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99% Tested Positive

It is not uncommon for people to assume that unwanted organisms are only an issue in third world countries but not here in our world of Starbucks, Wifi and Purell. However, roughly 85% of the world’s population has some type of unwanted organism, such as parasites, yeast or bacteria. And the truth is, US citizens are no more immune to these issues than anyone else in the world. In our clinical experience, 99% of the individuals tested had at least one, and sometimes as many as five, different unwanted organisms.

 According to World Health Organization guidelines,  a routine screening for parasites for school age children is highly recommended when the prevalence in the community exceeds 50%. It is good common sense that all children should be evaluated for unwanted organisms if they have one or more common risk factors.  When liver congestion and unwanted organisms coincide, a wide range of imbalances in the body may ensue.

Signs of Liver Congestion & Unwanted Organisms

  •  Digestive Issues
  • Sleep Disturbances
  • Obsessive Thoughts
  • Compulsive Behaviors
  • Low Energy Levels
  • Focus Issues
  • Anger Outbursts
  • Food Cravings
  • Poor Concentration
  • Skin Irritations
  • Bowel Issues
  • Itchy Rectum
  • Teeth Grinding 

 Liver Congestion with Unwanted Organisms

The combination of a congested liver and unwanted organisms typically manifests itself with a slow progression of “I don’t feel quite like myself” to uncharacteristic or unusual outbursts of anger or irritation. These issues are often thought or diagnosed to be something other than an imbalance of parasites, yeast or bacteria and the attempts to treat the situation can be made worse by mood enhancing pharmaceutical drugs or an increase in alcohol or drug use. While the unresolved anger or negative moods set in, these other attempts to correct the issue merely prolong and enhance the effects by compromising and challenging the liver function even further. In some cultures, they use the term “liverish” to describe someone who is short tempered or easy to anger. Whether this is due to a congested liver or alcohol abuse, the liver can, and does, play a pivotal role in emotions, temperament, and mood. 

Common signs of imbalances in the GI tract are cravings for sugar or a ‘sweet tooth’, or craving for carbohydrates such as potato chips and longing for beer or wine. The key factor here is all of these signals have the common theme of sugar whether it comes directly from a sweet, or a starch, or through alcohol. When we suffer from fatigue, brain fog, head pain, lack of focus, indigestion, skin issues, or body odor, these can all be symptoms of an unhealthy GI tract.

Unfortunately, our modern lifestyle contributes to these issues as well. We are seeing far more gluten and dairy sensitivities than in years past. In conjunction with increased caffeine intake, the predominance of poor quality processed food and the stress of day to day living, our GI tracts are being pushed to the limit often results in many individuals suffering from unhealthy bowel function.  

With These Habits or Issues, You Are a Good Host for Unwanted Organisms

Food sensitivities, sluggish bowels, amalgam fillings in the teeth, high caffeine intake, poor food quality, unhealthy food choices, impacted stool, frequent meals at restaurants, lack of proper hygiene, stress while eating, anxious feelings, insufficient chewing of food, or enzyme deficiencies contribute to acidifying the tissues, making us a good host for these unwanted organisms. The more the abdomen protrudes the greater the chance of unwanted organisms. You may keep your body somewhat in balance with supplements, however, for optimal health and longevity addressing these issues with an unwanted organism cleanse is recommended.

How to Get Rid of Unwanted Organisms

We now know it is common for an imbalance of yeast, bacteria and and parasites to coexist in the body, and this unholy trifecta can lead to a congested liver. The question is then-How do we address these issues?

Below we share our clinical protocol for supporting the safe and effective removal of unwanted organisms, liver rejuvenation, and healthy histamine support. The main formula for this protocol, Artemisia & Clove™, is a broad spectrum herbal supplement used to safely remove unwanted organisms. This formula is carefully buffered for long term use with sensitive digestive tracts, while still maintaining the full strength of action against unwanted organisms.  It is proven effective against parasites, yeast and bacteria; as shown in before and after stool tests below with the Parasitology Center, Inc. Dr. O. Amin MD, Director. 


