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A few months ago, I learned about a new technology called Medsonix from my friend Bev Feldman. Bev and her daughter Silver have blogged about Medsonix on their site. Much more recently, Bev contacted me again to tell me what great results Silver was having with the device and to suggest I "get my butt to Vegas" and try it myself.

As I understand, the device helps to improve systemic circulation and to reduce inflammation. It appears that it may be helpful for a number of health-related conditions.

I did contact the company and had a good conversation with one of their representatives. I filed the option away in my "things I'd like to do" file but had other more pressing things I was doing at the moment. I mentioned it to a personal friend of mine named Don. Without my knowing, Don traveled to Las Vegas and had four treatments on the device. He later emailed me with this:

"I just got back from...................Viva, Las Vegas! That's right, thanks to you I decided to go to Vegas and double down on Medsonix, hoping that it could break the hold of a horrible two-month plunge where nothing else had provided any real movement. Wow -- am I glad I did! It was amazing. Subtle yet powerful, really got whacked one day, got affected every day, went home in dramatically better shape. I don't think it's just palliative -- the kind of stuff I had happening definitely seemed therapeutic. Huge movement -- we'll see if it lasts."

Knowing Don's history of being a non-responder to most treatments, this news made me very optimistic about trying the Medsonix treatment. A series of four sessions is only $399. Seems reasonable. So, I talked with one of my doctors about doing it and they felt it would be worth the investment. I'm now scheduled to go do the Medsonix treatment in mid-March and will provide further updates here on the blog after I experience it first-hand.

A number of videos about Medsonix can be found here.

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