and most of all your health!! Thank you thank you ...
Site Visitor

Wow Scott, I don't know how you do it, many thanks. You've are a great asset to our Lyme community.
Site Visitor

You are a shining example of what being pro-active is all about! Excellent work! It's so nice to see other sick patients working hard to gain information and help everybody else out in the process. Thank you so much! We can all do this, it just takes determination, patience, open mindedness and learning! We all HAVE TO arm ourselves with information to beat this disease. Keep up the great work Scott!

You are AMAZING!!! Not only is your site VERY informative, it's just plain ole COOL-LOOKIN. I love your layout, logos, links. Just a great, great site. I loved your site so much, I am doing my part to promote it. Thanks for doing such a service to humanity. I will share this link with all the people I know.
J.T. - Los Gatos, CA

I just love you!!!! You are wise beyond your years. How can you have learned (since July) which took me???? 8 yrs or more??? So much? My hat goes off to you. You are amazing and it seems as if your calling in life is to help others. Go enjoy your vacation, come back and get well, and then go on to heal the world!
Site Visitor

What a great site you have! I'm sorry you have to deal with Lyme, but what a wonderful thing you are doing in teaching others! A true gift to all of us, who also suffer from Lyme.
Site Visitor

You have a great website with fantastic information. I guess you knew everything I wrote to you about. I feel kinda silly now. You know more about this stuff than me!!
Site Visitor Successfully Battling Lyme Disease

Just had to drop you a quick note of thanks for sharing your story..... I have no doubt it will help millions! Oh....and GREAT website... lots of VERY helpful info and links.... very user friendly too I might add.... and is visually appealing as well! :) Many Blessings, Best Wishes, Good Luck & the VERY BEST of Good Health & Wellness to you!
Site Visitor

I don't know if you are a doctor but it wouldn't surprise me in that your postings are of much interest and you seem to know so much about seemingly all aspects of Lyme Disease.
Site Visitor

Thank you so much for the enormous amount of work you have done to help all Lyme sufferers.
B.C, California

I admire your perserverance in getting yourself well. That is definitely a "can do attitude", you are a winner!!!!!!!!!!
Site Visitor

You're a vital part of this community, and so many of us are more grateful than we can say for all your help!
Site Visitor

Thanks for putting the time into your website and being so open...It is helping me and I am sure will help countless others out there....
Site Visitor

I know how you suffered, and I think I may be following along the same road. I appreciate your webpage and especially your good heart and generosity to reach out to help others.
Site Visitor

Thanks so much for your effort to give a helping hand to so many people, including a stranger like me!
Y., Wisconsin

I am inspired by persons like you who want to share. You are also excellent at creating the website, sifting through all the info available and choosing that what is truly valuable. More power and health to you!
Marlu, Site Visitor

It's long battle. But it's one you will WIN!!! You have a great web site and a great attitude. One day soon this will be behind you. Be well!
Site Visitor

Excellent site!!!! I hope your last page of this site will be a HUGE success story. Take care and thanks for helping to get the word out.
Site Visitor

Scott, fantastic! Kudos for a job well done. Once again, you presented an excellent article about your personal experiences, etc. I am impressed. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I am sure others will benefit visiting your website. Keep up the good work. Meanwhile, I am really proud that you're able to keep up with maintaining your job and your constant battle with your health problems simultaneously.
B.B.-Prescott, AZ

I read your story, and my heart goes out to you. I know how it feels, I am living it also. I spent much of my life since 1991 in the same situation. Thanks for caring enough to share with others in hopes to lead them through the journey to wellness.
Site Visitor

Your stories show that you are a very brave, courageous fighter. As you know, I can definitely relate.
D.W., Site Visitor and Friend - San Jose, CA

You have done so much research and spent so much time, that lots of other people can benefit from your advice!!!
J.B. - Seattle, WA

I am very sorry for what you have and are going through, but I think it is wonderful that you want to help others. It is terrible that doctors rarely consider Lyme disease as a possibility when it is the second fastest growing infectious disease afte AIDS in the US. This ignorance causes people to become much sicker because they do not get proper treatment early in the infection. Add the fact that no Lyme test is completely reliable and diagnosis becomes even more difficult.
Forum at HealingWell.com

I put your website in my favorites. I think it's so wonderful of you to set up such an informative site sharing all the research you have done. Hope you can find a way to feeling better soon. Thanks for sharing!
Forum at HealingWell.com

I am ecstatic at how wonderful your new site is! I really enjoy reading the articles and looking at the products you promote. It is changing my idea of "health consciousness." It only took you 33 years, but you have finally gotten through to your little fat brother! Thanks Bro!
R.F. - Benbrook, TX

I think that the time you have put into this web site is truley wonderful so that others can see some things to try without it being a sales pitch.
S. - Site Visitor

Thank you for putting so much of your story there for people to read and understand. I am a little stunned at the breadth of the symptoms you have endured since 1997.
T.G., San Francisco, CA

Newsletter Feedback

Scott ma' man. This -- your letter and all it contains -- is a GREAT service to all. Keep up the wonderful work.
Site Visitor

That is one of the best and most sophisticated and most thoughtfully produced newsletters I have ever read!!! And I must admit that I found myself feeling (as I'm sure your other readers did too) strangely saddened to think that I would have to wait 2 months before your next edition!!
Site Visitor

Without a doubt, I must express my appreciation for your carefully-thought-out BetterHealthGuy Newsletters...they certainly offer good information which increases one's hope and energies.
R.S., San Jose, CA

Thank you so much for including me -- I learn something about this disease everytime I read your posts!!
Site Visitor

I just love your newsletter! You should really be proud of yourself, being able to give so much to so many people.
J.C. - Site Visitor


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