Positive For:

Number of Patients

Average Length

of  Time on Artemisia & Clove

Final Stool


ascaris lumbricoides*


3 weeks


balantidium coli


4 weeks


blastocystis hominis


4-6 weeks




2 weeks


dientamoeba fragilis


4 weeks


entamoeba coli


3-4 weeks


entamoeba hystolitica


3-6 weeks


entamoeba hartmanni


2-4 weeks



Dosage: 8 droppers; 2 x per day.

*Diatomaceous earth was added for the treatment of ascaris.  

Interesting Facts About Artemisia (pronounced Ahr-tuh-MIZ-ee-uh)

  • Artemisia has been used for health imbalances for over 2000 years. It is mentioned in both ‘Recipes for 52 Kinds of Diseases’ found in 168 B.C and in ‘Handbook of Prescriptions for Emergency Treatments’ written in 340 A.D.
  • In 1596, Artemisia was named as a treatment for parasites by Li Shizhen.
  • Artemisia is quite safe.  In one study, fevers ended in 72 hours and it clearly removed parasites.
  • Artemisia is 2014’s Herb of the Year

 Easy Steps to Remove Unwanted Organisms

Day 1: Begin Loving Energy to decrease the stress response in the body and replenish the adrenal energy.

  • 1 - 3 droppers, twice a day.

Day 2: Begin Liver Life to support the body’s natural detoxification abilities and support healthy liver function.

Start with 13 drop in water or juice. Increase intake as tolerated to optimal dose by weight. Sensitive individuals start with 1 drop and increase by 1 drop per day or as tolerated.

Optimal Dose by Weight

  • Under 40 lbs: 15 drops, 2x a day
  • 41 - 75 lbs: 2 droppers (52 drops), 2x a day
  • 75 - 150 lbs: 3 droppers (78 drops), 2x a day
  • Over 150 lbs: 4 droppers (104 drops) 2x a day

Day 3. Begin Vitamin C

  • 1000mg per day

Day 15: Begin K-min to address the larger unwanted organisms.

  • 1-3 capsules with meals for 7-10 days.

Day 18: Introduce Artemisia & Clove to address broad spectrum unwanted organisms.

  • Take on empty stomach in water or juice. Start with low dose; increase as tolerated to top dose, 2x a day. Take top dose for 2 weeks. Stop for 1 week. Resume top dose for 2 more weeks. Cleanse is complete.

 Optimal Dose by Weight

  •  Under 40 lbs: 1 -3 drops, up to 1 dropper (26 drops)
  • 40 - 75 lbs: 3 - 6 drops, up to 2 droppers (52 drops)
  • 76 - 115 lbs: 8 - 12 drops, up to 4 droppers (104 drops)
  • 116 - 150 lbs: 13 drops, up to 6 droppers (156 drops)
  • Over 150 lbs: 13 drops, up to 8 droppers (208 drops)

Frequently Asked Questions

How long after taking Artemisia & Clove can he have something to eat?

Artemisia & Clove can be given with meals. To increase potency, give 15 minutes before or 45 minutes after meals. 

Does Artemisia & Clove address yeast?

Yes it does. 

Should I expect changes in bowel function?

Since parasites primarily are removed through the bowels, an increase in bowel movements is not uncommon. If the bowels are not moving at least twice a day including something like magnesium, aloe vera juice, vitamin C, oxypowder, and/or high fiber foods. Staying well hydrated is important throughout the cleanse.

Will the teeth grinding and bloated abdomen resolve as we complete the protocol?

Yes, it should. However grinding teeth can also be due to low zinc, so if it doesn’t resolve, you might consider replenishing your minerals.

Where can I get tested for parasites?

Lab testing can be ordered through your practitioner. Here are two labs that offer parasite testing.

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