I have followed the work of Dr. Michael Lebowitz DC for several years.  I have used many of the unique products he works with in my own recovery journey and think they are some of the best available.  Additionally, I had studied his system of energetic testing in the past via DVD and online classes.  We've also spoken on the phone over the past couple of years, but had never met in person.  

Fortunately, that recently changed as I had the opportunity to attend "Treating the Complex Patient 2014" in Phoenix, AZ on November 9, 2014.  It was a great event and I learned a lot of new information.  Dr. Lebowitz is certainly a leader in the world of treatment of complex illness in my opinion.  I have great respect for him and his work.  

Disclaimer: Nothing in this text is intended to serve as medical advice. All medical decisions should be made only with the guidance of your own personal licensed medical authority.

Disclaimer: This information was taken as notes during the conference and may not represent the exact statements of the speakers. Errors and/or omissions may be present.

Dr. Lebowitz started by discussing the history of energetic testing. He started his system in 1987 and initially found they were getting a lot of false negatives. The field had started by testing substances that were placed on the tongue. He later started working with vials but rarely found that the results were consistent when blinded. Over the years and much research, he identified a company that provides energetic testing vials that were reproducible.

When testing with the vials, Dr. Lebowitz places them under the south pole of a magnet. He first identifies both a strong muscle and a weak muscle and uses both in the testing system. Something bad for the client weakens the strong muscle or makes the strong muscle go hypertonic (this is actually worse), while something beneficial will strengthen the weak muscle.

A primary focus is correcting and balancing dysbiosis; some bugs in the body that should not be there. This leads to inflammation which can lead almost any type symptom: fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, headaches, hormone imbalance, mood disorders, or subluxation. The most common cause of subluxation is food. He said, "You can eat yourself out of whatever adjustment the patient got."

Dr. Lebowitz believes that you need to treat all forms of dysbiosis at the same time. If you focus on killing just one, the others may populate that space. You may help one thing and hurt another. Don't miss anything. He does not think in terms of layers but tries to find everything stressing the client on the first visit. Often times, people have a 50-70% reduction in symptoms before the second visit.

He uses a number of unique techniques to improve the chances of finding a given stressor in the body. These include desensitizing the client to those items already found and repeating the previously neutral stressors. Often times, additional stressors will become apparent. He also has created a unique way of testing with various coagulation vials to find hidden microbial stressors in the body. He activates the left brain by having the client do a difficult math problem, for example, and then tests for more stressors.  It is a unique system of testing in that it is both relatively simple and elegant.

In general, he has observed that people are a lot sicker now than they were years ago.

It is important to consider possible sources of re-exposure to various microbial stressors. For example, if one has a fungal issue, they could be in a moldy house, getting re-exposed from sexual contact, or be creating the fungal problem with antibiotic use. Often times, these issues won't resolve until both partners are treated at the same time. One partner can be an asymptomatic carrier. Considering where the infection may have come from is very important. He uses the term "recidivism" when one gets re-occurrence of the same microbe in the future.

He often challenges the client energetically with air samples from their home to see if that weakens the person; they may have a mold or other toxin in their home that is stressing the system. He may test saliva samples of other family members to see which sample stresses the client and may represent the same stressor that the client is struggling with; this may mean the family member needs to be treated as well.

When people test for fungal stress, he takes them off of fermented foods, refined sweeteners, juices, dried fruit, vinegar, alcohol, soy sauce, miso, and yeast well as foods they are sensitive to.  When one eats foods they are sensitive to, it sidetracks the body and the body cannot focus on the issue that needs to be healed. Fruit is generally not a problem.

One interesting aside is that he has found that if you ask a person their favorite song, it often negates the microbial stressors. Listen to it.

Most people have too much left-brained stress which activates the sympathetic nervous system and suppresses the immune system.

Whole plants are broad spspectrum.  Dr. Lebowtiz does not like the use of "shotgun remedies" that have 20 different ingredients in them and finds that they are often the least effective. He feels that there may not be enough of the 2 things out of the 20 that you need to really make for an effective treatment. Herbs that are strong enough to kill microbes are irritating to the body if the body does not need them. If the body does not need something, it may react to it.

