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I attended a local support group meeting last night on the topic of Lyme disease. The group has been meeting for a few months, but I didn't realize it was open to the public until this month. It is led by a local LLMD which I find highly respectable. The topic of this event was frequency treatment and Rife machines.

Several of the members brought various devices to the meeting for a "Rife Show and Tell". The discussion was a great one and the members were clearly quite educated on their illnesses. I found the group to be refreshing.

Some takeaway points:

  • The practitioner is finding more and more that biofilms are a major factor in those of us with Lyme disease remaining ill and a factor in why we often relapse after treatment is stopped. He mentioned that Vitalzym X in short doses such as a 3 day period has been helpful in some patients.
  • I learned about two new blogs that seem to be quite good. These are https://spirochicks.blogspot.com. The authors of these sites were present at the discussion.
  • On the topic of Rife, there was general agreement that the best devices are those that can determine that beneficial frequencies and avoid guesswork in terms of which frequencies to use. Unfortunately, the majority of the devices on the market do not have the ability to do this. Muscle testing and skin resistance testing are two potential ways to determine beneficial frequencies but these are not available to most people.
  • Some found the HPMP to have been helpful though I have not used this device myself.
  • There was discussion around viruses and how common it is to find high levels of HHV-6 in patients with Lyme disease. I relayed a conversation I had with a Rife machine vendor in which they had indicated that people with Lyme have significant improvements on their Herpes virus frequencies.
  • The practitioner had found Researched Nutritionals RMM Transfer Factor to be quite useful for patients with Lyme and viruses.
  • A comment was made that I fully agree with which was "The level of focus on detoxification is directly related to the level of active Lyme infection." In my opinion, it is critical that every patient with Lyme disease ask their doctor "What are we doing to address my body burden of toxins?". If the doctor doesn't have an answer, it may be time to move on.
  • For seasonal viruses and possibly swine flu, Cordyceps and Liposomal Glutathione (GSH) were discussed as useful options. There was an important point made about the use of GSH while on Babesia treatment in that it should be avoided. Most Babesia treatments are pro-oxidant therapies whereas GSH is an anti-oxidant therapy. Anti-oxidants should generally be avoided while treating Babesia with pro-oxidant therapies.

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