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In my earlier blog, I talked about Medsonix as a potential treatment for those of us recovering from chronic Lyme disease. After hearing about how much it had helped my friend Silver, I decided to take the plunge and head to Vegas and try it myself. I was there from March 18-21 for a total of four days of treatment.

The first day, I did one 30-minute session. That's generally all you do is 30 minutes a day. The session consists of sitting around the Medsonix system pictured below and listening to some calming music through the headphones provided. The headphones are not part of the actual treatment, but they help to filter out some of the sound that is generated from the system itself. The sound that you hear is not terribly loud, but you can definitely hear it very clearly. It kind of reminds of the old "Emergency Broadcast Test Commercials" that they play from time to time on television.

In the first session, I could feel a lot of tingling sensations throughout my body and at the end of the session, I was very warm to the touch. Clearly, the device had an effect on my circulation in a pretty profound way. Silver had mentioned that when she first started going to Medsonix around November of last year that she always had cold hands but that after she did her Medsonix session, they no longer felt cold.

The second, third and fourth days, I decided to take advantage of the few days I had in Vegas and do two 30-minute sessions each day. What I experienced after each one was very similar to what I described above.

After a treatment, some people feel more fatigued for a short time; others feel a burst of energy. I experienced both at different times. I also think it is ideal to do the treatment as early in the day as possible or the extra energy that one might feel could make it difficult to sleep the night after the treatment. Another thing that people have noticed is that the system seems to support detoxification. Some people notice a need to urinate more frequently while others notice an increase on bowel movements. The system seems to get the cells communicating and allow them to function more optimally to do what they are intended to do.

So, let's bottom line my current thoughts on Medsonix. Do I feel that there is a miracle cure for Lyme disease here? No, I don't. Do I feel like the system might accelerate the recovery of those of us with chronic Lyme disease? I think it's very possible. However, after only one trip so far, it is difficult for me to say with any certainty. Would I do it again? Yes, I hope to.

I do put a lot of weight on the experience that Silver has had with the Medsonix system. She has come a long way in just the five trips she has made to use the system. With just one visit under my belt, I can't say that I have seen anything profound other than it clearly helps to improve circulation and that was clear even after the first session.

One thing I did find quite interesting was using Dr. Klinghardt's Autonomic Response Testing (ART) system of muscle testing to see how much of a healing state the Medsonix system created for me personally. Generally, a healing state, or yin state, in ART is fairly short-lived. With Medsonix, the healing state seemed to last at least 12 hours after the treatment and even into the next day in some cases. This, in my opinion, is a good indicator that my body liked the treatment and that the healing state the system creates is rather long-lived relative to other things I have seen to date.

Unfortunately, Lyme disease is the one condition that Medsonix has worked with that seems to require ongoing, maintenance sessions over the course of time. With most other conditions that they work with, a few days can make a difference that seems nothing short of a miracle for many. With Lyme, we all know that it is a complex illness and not an easy one to treat. Medsonix may be a very good supportive therapy and provide good results over time, but it would take a number of trips to determine that. I may go back and do one more series of treatments in a couple of months, but I would much prefer that the Medsonix system were available more locally so that I could continue to experience it without having to travel every few weeks to do it.

For those of you that are interested in trying Medsonix, please let me know your own experience with it. I would love to hear from more people with Lyme disease that try the system. It's still very early and Lyme disease is relatively new to the Medsonix team. There is much more that needs to be learned. Though the system itself has been available for ten years in Las Vegas, it is only recently that they have started working with Lyme disease, and even they admit that Lyme disease is difficult.

The Medsonix team was very helpful during my stay in Vegas. The inventor of the device and owner of the company, Alphonse Cassone went above and beyond to make my stay there as beneficial as possible. He really truly cares about improving the lives of other people. He even dropped me off at my hotel so I could save on the cab ride. He is beyond bright and clearly knows a great deal about the positive impact of sound on the body.

For more information on Medsonix, visit their web site or call their Las Vegas office at 702.873.3700. And please don't forget to let me know what you think of Medsonix if you go try it yourself.

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