I originally learned about the concept of a "Power Shake" many years ago from a lecture given by Kristine Gedroic, MD.  I had lost a lot of muscle mass from years of Lyme disease and mold illness, and needed some serious support. 

Fortunately, a modified-version of the "Power Shake" worked magic for me personally and is something I still do daily.  It's honestly my favorite "meal" of the day.

From time to time, someone asks for the recipe, and while my "Power Shake" won't be exactly right for everyone, it may give you some ideas on how to create your own.  

Of course, talk with your doctor before you create your own version to be sure it's right for you.

BetterHealthGuy "Power Shake" Recipe

  • 2 scoops of Metagenics® UltraMeal Advanced Protein® - Dutch Chocolate Flavor1
  • 2 TBSP Designs For Health® PaeloFiber® Unflavored
  • 2 TBSP Organic India™ Psyllium (Organic Whole Husk Fiber)
  • 1 TBSP BodyBio PC - Liposomal Phospholipid Complex
  • 1 TBSP Solspring® Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Biodynaimc® Organic
  • 1 ounce frozen Seed Cream (or 1 TBSP BodyBio Balance Oil or Nutiva Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil)2

After adding all of the above into a NutriBullet Tall Cup, the remainder is filled with homemade, organic almond milk and blended thoroughly with a NutriBullet.3 

Then, it's time to enjoy what reminds me of eating the brownie batter from the bowl as a child.  Yum!

Note: I have used Ancient Nutrition Multi Collagen Protein at times, but thought should be given to the use of collagen in those with MCAS/histamine issues; as it may not be right for everyone.

Note: My next exploration with the "Power Shake" will be to start adding oligosaccharides in support of optimizing my microbiome further.  Once I do some experimenting in that realm, the recipe may change slightly.

Seed Cream4

  • 14 Tablespoons Terrasoul Raw, Organic Sunflower Seeds
  • 14 Tablespoons Terrasoul Raw, Organic Hemp Seeds
  • 14 Tablespoons Terrasoul Raw, Organic Walnuts
  • 14 Tablespoons Terrasoul Raw, Organic Ground Flax Seeds
  • 7 Tablespoons Terrasoul Raw, Organic Chia Seeds

The above are added to a large bowl and soaked in pure water and 7 TBSP of BodyBio E-Lyte Balanced Electrolyte Concentrate for 48 hours.

After soaked, portions of the mix are blended with additional pure water until smooth.  This is then strained through a nut milk bag into a bowl. 

Once complete, the remaining seed cream is then put into a piping bag and poured into silicone trays to freeze.  Each cube is approximately 1 ounce; which is what I am using daily.  Makes approximately 45 cubes.

Note: Depending on where one is with their recovery, this entire recipe may only be a 7 day supply for some people.

Distilled Water5

  • Made with MyPureWater Mini Classic CT Countertop Water Distiller 120V
  • For each approximately 1 gallon of distilled water, I add 10ml Quinton Isotonic Solution

Organic Almond Milk

  • Fill Almond Cow to Max with Distilled Water
  • 1/2 cup of soaked almonds6
  • 1 Sliced, Organic Pitted Medjool Date
  • 1 TSP Organic Vanilla Extract

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1The protein powder does have a small amount of sugar in it at 2 grams.  If you want to up your game even further, get the plain which has 1 gram of sugar.  

2 For many years, I used the BodyBio Balance Oil or Nutiva Organic Cold Pressed Hemp Seed Oil which I still believe to be a great option if one is not using Seed Cream.  My use of Seed Cream started in early 2022 at the recommendation of one of my practitioners.  

3 For ease of use, I have used Whole Foods Organic Unsweetened Vanilla Almond Milk for years before I started making my own.

4 Seed cream recipe is shared with permission from Patricia Kane, PhD; original did not have a specific brand; I added the Terrasoul brand which is what I am using.

5 For those that don't want to use distilled water, any type of filtered water should work; please don't use tap water; remember, you are making things liposomal with the PC in the Power Shake; thus, you don't want to add anything toxic to it or it may be even better absorbed.

6 Soaked for 4 or more hours in pure water

I'd love to hear any feedback, thoughts, or ideas you may have on making this even better.  Feel free to Contact Me.

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  BetterHealthGuy.com is intended to share my personal experience in recovering from my own chronic illness.  Information presented is based on my journey working with my doctors and other practitioners as well as things I have learned from conferences and other helpful resources.  As always, any medical decisions should be made only with the guidance of your own personal medical authority.  Everyone is unique and what may be right for me may not be right for others.