As anyone following my work likely knows, mold and mycotoxin illness has been a major player in my health journey.

While urine mycotoxin testing is debated in the field, I have found it very helpful personally.  My lab of choice has been RealTime Labs as they seem to provide the most useful results.  My interest in RealTime Labs has also certainly been influenced by the teachings of Neil Nathan, MD.

While I have had results over the years that looked very good (and others that did not), I continue to monitor this about every 18 months to see if there are any surprises.

In mid 2020, I was positive for Aflatoxin and Gliotoxin; equivocal for Trichothecenes.  In late 2021, I was positive for Trichothecenes and Zearalenone.  I did a series of over 50 PK IVs (PC, Glutathione, Sodium Phenylbutyrate) in 2021 and 2022 which likely provided deeper detoxification support.

When I relocated to Denver in late 2022, I started with a new local doctor who wanted to revisit the potential for fungal colonization based on my mold history.  That likely would have led us to a series of antifungal medications; which quite honestly, I didn't feel drawn to revisit again.

We seriously provoked the test in early 2023 with IV PC, IV Glutathione, antifungals for several days prior, and stopping binders for 3 days prior.  If anything was still going to show, this provocation should have done it. 

Fortunately, the results looked "almost perfect" as Dr. Nathan later commented.  It looks like I've skirted having to do antifungals again which I am very pleased about.

It won't be the last time that I do this test, but it looks like I'm on a good track!

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