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Dr. Klinghardt recently participated in an upcoming documentary project on the impact of EMFs (electromagnetic fields) and EMR (electromagnetic radiation).

I found this video to be a great reminder as to the importance of considering EMF exposure in those with chronic illnesses. With the rise of smart meters, it has become even more difficult to avoid electromagnetic radiation. There are not yet any perfect solutions for mitigating this issue, but there are several things that can be done.

Personally, I do the following:

  • I leave the fuse to my bedroom off so that there is no electrical stress moving through the walls while I sleep.
  • I use a sleep canopy which is made of sliver-lined cloth. This cloth goes above, down the sides, and below my bed to protect me from EMFs while sleeping.
  • I got rid of all cordless phones and replaced them with one wired phone.
  • I leave the wireless internet turned off as much as possible.

Dr. Klinghardt mentions in the video that mushrooms such as maitake and shiitake may have an ability to help support the body from the negative effects of electromagnetic radiation.

To continue to follow more on the progress of this documentary film, visit Take Back Your Power. To make the film happen even sooner, please support them financially as you are able.





To learn more about Dr. Klinghardt, visit the Klinghardt Academy.

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