Way back in the early days of my recovery journey from Lyme and mold, I was working with Dietrich Klinghardt, MD, PhD who urged his patients to turn off the circuit breakers in their sleeping location at night.  I used to do this every night along with several other steps I had taken to minimize EMF/EMR exposure.  Once I became relatively well, I stopped doing this as it wasn't very convenient in a multi-level townhouse to do.

Years later, this process is now as simple as the press of a button with the use of technology like the EMFSafeSwitch.  

Using a body voltage meter, an ideal sleeping location would be 30 millivolts or below.  I tested my body voltage in my sleep location (which had already been mitigated for EMFs), and was at 1300 millivolts.  It is not uncommon to forget that the electrical wiring in the walls produces a field that can reach as far as 6-8 feet into the room.  Many suggest that even the EMF faraday cages that I and others use to block EMFs while sleeping should not be used without turning off the power in the sleeping location.

Once I determined that my body voltage was not ideal for deep, restful sleep and optimal healing, I found the combination of circuit breakers that needed to be turned off in my home to get my body voltage down to 27.  I then installed the EMFSafeSwitch which makes that daily process very easy - the press of a button.

I'm very happy to have this tool and wish I had explored it years ago.  Optimizing our external environment can have a tremendous influence on our overall health, and this is one tool that can help improve the environment around us.  More specifically, optimizing the external sleep environment is the most important.  

If you are interested in testing your sleep location to see if this may be a good tool for you, the company offers Body Voltage Meters as well.

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