Vital Plan offers a line of physician-formulated products created by Dr. Bill Rawls, MD after his own journey through Lyme disease.  

Vital Plan's mission is to help people get their lives back through the use of premium herbal supplements.  

They say that "by using herbal supplements and making lifestyle changes, you can provide your body with the support it needs to achieve your wellness goals."  

I firmly believe that a holistic approach to health recovery is generally the most successful.    

I value the integrity of Vital Plan and the priority they give to the quality of their products.  They are committed to rigorous quality control standards and to transparency in labeling and testing.

Here is a brief video introduction to Dr. Bill Rawls, MD:

While it has always been my opinion that recovering from a complex, chronic illness requires a doctor to serve as the guide, I realize that isn't always possible.  One of the reasons I was drawn to Vital Plan was that they don't just sell products, but they empower their users with support and information as each person moves through their recovery.  

Information is power, and I love that Vital Plan works hard to empower their clients with information from someone that has been through the journey himself.  

Dr. Rawls was one of my first podcast guests in Episode 4, and we connected again for Episode 107.

Among my personal favorite products from Vital Plan are:

They also have put together the Restore Kit which includes the core products formulated by Dr. Rawls.  The Restore Kit is a programmatic plan that comes with a guided email series and top customer support. This plan is excellent for people who are looking for a robust solution that has been simplified. 4 bottles, 3 capsules, 2 times daily.

Here's an introduction to the kit:

 Vital Plan has generously offered a 15% discount using code BETTERHEALTH15.  Limit one coupon per customer.




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