Academy of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine and Dr. Lee Cowden hosted a superb conference titled "Integrative Lyme Solutions: The Evidence Basis" on June 21-22, 2013 in Dallas, Texas.  It was full of great information from some of the leading experts in the field.  

Speakers included Dr. Suruchi Chandra, Dr. Garry Gordon, Dr. Steve Evans, Dr. William Rea, Dr. Steven Harris, Dr. Steve Hines, Dr. Jeff Wulfman, Dr. Vera Stejskal, and several other great speakers.  I'm very fortunate to have attended this event to learn from these leaders in the field of integrative Lyme disease treatment.  I highly recommend these events hosted by ACIM.  They also have regular webinars each week that are very informative and can be watched live or via recorded playback.

Disclaimer: Nothing in this text is intended to serve as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made only with the guidance of your own personal medical authority. This information was taken as notes during the conference and may not represent the exact statements of the speakers. Errors and/or omissions may be present. If you have any corrections to the content listed below, please Contact Me.

Dr. Steve Hines was the first speaker of the two day event, and he presented "Lyme Disease: Maybe Yes, Maybe No".  The main focus of his talk was to remind us that all that looks like Lyme is not always Lyme.  This resonated with me greatly as I personally feel that we often have too much of a focus on "Lyme" and forget to explore that myriad of other things that can also help to improve our situation.  He shared cases studies such as working with one person that was believed to have Lyme but in fact after looking at the blood under a microscope was able to identify that the primary issue was actually fungal overgrowth.  Another chronically ill person had most of their symptoms resulting from chronic constipation and the majority of the symptoms resolved after a colonic.  He noted that he sees people that are positive for Borrelia all the time that feel fine and others that are terrible which suggests that the presence of the microbe alone is not what determines the outcome.  A positive Lyme test is not always the cause of symptoms and not the place to stop looking for potential explanations that may explain why the patient feels the way they feel.  A presentation about Lyme disease treatment from Dr. Hines is available here (requires PowerPoint or PowerPoint Viewer).  

Dr. Hines shared a new laboratory that will offer some of the most advanced testing available for Lyme.  This is the next generation of testing that was previously available through SpiroStat and will be available shortly from KS3 Diagnostics. While the site is not yet up, it will be soon at  It should run about 1/2 the price of the SpiroStat testing and will test for Borrelia and many different coinfections at once.  The nice thing about this test is that it looks for coinfections that may be important but are often never looked for such as Leptospirosis, Treponema, and others.  They have seen as many as 3-4 times the incidence of Leptospirosis as Borrelia.  Leptospira can come from bad water and the symptom picture overlaps 95% with Lyme disease.  Afipia is an organism similar to Bartonella but not the same.  Coxiella has a very high incidence in Belgium.  There are eight "non-famous" Rickettsia that are 10 times more common than the "famous" Rickettsia rickettsii, the agent of Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.  People with ALS commonly showed Treponema denticola, an oral spirochete, on SpiroStat testing.  He commented, "bad dentistry has killed more people than all the plagues of humanity".  

He mentioned that people with active Lyme often "freak out" and feel much worse in the presence of cell towers, Wi-Fii, and other sources of EMFs.  He likes Fry Labs for their coccobacilli testing and noted that Bartonella can lead to masses of quick tumors in the body.  He had three patients this year that were treated as cancers but were actually Bartonella.  

Mosquitoes, ticks, horse flies and other vectors may transmit infections.  In one study, 22% of horse flies, deer flies, and mosquitoes were found to be infected with Borrelia and coinfections.  He noted that a mother with Lyme disease and heavy metals leads to a higher possibility of having a child on the autism spectrum.  Vaccinations with squalene, shark liver oil, and 4-5 live bacteria add to the mix.  Mycoplasma have been found in vaccinations.  Spirochetes have been found in breast milk under darkfield microscopes.  

He uses a mix of antibiotics and botanicals.  Experience has shown that a combination of both works best   He has found that some organisms such as Leptospirosis do not seem to respond well to botanicals.  MesoSilver is often good for Borrelia treatment; whereas Argentyn is good for other related infections.  For MesoSilver, one often starts with 1 ounce on an empty stomach working up to 1 ounce three times per day and then to two ounces three times per day.  MesoSilver is a pure colloid and poisons Borrelia enzymes.  Samento, Cumanda, or Banderol are then added to the MesoSilver.  Herxheimer reactions can be severe and the added NutraMedix antimicrobials must be started very low and worked up over time.  Cumanda and Banderol both appear to impact the cyst form of Borrelia.  

Olive Leaf is a very broad spectrum antimicrobial; he likes the Seagate product.  Lomatium is great for viruses, but one has to watch for a full-body rash which can occur with its use.  IV Argentyn followed by IV H2O2 can be a useful therapy for some.  

Too many of a good bacteria can be a bad thing as there is not enough diversity.  An overpopulation of a small number of healthy strains also leads to imbalance as we are created to have many different types of bacteria.  Fermented vegetables can be useful to encourage flora diversity.  It is important that the inflammatory process in the GI system which damages the villi is stopped.  Toxins and undigested food particles overwhelm the liver when leaky gut is present.  

80% of Fibromyalgia and Lupus patients are women.  DHEA is robbed first.  Estrogen dominance impacts the conversion of T4 to T3; T3 is the active form of thyroid in the body.  Professional Formulas KM-G is a good option for potassium when not available as an IV.  

The overriding message of Hines' presentation was to not miss the simple things.  Sabre Sciences is a great option for hormone testing.  He has not focused too much on specific treatments for Protomyxzoa as he has observed that it does not seem to hinder his treatment outcomes.  This may be due to the fact that it is already addressed by his protocols.  Argentyn 23 is highly effective against many different types of pathogens.  

Significant viral activity may be related to low glutathione.  Many biofilms originate in the dental cavity as a result of dental pathogens. Lipoic acid can be helpful for detoxification though can make some hypoglycemic.  Lyme produces ammonia, an alkaline toxin.  

Dr. Hines often uses Liver/Gallbladder Flushes in a several day format every 2 weeks as a way to "clean the sewer".  Stomach acid drives gallbladder function. has incredible liver programs and products.

