Anyone that has been diagnosed with Lyme disease or mold illness knows the importance of detoxification as part of the healing journey.  Surprisingly, some of the most common avenues of toxin introduction into the body are often overlooked. Whether you have Lyme disease or mold illness, it is important to consider the environment around us and to minimize sources of toxins as much as possible.  If the toilet is already stopped up, would you want to keep adding more waste to it?
Over the years, I have personally used Austin Air, IQAir, Air Oasis, IntelliPure, and others.  Most of the filters I have used in the past were exactly that, filters.  They did not incorporate purification or sanitization using light.  To have filtration, purification, and sanitization, you generally needed two different systems running simultaneously.  Fortunately, technological advances now offer systems that combine filtration, purification, and sanitization into a single system.
My current top picks include:
1) Blueair HealthProtect is the latest filtration offering from
Contact Terry Wright at 800-234-6399 for personalized support in determining which filtration system may best suite your needs.
2) Molekule is another recent entry in the market that combines filtration, purification, and sanitization.  I have had several people comment that they noticed a difference in their breathing and their allergies when adding Molekule to their environment.  
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