Let me introduce you to some of my favorite products....

I have been using products from Supreme Nutrition for more than 5 years.  I continue to use them in my ongoing health maintenance program.  The products offered by Supreme Nutrition have been created under the guidance of Michael Lebowitz DC and are very high quality products at reasonable prices. 

I have used several of their microbial support products and found them very helpful.  Some of my favorites include Morinda Supreme (Noni), Golden Thread Supreme (Coptis), and Melia Supreme (Neem).  I have used these products off and on for years as part of my health-maintenance program and continue to do so to this day.  I have found that I tolerate their products very well and that they continue to support me in both maintaining my health and continuing to move it forward.

For detoxification, Takesumi Supreme is one of my favorite binders.  I have used it for years and continue to use it as needed.  I know numerous of people that have also used it with very positive feedback.  Throughout my journey, I have felt that detoxification is often more critical than a focus on "de-bugging" (antimicrobials).  Truth be told, both of these are important.

I recently did an interview with Dr. Lebowitz on recovering from chronic conditions which can be found below.  

I urge you to spend some time on their web site and read about all of the products that they have available and what they are used for.  They have an impressive line of options, and I am personally grateful that these options exist.  Of course, I am not an advocate of self-treating a condition as complicated as Lyme and urge you to review anything you may be considering with your doctor.

A great book that discusses the details of the Supreme Nutrition products is available here.  Dr. Lebowitz is also available for phone consultations and more information can be found here.  His son, Noah Lebowitz DC is also in private practice in Hawaii and follows the teachings and testing techniques created by his father. 

Lastly, I attended Dr. Lebowitz' training on energetic testing in late 2014 (and several times since) and shared some of my notes on my blog here.  I've been to his course several times and always learn new things.  

For practitioners interested in energetic/muscle testing, Drs. Michael and Noah Lebowitz have a very elegant system of testing that is not difficult to learn.  There most recent 2020 course is available online.  You will get the recordings of the training, video demonstrations of each concept, and a manual.  They are generously offering a $50 discount from the original course price.  You can find the training here.

He has also authored the book Body Restoration - An Owners Manual which is very informative and on Kindle for only $1.99.  Enjoy.


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