Colostrum can be a beautiful supportive option for people with chronic health challenges.  I've been interested in liposomal products for some time, but this is the first liposomal colostrum product I ever came across.  I learned about it from one of my practitioners, who is both a medical professional and an intuitive, and then explored it further.  

According to the maker's web site, maintain a healthy stomach and GI tract, maintain intestinal flora, support a healthy immune response, increase bone and lean muscle mass, support healthy cognitive function, and nurture healthy aging..  It is a true immune modulator.  If an immune system is already over-responding, the manufacturer suggests that it does not rev up immune system; rather it modulates it.  They also report that it stimulates repair and regeneration within the body.  

For many years, I used their IRM - Immune Response Modulator and loved it.  More recently, that product was replaced with their newest PRO Colostrum-IC which is intented to promote healthy cytokine function and support immune function and response. 

I have used these products as part of my ongoing health-maintenance protocol and am excited to have them available.

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