This page is a collection of my favorite supplements. These are products that I have used or do currently use as part of my "Better Health" program or have gotten very good reports from others.  I welcome any comments or suggestions you may have. I am always open to learning about new products that may be better than some of those that I currently consider to be at the top of my list. I expect this list will change over time, but do think these are potentially good options.

The products listed below are NOT presented in any specific priority. Always consult with your healthcare provider before trying anything listed on this page.

 Detoxification Support

In my opinion, detoxification is the most important aspect of recovering from chronic illness.  Thus, appropriately, it is discussed first on this page.  People are generally looking for "bug killers", but, in my experience, one cannot regain health with a sole focus on killing bugs.  It's the terrain, not the bug, that matters.  We are ten times more microbe than human; so the idea that getting rid of microbes is how we regain health doesn't add up.  

Supreme Nutrition Takesumi Supreme

Of all the binders I have used, Takesumi Supreme has probably been the one I have used the most and one I have used for many years.  One of the prior downsides was that it only came in a powder, and not everyone found that a convenient option; even though I personally prefer the powder. 

Fortunately, Supreme Nutrition now offers Takesumi Supreme in both a powder and a capsule.  In terms of a good, broad-spectrum binder, this product is at the very top of my list.

Source: Supreme Nutrition

BioPure ZeoBind and Chlorella

BioPure ZeoBind and Chlorella have been excellent tools in my binder arsenal.  I often chewed 30-40 tablets of Chlorella about 30-45 minutes before a meal.   There are so many benefits to Chlorella; including that it may be helpful for detoxification of heavy metals.  BioPure carries a high quality Chlorella product that is what I have used personally. 

Much later in my recovery, the ZeoBind product emerged and became  another helpful tool in a binder rotation.

Source: BioPure (FREE SHIPPING with code BETTERHEALTH) 

Bio-Botanical Research G.I. Detox™ +

Bio-Botanical Research has a binder called G.I. Detox™ Plus which combines Zeolite Clay, Activated Charcoal, Apple Pectin, and other ingredients.  It's a comprehensive binder product that may help support removal of toxins from the body.

These products were discussed in my podcast with Dr. Rachel Fresco.

Source: Bio-Botanical Research (FREE SHIPPING with code BETTERHEALTH)

acz_nanoResultsRNA ACZ Nano

ACZ Nano is a zeolite spray that I have used over the past many years.  More details on this product can be found in my article entitled Total Body Detox: A Novel Approach to Lowering Total Body Burden.

Source: Results RNA

Note: There has been a lot of discussion on whether or not the aluminum contained in zeolite products is a potential problem or not.  I do personally like ACZ Nano, but it is known that zeolites contain aluminum.  Many suggest that the aluminum does not remain behind in the body, but others disagree. Do your research and discuss with your doctor before deciding whether or not zeolite is right for you.

Microbe Formulas BioActive Carbon Foundation, BioActive Carbon BioTox, and BioActive Carbon MetChem

While I have found several good detoxification products over the years, I am always excited about new advances.  Microbe Formulas released BioActive Carbon Foundation and BioActive Carbon BioTox, and BioActive Carbon MetChem in late 2017, and I have been incorporating these into my detoxification efforts since.  

One of the advantages of these products is that they do not create some of the scheduling challenges that other binders often do.  They can generally be taken with or without food and other supplements (though not RX medications).

These products were discussed in my podcast with Dr. Jay Davidson.

Source: Microbe Formulas


TOX-EASE GL, TOX-EASE, TOX-EASE IITOX-EASE BIND, and COGNEASE DETOX are blends of numerous herbs that are intended to support optimal detoxification.  I have used these product several times during my recovery and find them to be very useful options in supporting the body's ability to detoxify. TOX-EASE BIND is a newer formulation that is in the binder realm and may help to eliminate re-absorption of toxins in the GI tract.  

Source: Beyond Balance (Note: This is a practitioner-only line and not available except through a healthcare provider.)

BIORAY Liver Life 

BIORAY LiverLife is an excellent product for supporting the liver, a primary organ of detoxification.  It is a product I first learned about over a decade ago and have found very helpful in supporting detoxification over the years.  I continue to use it on a regular basis.  I think that this is a must-have for most in supporting detoxification and improving health.

Source: BIORAY (10% off with code BETTERHEALTH)


PEKANA Homeopathics (apo-HEPAT, RENELIX, ITIRES) are some of the best homeopathic products I have used to support drainage and detoxification.  They are for the liver, kidneys, and lymphatic system respectively.  They may be a good base for supporting the body's ability to detoxify. 

