Colostrum can be a beautiful supportive option for people with chronic health challenges.  I've been interested in liposomal products for some time, but this is the first liposomal colostrum product I have come across.  I learned about it from one of my practitioners, who is both a medical professional and an intuitive, and then explored it further.  

According to the maker's web site, colostrum may help fight off and eliminate infectious processes, mobilize macrophages, and coordinate defenses for optimum health.  It is a true immune modulator.  If an immune system is already over-responding, the manufacturer suggests that it does not rev up immune system; rather it modulates it.  They also report that it stimulates growth and regeneration within the body.  They note that their colostrum may help eliminate GI infections and inflammation and heal damage.

I'm very pleased with their IRM - Immune Response Modulator - spray which they note may help allergy symptoms, balance the immune function, regulate cytokine response, and regulate inflammatory response. From their site, "The only natural product that helps stop the destruction of body tissue while inhibiting the initiation of inappropriate inflammatory cascades associated with allergy, chemical sensitivity, asthma and auto-immune responses."

Their Viralox spray reportedly helps create a hostile environment for viruses and destroys most viruses on contact. They suggest it helps to block viral reproduction and regulate the immune system. It stimulates the production of white blood cells and increases the production of NK (natural killer) cells. They mention also that it may help to inhibit viruses that are associated with autoimmune responses. They mention that trials were conducted with the supervision of the WHO on late stage HIV patients with impressive results.

I have used these products as part of my ongoing health-maintenance protocol and am excited to continue working with them.  My favorite has been the IRM spray and I have used it frequently over the last several years.

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