Note: To learn more about the more recent, successor product WAVE1, visit this article.

Someone in the Lyme community sent me information about the waveforce ONE from FREmedica in late summer 2017.  I have always been drawn to light and photon-based therapies, and I felt compelled to explore the product further.  

The waveforce ONE is "the world’s first wearable frequency emitter is designed to help you live well with the symptoms of Lyme Disease".

Stephen Davis, the President and CEO of FREmedica, had very positive experience with earlier versions of the waveforce as described on their website:

"When I met Stuart Gross and his son James 5 years ago, they introduced me to a frequency emitter that they said would deliver results to help my family live well with symptoms caused by chronic Lyme disease. My family was enrolled in a trial that ran for 90 days and the outcome was profound. For the past three years, my daughter, and my two grandsons, have all been symptom free. Truly remarkable..."

After talking with Stephen, I decided to purchase a device and explore it further. 

The inventor of the device is Stuart Gross, an EAV practitioner in Vancouver, Canada.  I facilitate a Lyme support group locally, and Stephen and Stuart had already been to other support groups to present and share their story.  In September 2017, they came to my support group, and ultimately, about half a dozen people obtained devices to try themselves.  

In November and after sensing my enthusiasm about the device, Stephen asked if I would like to be an advisor for the company and provide my input on future product development and what I'd like to see in such a product, and I am now collaborating with the FREmedica team in that capacity and very excited to see the product continue to evolve. 

Now that my name is listed on their site, I've gotten several email asking if I "endorse" the product.  My response is that I am excited about the potential it has, and I am in a "discovery" and "exploration" phase with the waveforce ONE.  It is still very early.  I have been in communication with about 10-12 people using the device.  A couple of them have had tremendous improvements, a few others have had moderate improvements, and some have not yet seen any changes with the first release of the waveforce ONE.

Stephen and Stuart have come back to our local support group twice since their original visit to continue to evaluate those using it and to hear their experience.  

Just recently, FREmedica announced an upgrade to the product and is in the process of upgrading everyone's device that had been previously purchased based on additional research and development work that they have conducted with users of the device to date. 

While the waveforce technology has been around for years, the wearable form factor is still very new.  One of the things I like about those involved with FREmedica is that they are always working to improve the technology.  I'm very excited to see what additional benefit users realize with the upgraded device, and looking forward to hear their feedback.

I was surprised that the company offered such a generous full money-back satisfaction guarantee, and that said to me that they believed in what they are doing, and did play into my decision to get one personally.  I really appreciated that the company upgraded everyone's device at no cost and re-setting their guarantee period.

If you are interested in exploring the device yourself (10% off with code BETTERHEALTH), please keep me updated on your progress with the waveforce ONE as we all explore this exciting technology together!

Update July 2018: The FREMedica team has now visited our local support group four times.  During their last visit, they were able to confirm that with the updated frequency set, everyone that had been using the device and was re-tested with their EAV device now showed balance in their organ and meridian systems, and no signs of ongoing microbial stress were observed in these four people.  This does not mean the microbes may not still be present, but rather that the body seemed to be balanced or supported through the use of the device.  The company is continuing to evolve and enhance their technology to better support their users.

Update August 2018: I started using the device personally in May after my naturopath suggested that it was a strong positive using Autonomic Response Testing.  I had to start very slowly and work up over a period of several weeks and ultimately used the device for 30 minutes daily.  

Update January 2021: In late 2020, I did the full 90 day protocol and have continued to use the device daily for the last several months as an ongoing maintenance tool.

Update July 2022: I continue to use the WAVE 1 several days per week for ongoing maintenance.

Update November 2023: The WAVE 1 is no longer available and has been replaced with the NIKKI +Lyme which now also provides the Lyme frequency set which was previously available on the WAVE 1.  Same frequency set; different device.

To learn more about NIKKI +Lyme, visit  Use discount code BETTERHEALTH for 10% off.

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