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WARNING: Any heavy metal program should be done under the close supervision of a medical professional.  There is a risk of making things worse when one attempts to address the heavy metal issue.  It is important to keep in mind that the level of symptoms that metals may be causing or contributing to is related to where in the body the metals are deposited.  Take for example a scenario where heavy metals exist in a compartment of the body where they may be causing only minor problems.  As one begins to mobilize metals using various heavy metal detoxification protocols, these mobilized metals will relocate themselves to other places in the body if they are not bound and excreted.  Thus, it is possible that one may take metals from a less harmful place and mobilize them such that they then redeposit in the brain or other places more harmful than where they originated.  Clearly, that is not desired and can lead to a serious increase in symptoms.  I cannot stress enough the importance of working with a knowledgeable medical practitioner when you are ready to start working on heavy metal detox. Anyone that chooses to attempt heavy metal detoxification on their own is taking significant risks that may result in the worsening of your current health situation.
Heavy metals is a very complex area which I am convinced is involved in many chronic health conditions. It is important that you have a doctor that understands the complexity of heavy metal toxicity and how to treat it.  It is dangerous to attempt working through heavy metal detox without a knowledgeable practitioner.  Many, if not all, chronic disease states likely have a heavy metal component involved.  It is often important to work towards resolution of these heavy metal issues in order to regain one's state of health.  It may not be possible to recover your health without addressing the potential metal toxicity issues that you may be experiencing. 

Some doctors may start by doing a challenge test using DMPS or Calcium-EDTA and then asking you to collect your urine (often for 6 or 24 hours).  This may provide the practitioner with information as to the approximate level of metals in your system.  Doctors that are skilled in working with heavy metals will also look at the balance of minerals that appear in the test results in addition to the metals that were excreted to gauge the severity of the problem.

ACZ Nano

Though there are many tests that can be used to test for the presence of heavy metals, it is my opinion that the most useful is to do a challenge test with a provocation agent such as DMPS or DMSA and then collect urine for 24 hours.  The test results will show the amount of the various metals that were released from the body as a result of the mobilizing agents.  Hair testing can also be useful, but is likely not as beneficial as a true challenge test as an initial screening tool.  A negative test result does not necessarily mean that there are no metals.

Some doctors will also perform a hair analysis to determine the impact of heavy metals.  The results will show both the toxic metals and the minerals.  If the mineral levels are significantly disturbed, this could be a sign of a serious heavy metal issue even if no metals appear in the results.  If the mineral balance looks relatively normal and there are low to moderate levels of metals appearing, this may be a signal that you are moving in the right direction with your metal detox program and nearing the last stages of treatment.  For those people that have moderate mineral disturbances and moderate toxic metals appearing in the test results, further detox is necessary in most cases.Essential Daily Defense

It may also be useful to do a hair analysis, start a detox program under a doctor's supervision, and then retest in in 2-3 months to see if you are moving in the proper direction.  Severe heavy metal toxicity with neurological involvement may require a number of different chelation and detoxification approaches while also supplementing with needed good minerals.  Appropriate mineral supplementation is a key to the success of any good heavy metal detoxification program.

If one is considering doing any IV or otherwise intensive chelation program, it is important to have all metals removed from the mouth before pursuing such an option in my opinion.  It has been documented that chelation agents such as IV DMPS can actually pull metals from the teeth into the body and that should be avoided.  Removal of metals should be done by a skilled biological dentist to avoid exposing the body to metals from the removal process itself.

Personally, I had done numerous oral chelation options for over a year but still found heavy metals to be an issue.  I subsequently started IVs with Phospholipids, Glutathione, DMPS, Ca-EDTA and a combination of vitamin C and other nutrients.  Testing after the IVs showed elevated levels of aluminum and uranium.  It is an ongoing process that I continue to focus on for life.  I later did about 24 more IVs with Disodium EDTA.  I then followed this with both Detoxamin and DMSA suppositories.  I continue with my personal metal detox program working with my doctors as I think that the metals are actually the hardest part of the entire illness to address.  Once the metals are gone, the infections no longer have a happy home in which to leave and they also tend to go away.

There are a number of oral products which may also be useful for addressing heavy metals.  Some of my favorites are listed below.  Though it is still wise to have all dental metals removed in most cases, some of the products below may be safe to use even in the presence of dental metals.  Please refer to the manufacturer's site for information on this topic.

Don't do it alone or follow a book. It is way too dangerous. Toxic metals can be removed out of the brain, sometimes with little and often with a lot of coaxing. They easily can be pushed back into the brain. That's the last thing you want to do.  Find a good doctor!