Dr. Lee Cowden spoke about "Evidence Based Treatment of Post-Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome and Its Mimics".  Many different microbes are involved in Lyme disease and consideration must be given to all of these in order to optimize recovery.  Some of the microbes which he mentioned in his talk include:

Common co-infections: Borrelia burgdorferi, Borrelia afzelii, Borrelia garinii (& other species), Bartonella (cat scratch fever & 31 other species of the bacteria), Babesia (14 species of protozoa), Anaplasma, Ehrlichia, Coxiella (and other rickettsia), FL 1953 (Stephen Fry: protozoa called protomyxzoa rheumatica), Microfiliaria (microscopic roundworm noted by Eva Sapi, PhD), Chlamydia (a few species), Mycoplasma (hundreds of L-forms).

Opportunistic infections (or co-conspirators): Parasites (other protozoa & helminths such as the Klapowi lungworm), Fungi (candida sp., aspergillus sp., penicillium sp., cladosporium, etc.), Leptospira, Treponema sp. & Ochrobactrum anthropi (bacteria), and viruses (HSV-1 & 2, HHV-6, CMV, Coxsackie, Human Parvovirus, etc.)

In research from Dr. Hal Huggins, Ochrobactrum anthropi has been found in every case of ALS.  5 species of protomyxzoa are now known and these are avid biofilm formers.  They can be difficult to treat.  One way to reduce biofilms is through the use of apple cider vinegar or rice vinegar.  Reducing biofilms helps make other treatments more effective, but at times, can also over-stress the system through the release of additional microbes and toxins that result.  The timing and types of biofilm treatment are important considerations.  

Dr. Cowden is excited about the new Lyme testing from KS3Labs ( that will be available in the next few months.

One of the difficulties in testing for Lyme is that the immune system does not form antibodies to intracellular organisms.  They are largely hidden from the immune system, and many of the infections involved in Lyme are intracellular infections.  

Cyclic therapy is needed.  Dr. Cowden does this in the Cowden Support Protocol by having short breaks where no antimicrobials are used.  This allows the organisms to re-emerge from their protected states where they once again are impacted by antimicrobial therapies.  Daily, ongoing use of antimicrobial therapies may result in the microbes remaining in their protected forms which often renders therapies ineffective.  When not on a short break due to cycling, it is best not to stop antimicrobials when a Herxheimer is experienced.  Rather, additional drainage and detoxification options may be helpful.  If therapies are stopped for Herxheimer reactions that can otherwise be supported, it allows the microbes to recover.  

In studies done with Dr. Cowden, it was found that certain therapies were more important than others.  Those that were important included:

  • Blood Type Diet
  • Enzymes Between Meals
  • Minerals
  • Magnesium Malate
  • Detoxification Herbs such as Pinella, Burbur, Parsley
  • Cumanda or Banderol or Houttuynia and Samento
  • Sulfa Drug Detox; NutraMedix Sparga
  • Lymphatic Drainage / Chi Machine
  • Emotional release
  • Water
  • Binding Metals with Zeolites
  • Mora or Enula with or without Lakato

 Items that seemed to be less important included:

  • Enzymes with meals 
  • Vitamins
  • Stretching
  • L-Glutathione (liposomal)
  • Light Beam Generator
  • Detox Baths
  • Laughter

When Dr. Cowden worked with Dr. Horowitz, some of the items that were explored further to improve outcomes included heavy metals, biotoxins, EMFs, dehydration, and food allergies.  >80% of patients had improvements with the Cowden Protocol when these items were also considered.

In the Borreliose Centrum Study in Germany, 20 advanced Borrelia patients were put on the Cowden Support Program.  80% improved by symptoms while 90% improved by lab markers.  45% had Herxheimer reactions which resolved with Burbur, Parsley, and Pinella.

The Bionatus NutraMedix site has a great deal of information about the Cowden Support Program and the various products that are used in it. 

Research has shown that Samento and Banderol combined are highly effective for all forms of Borrelia and for biofilms.  Banderol, Samento, Cumanda, Takuna, Enula, Mora, and Houttuynia all appear to be effective for biofilms.  Several of these are effective on the cyst forms of Borrelia and all of them are effective for spirochetes.  NutraMedix Noni was shown to reduce inflammation by 99.4% which was almost identical to the effectiveness of the prescription drug Feldene (99.8%).  NutraMedix products are like an herbal and homeopathic at the same time as they are energetically imprinted. 

 Dr. Cowden talked about Co-Morbid Conditions in Borreliosis which are those conditions that can predispose us to or perpetuate Lyme and coinfections.  It is important to evaluate for the potential of each of these co-morbid conditions in order to optimize treatment outcomes.  These may include:

  • EMF 
  • GI dysfunction
  • Fungi and mycotoxins
  • Parasites
  • Focal infections (dental, etc.)
  • Heavy metals and toxins
  • KPU and other detox genetic issues
  • Nutrient deficiencies
  • Toxic or allergenic foods
  • Emotional trauma
  • Adrenal or thyroid issues
  • Structural issues
  • Hypoxia 

Smart Meters are devastating to health. Toxins in the blood go more easily into the brain in the presence of EMFs.  EMFs lead to more biotoxin production.  70% of healing happens during the sleeping hours which is when it is most important to protect yourself from EMFs.  

If one does a liver/gallbladder flush, it is best to forgive everyone prior as lack of forgiveness impacts bile flow.  

Mycotoxins are more likely to be the cause of VCS (visual contrast sensitivity) testing than Borrelia.  

Our primary protection from parasites is adequate hydrochloric acid (HCl).  Drinking fluids with meals dilutes HCl and inhibits appropriate breakdown and digestion of foods.  If one is using diatomaceous earth (DE) for parasite treatment, it is best taken at the start of a meal.  Generally, DE is used 5 days on, 2 days off.  

80% of focal infections are in the head and neck (dental, tonsils, etc.).  80% of the dental focal infections will clear with a product called "Oral Health" and the use of laser light.  

Toxins poison heme synthesis and poison the detox pathways in the body.  Zinc, manganese, B6, biotin, molybdenum, and Vitamin C can help with those that are dealing with KPU.  

Iodine is a very commonly overlooked nutrient.  It is helpful for white blood cells and for the production of hormones.  

For food related stress, one can do the Cocoa Pulse Test.  If you take your pulse for a full minute before eating and again after eating, if it rises by 10 beats or above, food allergy is possible.  If it is 15 beats or above, it is pretty clear.  < 10 beat increase is likely ok.  