I've also had excellent results with MUNDIPUR and TOXEX which are both from PEKANA.  The only caveat here is that at times, apo-HEPAT, can be provoking and may be best replaced with Syntrion SyDetox using SyDetoxRENELIX, and ITIRES often with the addition of MUNDIPUR for detoxification of the extracellular matrix.  

Source: BioResource, Inc.

Energetix Drainage-Tone

Drainage-Tone from Energetix is one of my favorite drainage remedies for supporting detoxification.  I have used it for years, and it is still a go to.  As I understand, it is the number 1 product in the Energetix line.

Source: Energetix

I often like to combine BioRay Liver Life with PEKANA RENELIX and PEKANA ITIRES and then one of either PEKANA MUNDIPUR or Energetix Drainage-Tone.  Then, one of the binders from above such as BioPure ZeoBind, Takesumi Supreme, G.I. Detox, or similar.

Microbial Support for Lyme, Co-Infections, and other Chronic Microbial Stressors

Note: Particularly with antimicrobial support options, I find it best to have some form of energetic testing to determine which of the many available options may be the best for a given individual.  My preference is Dr. Klinghardt's ART or Autonomic Response Testing.  However, there are many forms of energetic testing that can be helpful in this realm. 

BioPure CockTail and Quintessence

BioPure CockTail and Quintessence are as close to the "Buhner protocol in a bottle" that I have seen.  I personally have used both of them.  Though, when I was doing my Lyme treatment focus, CockTail was not available and we used to make our own liposomal formulas in a blender and ultrasonic device.  Fortunately, CockTail is now available and is the liposomal microbial support formula based on Dr. Klinghardt's work.  I have found it to be one of my favorite products.  

Source: BioPure (FREE SHIPPING with code BETTERHEALTH)


Dr. Bill Rawls experienced Lyme disease himself, and after recovering his health with herbs, he created the line called Vital Plan.

One of the reasons I like Vital Plan is that they don't just sell products, but they provide their users with education and support.  

The RESTORE KIT includes Advanced Biotic, Adaptogen Recovery, Mitochondrial Support, and Prevention Plus.  3 capsules of each product are taken twice per day in most cases.  I have used the Advanced Biotic personally, and gotten good feedback from users of the RESTORE KIT.

Source: Vital Plan

Supreme Nutrition Morinda Supreme, Vital Guard Supreme, Melia Supreme, and Golden Thread Supreme

Some of my favorite broad-spectrum products come from Supreme Nutrition.  Morinda Supreme has been helpful personally for both Babesia and Bartonella support.  Vital Guard Supreme may be useful for Borrelia.  Melia Supreme is very broad-spectrum, and Golden Thread Supreme may be helpful for those dealing with several different microbial stressors.

Source: Supreme Nutrition

Maypa Herbals Formula L, Formula L Plus, Formula Bart, Formula Bab Plus, and Formula Green

The Maypa Herbals products were formulated by an herbalist and medical intuitive.  They are a unique combination of herbs that I have found very helpful.  I used these products for almost a full year with good results.  I find that they can be very effective but do not seem to product the same Herxheimer response that many other options do.

Source: Maypa Herbals

Bio-Botanical Research Biocidin, Biocidin LSF, and Olivirex

Bio-Botanical Research has several great products in the microbial support realm.  Their flagship product is Biocidin, and I first used that product almost 20 years ago.  The combination of Biocidin and Olivirex have been used by some as a broad-spectrum microbial support strategy in those dealing with Lyme disease and other chronic conditions.  Their Biocidin LSF formula is a liposomal formula for better absorption; it is very potent and not to be used without practitioner guidance.  

Source: Bio-Botanical Research (FREE SHIPPING with code BETTERHEALTH) 

NutraMedix Samento, Cumanda, Banderol, Enula, Hottuynia, and others

NutraMedix Samento, Cumanda, BanderolEnula, and Hottuynia are excellent herbal preparations that can be helpful to inhibit the growth and presence of various microbes. I personally have used Samento and have alternated between Cumanda and Banderol on regular cycles. Enula may be a good option for intracellular microbes such as Babesia.  

If one is looking for options other than antibiotics, the "Cowden Protocol" which is based on NutraMedix products is a very well-planned treatment option that you may wish to consider in conjunction with your healthcare provider.