Heavy metal testing can be performed through Doctor's Data using either a hair or urine analysis.  Another option is the Metametrix Urine Porphyrins panel.  The Porphyrins panel is one tool I am using to monitor my progress.  I am using the panel from www.labbio.net in Paris, France.  Some have commented that it is more reliable than the Metametrix panel.

My Favorite Heavy Metal Detox Products

1) ACZ nano is a zeolite-based spray which may be very beneficial not only for heavy metals for but for other environmental toxins.  I often use this at a dose of about 10 sprays 4 times a day or just leave it near the computer and take a few sprays when I think about it.  You can find an article on this product here.  It is one of my favorites for detoxification.

2) Dr. Garry Gordon has a number of excellent products for oral chelation including Essential Daily Defense.  I have used this in my chelation efforts and do agree with Dr. Gordon that chelation and detox are lifelong activities, not one-time events.  EDD contains EDTA and a number of other synergystic ingredients.

HMD3) Another option for heavy metals is the combination of a mobilizer and a binder.  Chlorella (binder) and cilantro (mobilizer) are substances that I have used quite often to reduce the levels of heavy metals.  Many of you know that I take many of the teachings of Dr. Klinghardt and incorporate them into my health program.  Chlorella and cilantro are options that Dr. Klinghardt often utilizes for heavy metal detox when appropriate for a given person at that point in time, often determined using autonomic response testing or ART.   I often chew 30 tablets of chlorella 40 minutes before lunch.  I may then take 1 dropperful of cilantro tincture at lunch.  I may follow this with ten drops of the tincture in a cup of hot water as a tea at night.  Both the chlorella and cilantro that I utilize can be found at BioPure.  BioPure also carries a heavy metal detox product called Matrix Metals.  The product is formulated as an easy-to-use spray that includes chlorella and numerous other ingredients in a peptide agent.  BioPure MicroSilica can be helpful as can their Phospholipid Exchange product.  Dr. Klinghardt approaches heavy metal detox first by addressing metals in the gut with something like chlorella and MicroSilica, later moving to Detoxamin suppositories, and then finally to other agents. 

NDF4) Another one of my favorite products is HMD or Heavy Metal Detox.  It is a combination of chlorella growth factor, chlorella vulgaris and cilantro.  It is reported to be effective against the majority of heavy metals including Aluminium, Antimony, Arsenic, Beryllium, Cadmium, Lead, Mercury, Nickel, Thallium and Uranium without removing the good, essential minerals from the body.

5) Another product that has been highly effective for many people and is also supported by several of my practitioners is NDF.  NDF is another chlorella/cilantro product from BioRay.  Lab study data can be found on the company's site. 
6) Another product that I have used on a regular basis is Detoxamin.  Detoxamin is an EDTA-based chelation product that is provided in the form of a suppository.  I had a strong reaction to this product at first with the use of one full suppository and had to cut down to 1/2 a suppository for a few weeks and then was able to go back to the full dose.  DMSA is also available in a suppository by prescription though is likely best suited for later detox.  Many practitioners suggest reducing levels of lead first with EDTA and then moving to a mercury chelating compound such as DMSA later.  It is important to remember that not everyone will tolerate all substances but DMPS and DMSA in particular both can be challenging for those of us that react to sulphur-containing compounds.

7) Another product that I do like for removal of metals which also has many other benefits is called Modifilan.  It has a number of detoxifying actions as well as being supportive of the thyroid.  Some of the potential benefits may include:
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Can help protect against thyroid cancer and other cancers.
  • Helps to decrease high blood sugar and cholesterol levels.
  • Detoxifies the body from heavy metals, radioactive elements, free radicals and toxins.
  • Helps those who are overweight by improving the function of the gastro-intestinal tract.
  • Improves the structure of hair and nails and help them to grow.
  • Help to detoxify smokers from strontium and cadmium.

8) NutraMedix has products, Zeolite and Zeolite HP, that are frequency-infused to pull metals out of the body in a certain order.   I think that zeolites hold great promise for supporting detoxification of numerous toxins. I have used both Zeolite (first) and Zeolite HP (later) as directed by my practitioner to support heavy metal detoxification.

My general approach to using these products is to alternate them on a random basis.  I often use chlorella with any of the other metal detoxification products I might be taking.  Detoxamin, for example, may be a good metal mobilizer, but one may need to ensure that appropriate "mop-up" or binding agents are on board as well to support the safe excretion of the mobilized metals from the body.

Often times, metals are not removed from the body due to blocks in the methylation cycle.  Though this area is somewhat complex, working with your doctor to identify and bypass your own unique genetic issues which lead to these cycle blockages can be quite rewarding.  Once the blocks are removed, the body is better able to detoxify itself.

If you have access to an ART (autonomic response testing) practitioner, that can guide you as to which options to use at various stages of your wellness program.  A list of potential ART practitioners can be found at http://www.klinghardtacademy.com

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