Electro-dermal screening improves the guessing of the doctor.  It is a quantum lie detector.  EVOX shakes loose the emotional memory of trauma from the cells.  

If supporting thyroid and adrenals, first support the adrenals, and then support the thyroid.  It is not ideal to support the thyroid, if the adrenals are not first adequately supported.  

In terms of structure, C1 or SI issues lead to a constant outpouring of cortisol in the body.  

Every patient they studied with thermography for CCSVI had a red streak near the jugular veins which matched up with the Zamboni Doppler testing.  Balloon procedures for CCSVI generally have failed in Lyme patients as the infections and inflammation must be dealt with.  Natural herbal treatments appear to work best over time for CCSVI.

On MTHFR, Cowden suggested that if you treat Lyme and are not improving, look to MTHFR and if there is a genetic issue found, it may require treatment.  He also suggested that treating methylation should be done cautiously as it can lead to significant toxin releases.  

Dr. Steve Evans discussed "From Labyrinth to Harmonious Solutions - Evidence of Dental Influences".  I personally know someone that has had a lot of dental work done by Dr. Evans in Texas.  If I had a need for dental work in the future, I would want to work with Dr. Evans as he seemed very knowledgeable.  Some of his mentors included Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, Dr. Jerry Tennant, Chris Shade PhD, and others.  

 Mercury toxicity umbrellas the symptoms of IBS, Lyme, and other conditions.  Heavy metal toxicity is a huge component of everything we are dealing with in chronic illnesses.  

The fluid flow in a tooth is from the inside out.  Root canals are dead teeth.  He does not know of any way to sterilize a root canal tooth.  Having dead tissue in your body is not a good option.  Fluoride causes hardening of the enamel but overall makes teeth brittle and more decay. Fluoride is a major factor in thyroid issues.  Titanium oxidizes over time in the body.  Fluoride impacts the titanium and sets the stage for infection in the implant. 

There are more bacteria in the mouth than any other part of the body.  His office uses patient-derived growth factors after cleaning up the cavitations to aid the healing process.  The key is to listen to the patients. 

What causes the patients to be predisposed to Lyme? What is going on in the mouth and heavy metal burden are keys.  Heavy metal toxicity is synergistic.  Cadmium from smoking is a problem.  When you take the amount of cadmium that it would take to kill 1 of 100 rats and combine that with the amount of lead it would take to kill 1 of 100 rats, all 100 of the rats die.

Burning mouth syndrome is often caused by heavy metals and chronic inflammation.  

Methyl-mercury comes from fish.  Ethyl-mercury comes from vaccinations.  Most light bulbs come from China where there are high levels of mercury.  Heavy metals displace things in the body.  They may go into cells where DMPS, DMSA, and EDTA may not be able to reach them as these are water soluble.

Glutathione protects the body from metals.  Metals inhibit ability to create glutathione and this is key to everything.

We do not know what is in vaccinations and they are 100% absorbed.  Mercury in the gut alters bacteria and causes inflammation in the small intestine.  To make stomach acid, one needs B1, zinc, salt, and iodine.  Vitamin C, E, and Lipoic Acid are needed to make glutathione.  Glutathione binds heavy metals and supports detoxification.  

We are familiar with Phase I and Phase II detoxification.  There is a phase III which is the transport for metals out of the system.  If you can’t heal the gut, you reabsorb everything.

Liposomal glutathione can be helpful.  IV glutathione is not something he has found helpful.

OSR, also known as NBMI, is now requiring drug studies from the FDA.  It removes oxidative stress and binds heavy metals.  

Thiols (Quicksilver IMD) are useful for binding metals in the gut.  IMD can be used if one still has amalgams.  Cilantro and chlorella are helpful but may not be as good.  

As far as implants, both bone and jaw need to be healthy before zirconium implants can be used.  He has a 97% success rate with zirconium implants.

Vera Stejskal was honored at the event and gave a lecture "Lyme and Metals - Triggers of Inflammation Causing Nonspecific Multi-Symptoms".  She is the creator of the MELISA testing technique which is used for both allergy to metals and as a way of detecting Borrelia.  After listening to her talk, I wanted to order the MELISA test myself to see which metals I may have allergic responses to as this could be a factor in systemic inflammation.  It may be very helpful for people with certain implants in their bodies as well to see if the immune system is attempting to attack the implant material.  

Inflammation can be caused by viruses, microbes, bacteria, foods, and metals.  Cytokines dysregulate the HPA axis.  

NeuroSciences now offers the MELISA testing as does Health Diagnostics and Research Institute.  MELISA testing can be done for both metals and for Borrelia. 

With environmental toxins, many people's immune systems are sleeping and they don’t feel anything.  At the other end of the spectrum, others have very active immune systems which also leads to feeling more symptoms in some cases. 

Lymphocyte testing can tell if your body remembers a given substance. 

She is not a fan of Clifford testing for dental materials and thinks information on the test needs to be published.

The body does not create antibodies to metals.  MELISA testing is more sensitive and clinically more relevant than antibody testing.  Lymphocytes go down quickly after the substance is gone.  Metal sensitized patients often show allergy to antibiotics.  Antibiotics are transformed in the body into metal chelators such as D-Penicillamine.

Herxheimer reactions could be caused by something other than Lyme such as the chelation of metals.

Mercury, nickel, gold, palladium, and other metals are common inflammagens.  She often asks "Do you tolerate cheap earrings?" as a potential indication of metal allergy.

Titanium is neurotoxic and is hidden in many foods, drugs, and supplements; titanium dioxide for example.  This may explain why a drug stops working after a period of time if the immune system begins to react to the titanium.  

Nickel is carcinogenic.  Sadly, it is still allowed in the United States for use in dentistry.

Many people use various silver products for treatment of infections.  Stejskal is cautious about chronic exposure to silver.  Mercury, gold, and silver can cause autoimmune diseases.

Collagen is full of sulfhydryl groups and mercury is often found there.  Genetics determine metal susceptibility.  If allergic, provocation testing may worsen symptoms; giving a chelator like DMSA to provoke a metal test may not be a good idea and may make some people worse.  Metals can cause autoimmunity. Microbes can do this also.

Chronic inflammation can be due to heavy metals.  Metal braces often are the start of metal allergy.  She relayed a case study where removing nickel in the mouth resulted in lesions in an MRI of the brain going away.  