Source: NutraMedix 

Beyond Balance MC-BB-1, MC-BB-2, MC-BAB-1, MC-BAB-2, MC-BAB-3, MC-BAR-1, MC-BAR-2, IMN-R, IMN-V, IMN-V-II, IMN-V-III, MC-PZ, PARAZOMIN, MYCOREGEN, and others

Beyond Balance offers comprehensive herbal blends that may be helpful for people dealing with Lyme disease and other chronic conditions.  Some of their products include MC-BB-1MC-BB-2, MC-BAR-1MC-BAR-2, MC-BAB-1MC-BAB-2MC-BAB-3, IMN-RIMN-VIMN-V-II, IMN-V-III, MC-PZPARAZOMIN, MYCOREGEN and others. 

I personally have been on protocols incorporating these products since around 2008 and have seen very positive shifts.  The Beyond Balance Products were formulated by Susan McCamish in response to her own son's challenges with Lyme disease.

Of these products, my personal favorites have been MC-BB-1, MC-BAR-1, MC-BAB-2, IMN-V-II, and MYCOREGEN.  

Source: Beyond Balance (Note: This is a practitioner-only line and not available except through a healthcare provider.)

Microbial Support for Parasites

Parasites are not uncommon causes of symptoms of chronic illness.  When present, they should generally be addressed early on in the treatment program.  Given that these are often quite different from the microbial support options for Lyme and co-infections, I'm listing a couple of my favorite options for parasite support separately.  

Microbe Formulas Organic Mimosa Pudica

Microbe Formula's Organic Mimosa Pudica seems to consistently produce visible parasites leaving the body of those that use it.  They have a second product called Formula 1 which may also be helpful; though I have not had personal experience with it to date.  

This product was discussed in my podcast with Dr. Jay Davidson.

Source: Microbe Formulas

Jernigan Paragen

Jernigan Paragen has become one of my favorite products for parasites over the past many years.  

Jernigan Nutraceuticals has a number of excellent herbal preparations, and this one has stood out for me as one of the products I have gravitated to from their line.  

Source: Jernigan Nutraceuticals (10% off with code BETTERHEALTH) 

Mast Cell and Histamine Support

Algonot NeuroProtek

Algonot's NeuroProtek was created by Dr. Theoharides and combines Luteolin, Quercetin, and Rutin.  These ingredients have been show to help support those dealing with mast cell and histamine-related issues.  

Source: Algonot

Seeking Health HistaminX and ProBiotia HistaminX

Seeking Health products are based on the work of Dr. Ben Lynch, ND.  The two products that have emerged for me from his work specifically around mast cell activation and histamine are HistaminX and ProBiotia HistaminX.

HistaminX combines several ingredients that may be helpful for allergy and inflammation support and modulate the body's histamine response.  ProBiotia HistaminX is a blend of probiotics that specifically were chosen to support the body's ability to manage ingested histamine.

Source: Seeking Health

Inflammation Support

Ortho Molecular Products Inflamma-bLOX

Ortho Molecular Products Inflamma-bLOX is one of the products I have found helpful for inflammation.  It combines Skullcap, Propolis, Turmeric, and Flower Pollen into a combination anti-inflammatory product that many find works well.

Source: Ortho Molecular Products

Sovereign Labs IRM (Immune Response Modulator) Spray

Sovereign Labs IRM Spray has been one of the products I found helpful for supporting the reduction of inflammation and modulating immune response to help with Herxheimer reactions, allergies, and autoimmune issues; while also helping to support the immune system.

I have shared more about Sovereign Labs products on my site here.

Source: Sovereign Labs


PEKANA INFLAMYAR is available as a liquid homeopathic, a topical cream, and pellets.  This product was something I used regularly when treating to reduce inflammation.

Source: BioResource, Inc.

Hypercoagulation and Biofilm Support

Canada RNA Boluoke

Boluoke is likely one of the most effective options for dealing with hypercoagulation available as a natural option.  I used Boluoke for years to support both reducing thickened blood and to help support my body against biofilms.  I found it to be a very helpful tool.  

Source: Researched Nutritionals

Beyond Balance BFM-P and BFM-1

Beyond Balance MC-BFM-1 is a product I have used as part of my protocol to support my body in dealing with biofilms.  My experience is that it is incredibly potent, and the company even released a lower dose BFM-P product for children that many adults even start with. 

It is my opinion that biofilms should not be a focus until later in treatment after reasonable progress has been made on microbial reduction, and certainly not before significant focus on detoxification and drainage is in place.

Source: Beyond Balance (Note: This is a practitioner-only line and not available except through a healthcare provider.)

Adrenal Support

BIORAY Loving Energy

BIORAY Loving Energy is one of the products that I've gotten consistently good feedback on from many that have tried it.  The one caveat is that it contains licorice, and this can lead to heart palpitations in some if too much is used.  That said, when used appropriately and with a practitioner's guidance, this can be an excellent tool for supporting the body.

