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I have followed the work of Dr. David Jernigan DC for many years now.  He's been involved in the world of Lyme disease for quite some time.  I have read his books and found them to be full of fantastic information.  If you have not read the latest "Beating Lyme Disease Second Edition: Living the Good Life in Spite of Lyme", I highly recommend it.  

I like that Dr. Jernigan's style is not all about killing the bugs and that he doesn't believe that one has to have a Herxheimer reaction or feel worse in order to eventually feel better.  

I attended a 3-day conference at the Hansa Center in Wichita in April of 2014.  It was a fantastic event.  The staff at the center were all very nice, professional, and very organized.  I've never seen a conference as cleanly executed as this one was.  The lectures were wonderful and enlightening.  They served the best gluten-free food too!

The conference was Bio-Resonance Scanning which is a specific system of energetic testing that Dr. Jernigan developed and that he and the other doctors at the center use with patients.  (I won't be writing notes about that as it isn't something that can be taught from a blog.)

The energy at the center was very positive.  I spoke with about 10 patients while I was there and I was impressed with how much each of them had felt they had improved; some in only a few months.  While even Dr. Jernigan says that they cannot help every patient that walks through the door, it certainly seemed to me that they help many of them. 

It is no secret that I am a huge believer and fan of energetic testing systems and practitioners that utilize them.  The system that Dr. Jernigan uses is very powerful.  In every treatment room, they have over 4000 possible remedies that clients may be tested for in order to help bring them to a higher level of health.

Patients initially stay nearby the clinic for 2 weeks and visit the clinic daily.  Then, follow-up visits may be a week on average.  How frequently someone comes back to the center is something that they determine for each individual.  Overall, I was impressed by what I saw and think the Hansa Center has a lot to offer for many people struggling to recover from chronic illnesses.

I'd love to hear from more of you that have been to Hansa to get your thoughts and hear of your progress.  Please feel free to Contact Me.

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