Hello and welcome to my BetterHealthGuy Blogs. It's been over 4 years since BetterHealthGuy.com first went live. During that time, much of the information I learned has been shared via newsletters and articles in various publications such as Public Health Alert.

At the time I started the site in mid-2005, blogs were not as popular as they are today. In fact, when the site was first launched, I didn't even know I had Lyme disease. How times have changed....

Going forward, I will attempt to share more regular information via the new blogs here on the site. I welcome your feedback and comments on any of the information that you find here.

Please don't hesitate to Contact Me.

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  BetterHealthGuy.com is intended to share my personal experience in recovering from my own chronic illness.  Information presented is based on my journey working with my doctors and other practitioners as well as things I have learned from conferences and other helpful resources.  As always, any medical decisions should be made only with the guidance of your own personal medical authority.  Everyone is unique and what may be right for me may not be right for others.