I'm putting this blog post together as people often email asking about rope worms.  It is a common discussion in many chronic illness circles over the past several years and one that I am keeping a pulse on as more is learned over time.  Unfortunately, it is not clear or agreed upon at this time as to what exactly a "rope worm" is. 

Some think that it is a parasite, and anti-parasitic therapies do seem to lead to the release of these ropes in some people.  Others think that it is a biofilm community of many different organisms and toxins that the body is shedding or expelling.  As I understand it, the DNA is from several different things including human DNA and not from a single organism.

I've listened to several interviews about rope worms and haven't come to a conclusion myself yet, though I think it is more likely not one single "thing" or organism but more likely a community of organisms or a way the body is using to detoxify itself.

Dr. Volinksy is one of the main voices in the United States about rope worms, and he has noted that in their own DNA testing, the DNA of these "worms" thus far has been human DNA and it has not yet been proven that this is a parasite.  It's almost like something from a science fiction movie, and yet it is a very real issue for those that are dealing with it.  Unfortunately, it isn't likely to be something that mainstream medicine or research picks up on anytime soon; almost 10 years have passed since I first learned about this, and it is not clear to me that much more is known now than was known then.  

I spoke with one doctor that suggested these seem to be observed more in people that have done fasting and may be the lymphatic system dumping toxins into the bowel as a way to release and expel toxins from the lymphatic system.  Others have suggested that these may be the result of GMO foods and a mechanism that the body uses to expel the by-products of consuming them.  Another doctor has suggested these are a "Russian hoax".  No one really knows at this point, but hopefully we will all continue to learn more about this topic over time.  I do know that many that experience these feel them moving around inside, and some have seen them move after they come out of the body.  Thus, I remain open to the idea that this is a complex organism of some kind.  

One person I corresponded with years ago mentioned that they had gotten some information from a conference that had taken place in Seattle on rope worms.  They suggested that the leading scientists that presented stated that they are likely not worms, but rather a combination of biofilms and intestinal lining.  This resonates with me more than it being one single organism; but it may be a more complex organism or community of some kind.

Some have reported seeing these exit the body while using the various protocols, and some doctors have suggested that their patients do feel better the more of these that leave the body.  That said, once they start coming out, they often continue coming out for weeks, months, or years.  

There are discussions about the Rope Worm Enema Protocols discussed here and here. The enemas consist of using various substances such as milk, eucalyptus leaves, salt, lemon, and others.  Some have reportedly found these helpful options.

Mimosa Pudica has been helpful for some dealing with rope worms.  Mimosa Pudica is available through several companies including BioPure (free shipping with code BETTERHEALTH), Supreme Nutrition, and Microbe Formulas

A 2019 article by Dr. Todd Watts, DC summarizes his latest thoughts on the topic of rope worms.

Here's a collection of links and radio shows on the topic of rope worms:

Here is a video of Dr. Gubarev talking about rope worms at a conference in Seattle in 2015:

Whatever they are, more research and understanding is certainly needed.  We cannot overlook the fact that what people are seeing coming out of their bodies is very real and needs to be better understood.  If you have additional information to share on your thoughts about rope worms or options that you have found helpful for addressing these, I would love to hear from you so please Contact Me.

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