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Note: The blog entry below was written by guest blogger Libby Louer.

Lyme crept slowly into my life, stealth, like an experienced invader.

The shaky hands (which miraculously disappeared during my doctor appointments).  The chronic hip pain (attributed to that marathon I ran).  The rash I got after that outdoor music festival in the field (self-diagnosis: ringworm).  My declining mental prowess (wow, I guess all that alcohol really does kill brain cells?).  The persistent headache I had every single day for 2 years.

So many seemingly unrelated conditions. So many excuses.

My diagnosis and recovery were serendipitous. I first learned about the underground world of Lyme disease in 2009. In 2010 my health quickly declined. I was diagnosed in early 2011 and immediately made an appointment with my nearest LLMD. I had contracted Lyme disease in 2006, and less than twelve months and $10k later, I declared myself healed. This is how I did it.

1. Followed my intuition. When I thought my primary issue switched from Lyme to Candida, I took myself off antibiotics and followed the Candida diet. When I decided that my primary issue was MCS, I learned about neuroplasticity and tried that. If I thought a supplement didn't work for me, I didn't take it. I always made sure to discuss my treatment protocol with my doctor, but in the end all the decisions were mine to make. Following my gut had led me to her doorstep, so I trusted it to take me the rest of the way. (Warning – intuition is different than what your fearful mind might be telling you. It’s what you feel in your core.)

2. Fixed my diet. Right away I gave up dairy, gluten and excessive sugar. I lost 20lbs, my skin cleared up and my eczema disappeared. I spent a month on the Candida/allergy rotation diet, which required that I eat each food no more often than once every 4 days. It's an incredibly complicated and restrictive diet and was probably the hardest part of treatment to adhere to, but I Felt Amazing. I found it very difficult to stick with for longer than a month, but that one month let me know that food allergies and Candida were a huge problem for me, and I was able to search for alternative treatments from there.

3. Discovered energy medicine. I've done a variety of treatments from allergy clearing machines to rife to homeopathic remedies to this voodoo-like treatment my acupuncturist provides, called medical qi-gong. Before starting any treatment I asked myself three questions.

• Have other people been helped by this treatment?
• Is this going to cause me any harm?
• How much will this cost? 

As long as there was no obvious harm to me or a huge cost to my checking account, I was willing to try anything. No one treatment works for everyone, and you won't know what works for you until you try it. The best part about energy medicine is that you can feel different very quickly, so you get immediate feedback on whether the treatment is working for you, or whether you're treating the right things.

Whatever path you choose, remember that you alone control the outcome. Grab hold of your inner strength and own your recovery.

Libby Louer is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and a Holistic Health Coach. Through following her intuition and trying every bizarre-sounding treatment she could find, she was able to heal completely from Lyme disease. Her mission is to help others with Lyme disease find their inner power and forge their own paths through healing. She can be found online at http://www.libbylouer.com.

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