IV vitamin C can help to ease the movement of metals through the body.  Some have used prednisolone to reduce the immune response to the metals, but this may not be a good thing when chronic infections are present.  

In her opinion, it is not good to remove metals in the mouth one amalgam or quadrant at a time as the patients can become further sensitized.  She suggests never chelating with chelators such as EDTA, DPMS, etc. when amalgams are still present.

Alpha lipoic acid, vitamin C, chlorella, and glutathione can all be helpful with heavy metal detoxification.  She would like to look at homeopathics to help the body with the response to metals, but these are not allowed in Sweden.  Lasers might also be helpful to reset the immune response.

Progesterone may help with immune balance. To decrease inflammation after brain trauma, some practitioners use progesterone.

Dr. Garry Gordon shared his thoughts on "LYME Could Be Called L.I.M.E.S. - Lowered Immune Metabolic Encephalo-Arthropathic Syndrome".  Dr. Gordon has been one of my mentors for many years, and I always marvel at his energy and sharp mind.  He is known as the "Father of Chelation" and has traveled the world looking for the top health-improvement options.  He is one of the sharpest and energetic 78 year olds I have ever met.  

Dr. Garry Gordon

We all have pathogen overload. 50-80% of people in the use will have had CMV by the time they are 40 according to the CDC.  Borrelia miyamotoi is another type of Borrelia that is emerging and causes Lyme-like symptoms.  Lyme disease bacteria don't crave iron but instead crave manganese.  A new virus called the Heartland virus has recently been identified and may be tied to ticks. We all have many infections and whatever you look for, you will likely find. We are all running on fumes.

Without a magnetic field, there is no life. The earth's magnetic field is down about 95% as compared to 4000 years ago. Dr. Gordon is a big fan of PEMF therapies. PEMF brings in stem cells.

The book "Future of Physics" will explain why we will all live to be 100 years old.

Oncologists are soon to be relics; they are 100% off what we need.  When blood sugars are kept at a maximum of 65, brain tumor growth stops.

Neurodegenerative disease is always multifactorial.

Dr. Gordon sold his laboratories to Doctor's Data and has a lot of respect for their work.

Cancer only starts when membrane potential is low.

Lead makes mercury 100 times more toxic.

We need to become environmentally aware and become detox doctors.  Cells need to clean the toxins out. The process of self-cleaning is called autophagy.

Unhealthy cells are deficient in magnesium.

Fecal transplants may prove to be very useful.

Monsanto did a number on us when they put pesticides in the food. GMO food sets the stage for leaky gut syndrome.

Dr. Gordon likes smart DNA from Australia for their genetic testing.

Fluoride increases heavy metal accumulation in the body.

ACS 200 silver showed impact against Borrelia in lab testing. The average mouth pathogens are killed in 3 minutes with ACS 200.

A good treatment approach might be PEMF followed by intranasal laser to keep us charged up.  Intransasal lasers may drop blood sugar, help blood pressure, increase serotonin, increase lymphatic flow, reduce inflammation, and increase ATP.

Photons are energy particles or light. Cells absorb photons and transform them into ATP, or energy.  Chronic diseases are caused by having low cellular voltage. The book "Healing is Voltage" by Dr. Jerry Tennant discusses how to measure and improve cellular voltage.  PEMF can increase oxygenation by up to 200%.

Zeolites support detoxification and can also help to remove ammonia from the body; ammonia is often produced by the microbes within us.  Detoxification is a lifetime challenge.  

Dr. Suruchi Chandra spoke on "The Neuropsychiatric Manifestations of Lyme Disease and Other Tick Borne Infections".   Dr. Chandra is well-known in the treatment of autism and recently relocated her practice to Northern California where she sees both adults and children.   

Syphilis led to many psychiatric illnesses, and doctors used to test for it.  We need to consider what infections today can lead to psychiatric illness presentations.

CDC now says 1:50 children in United States now has autism.  Environmental toxins are associated with rise in autism.  "Environment" includes chemical toxins, EMFs, diet/nutrition, microbiome, and infections.  Mercury and diesel exhaust are important toxins.  Mothers with children on the spectrum often have higher CRP which could be related to infections.  Correlations have been made between Lyme disease and ASD.  ASD children often improve on antibiotic therapy.  There are many similarities between ASD and tick-borne diseases.

Possible contributors to autism include genetics, nutrition, GI dysfunction, toxins, microbes, immune dysfunction, and hormones.  There are common underlying factors in Lyme and autism which include: oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, microglial activation, GI disturbances, immune dysfunction, molecular mimicry, zinc imbalances, and other factors.

Treatment of autism consists of dietary changes, nutritional supplementation, methylation support, detoxification, reduced toxin exposure, mitochondrial support, HPA axis support, and addressing GI dysbiosis.

In one study of 81 pediatric patients with GI complaints, PCR testing from biopsies identified 35 with Bartonella, 24 with Mycoplasma, 14 with H. Pylori, and 13 with Borrelia.

Autopsies of ASD children have shown brain viruses.  ASD is multifactorial.  The best treatment is treating on multiple levels.  Energetic testing with the ZYTO is very helpful.

Mitochondria of the cell are the canaries in the coal mine.  

Palm kernel oil, MCT oil, butter, and coconut oil are often healthful replacements for omega-6 oils which are pro-inflammatory.  High omega-6 oils can negatively impact mitochondrial function.

Gut bacteria is negatively impacted by antibiotic use, cesarean births, formula feeding, refined foods, refrigeration, and chlorinated water.  There are 500 different species of bacteria in the gut with maybe 10 at most in most probiotics.  Probiotics from another human as in fecal transplant would be the only way to restore more natural diversity.  This may be available as a pill in the future.  Propionic acid produced by gut bacteria can lead to OCD and ASD like behaviors.  The health of the gut flora impact is significant.

Houttuynia may help to protect against neurotoxicity.  Samento has anti-inflammatory effects.  Leucovorin may be used when antibodies are present to folate receptors.  

Lyme can deplete serotonin.  

When auditory hallucinations are present, this may be a sign of parasites.

NAC can cause regressions when taken orally and is better tolerated in some when used as a cream.

Brown rice or apple cider vinegar can be useful therapeutic options for the treatment of biofilms. 

