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I've been spending a lot of time lately listening to the multitude of health-related podcasts on One Radio Network. I recently listened to an interview that Patrick Timpone did with Hulda Clark and several others with Dr. Kenneth Sutter. The interviews can be found here (free registration may be required).

Both talked about the significance of parasites on our health. Though I've done many different parasite cleanses and treatments along the way which I discuss on my Parasite page, I felt it was time to do another parasite cleanse. I was also energetically testing as if I may have hit another layer of issues to address which may have been parasites. It may sound gross, but odds are that many of us have parasites. Clark contends that anyone that ever had pets likely has tapeworms.

Timpone is someone that I admire in that he has tried so many innovative healing modalities and done a great deal of work to optimize his own health. He relayed that he passed an eighteen inch tapeworm following a recipe from Hulda Clark. His account of that event can be found here. In Clark's "New Concepts" document, she discussed an approach for dealing with tapeworms. I decided to give it a go and followed the recipe on page 16 of the document. I used Sage, Thyme, Cardamom, Coriander, Caraway Seed, Fennel, and Allspice. I purchased the oils from Mountain Rose Herbals along with empty capsules and a capsulating machine. I put 2 drops of each oil into each capsule for a total of 14 drops per capsule. I then took one capsule twice daily for 3 days. I didn't do the energetic testing that Clark suggested with the Syncrometer as that is not a device that I have used, but I did do the cleanse.

I didn't notice much from the 3 day tapeworm cleanse other than some stomach gurgling. No tapeworm was observed. As I've learned from Dr. Klinghardt, it's generally best to kill the larger bugs first as they often house other smaller microbes, viruses, and more. Now that I had the tapeworm cleanse completed, it was time to move on to the rest of my planned parasite cleanse.

In the interviews by Dr. Sutter, he mentioned products such as Humaworm which I have used several times in the past and do like, but I wanted something different. He suggested that, in his opinion, the best parasite cleansing product was "The Barefoot Herbalist's Herbal Dewormer". I purchased the product from Old Fashion Spices. Additional information on the formula can be found here. Its ingredients consist of: Male bud, immature green hull & young twig of the black walnut tree, Olive tree leaf/rt. bark, Clove, Pumpkin seed, Wormwood, Raw Vinegar, Glycerin/Sorghum Alcohol, & wild oregano oil.

According to Sutter, it takes a long time to properly do a parasite cleanse due to the life cycle of the parasites, the eggs that are produced, and the fact that new parasites are always emerging. His approach takes a full year to complete the cleanse and that's my current plan. The protocol I am using is a little different from the one used by the Barefoot Herbalist. I am following Dr. Sutter's protocol which is:

  • 1 tablespoon four times a day for 2 weeks
  • 1 tablespoon twice a day for 2 weeks
  • 1 tablespoon daily for two months
  • 1 tablespoon every 3rd day for a year

I will also do some liver/gallbladder flushes at approximately week two and four.

I've been very impressed with the quality of the information at One Radio Network and am excited to put some of their information into use. I'd welcome your feedback if you have used either of these products or other parasite products that you found helpful.

Disclaimer: No medical treatment should be initiated without the direction of your licensed medical practitioner. Nothing here is a recommendation but rather my own experience. Taking any action without the involvement of your doctor is at your own risk and is not recommended.

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