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I attend a local Lyme support group on a monthly basis and last night I learned about a couple of new products that seemed interesting. The first is called Noni Leather. Many consider Noni to be a useful treatment for Babesia. From the company's web site:

Our original organic Noni Fruit Leather has been crafted for internal and external use of all types. It is the ultimate first-aid kit, as it can be used as a bandage, paste, cream, lotion or antibiotic rinse, and, placed in the mouth or eaten, can help toothaches and gum problems, sore throats and colds, internal parasites and stomach disorders, as well as treat a wide variety of chronic diseases. Our Noni products are not fermented, giving them a sweeter taste than those that have been, and are dried at about 115 degrees F.

I ordered some of their Noni Leather today and am interested in trying it. The web site is here.

Then, I also learned about a new source for Organic Super Foods. I think that the more we can support our bodies with good diets and foods that actually support healing, the better.

 I ordered Yumberry, Maqui Berry, Mangosteen, and Amla by the pound to mix into yogurt and smoothies. More information can be found at SuperOrganicFoods.com.

Both web sites have a great deal of information about the products that are worth a look. I'm excited for my products to arrive to see how I like them. If you try either, please let me know your thoughts.

Note: I have no financial connection with either company discussed here.

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