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Dr. Sarah Fletcher MD and Marjorie MacArthur Vega have worked together on creating "My Lyme Guide". This collection of information is a godsend for people that are recovering from Lyme disease.


Some of the key topics include:

  • Managing Health Insurance Information
  • Tips for Caregivers
  • Resource section for gluten free diets, low cost vitamin sellers, support group locator, laboratories, and recommended reading
  • Ideas for Activism and Advocacy
  • Education Options for Ill Children
  • When IV Treatments are Prescribed
  • Managing Yeast Overgrowth, Pain and Herxheimer Reactions
  • Teens and Chronic Illness
  • Tips Regarding Children and Medicine
  • Recommended Nutritional Supplements
  • Lyme Disease Rules for Patients

Contents include charts for tracking:

  • Symptoms and side effects
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Prescription, vitamin and supplement intake on a daily, monthly and longitudinal basis
  • Prescription refill schedules
  • Fluid intake
  • Blood pressure/heart rate
  • Exercise type and frequency
  • Insurance paperwork
  • Detoxification & Biotransformation Checklist

Other useful forms include:

  • Medical Records Request
  • Fax Cover Sheet
  • Doctor Appointments Management
  • Pharmacy Order Information
  • Healthcare Bills Tracking
  • Insurance Contact Information

I love that the guide was put together by someone who has personal experience with Lyme disease and by one of the top LLMDs. I highly recommend checking it out. For more information, visit https://www.facebook.com/MyLymeGuide.

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