Source: BIORAY (10% off with code BETTERHEALTH)

Maypa Herbals Formula Energy Plus

Maypa Herbals Formula Energy Plus is another one of my favorite tools for supporting the adrenals.  I'm a big fan of their microbial support products as well.

Source: Maypa Herbals

Natura Health Products Vital Adapt

Vital Adapt is a product I learned about years ago at a Klinghardt conference.  It is created by Donnie Yance, a well-known herbalist.  It contains a number of adaptogens that may be helpful for those of us with chronic illnesses, high stress lives, burnt out adrenals, and more. 

Source: Natura Health Products 

Essential Fatty Acid and Lipid Support

BodyBio Balance Oil

BodyBio Balance Oil is one of the ingredients I add daily to my "Power Shake".  It is a 4:1 blend of omega 6:omega 3 oil with flax and sunflower to support lipid balance.  

Source: BodyBio

BodyBio PC (Phosphatidylcholine)

BodyBio PC is another one of the ingredients I like to use in my "Power Shake".  It is a blend of phospholipids that also maintain a 4:1 omega 6:omega 3 ratio.

Source: BodyBio

Nordic Naturals ProOmega

Nordic Naturals ProOmega is a high-quality, high EPA/DHA fish oil derived from anchovies and sardines.  

Source: Nordic Naturals

YES Ultimate EFAs

YES Ultimate EFAs are seed-based oils that are discussed in the book "The Hidden Story of Cancer ".  They may be a much better option for some adults as opposed to fish-oil based essential fatty acid supplements.

Source: Your Essential Supplements

Probiotic Support


MegaSporeBiotic is a spore-based probiotic supplement that I have personally used for some time.  To learn more about spore-based probiotics, listen to a recent interview on the topic.  

This product was discussed in my podcast with Kiran Krishnan, the creator of the product.

Source: Microbiome Labs

Dr. Mercola's Complete Probiotics

Dr. Mercola's Complete Probiotics is one of the probioics I have used for a long time.  It has ten different probiotic organisms in it.  I like to rotate probiotics, and this is one that I commonly have in my rotation.  I am also planning to try his Complete Spore Restore as part of the Complete Gut Restore Pack.

Source: Dr. Mercola


Nexabiotic contains 23 different organisms in a single capsule and is very reasonably priced.  I used this product all the way back to when it was called Benebiotics.  The more organisms I can find in a given product, the more interesting I find that product to be.  Too much of a good thing can be a bad thing; meaning that we still want diversity in the organisms - even the good ones.

Source: Nexabiotic


Note: In kids with PANDAS/PANS, it may be necessary to avoid probiotics that contain Strep strains as some may find this triggers PANDAS symptoms.  It is better to be overly cautious with regard to this issue than to create an unnecessary flare.

General Support 

Original Quinton Isotonic

Original Quinton Isotonic is a trace mineral product that I have used for years. 

I have been at conferences where they did evaluation with an advanced HRV (heart rate variability) device early in the day, had me take the Quinton, and then re-check later in the day to see notable positive shifts.  It is my opinion that trace minerals are a foundation for detoxification and that a major reason we are toxic is due to mineral depletion in the soil and in our foods.  Trace minerals are a key for me in supporting detoxification of metals from the body.  

Source: QuickSilver Scientific 

Mother Earth Labs The Gift From Mother Earth

Mother Earth Labs The Gift From Mother Earth is a fulvic and humic acid trace mineral blend that I have utilized to support detoxification over the years and found very helpful.

Source: Mother Earth Labs

BioPure Liposomal Melatonin

BioPure Liposomal Melatonin is a liposomal form of melatonin that I personally use for sleep and detoxification support.  If I had to say I had a drug of choice, it would be melatonin.

Source: BioPure (FREE SHIPPING with code BETTERHEALTH)

BioPure CORE-S and CORE

BioPure CORE-S and CORE are foundational support products for those that test positive for KPU, a condition that Dr. Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD finds in over 80% of people with chronic Lyme disease.  They contain various nutrients that may be deficient in those with the KPU condition.  

Source: BioPure (FREE SHIPPING with code BETTERHEALTH) 

Immune Modulation and Support

Researched Nutritionals LymPlus and PlasMyc

Researched Nutritionals LymPlus and PlasMyc are transfer factor products that may be helpful in supporting those with Lyme-related issues.  I have used both and took PlasMyc for a couple of years to support my body against Mycoplasma-like stress.

Source: Researched Nutritionals

As I mentioned above, please send your thoughts on these products and any others that you may find to be beneficial. 

In Better Health,

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