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I started KPU in April 2009. So, I'm at the eight month mark. Overall, I feel like the protocol has been helpful and that it has further helped my body to both detoxify and to recover more competent immune function. That said, it has been far from easy. Anyone doing this protocol should be under the care of a doctor that is ready to help with the fallout that the treatment may lead to - most namely the need for heavy metal detoxification support.

I started with Depyrrol Basis from Europe for the first 4 months and then changed to separate products in order to better adjust individual dosages. At that time, I was targeting 200mg of Zinc Picolinate and purchased a product that was "Zinc Picolinate 50mg". Thus, I was taking four capsules per day.

However, as I continued to research the topic, I learned that zinc products are labeled as their ELEMENTAL zinc content, not the zinc salt (such as zinc picolinate or zinc gluconate). Thus, taking four capsules of Zinc Picolinate 50mg is 200mg of ELEMENTAL zinc, not zinc salt. This is a higher dose than what I was intending and could lead to other undesired side effects resulting from too much zinc.

The ideal ELEMENTAL zinc dosage for KPU treatment is between 25mg and 50mg of ELEMENTAL zinc.

Moral of the story - make sure you know what your zinc product contains and how it is labeled. Unless otherwise stated, zinc amounts will be listed as the elemental zinc, not the zinc salt. For a given amount of a zinc salt, the elemental content is approximately 1/6th of the salt content. Further details on recommended daily values for zinc for those without KPU can be found here. This suggests that the amount of zinc needed for those with KPU is on average about three times that needed by a person without the condition.

I recently switched back to Depyrrol Basis and will soon move to BioPure Core, a new product available to support those with KPU/HPU. More details can be found at http://www.BioPureUS.com.

A recent article in Explore! magazine on the topic of KPU/HPU can be found here.

Onward and upward.

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