Lyme disease and associated coinfections should be considered as potential factors in atypical psychiatric presentations.  

Dr. Dan Beilin spoke on "Hidden Patterns of Neurotoxicity and Lyme Disease Revealed through Dynamic Regulation Thermography".  

Practitioners may use thermography to identify the priorities to then further evaluate with other tools that they use in their practices.

Their technology measures 120 points on the body after a period of standing in cool air and compares the temperatures to the baseline measurement.

It is not diagnostic but an adjunct to diagnostic tools.

Dr. David Hickey shared that CCSVI does not work when you try to open up the veins.

The big veins are not the problem but the capillary venule junction is where the problems exist.

Regulation thermography may be useful in evaluating CCSVI.

The practitioner can use FSM frequencies to see immediate changes in the reflux in real-time.

Large vessel therapies don’t seem to work for CCSVI.

Greg Lee MAc gave a great lecture "Beyond Wack-A-Mole Lyme Treatment".  I had seen this lecture once before at the Physician's Roundtable in January in Florida.  It was again one of the best presentations from my perspective and had a tremendous amount of useful information to share.  He started off with towels as "moles" and wacked them with various things until they got so large he needed a tennis racket.  Many of us can relate with this analogy when treating Lyme disease.

Lee worked at NASA before becoming a healthcare practitioner.

Why do some heal Lyme and others do not?

Many are toxic from biotoxins, antibiotics, environmental and childhood toxin exposures, dental procedures, lifestyle, parasites, viruses, fungi, compromised detox pathways, etc.

Microbes hide in biofilm, cartilage, collagen, skin, nervous system, and inside cells.

Uses history, labs, tongue analysis, pulse analysis, clinical evaluation, and ZYTO biofeedback testing.

Focus of treatment is to reduce toxicity, kill pathogens, dissolve biofilms, address reservoirs of pathogens, repair and restore normal functioning, and invoke Divine healing.

"Gu Syndrome" has been known about for 1900 years. Many practitioners are confused by Gu illnesses. The pathogens are malicious and life-threatening.

Gu toxins are like oil seeping into flour. You cannot separate them out.

Has been translated as "demon syndrome".

He made the analogy that illness is like dust on the mirror where dust is the illness, but there is a place within us not impacted by illness.

Has had good results with both nasal and topical bee venom. Mellitin in the bee venom inhibits Lyme, Babesia, and Mycoplasma. Small amounts can lead to Herxheimer reactions. It appears to be helpful for protozoan infections.

He uses essential oils and custom liposomal supplements and herbs. Often the essential oils are taken orally as the absorption is 5-10 times greater than topical administration. Phenols in the oils assist in dissolving biofilms.

Liposomal artemisinin, harmine (herb), glutathione, and other herbal formulas are used.  Harmine kills intracellular protozoan organisms and is helpful for Babesia and Protomyxzoa.

Unpublished research suggests that cinnamon cuts through biofilms and helps address spirochetes.

Liposomal Phosphatidyl Choline may be useful for mold toxicity. 

Galla Chinensis may be used in a manner similar to cholestyramine.

Cupping is used and in normal patients, when the area is then needled, the blood is liquid in nature. In patients with Lyme, it is highly gelatinous due to hypercoagulation.

He uses light and intranasal LED/laser therapy. 

If I were on the east coast, I would explore working with this practitioner further.

Dr. Constantine Kotsanis and Dr. Robert LaCava spoke on "Lyme Disease, An Evidence-Based Integrative Approach".  

Insulin is a powerful modifier that makes things move faster and makes absorption of drugs more precise and succinct and useful for cancer and infections.

Dr. Kotsanis uses IPT (insulin-potentiated therapy) to enhance the effectiveness of antibiotic therapies in the treatment of Lyme disease.

Disease uses paracrine and autocrine mechanisms to attack us.

Humalog (insulin) and 25% of normal dose of antimicrobials may be used with highly beneficial effects over standard antibiotic therapy.

IPT antimicrobials can increase intracellular dose intensity where the majority of the microbes we struggle with live.

IPT can increase the potency of the treatment by up to 16 times while eliminating or reducing drug resistance.

Dr. LaCava approaches chronic Lyme with antibiotic use in cycles, oxidative therapies, silver hydrosol treatment, detoxification, immune modulation, and anti-inflammatory therapies. He also enforces rest, allows no caffeine/alcohol/smoking, suggests low-carb diets with high quality protein, vitamins and nutritional support, maintaining hydration, exercise, and no steroids.

Detoxification is critical. Hydration is a key. FIR sauna and treatment with substances such as zeolites, chlorella, fulvic acid, and bentonite clays may be used. 30-60 minutes of exercise 5 days a week is often appropriate. 

Intermittent fasting/juicing, foot baths, lymphatic massage, meditation, biofeedback, skin brushing, and homeopathic detoxification remedies are useful. 

Colonics, IV chelation, IV glutathione, IV C, nutritional IVs, mushroom extracts, low dose Cortef, Vitamin D3, selenium, and zinc are often indicated. 

Oxidative therapies such as major autohemotherapy and prolozone may be used and at times this may be used with IV hydrogen peroxide. Silver hydrosol may be used orally or by IV. 

Several homeopathics were mentioned that may be useful in patients with chronic Lyme disease. These included syphillinum, lachesis matus, ledum, apis mellificia, rhus tox, and belladona. For metals, plumbum metallicum, and mercurius solubilis may be helpful in the hands of a skilled practitioner. Rhus Tox may help people with "post Lyme" inflammation. 

IPT may be used with IV antibiotics such as Rocephin or Doxycycline or others. IM or IV Penicillin G may also be used.

IPT crosses the blood brain barrier.

In Lyme, IPT is particularly beneficial as it increases the permeability of the cell membrane and enhances intracellular dose intensity while using lower doses of medications and with fewer side effects.

Radical changes in symptoms are often seen within 10 treatments and patients may report being 85% improved in that period.

IPT is a "smart bomb" with less worry of liver toxicity.

Most people respond well within 6 weeks of treatment.

IPT may be beneficial for mycotoxin-related issues as well.

Kristen Honey PhD gave a very touching lecture "How the Ocean Heals Lyme Disease - What the Evidence Shows" where she shared her own personal recovery story.

Honey was very sick, likely from tick bites. She improved with Cipro, but later moved into an environment with toxic mold in 2009 and fell apart.

