With challenging health conditions involving chronic infections and toxicity, I'm always looking for new and better tools.  Microbe Formulas, led by Todd Watts, DC and Jay Davidson, DC has several tools that have become solid personal favorites.

Probably my favorite product they offer is BioActive Carbon Foundation in support of dealing with viruses, retroviruses, radiation, and chemicals. Depending on a person's needs, I also like their other carbon-based products, BioActive Carbon BioTox (mainly for those with mold issues) and BioActive Carbon MetChem (mainly for metals and environmental toxins).  With so many conditions today being largely environmental illnesses, these are very exciting tools.  

One of the beautiful things for me personally about their carbons is that they can generally be taken with or without food and with or without supplements (though not RX medications).  This makes it much easier to get the binders into my routine without complex timing acrobatics.  

They are known for their Mimosa Pudica Seed and Formula 1 product for supporting the body against parasites, as well as Formula 1 and Formula 2.

They also have a line of products to support those dealing with Lyme and co-infections such as Immune BORR, Immune BART, Immune BAB, and Immune BOOST.

Microbe Formulas has emerged as one of my favorite companies.  I personally use the Foundation and BioTox products as well as their minerals on a daily basis for ongoing support.

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