Lyme may be transmitted sexually, by mosquitoes, ticks, mother's milk, deer meat, cow milk, and other possible sources. The majority of people seem to test positively for Lyme-related microbes energetically.

Dr. Lebowitz is not a big fan of ozone as it can kill almost anything but is not very selective. He feels that ozone therapy is akin to having a terrorist in the mall and then blindfolding the SWAT team.

Noni (Morinda) needs to be on the green side; fermented noni does not work well as an antimicrobial.

Dr. Lebowitz shared that there are two types of muscle testing: physiologic and intent-based. Fewer people are accurate with intention-based testing.

If you give a remedy that negates a microbial stressor but does not strengthen the patient, they may impact the bug, but may also negatively impact the body. At times, when die-off is observed, it may be that what was the correct remedy is no longer needed; die-off is often the wrong remedy.

With Lyme treatment, there is more of a rhythm. You often kill microbes and create a toxic disaster and thus the patient may need to detox. Biofilms must be broken down to get to the microbes. He may see people a couple of times a week early on and finds that remedies switch a lot faster.

Standardized herbs don't exist in nature and he does not recommend using them.

He shared a study where rats were given allergic foods that led to a histamine reaction. The study creators would ring a bell at the same time. They then stopped giving the foods but rang the bell, and the rats had the same histamine reaction.

He finds that fish oils almost never test well. The body may have associated them with mercury at some point. If casein tests badly, ghee may still not be good due to the association that the body has with dairy. There are often learned behaviors that have to be deprogrammed in order to tolerate a substance.

Microbes produce biofilms to protect the body from attacking them. Biofilms can also house toxic metals, calcium, and magnesium. When you break down biofilms, you let the bugs loose which can exacerbate hypercoagulation and lead to other problems. Giving proteolytic enzymes for biofilms is like opening all the cell doors in a prison.

Topical essential oils are another way to approach the biofilm issue. Essential oils are more like opening a cell door with a guard with a gun at each door. It is also wise to back-up biofilm treatment with antimicrobials to address any microbes that may be released. Listerine puts essential oils in their mouthwash to breakdown biofilms.

Dr. Steve Fry MD has found that some people cannot make a dent in their recovery unless they are on a low fat diet. Dr. Lebowitz demonstrated this with energetic testing and showed that even though an oil like flax may test beneficially, it may still aggravate the biofilm. Coconut oil seems to do the same thing even though it is also antimicrobial. Some B vitamins may also be problematic.

Supreme Nutrition has the essential oil combinations BFB-1 and BFB-2 that can be used topically. Specific directions for how these may be used can be found on the Supreme Nutrition site. One caution is that these may lower INR in patients on blood thinners such as Coumadin as the oils may have a high vitamin K content.

Organ stress is often secondary to what is found in terms of microbes and other toxins. Foods cause the majority of symptoms. Alpha-solanine is a primary food toxin and is found in nightshades. Cows can be crippled if they eat nightshades. Gliadin often shows as more of an issue than gluten itself. Paraxanthine, theophylline, and theobromine are breakdown products of caffeine, and caffeine tests poorly on the majority of people. Zinc increases digestive enzymes, the right form of folic acid and B6 may help with histamine breakdown. It is critical to test for foods and avoid stressing foods if you want optimal results in your healing.

It is much harder to fix dysbiosis if patients are on steroids.

For coffee lovers, he suggests Maya nut (example http://www.tattvasherbs.com/capomo-maya-nut-coffee-substitute/) as an option that tastes like coffee and chocolate combined and is high in 5-HTP.

Coagulation is a problem in chronic illness. David Berg feels that many chronic disease are caused by hypercoagulation. This leads to nutritional deficiency and hypoxia (lowered oxygen) in parts of the body. Genetics, heavy metals, and infections all contributed to hypercoagulation. HHV-6 increases prothrombin and lives in endothelial cells.

Ginger is a fibrinolytic that should be taken with a fatty meal. Shochu (http://www.satsuma.co.jp/english/con-shiru-shochu.html) is a Japanese drink (does contain alcohol) that can also help with keeping the blood less coagulated. Should not be used if there are fungi present. Bromelain and pineapple can be helpful. Pineapple should be taken between meals and one pineapple should be consumed per week. Dehydration is another factor that can be involved in hypercoagulation. One may want to consider hypercoagulation if there is a history of miscarriage or stroke is in the family history.