She used ART (autonomic response testing) as an important tool on her journey.

She believes that Lyme can be fully recovered from with a holistic approach, tenacity, and resilience. 

Oligotherapy (trace mineral therapy) with minerals from the ocean was an important part of her protocol.

She also used nano-mineral treatments with nano-silver and nano-gold to eradicate Lyme infections and resolve symptoms.

"Be the change! YOU are the leader you've been waiting for!". This she shared as she talked about one of her mentors, Steve Schneider, and his book "The Patient from Hell".

She believes in the importance of supporting the body on all levels using Dr. Klinghardt's 5 Levels of Healing which discusses the physical, energetic, mental, intuitive, and spirit bodies.

Mind, body, and spirit work are needed for a successful recovery.

She modified 5 Levels of Healing pyramid to be inverted such that the physical body is still at the bottom, but now becomes the smallest part of the pyramid, and the spirit body which is still at the top is now the largest.

Treatment is highly individual and needs to be customized for each person.

She struggled with Babesia, Bartonella, Ehrlichia, and Mold.

She credits Bruce Lipton, Dietrich Klinghardt, and Steve Schneider for shaping her approach to wellness.

Given her own background studying ecosystems, she shared that the body is very much like an ecosystem.

For her, the lynchpin was oligotherapy using nano-silver and nano-gold.

She noted that Lyme strips you of everything. She went from being a PhD student at Stanford to being essentially homeless and living on food stamps.

Fortunately, she recovered, finished her PhD, and is now sharing her powerful story to help others.

Minerals and trace elements help to restore the body's natural vitality. A healthy diet is essential along with mineral supplementation.

The human body is 60-70% solution of minerals and trace elements.

Ocean water is a natural source of all mineral forms including ionic, colloidal, chelated, and others.

She discussed Rene Quinton who was the original biologist behind what is now Quinton Marine Plasma, an ocean water based supplement. Quinton looked at the extracellular matrix. He found that the ocean water has a composition very similar to blood. 

There was much power that she experienced in forgiveness. She stated that forgiveness is for yourself and no one else.

So much of healing is the responsibility of the patient to work on the upper levels.

She had a mantra which was "Rest, breathe, sleep, pray" and later she added "Accept, surrender, heal."

Honey feels strongly that we can recover 100% if we choose to.

For the nano-silver and nano-gold, Honey did IVs using a base of minerals similar to the composition of sea water.

We have to fix the terrain, the ecosystem, much like working on wetlands or coastal terrains. Poor health is like a degraded ocean.

Nanoparticles are 100nm or less in size. 

Nano-minerals are emerging technology for treatment. They exist in nature but are only recently detectable. Ionic minerals are naturally nano-minerals. They are smaller size but have greater reactivity. The surface-area-to-volume ratio is modified.

Recent research from AAAS shows that silver enhances antibiotic activity against gram-negative bacteria. 

Silver suffocates the bacteria. Nanosilver destroys biofilms.

Treatments are generally low risk with high effectiveness. They are synergistic with antibiotics and there is an inability to evolve into a silver-resistant form.

Gold is anti-inflammatory. Dr. Cowden mentioned that gold also seems to help with the emotional aspects of health.

By "cure", Honey means a functional cure where one cannot detect the disease with labs or with energetic testing. 

Healing requires active participation from the patient on all levels.

There are many paths to Rome. 

Active patient involvement is a MUST.

Tap into the things beyond just the physical. Believe.

Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right.

She uses the Quinton Isotonic 2-3 times per day and a Hypertonic once daily. She continues to do the nanominerals 1-2 times per year as part of her health maintenance program.

Dr. William Rea gave a lunch presentation titled "Immune Aspects of Lyme Disease Failures" and was awarded a lifetime achievement award for his work. 

Some cannot tolerate antibiotics or other medications and may have strong sensitivity to various odors.

There is a spreading phenomenon where people become allergic to molds, foods, chemicals, phenols, gas, alcohols, perfumes, formaldehyde, and other odors.

This is a total environmental load issue where the body can only handle so many insults.

Some develop EMF sensitivity. EMF is the most increasing pollutant in the world. Smart meters are a significant issue. There is also a connection between EMFs and heavy metals.

Some develop weight loss and malnutrition because they cannot tolerate the nutrients they need to take to address their illness.

They have created an environment at their clinic which leads to avoidance of many different environmental stressors such that the body can begin to recover.

It can take 3-4 years for sheet rock in a new home to outgas.

Marble is radioactive. They use ceramic tile.

In patients with chronic Lyme that do not otherwise improve, their approach allows them to restore their detoxification and enzyme systems.

Plastic water bottles are very problematic.

Mountain Valley water is the best (in glass bottles). Perrier and Evian are also good options.

Need multi-phase water filtering. Filtering shower and bathing water is important.

GMO foods are a poison every time you take a bite.

Their approach consists of:

1) Providing a less polluted environment, water, and food
2) Intradermal injection therapy for molds, foods, and chemicals
3) Nutrient supplementation including alkalinization using Tri-Salts. Most sick cells are acid.
4) Oxygen therapy
5) Immune modulators to support T and B cells. Addressing gamma globulin deficiency.
6) Sauna, massage, exercise in controlled environments. Likes hot air sauna and does not use redwood or pine. 50% of his patients cannot tolerate infrared sauna.

In a group of 40 Lyme patients, 30 needed no antibiotics as their immune systems were restored, 38 lost EMF sensitivity, 35 became tolerant to molds/foods/chemicals, and 10 who needed antibiotics were now able to tolerate them. Only 2 got worse.

Breast implants, metal plates, knees, pacemakers, etc. can create implant sensitivity. Immune and detoxification systems can go down and make Lyme more difficult. Silicone or saline implants are both bad. Silicone have manganese and can make a person toxic.

The common stressors that he observes in his patients include: strep, flu virus, foods, corn, yeast, metals, pesticides are a major one, car exhaust, and mycotoxins.

The melting of the polar ice caps releases mercury into the air.

Dr. Steve Harris talked on "Non-Antibiotic Evidence-Based Management of Lyme and Co-infections".    

Borrelia has 133 functional genes vs. only 24 in syphilis.

Borrelia requires manganese and magnesium. It does not require iron like some other organisms do. Borrelia feed off of glucosamine.

