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I recently had an appointment with a new doctor that I thought was primarily going to do cranial-sacral and structural work. He came highly recommended by other clients and happened to be in my area so I had little to lose by going to see what he might be able to bring to my healing process.

Beyond being much more than what I expected, he made several recommendations for things he felt would be beneficial to me. One of these was to start using essential oils on a regular basis.

First, I must say that some practitioners feel that essential oils can be incredibly strong and are not appropriate for internal use. That disclaimer said, the practitioner I am working with feels that they can be very beneficial when taken orally. He selects different oils for different people based on his physical evaluation, iridology, and several other techniques.

 For me, he chose oregano, thyme, and clove. Unfortunately, this requires a little work as I have to capsulate them myself. You can also only make about a week's worth before the oils will eat through the gelatin capsules. So, there is a bit to be done, but it's not that difficult after you've done it a couple of times.

He suggested that I start initially with 1 drop of each of the three oils in a capsule three times a day for one month. He cautioned that this could be very strong and that you might feel some reactions as you adjust to this powerful intervention. Then after one month, he suggested going to 2 drops of each of the three oils in a capsule three times daily. Well, I threw caution to the wind and started at the higher dose (which I don't recommend you do) and have tolerated them well after the first week.

With each capsule, I added extra-virgin olive oil to fill the capsule as much as possible to help reduce the potential irritation to the gastrointestinal tract from the strong oils.

Some benefits of these oils may include:

Oregano - antibacterial, antiviral, antifungal, anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, and antioxidant. Oregano may help with digestion and reduces allergic responses.

Clove - antimicrobial, antifungal, antiviral, antiseptic. May help with indigestion, asthma, headaches, and is a blood purifier. It may increase blood circulation and boosts immunity. Clove contains eugenol which has been used for dental infections for centuries.

Thyme - anti-rheumatic, bactericidal, relaxes arteries and veins and reduces blood pressure, stimulates circulation and digestion, kills worms. Thyme is both a stimulant and a tonic. It may also help with memory and concentration.

A great list of the benefits of many essential oils can be found here.

The two companies I have used for essential oils are Young Living and Mountain Rose Herbs.

I've only been on the essential oil capsules for a week as of January 2011, but I'm planning to stay on them for some time unless I develop any side effects. Time will tell, but another doctor I work with felt that this was an excellent recommendation.

Disclaimer: No changes to your treatment protocol should be made without discussing with your doctor or primary care practitioner. The information presented above is informational only and not intended to serve as an endorsement for the use of essential oils.

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