Mycotoxins may be from inhalation in a moldy home, internal production from fungal organisms, or ingestion in food. Smilax Supreme and Takesumi Supreme are often helpful for mycotoxin binding/elimination.

Takesumi Supreme may help when chemicals and metals are an issue. In some cases, if small amounts of gluten are consumed, Takesumi may help negate that stress. In England, they use Takesumi on spoons and stir it into their coffee. In Japan, Burger King adds Takesumi to their bread. It can help to lessen food reactions though does not mean that one should knowingly eat stressing foods.

A positive Romberg test where you stand on one foot at a time with eyes closed and monitor balance can be an indication for heavy metal toxicity. If you don't sweat easily, it is more likely that metals may be an issue. In his opinion, one of the worst things to do is to have amalgams removed; especially incorrectly. One doctor developed Parkinson's after removal and another was paralyzed for six months after having amalgams removed. He has also seen people that can feel suicidal as a result of mercury toxicity. Dysbiosis can still be addressed even if metals are present. Takesumi Supreme, Camu Supreme, selenium, and zinc may be helpful for dealing with metals.

In some cases, he finds that chemicals, metals, and hormones are stored in the abdominal fat and by massaging the fat deeply in areas with lots of fat, you may then find metals test that did not test initially. Similar mathematics challenges as mentioned earlier may then show positive retest for metals as well as doing upper-body extensors with forceful pushing. Slow burn exercises such as 10 seconds going down for a push-up, held for 2 seconds, and then up may help metal excretion.  If one does decide to get mercury removed, the time to do that is when you are not energetically testing stressfully to the metals. Then you might have one done and see if mercury becomes a stressor. If it does, you may need to address the mercury stress before moving forward with further dental work.

He rarely finds R-Alpha Lipoic Acid to test. Alpha lipoic does from time to time though not as often as Schisandra Supreme, Takesumi Supreme, glutathione, selenium, and molybdenum.

Most isolated nutrients like amino acids come from China and may be full of solvents. Many times, supplements clients are on either weaken, create hypertonicity, or do not strengthen the client. 

Some supplement companies test consistently weak as a result of various fillers and binders that they use in the product. When testing with his magnet over the head, negative responses are often much more clear. Good companies rarely test weak - usually strong or neutral.

Don't take Brewer's Yeast if fungal issues exist. Some enzymes are also not good if fungal issues are present as fungi are often used in the creation of the enzyme product.

His average patient might be on 4 products and may only be on antimicrobials for a couple of weeks. Morinda Supreme and Takesumi Supreme may be used prophylactically.

People often need magnesium. For aldehydes, zinc, vitamin B2, and molybdenum may be helpful. Supplements seem to weaken people more than medications; though medications don't seem to strengthen the body.

When multiple supplements test well, distance testing is often used to see which supplement might be the most appropriate. The further away from the body the supplement is while still strengthening, the better.

Takesumi Supreme should be kept away from other supplements as it is a binder.

For EMF stress, Body Guard Supreme or P5P may be helpful. The sensitivity often goes away from treating all the other things. It seems to be secondary in most people. Most of the EMF-reducing "gadgets" are not helpful.

Grounding is a wonderful tool, but most of the tools that facilitate this artificially are not helpful. Many findings in testing a client go away when the person is outside; spending more time outside is often healing.

Editor's Note:

I have used many of the products from Supreme Nutrition in my journey.  I started working with their products more than 5 years ago and continue to find them very helpful for both myself and others.  My favorite products include Takesumi Supreme, Morinda Supreme, and Golden Thread Supreme.  They continue to bring out new products over time.  I very much appreciate having these high-quality products as options to help support my ongoing health program.

The products from Supreme Nutrition that I have used for years personally can be found at Supreme Nutrition Products.  A great book that discusses the details of the Supreme Nutrition products is available here.  Dr. Lebowitz is also available for phone consultations and more information can be found here.

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