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Whether we like to think about it or not, most, if not all, of us have a higher than ideal toxic burden. The food we eat, the water we drink, the air we breath all promote toxicity in the body. These toxins may be heavy metals such as mercury (dental fillings being a prime culprit), lead, cadmium, aluminum, and arsenic or they may be from something as basic as chlorine which enters the body through the skin and is inhaled while we shower or bathe. We may also accumulate toxins in our cells and tissues from prescription drugs, eating sugar and refined foods, or even simply using antiperspirants (which contains aluminum and may be a contributor to Alzheimer's some believe). Drinking and smoking contribute even more to one's toxic load. The use of computers and cell phones are also reported to have an impact on the level of toxicity that one bears.

Detoxification is an ongoing process. The body is constantly in a state of detoxification. The liver's primary purpose is to breakdown and remove toxins from the body. Toxins which are not excreted as part of the normal detoxification process accumulate in the fatty tissues of the body. They then wreak havoc by decreasing our energy and compromising our immune systems. Over time, a toxic body can lead to many diseases.

One health practitioner told me that she has never seen a cancer patient that did not have a highly toxic body. One could debate whether the cancer caused the toxicity or the toxicity caused the cancer, but most health professionals would agree that having a toxic body is a risk that no one should take.

Symptoms of ongoing toxicity may include acne, allergies, congestion, candida/yeast infections, parasites, eczema, fibrocystic breast disease, hypertension, kidney problems, obesity, headaches, bad breath, constipation, sensitivity to the environment or chemicals, hives, indigestion, joint pain, nausea, and more. Some digestive problems such as parasites and candida can also increase intestinal permeability and lead to a condition known as leaky gut syndrome where food and other undigested and sometimes toxic matter leaks into the bloodstream. The liver, lungs, kidney, intestines, and skin are the primary elimination organs. The better we treat them, the better they treat us.

As someone suffering with a chronic illness, detoxification is a key part of my ongoing health program.  Many of us with Lyme disease carry around a significant burden of neurotoxins which are created from the Lyme disease organisms themselves. In addition, it is almost a given that someone with a chronic illness has some degree of metal toxicity, generally including mercury.  

Genetics plays a key role in how effectively one can detoxify their body.  It may be the case that those with poor genetics such as various HLA combinations or methylation problems are those of us that feel sick from chronic Lyme disease whereas others that detoxify properly may simply be asymptomatic carriers of the same microbes.  I am of the belief that there are more people walking around with the Borrelia organism which causes Lyme disease than those that actually manifest symptoms of the disease itself.  The difference between the two is likely genetics and ability to detoxify. 

As always, you should consult with your doctor before making any changes to your current regimen. However, the following are the things that I utilize for helping my body with the process of detoxification.
  • BioPureIn my opinion, the most beneficial thing that any of us can do to support detoxification use the regular use of a FIR sauna.  The more we sweat, the more toxins we rid from the body.  Of course, this may not be the best option for everyone and your doctor should be consulted.  However, for many of us, sweating may be an important part of our recovery.  I use my FIR sauna for 45 minutes per session at about 140 degrees as often as possible.
  • Getting the methylation cycle blocks removed is a key to improving health and detoxification.  This work needs to be done with your doctor but is often highly rewarding when done properly.
  • Next, I think that it is important to have products in our treatment programs that help the body with drainage of toxins and supporting the organs that support us in detoxifying.  My favorite product is a line from Pekana.  The products I have used are apo Hepat, Renelix, and Itires which support liver, kidney, and lymphatic system respectively.  More information about this product can be found on My Favorite Products page.  There are other drainage remedies and supporting products that I also like from companies such as Apex Energetics and Deseret Biologicals.
  • In terms of specific devices that may support increased detoxification, I use both the ActiveAir3 from eng3corp as well as the GTech Body Cleanse ionic foot bath.
  • After having studied the protocols of Dr. Klinghardt, I have incorporated several BioPure products over the course of my treatment that are specifically to help with detoxification of both neurotoxins and metals. Two of these are Chlorella pyrenoidosa and Cilantro tincture. I chewed 30 tablets of chlorella 30-40 minutes before lunch and then took a squirt of cilantro at lunch. I then took 10 drops of the cilantro tincture in hot water as a tea at night.  I also use BioPure MicroSilica and other products that are more specific to heavy metals such as Phospholipid Exchange.  Additional details can be found here.
  • I like a product called Clear Detox which is a glutathione-supporting detox powder. Increasing L-glutathione can be very beneficial for detoxification.  Unfortunately, many people with Lyme are sulphur-sensitive and don't do well with glutathione and other detox agents such as DMPS, DMSA, garlic, and others as a result.
  • Another option that I have used for detoxification is the 48 Day Protocol Pack from HVS Laboratories. The pack consists of Organs and Systems, Virus, Metals, and Chemicals. Additional products for parasites, food additives, and numerous other detoxes are available.  This product is available only through a practitioner.
  • For chemicals and solvents, I regularly use either Glycine or DMG.  These are reported to be highly beneficial in chemical and solvent detoxification.
  • I have used a product called Heavy Metal Detox. This is a product used for removal of heavy metals and other chemicals. I have also used NDF and PCA-Rx. Heavy metal detox should always be done with the guidance of a licensed medical professional. Another great option to consider would be zeolites such as ACZ nano and NutraMedix Zeolite or Zeolite HP.
  • I regularly make "Detox Shakes" that include zeolite powder, Pectasol-C powder, chlorella powder, and a good fiber product mixed together in a shaker.  At various times during my treatment, these "Detox Shakes" were a regular event and really helped significantly.  In some cases if I was really feeling toxic, I'd reach for the Activated Charcoal though I prefer to minimize my use of the charcoal products when possible.
  • I filter all bathing and shower water. I filter my shower water with products from Costplus Water or Sante for Health.
  • I filter all drinking water to remove any chemicals, metals, and other undesirable organisms.  We can debate the type of filtration employed, but drinking tap water is just plain adding more toxins to an already toxic body.
  • I occasionally make smoothies with a scoop or two of whey protein, rice milk, strawberries, bananas, a probiotic powder, and vitamin C. Not only does it taste great but whey protein is reported to increase the levels of glutathione in the body which aids the liver in the detoxification process.
  • I have used detox foot pads to remove toxins from my body while I sleep.
  • There are a number of good cleansing products on the market that are readily available. One that I have used is DrNatura Colonix. It appears to be a very good detoxification program.  I've done it several times.
  • I occasionally take a detox bath. This consists of 4 cups of Epsom Salts mixed with 1 bottle of 3% hydrogen peroxide and 2 tablespoons of ground ginger (some people like to put the ginger in a sock). The bath should last for 20-30 minutes.
  • I have used liver supporting nutrients such as NAC (N-acetyl-cysteine), Alpha-Lipoic acid, and TMG. Some suggest caution when taking NAC if one is heavy metal toxic. Vitamin C may also be helpful to support proper detoxification.
  • I take probiotics to help detoxify my digestive tract. I have made my own yogurt from goat's milk for the probiotic benefits.
  • Consider colonics, coffee enemas, and castor oil packs.  I've done at about 10 liver/gallbladder flushes as well.
  • Forgive everyone who has hurt you. Release guilt and toxic emotions. Accept that you deserve good health. Find love and joy and a purpose for living.
As always, if you have an interesting product or approach for detoxification, I would love to hear from you.

In Better Health.

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