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In a world that is full of harmful electromagnetic fields, how to evaluate these issues and what to do about them is often elusive to most of us.

In this blog post, I'll provide a few links to where you can learn more about EMFs and hopefully connect you with a few resources that you may find helpful in mitigating these risks in your own journey back to better health.


http://healthybuildingscience.com - in Northern California, this is the team that I used to do my own home EMF evaluation.  I have found them to be detailed and very helpful.  

http://createhealthyhomes.com - Oram Miller is available to do home evaluations. His web site has a significant amount of useful information. A recent radio show with Designs for Health is available here.

http://www.wehliving.org - Wings of Eagles Healthy Living with Vicki Warren is another great option for information on creating a healthy home (this goes far beyond just EMFs).

http://hbelc.org - INSTITUTE FOR BAU-BIOLOGIE® & ECOLOGY. A great source of information on healthy homes.

http://safelivingtechnologies.com - Safe Living Technologies provides a number of different meters that can be used in evaluation of EMFs and other harmful energetic fields.

http://www.lessemf.com - LessEMF.com has a variety of options for mitigating our exposure to EMFs. The photo on the left is one of their products, the Sleep Canopy, which helps to block EMFs while you sleep (the most important restorative time of day and the most important time of day to reduce EMF exposure).

http://littletreegroup.com - is a small company that hand-makes sleep canopies for your needs.  They have been regularly suggested as a good option by Dr. Klinghardt.

http://www.yourserenityinc.com - has a good explanation of EMFs and offers the Memon EMF products which I know have been used by some MDs.

http://www.earthcalm.com - another source for EMF protection devices. One of my practitioners personally uses their Scalar Resonator Pendant and has found it very helpful.

http://www.energpolarit.com - Ener-G Polari-T offers EMF-protecting diodes and other products.

http://www.emfblues.com - handcrafted EMF protection devices

http://www.giawellness.com - GIA Technology offers the GIALife Pendant. I used one of these for some time and eventually stopped as I didn't really notice much. That said, some people report positive improvements with this device and several of the practitioners I have worked with and respect do advocate the use of this device.

Some practitioners have shared Total EMF Shield which may be worth further exploration.  This and other options are discussed here.

Supplement-wise, Dr. Klinghardt recently talked about the supportive effects of Propolis and Rosemary in his review of BioPure products.  The video can be found here.

There are many companies that offer EMF-reducing technologies. Many of these are debated in terms of their efficacy and some believe the various necklaces, pendants, and other similar devices are simply not very helpful. I've tried a few of them with limited noticeable benefits, but I do employ the Sleep Canopy and have found it very helpful. I also got rid of cordless phones in my home and have one phone that is hard-wired.  

I'd love to hear from people that have found other ways of reducing EMF stress or have found a specific EMF-reducing product to be helpful. Please Contact Me if you have any thoughts.

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