While I was feeling quite well in 2011, I had performed a nagalase test which was quite elevated at 2.9. At the time, I didn't pursue treatment, but I later continued to learn more about GcMAF and decided, in conjunction with my doctors, to give it a try. I have been on GcMAF injections for almost a year now and discuss GcMAF and my injection history and symptoms on my blog. It has not been an easy treatment....in fact the most difficult in 15 years of treatment.

I had been following, though not closely, the experience of those using probiotic formulations such as MAF 314 and MAF 878 which are probiotics that create MAF which the body can then use to support the immune system and address infections, thus lowering nagalase. I spoke with a trusted doctor recently that was using MAF 878 with their patients and that led me to look into it further.

My nagalase normalized while on the injections over a period of about 9 months. As I was nearing the time to stop the injections, the question of whether or not ongoing maintenance treatment would be needed is still unanswered. Would the nagalase go back up after stopping GcMAF? I don't think enough is known yet to know whether or not that happens or not. I suspect over the next year, we'll have more clear answers.

So, I thought that if I stopped the injections, I could do the MAF probiotics and minimize the risk of nagalase going back up while also getting some potentially significant improvements in gut function (which is a key problem in almost every chronic illness). I got the MAF 878 starter and muscle tested myself for it with favorable results. In order to confirm this, I had another practitioner test me with equally favorable results. Unfortunately, the same practitioner also felt that I should continue with the GcMAF injections for another 4-6 months. My first thought was "ugh" but so be it.

I made my first batch of MAF 878 in mid-July and started it about a week ago now. I did make one error when I made the first batch in that the instructions mentioned "full cream milk" which I interpreted as cream but in fact they intended it to be "whole milk". Lesson learned for batch #2.

I've noticed some minor GI discomfort, but nothing too notable. I'll observe over the next 1-2 months and then determine if I feel that it provides any significant benefit.

I'm still new on the MAF 878 journey and would appreciate hearing from others that are using it and having any experiences to share. I'm curious if anyone has made it in a non-dairy manner yet and if you felt it still worked? I suspect this could be a useful therapy in autism, but for most of the kids, dairy is not an option.

It will be interesting to see how the GcMAF injections compares with MAF 878 over time as more people begin to use it both in terms of ability to lower nagalase and in how well it is tolerated. Hopefully, it has the same ability to reduce nagalase while being a far less difficult treatment than the injections.

A couple of useful references:

Note: As always, any treatment you are considering should be discussed with your doctor. MAF 878 is relatively new and unproven. Please ensure you discuss with your healthcare practitioners before you pursue this option.

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