Many of the infections involved are intracellular. Antibodies often cannot be created when microbes are intracellular but only when the microbes are on the move.

Borrelia is not present in high numbers in the blood but each one packs a punch in terms of the body's response and resulting symptoms.

Borrelia is anaerobic and can survive in oxygen but does not like high oxygen environments.

Borrelia moves to cartilage and fascia and other oxygen-poor locations in the body.

Borrelia can be more active on airplane flights or in high altitude.

The organism is heat-sensitive up to 40C for 3 hours for helical forms, but it is not likely that the cysts are easily impacted by heat which may require thousands of degrees.

Borrelia thrives in a slightly acidic environment.

Band 23-25 is often expressed in early infection and then others such as 31 and 34 may manifest after a year. The same is true of 83-93.

Borrelia has a very slow division cycle. 24-72 hours in vitro and 24-32 days in the body. Given the slow division time and treatment to cover 500 division cycles, treatment would last approximately 2 years. The benefit of a slow division time is that there is not a lot of true antibiotic resistance with Borrelia.

Borrelia can kill a lymphocyte and use the membrane to cloak itself and move around in the body. It can destroy myelin and cause a true MS-like picture.

Cytokines result in an inflammatory response that cause many symptoms. According to Buhner's latest work, the organisms direct cytokine responses for their own benefit.

Cyst forms are the main reason for treatment resistance and relapse. Cysts are heat, pressure, and oxygen resistant. Cysts can revert back to spirochetes in hours.

Some treatments for cyst forms include Tinidazole, Metronidazole, grapefruit seed extract, Plaquenil, and the combination of Samento and Banderol. 

Borrelia may be a central processing organism for gene transfer between microbes.

It may be that various forms of energetic testing are the result of shared genes and not the full organism.

When Borrelia and Babesia exist together, complement levels change in support of Borrelia activation.

In Lupus, it could be that the immune system is trying to get rid of Borrelia DNA and this mimics Lupus.

Borrelia and company live together in a symbiogenic manner and can mimic many conditions.

The average patient has 6-40 symptoms.

Fasciculations can be Lyme or Bartonella.

Parasite protocols are often helpful for Morgellon's.

In his practice, he often combines prescription options with herbals.

He has observed that when working on the spiritual, emotional, and higher levels, prescription antimicrobials become less important.

Houttuynia can be helpful for both Borrelia and Bartonella. 

When Babesia is present, he often treats Babesia first. This can be a factor that leads to enlargement of the spleen. Spleen drainage support is often helpful when treating Babesia.

Cryptolepis is one of the best options for Babesia.

For Lyme, he mentioned Samento, Banderol, Cumanda, Quina, Lakato, Houttuynia, Garlic, Coptis, Teasel, Chanca piedra, Beyond Balance MC-BB-1, Beyond Balance MC-BB-2, Clinical Response Formulas BLt, Byron White A-L Complex, nosodes, rizoles, Lymogen, Borrelogen, LymPlus Transfer Factor, and bee venom. MC-BB-2 is a very potent option for Lyme.

For Babesia, he mentioned Cryptolepis, Enula, Mora, rizoles, plant stem cells, Raintree MYCO (no longer available), Chanca piedra, Clinical Response Formulas Crypto-Plus, Beyond Balance MC-BAB-1, Beyond Balance MC-BAB-2, Beyond Balance MC-BAB-3, and Byron White A-BAB.

For Bartonella, he mentioned Boneset, Houttuynia, Pau D' Arco, Arnica, rizoles, Beyond Balance MC-BAR-1, Clinical Response Formulas BLt, and Byron White A-BART. He also mentioned an upcoming Beyond Balance MC-BAR-2.

Most psychiatric symptoms are related to Bartonella. 

Bartonella divides quickly and can develop resistance. Bartonella treatments must be rotated regularly.

In terms of the various protocols, he mentioned Beyond Balance, Clinical Response, Zhang, Cowden, Jernigan, Byron White, Maypa Herbals, Deseret Biologicals, Researched Nutritionals, Buhner, and Rizoles.

Clinical Response Formulas has a Herx-1 which is more for lymphatics and a Herx-L which is more for liver support.

With the Zhang protocol, he mentioned that the AI #3 may be helpful for inflammation.

Lymogen seems to be a little stronger than Borrelogen. Microbojen is helpful for parasites and in some with Morgellon's.

With Byron White Formulas, these may be used as a diagnostic tool quickly working up to 15 drops three times daily. If symptoms are experienced, it is often a good indicator that an issue is present with the stressor that the formula is targeted for. He finds that A-BART appears to be the strongest of the Byron White Formulas. Some patients need to start with 1/10 of a drop per week.

A question was asked if taking collagen supplements was a good or bad thing as Borrelia feeds on collagen. He suggested that if the Borrelia is being treated at the same time, it is likely not a problem.

Jack Miller CTN talked on "An Innovative Natural Program for Lyme and Association Conditions".  

He was one of the people involved in the original studies on Samento.  He also worked with Dr. Rea to recover his own health.  

He shared a 4 pillars model where the pillars are exercise, sleep, diet/nutrition, and positive mental outlook.

Parasites such as Entamoeba Histolytica thrive on animal protein. Protomyxzoa thrives on fats and oils. Candida thrives on carbohydrates. So if you are attempting to starve the microbes, you would have to stop eating all protein, fats, and carbohydrates which obviously is not a good strategy.

He likes the Joel Fuhrman book "Eat for Health". The only downside is it does include some gluten and thus has to be modified slightly.

Agave nectar and honey have more fructose than high-fructose corn syrup. Agave nectar, honey, maple syrup, molasses, brown rice syrup, sucanat, and coconut syrup are all sugar.

He has had good results with clients dealing with emotional stressors using NutraMedix EZOV which was developed in Israel. He also uses EVOX from ZYTO.

Lyme disease patients tend to be driven, super-achievers with self-imposed stress. The way we drive ourselves can lead to illness.

Blood type diets are often very helpful. Don't make bad food a staple.

He uses ZYTO is his practice as a tool for energetic testing.

Mucoid lining is from the small intestine and affects absorption. He likes the cleanses from Blessed Herbs and Arise and Shine. After the mucoid lining is gone, glucomannan is a good prebiotic and results in the production of butyrate. Consuming fermented foods daily is helpful. FOS (a prebiotic) can feed Klebsiella. Some soluble fibers can feed Candida.

