I have personally used the FREmedica frequency emitter technology since 2017 and continue to use it regularly today. 

I did a podcast with Stephen Davis in Episode 108 which is a good place to start in understanding the WAVE 1 technology.

In early 2023, the same team that created the WAVE 1 released their newest bioenergetic wearable technology called the NIKKI.

Shortly after the release of the NIKKI, I received some questions as to how the WAVE 1 and NIKKI are different and what the NIKKI means for WAVE 1 users.

I was fortunate to sit down recently with FREmedica CEO Stephen Davis and President Nicole Sullivan to get the latest details on the WAVE 1 and how the NIKKI fits into the conversation.

Some of the topics we discussed include:

  • What is the WAVE 1?  Who is it intended for?
  • How does the existing Lyme Support Program on the WAVE 1 work?
  • What feedback has the team received from WAVE 1 users?
  • How is the Lyme Support Program changing to better support more sensitive users?
  • What is the NIKKI?  Who is it intended for?
  • What are some of the frequency packages that can be run on the NIKKI?
  • What happened to The Wave Station project?
  • Is the NIKKI now the delivery device for frequency packages formerly discussed under The Wave Station umbrella?
  • Will WAVE 1 users need to purchase a NIKKI to take advantage of frequency packages beyond the Lyme Support Program?
  • Other than the Lyme Support Program, will there be any pre-requisites for using frequency packages on the WAVE 1?
  • What is the future vision of the WAVE 1, NIKKI, and related technologies?

Update November 2023: The WAVE 1 is no longer available and has been replaced with the NIKKI +Lyme which now also provides the Lyme frequency set which was previously available on the WAVE 1.  Same frequency set; different device.

To learn more about NIKKI +Lyme, visit WeAreNIKKI.com.  Use discount code BETTERHEALTH for 10% off.

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