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For just over a year, I've been working with a naturopath named Susan McCamish and have implemented a personalized "McCamish Protocol". Susan has formulated a number of herbal blends that I have found to be very helpful in my continued recovery from Lyme disease and the related complex of issues that often accompany it.

At present, the herbal products from Beyond Balance are among my favorites and I have been impressed with how well they have worked and how effective they can be. The products are only available to healthcare practitioners as Beyond Balance does not sell direct to the public. 

Susan has developed a system of testing using saliva that can be used to create a protocol that is unique to each person's needs.  I've done this testing for the past year at intervals of about every six weeks. I've found it to be not only very powerful in helping me achieve new levels of health, but I've also found it to be very reasonably priced.

Several people that I have spoken with have reported very strong positive progress in their health. That said, the products are powerful and people can have strong reactions to them. It should not be assumed that herbal options don't pack enough power to cause a Herx reaction like we are all likely familiar with. They certainly can and have in my own experience.

It was just over a year ago that one of my Lyme-treating doctors introduced me to Susan's work, and I have had continued benefit from her program over that time. At this point, I have every intention to continue using the programs of herbs, enzymes, nutritional support, homeopathics, etc. that Susan creates through her work.

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