Most Lyme patients have severe auto-intoxication.

Coffee enemas are a liver cleansing not colon cleansing.

Liver support and detoxification are needed to support phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification. Coffee enemas, liver/gallbladder flushes, and bitters/cholagogues before means are helpful for liver support and detoxification.

Lymphatic drainage can be enhanced with a Chi machine, Light Beam Generator, Lymph Star, Photon Genie, or similar devices as well as with enzymes, herbal, and homeopathic lymphatic drainage.

Laser energetic detox and ozone saunas are helpful for his clients. Ozone sauna may enhance mitochondrial function, act as an antimicrobial, and act as an antioxidant. It has been shown to detoxify heavy metals and chemicals through the skin.

Dr. Jeff Wulfman talked on "Parasitic Microbial Influences on Chronic Complex Illnesses - The Scientific Basis".  Dr. Wulfman is one of the healers I have tremendous respect for.  

He was in a serious car accident when he was 15 years old and felt called to be a healer. The need for good doctors is vast and the suffering of many is great.

Evidence-based medicine has a dark side in that it often means that real problems don’t exist. An individual patient is not a numeric average.

There are ten times more microbial cells in us and on us than human cells. We are not sterile beings. The blood is not sterile; it is an ecosystem of its own.

Symbiosis can be mutualistic (benefit each other), commensalistic (one benefits while one remains unharmed) or parasitic (one is harmed). Symbiosis is shifting more toward parasitic.

Most of the parasites, including viruses, cannot survive outside of a host.

The issues that each patient needs to address are unique and thus protocols are not always ideal.

Chronic parasitism and immune dysfunction (with inflammation) lead to a body on fire.

Parasites can be micro such as protozoa, yeast, fungi, bacteria, viruses, and prions. They can also be macro such as worms, microfilaria, mites, larvae, and others.

As people become more depleted, dormant infections emerge.

450 of 500 Alzheimer brains had spirochetes, Chlamydophila, and other infections herpes virus. In autism, one is 16 times more likely to have Borrelia, fungi, viruses, mycoplasma, and other organisms.

In MS, 90% may have Chlamydophila, mycoplasma, or Borrelia. In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, people are 18 times more likely to have mycoplasma, Borrelia, HHV-6, CMV, and other infections.

There is a correlation between the number of microbes in the amniotic fluid and premature labor.

Judy Miklossy found Borrelia and oral spirochetes in the brain in patients with Alzheimer's.

Cell-wall deficient (CWD) organisms are living inside of our cells. This occurs in 70% of those with chronic illnesses.

65% of people admitted to an ICU showed activation of HHV-6 vs. 0 in the healthy population.

Advanced Labs recently published an article on their culture test.

For Borrelia testing, a Western Blot with complete band analysis, PCR testing, and the new culture may be helpful.  For Babesia, titer and FISH testing may be helpful; for Bartonella, titers and Galaxy PCR.

If treatment is delayed by 60 days, the patient is 6 times more likely to remain ill.

In a study done by Galaxy Diagnostics, 40% of people with rheumatic symptoms in Lyme endemic areas were PCR positive for Bartonella.

One does not have to have an infection in the brain to have inflammation in the brain. Once microglia are stimulated, they become vulnerable to further insults and the results are magnified. An example is the child that has a bite of pizza and then bites the teacher. Can lead to aggression and behavior changes.

Infection in the brain combined with infection in periphery can magnify result.

Farm animals are routinely wormed. Maybe we should routinely worm humans as well.

When infections are present combined with heavy metals, the condition is much worse.

Pathogens in us affect our feeding behavior. They control our behavior to feed them what they want for their own survival.

Personalities change as the microbiome shifts. One study from Japan used Minocycline to bring down inflammation in the brain. The group that was not treated had their decision making impacted and took more risk.

In mice, an experiment was done with fecal transplants. In the stressed out mice, their feces were transferred to the calm mice. The calm mice then became stressed out mice.

Chlamydia cannot be cleared when heavy metals are still present.

If a patient is rapidly declining, the focus should be on reducing the microbial burden. If they are not rapidly declining, the focus should often be more on the terrain.

Large organisms are treated first in this order: Worms, Yeast, Protozoa, Bacteria, and then Viruses.

Wulfman suggests a "Lyme Tea" for some of his patients that combines many of the Buhner herbs into a blend that can then be made into a tea.

Any person that is chronically ill and not off all gluten and casein may be wasting their time with other treatments.

To be healthy today is a revolutionary act.

The healing journey can be a journey of self-exploration, heightened awareness, empowerment, and transformation.

For inflammation, glutathione, vitamin C, detoxification, and fish oils may be used to put the fire out.

Closing Notes: After the main conference, there was an evening open to the public where each presenter did a very short overview of what they presented in the longer sessions. A couple of notes I found of interest from that event follow.

If you live in a home with mold, you are likely immune-compromised.

Steve Hines mentioned that he sees fungus on darkfield after 3 days on antibiotics. He often uses Nystatin with HLC probiotic packets. He rarely sees a Lyme treatment failure that does not have dental infections. When root canals are present in the upper teeth, sinusitis often results. When they are present in the lower teeth, breast cancer may follow. The dental spirochete Treponema denticola is as bad or worse than Lyme. In people with ALS, spirochetes are often present in the brain combined with other factors such as mercury, celiac disease, COMT deficiency, and others. He suggests finding the microbes, fixing the dental issues, and detoxifying. If you live long enough, most people will be exposed to Lyme organisms; there are bigger problems.

Dr. Cowden suggested that cortisol damages the cells in the stomach, lowers HCl, and opens the doors to parasites. 50-80% of stool tests in patients with parasites will be negative.

Dr. Simona Popp mentioned heavy metal sensitivity and Lyme disease. Enzymes make our metabolism work and minerals must bind to these to make them function. Metals bind and the enzymes won't work. The metals can become allergens. Mercury is likely responsible for preventing a complete healing from Lyme disease. She also suggested having metals removed in one session rather than several sessions and doing so with the correct supportive treatment.

Overall, this event was SUPERB.  If you have the opportunity to attend one of the ACIM events, I highly recommend it.  You will learn a TON from some of the most gifted healers I've interacted with.

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