I am a fan of light, sound, and frequency-based health improvement tools.  I started my exploration into the Joovv in late 2018 and have found it another helpful tool in my arsenal.  Joovv is a combination of red and near infrared light therapy.

Details on how the Joovv may be helpful for skin health, fat loss, muscle recovery, testosterone production, joint pain, thyroid function, cellular energy, sleep optimization, deuterium depletion, brain injuries, inflammation, and more can be found on the Joovv website.

Thought leaders such as Ben Greenfield, Dave Asprey, Dr. Sarah Ballantyne, Mark Sisson, Dr. Joseph Mercola, and many others have talked about their experiences with Joovv.

Joovv offers devices to meet many different needs from their Joovv Go 2.0 to the new Joovv 3.0. I'm personally using the Joovv 2.0 Quad.

While the Joovv can be a powerful tools, in those with a chronic health challenge, it is best to start slowly and work up over time and let you body slowly adjust.

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