Over time, my focus has shifted more towards the BetterHealthGuy Blogcast podcast.  While I have left much of the older site content, please note that older content may no longer be relevant or even consistent with my current view on health and wellness.  As time permits, I will continue to adjust earlier content as able.  Thanks for your interest and support!

The items listed below are some of the many that I follow on a regular basis as part of my ongoing program to Better Health:

  • I generally take a multi-vitamin/mineral productdaily.  I like Intramax or Beyond Any Multiple (BAM).  BAM is a lower-cost option that likely brings many similar benefits.

  • I often take 2000-4000mg (or more) of Vitamin C daily to increase anti-oxidant levels.  For those treating Babesia, this may not be ideal during treatment as many of the Babesia therapies are pro-oxidant and anti-oxidants are best avoided at that time.

  • I have used Chlorella Pyrenoidosa and Cilantro from BioPure to support detoxification and reduction of heavy metals.  I've used lots of other products as well, both prescription and over-the-counter.  I can't stress enough how important I believe incorporating heavy metal detoxification into a treatment protocol is.  Without it, the results will disappoint.

  • I love prebiotics (FOS, Inulin) and probiotics. I take probiotics regularly for digestive health. Digestion is a key to good health. Both are especially important if using antibiotics as they negatively affect digestive flora.  I believe an exceptional probiotic is Progurt, though it is not inexpensive.  Check out my Probiotics page for more thoughts.

  • I drink only pure water and drink reasonable amounts of it. I am not suggesting that other beverages are out of the question, but when it comes to water, I drink only pure water. Tap water contains far too many contaminants and is known to be a source of heavy metals. Heavy metals build up in our tissues and cause various health problems. Personally, I filter all drinking water.  

  • Now that I am drinking only pure water, I considered that 75% or more of the contaminants that enter our body through water come from bath or shower water. I filter all water used for showers or baths. I use products from Sante for Health or Cost Plus Water.Colonix
  • I work to increase levels of glutathione to support optimal detoxification.  Some do this using whey protein, NAC, or other products.  MaxGXL is one of the latest product on this front that may be of interest.  Another is LifeWave Y-Age Glutathione patches.  There is a product from LivOn labs called Lipo-Spheric GSH.  Lastly, ReadiSorb makes a Liposomal Glutathione Drink.  One challenge is that many of us with Lyme disease cannot tolerate sulphur-containing products and thus, glutathione is not always easily tolerated and may make some feel worse.  In my journey, there have been times that I could not tolerate any glutathione product and even reacted strongly once to IV glutathione.

  • I eat a diet which minimizes harmful foods and reduces allergenic foods.  Essentially, I restrict bad fats and bad carbs and attempt to focus on whole grains, beans, and other whole foods.   For those with food sensitivities or allergies, additional restrictions may be required.  Gluten and dairy can be highly problematic for many with chronic illness.  Gluten is almost always best avoided.

  • I use a regular cleansing product to help elimintate toxic wastes that build up within the body. The Colonix product from DrNatura is one of my favorites.  I also like cleansing products from Humaworm.

  • I sweat. Sweating eliminates toxins. I use a Far Infrared sauna as much as possible at a temperature of 140 degrees. 

  • I don't smoke and don't drink alcohol.  

  • I don't use aluminum-containing deodorant products. Aluminum has been implicated as a possible factor in Alzheimer's and breast cancers.  It glues shut the pores that the body was designed to use for the removal of toxins.  

  • I take detox foot baths and focus heavily on ways to detoxify the body of metals, chemicals, and other environmental exposures.  More information can be found on my detoxification page.

  • I attempt to reduce stress and fear nothing. This is one that I don't do well with, but then again, life is a learning journey.

In Better Health,

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