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 One of the people I have come to admire the most through my own journey with recovering my health is Amy Scher. I first met Amy several years ago. Amy was the first person with Lyme disease to have gone to India for stem cells, and that journey turned her life around. Today, she is entirely recovered and no longer identifies as someone with Lyme disease. For those interested in her stem cell journey, visit her site here.

More recently, Amy has become an expert in the realm of energy healing with a specific focus on emotional factors and how these impact our health. This is an area that I have always felt is critically important to address in order for us to get well. Negative emotions and various emotional traumas and conflicts can have powerful negative impacts on our immune system and our overall health. I have personally worked with at least a dozen different systems to do my best to ensure that my recovery is not held back by underlying emotional factors.

In many of the conferences I have attended in the past, a couple of common emotional threads seem to emerge in people with Lyme. One of these is "not having a clan" and the other is around self-value, self-worth, and "deserving to be well". Our recovery may further be hindered by the fact that we may have certain accommodations that we receive as a result of having an illness, and we may at some level believe that if we get well, we will have to go back to work or take on some additional responsibilities. I'm not suggesting that these beliefs are always conscious beliefs, because often they are not. Nonetheless, they are important to evaluate and release. I love Amy's tag line: "Identify. Release. Move on."

Amy has created her own blend of several different techniques that is a powerful approach to improving our emotional health, and as a result, our overall health. For anyone open to the possibility of emotions impacting health, I highly recommend working with Amy. I think that you'll be glad you did.

For more information, visit Amy Scher at http://energyhealingpractitioner.com/

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