As many may know, I personally use BodyBio products on a daily basis in my Power Shake in supporting my own health.  I have used the BodyBio products for many years in my ongoing attempt to optimize my cellular health.  Our cells and cell membranes are the foundation of everything.

I've had the honor to have interviewed both Kelly McCann, MD and Justine Stenger on lipid therapy, cellular health, and membrane medicine.

BodyBio also offers their Red Cell Fatty Acid Analysis run through Kennedy Krieger Institute which is used by top practitioners to explore the balance of fatty acids in the body.  This information may then lead to potential therapeutic interventions to further balance and optimize one's lipid profile.

I use the BodyBio PC and BodyBio Balance Oil daily.  Their butyrate, TUDCA, and E-Lyte electrolyte mix are other products that are among my favorites.

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